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Find out who's your Moirail!:3 22 7,540 takers. It's where your interests connect you wi your people. Log in Sign up. moirail tag Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. i want a moirail Most recent. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. Last one. chbichee. Follow. Unfollow. dammek xefros tritoh hiveswap hs guns my art comic okay im done now i just wanted to draw xefros doing e moirailing e words are a bit awkd arnt ey. Wbua X. Uhgpuvafba I love my moirail so much! 1/3/ ♦️ ink. Posts Tagged. Search. Q^Q e feels.. are too much.. Q^Q Equius x Nepeta OTP. For Kira:3 My Moirail hehehehe Images from Tumblr Song by Chainedmuse. Moirail Plaza is e main residential town for Dongle, sitting just wi in walking distance of Fort Kickass. It's bordered by e taiga- gle pa one one side, and Sapling Pond on e o er. e plaza borders e Lake of Pimps and is safely fenced in to protect e area from hostile mobs. Moirail Plaza is e first major area most pass when first joining e server, as it is an incredibly. 23 Followers, 42 Following, 6 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Hella D. Altar (@hellaaltar)6 posts. Much like my o er quizzes, I'm going to do my very best to probe your personality to see who would be an ideal Moirail for your personality type. Be sure to not try and cheat by clicking e answers at you ink will get you e result you want, honesty is definitely best as is quiz goes we. Your soul mate in a non-romantic sense. You cannot live wi out is person. ey complete you. ey balance you. You would be lost forever wi out em. Moirails are not just best friends. It's so much more an at. Moirail is e ultimate bond at you can feel wi someone. e four quadrants are e four different types of romance recognized by trolls, first explained rough exposition here. As humans are socialised to expect eir single type of romance, a concept at can be defined by a single symbol . you are my moirail*, and no ing will fucking change at, you fucking bitch. (*translator’s note: moirail is a word at means your closest friend like in troll one piece and ere really is no english equivalent to how powerful at word is so we have ided to keep it as moirail). Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. @all ya people already gay for my new Coogie gorl look what my Moirail made. Go over to @nonbinary- ing immediately and row all your robux and v-bucks at em ey deserve it. ashyflashy. Follow. Unfollow. cookie run . Etymology Biography. Cinare was a former employee at Corporate. Currently, she works as a mechanic. Personality and Traits. Cinare is seemingly relaxed and laidback. AKA Shiri Emanant Aspect Heart Age 18 Repitonian Solar Sweeps Gender Identity Female (She/Her) Status Alive Typing Style No capitalization or punctuation. Puts an increasing amount of dots before her messages, goes back to one after a message wi four dots. If e topic is serious she won't go back to one dot. Relations Cinare Montor - Matesprit Secily Iopara - Moirail Music mshiri dearest. 26, - Homestuck Moirail Homestuck Moirail. 1,117 Followers, 241 Following, 59 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from mioanji fan club (@akamachuu). My Moirail. My Moirail. 17, . I have been drawing fatties ever since I saw o er people draw and post eir big beautiful creations online. It wasn't until I was posting my various chubstuck girls when someone special message me. is person has been encouraging me to keep on drawing ese various fatties. My Moirail LevelUp ePegasus. CanonDubiously Canon Karkat Vantas, also known by his Trollian handle carcinoGeneticist , is one of e trolls and one of e main characters in Homestuck. In addition, bo components of his handle serve as a form of foreshadowing, as he is a geneticist of sorts (being e creator of e pre-scratch and post-scratch trolls) and genetically breeding cancer into Bilious Slick. According. 134 Followers, 57 Following, 55 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Naomi Grandville (@luvbugcoopie)55 posts. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. Contextless messages I’ve sent to my moirail as Homestuck / Friendsim characters. Jake: Ill be very busy. By which i mean putting hats on dinosaurs. Dirk: And tell at kid to fuck off. In e semi-nicest way possible. Bo of you, despite e obvious gap in blood color wi his red and your midblue, are probably best friends. He's a sort of balancing act for you, not enough to be your moirail (like Kia would let at happen), but enough so at bo of you end up coming away wi e best situation possible. imperfec unter - Ugh, Ariam. He writes fil y. Check out Moirail by e Arkatekt on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on He really does care for his moirail, in his weird, twisted way. He would never try to deface a person he likes or respects, ra er trying to lift em up to his level. He has a weakness for foreign trolls, often taking em under his wing, out of his inability to actually teach his moirail any ing in person. I love my moirail so much! (I mean, my reason to continue living is my moirail) Some (interesting) facts about me. V A P O R W A V E M U S I C I S C O O L. I hate peas, I mean, I really hate at little green gross balls :(Ambivert as fuck. I hate bad guys (politicians, bullies, and some popular, but gross people). Caille Tantis, eir Trollian handle being recalcitrantPissblood, is an agender yellow blooded troll. ey are a ief of Rage, e matesprit to tis Ustot and e moirail to e eased Normae Enisoc. eir assosciated zodiac sign is e ans ant. Unfortunately, unlike most trolls who pick eir Trollian handles, Caille wasn't e one who came up wi eir Trollian handle because. Hi! I'm Kurlin Makara-Leijon! I have two Ancestors, and I tend to keep to myself so I might have to get to know you before I can trust you enough to tell you more about myself and tell you my blood color. ~~~~~ My Quadrants (When I RP as Kurlin)::heart: My Matesprit:?:diamonds: My Moirail: Duspis:spades: My Kismesis:?:clubs:: ~~~~~ (Photo. Endari is Glomer's moirail. Gerbat Batrav. Gerbat is Glomer's former moirail. Trivia. His would-be classpect is Page of Brea. His failed acting ambitions and some of his sprites are references to e Undertale character Burgerpants. He is 5'9. References. You enjoy ROMAING E RUINS, pretending e fallen stones are your loyal subjects. You occasionally find ARTIFACTS, giving you more hints about e ancients lived. In turn, you ADAPT YOUR LIFESTYLE somewhat to match eirs. Additionally, you having taken a liking to KHOPESHKIND, and enjoy e little GIFTS you MOIRAIL sends you from e CITY. Just act like he's your moirail, and he'll go to e ends of e fucking meteor to protect you. Was at what you planned? His eyes, ose are e scariest ings for Gamzee to look at. His hair, specked wi e bloods, hang in front of em, but e eyes are still visible. Cold, dead eyes like Gamzee'd seen looking up at him from Nepeta. Shortly after your 5 wriggling day you began FLARPING, but after an incident which involved your matesprit being put into a coma, her moirail being drained of all his psychic powers, your flarp partner being outright KILLED, and your moirail being hated forever by everyone but you, its safe to say you've ided to quit playing. Besides, you. You have noticed e Blog Family section on my sidebar. I mentioned in my first post at my moirail inspired me to create is blog, so she's part of at. ere's someone else too, ough, who started her blog at around e same time at I did. We will all be on is blogging adventure toge er. Meet e o ers in my blog family: . Dor Who Fandom is a regular from Fandomsarchive. Before his regeneration, Dor Who had brown hair. He wore a tan and light brown plaid shirt wi a red bowtie, black jeans, red high top Converse All Star sneakers, a brown jacket wi two question ks on it, a scarf consisting of green, purple, white, yellow, and blue stripes, a red fez, and glasses wi a red lens on e left and a blue. Fef, you want Fef, you want your moirail, you want her to stroke your hair and help you get clean, you want to wash every moment of is from your skin. is is no ing you have ever wanted. She pulls your igh to one side and makes you look down at yourself, where your nook is split open and full of her wri ing tyrian purple tentacles. ober 4, e happiest day of my Life~ wait, You're back * H a p p y s c r e e c h * do you know e feeling when no ing is funny anymore ⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊱:hearts:: My one and only <.3:diamonds:: My best bro and moirail uwu <.>.:spades:: ×:clubs:: × ⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊱ 『S t a t u s. Please, save my life and enlighten me about e mysteries of is stupid musclebeast shit. Gamzee slowly reached up a hand to scratch at e underside of his chin, and he seemed to be actually trying to come up wi an answer. Karkat raised an eyebrow at is, wondering momentarily how his moirail was able to focus enough to remember e question. More homestuck e better. 1.2K likes. is is a fanpage for e people who love homestuck Admins -Gamzee (Creator) -Nepeta -Eridan. No, your moirail cannot also be your matesprit. However, a moirallegiance can be become more red and change to matespriteship and vice versa. It works is way wi all quadrants and is a very common occurence. Troll romance is a difficult concept to grasp, even for some trolls. is is my Homestuck blog. All of my ships will be sailed here, like it or not. Mostly rebloggings, update reactions, and BE a giveaway or fanart once in a while. Text. 9, @ :11 pm Photo. 8, @ 7:27 pm. Your name is Doulos Concit. You are 9 SOLAR SWEEPS old and you have what you like to describe as BRONZE BLOOD. You live in your treehouse fortress wi your lusus, a fearsome BEAR-SNAKE, and you really enjoy shooting stuff wi COOL ARROWS, particularly bad guys. at sure is a neat SCAR on your eyeball! It is indicative of your power, which is DAMN-NEAR GODLY AIM. You can pretty much . um. i just wwanted to say, just because Eridan says gender is pointless doesnt mean hes non-binary. my bro er says e exact same shit he does and hes cis. if eridan wwas non-binary he wwould of said some in to actually solidify it. i ink gender and shit are completely stupid too yet somehoww im still trans. so like, just cause hes sayin at doesnt mean hes non-binary. calm down.

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