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How to get (text chat) on Wizard 1/Pirate 1 Step 1: Log on to your account at www.Wizard Step 2: Click My Accounts Under your username. Text Chat: is is a form of chat at allows you to communicate wi o er players by pressing e Enter key and typing words from our dictionary. When you press Enter on your keyboard, you can type words from our Wizard Dictionary, and en hit Enter to say your sentence. Chat can be seen in two different ways: 1. 12, 2009 · Currently ere are two types of chat in Wizard. Menu chat involves only using e pre-arranged words and phrases found under e chat button in e upper left corner of your Wizard 1 screen. Text chat involves typing on your keyboard words and phrases at have not been blocked by our filter. (including numbers). 24, 2008 · How do I get Text Chat? If you are unable to use e chat function, it is possible at your account does not have Text Chat enabled. Accounts set up as over 13 players are able to use e Text Chat. You also simply have e Chat Bubbles turned off. You can turn e chat bubbles on and off by pressing e letter O on your keyboard. 27,  · To get Text chat you have to be 13 or over. If your already 13 or older and you want to know how to get text chat please follow ese steps! Step 1: Log on to your account at www.Wizard Step 2: Click My Accounts Under your username. Step 2: Go to parental controls. Final step: Make Chat – Filtered Text (ON). First, you must get text chat in accounts on e website. login using parental control password. configure. allow text chat and/or open chat. get into e game. press enter. say some ing. (Text. For Wizard 1 on e PC, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled How do i get free codes and get text chat?. When you have at here are e steps:. log in 2. go to My Accounts 3. enter your parental control password 4. go to e text chat icon and allow it 5. you now have text chat! Is ere a open. Feb 14, 20  · You have to activate it first on e Wizard 1 Homepage. If you hit enter to open e little box type e message and press enter, but if it's open chat you have to enable it on e website under my account Tips/ Question and Answers for all your pirate 1 curiousities come feel free to ask questions!/ my 2.0 idea concept. 15,  · So anyway for text chat you basically have to be over 13 or e owner of e account can enable it. However, for open chat I heard you must be 18 or older and make a purchase. So I'm confused because one day someone just told me to get open chat like a glass of water. Do you have to wait to be 18 or can your parent enable it? 02,  · DISCLAIMER: I have gotten comments about how is doesn't work. If it doesn't work, en at means your account is set under 13 so you will . If you have an account at is over 13 and still cannot chat you might need to enable e feature. To enable you must login to Wizard and select My Accounts. Under e Account Management section login to your parental controls and click on e 'enable' button located next to e 'filtered text. 07, 20  · I am 12 and I hate e menu chat! Do I need my parent's permission or some ing to be able to use text chat? 11, 2009 · it is very easy, when you get to e site you have to request a true friendfinder code from a friend on e game and type it in at e request true friend finder code' spot. after at you have to make sure ey type in e code ey got from you as well. en you might have to wait a minute for it to turn on. en you can type what you want. hint: you cant cuss or say ings like girlfriend. 21,  · How do I get unfiltered chat?! Ya know e 18+ one? Im kinda tired of not being able to understand any ing anyone says lately. anks! Oh ey made a change to e wizard 1 website so you can't change your bir date. Even if you put e wrong date ey said ey are sorry but no matter what you can't change it. At least at's what. 05,  · how to get text chat in wizard 1 e right way:P:D. To use Text Chat, just push your enter key and it will open e chat window. You must be over 13 years old to use text chat, however. O erwise, you must use e Menu Chat. You have to go to e Wizard 1 site, Type in e User Name and Password, Go to My Accounts, Type e Parental Control, and Search under Account Management, en enable Filtered Text. How do you. 03,  · Okay, here is properly how to get text chat. If you have an account wi e age of 13 or older, an you already have text chat, but since I created is account when I was 7, and I put my real. So I've seen quite a few people on here asking about how to get open chat. Most of us have created accounts from e mid 2000's and didn't make our ages old enough. I ran into some problems when emailing KI to hopefully change from text to open chat. It be used by Wizards of all ages. however True Friend Chat must first be enabled rough e Parental Controls for accounts under 13. To Get or Check a True Friend Code, open your Friends panel and click on e 0 1 button. is will open e above panel, and . 15,  · Wizard 1 Hack. Unlimited Crowns Generator. Menu and widgets. Search for: Recent Posts. Wizard 1 Lvl 1- 0 Speedrun [42:55:51] 1/4. Wizard 1 – Top 5 Gameplay Tips! (Updates) How to get open chat in wizard. Wizard 1 Online Hack - CLICK To CONTINUE! wizard 1 . Enjoy e videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all wi friends, family, and e world on YouTube. Want more? to Subscribe: // A lot of people have Text or worse, Menu chat, and have wondered how ey can get Open chat, and be. 14, 20  · Press Esc and you will see on e ird page a Chat Balloons option. is will toggle em on and off. Secondly, I want to make sure you know you can resize your chat window by clicking on e bottom right corner and dragging. You can't get it much smaller vertically an it is now, but you can make it narrow and tall. 20,  · Hey guys! quick video showing you how each chat works, (i.e. Menu Chat, Text Chat, Open Chat) and e requirements for each. anks for watching guys! ~Keira Firesong. Can't get Open Chat in Kingsisle's me od of locking away open chat is utterly ridiculous. My account is tied wi my bro er's on a family member system . I set is up for my dhter as a child account under my account as a master account, at no point was I under 18, but I still only have text chat not open chat. e options exist to enable or disable e text chat, but no ing to do wi open chat. I ink ere is more e e absence of open chat an just having put in ones age or not. - I ink e reason why it says you have to make a purchase is because you are logged in wizard 1 at e same time you are logged into e website. I ink. 23,  · For open chat? I ought you had to be 18. I ink you mixed it up wi text chat. ^^ Also, for open chat, you need to make a purchase wi ei er a debit or credit card on at account. en Open chat will be an option in Account Management. Open chat lets players talk more freely an text chat . If you can't type normally in e game, log into your account on e website, go into your parental controls, and make sure 'Open Text' is on. is will allow you to send words even if ey are yellow. Only o ers wi open chat can see e yellow words ough. Apr 09,  · I forgot my password but when I tried to fix it, it acted as if I had just joined wizard. It randomly made a new character, deleting mines and I can't even text chat because it says I didn't give it an age! Please help! 29,  · Accounts set up as over 13 players are able to use e Text Chat. You also simply have e Chat Bubbles turned off. You can turn e chat bubbles on and off by pressing e letter O on your keyboard. If you have an account at is over 13 and still cannot chat you might need to . Feb 06, 20  · 1.) Go on wizard, log, press manage accounts. 2.) Look for a white type in box, click it, type in your password. 3.) See if it works, if it does look for where it says text chat and turn it on, press confirm and check if its on. If you follow ese ree steps and it . ere is technically a way to get open chat. It just cost 120$ lol. You need to have a year membership on two accounts at are linked and you can email Kingsisle and ask your character to be transferred. However it WILL NOT transfer any ing in your bank or shared bank. Don’t make e same mistake I did. Each time you access e Test Realm, you get to use a backed-up version of your live realm character at has 250,000 Crowns. Each time it closes and re-opens any ing you obtained in e test realm is lost. Note: NO ING from e test realm carries over into e live realm. PLEASE DO NOT POST TEST REALM INFORMATION ON E WIKI. To ensure a safe virtual world experience, Wizard 1 offers ree different communication options: Menu chat: you can use predetermined phrases to talk to o er players here. is option is available to everyone. Text chat: you can type phrases to talk to o er players from your friend list, your group or your environment here. 09,  · Okay, so, I looked up numerous videos, asked a lot of people and ey don't have e answer. is is my last resort. When I log into e Wizard 1 website I go to e My Account option and go to Parental controls. From ere I look for e open chat option but it isn't ere. Why? I have created a master password and have logged into it and I have a credit card on file and have made. 03, 2009 · how do you use text chat on wizard 1? it says under 13 need parents permission, but im 14, so how do i use it? pleae help. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. Son of Hades. 1 . in order to get text chat you have to go to wizard 1, login, go to my acounts and if you have a subscribe go to acount management and click enable next to chat-filtered chat and en you should have text chat it take awhile to get it but you soon should have it. Posted: 30, 2009 5:39 pm. Apr 18, 2009 · i need help on geting free chat on wizard. what i am trying to say is you no how on wizard 1 where u have to choose what to say instead of typing it urself? well im trying to be able to say it myself. HELP ME PLEASE!! p.s intead of puting my parents email i did mine. If you know someone outside of Wizard 1, you can share a True Friend Code wi em. is will enable you to talk to em directly, similar to e Text Chat. To generate a True Friend code, select your online friend from e menu, and click True Friend. A window will open allowing you to get a code. Training Points can be used to learn spells outside of your pri y school of magic at are not designated as FREE. (See example in image below) ere are two ways to earn training points: 1) You earn Training Points as you go up in level. From levels 1-20, you earn one training point every 4 levels. From levels 20-50, you earn one training point every 5 levels. (See e Experience Chart) 2. 26, 20  · I love Wizard 1 and I'm a level 20 Life girl (Hayley Willow). I have ano er character who is level 29. I'm playing on e level 20 one, and suddenly my text chat has stopped working wi friends in ano er server/area. It works wi my o er characters ough! I can type some ing and say it out loud, and can use e menu chat and select some ing to send to my friends somewhere else but . ere should be a a text saying Turn Open-Chat on it should say Disable click at and make sure it says Enable. - Log onto Wizard 1 game, and you should write Yellow instead of Red in e game.

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