free update windows 8 to 8.1

free update windows 8 to 8.1

Some Start screen apps, like Mail and Calendar, will be updated automatically when you upgrade. You will also need to reinstall any apps you previously downloaded from the Windows Store. If you're currently running Windows 8, you must have between 3, MB and 3, MB of available space to install Windows 8. Connect your computer to a power source. This will help prevent your computer from shutting down unexpectedly due to power loss during the update. Temporarily disable any antivirus software for the duration of the Windows 8.

Some antivirus software may prevent the Windows 8. This allowed users to perform a clean install Windows 10 and enter a valid Windows 7, 8, or 8. This also works from within Windows It has since been updated with new information.

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You can find all of our Windows 8 and 8. Tweet Share Email. It was released to manufacturing on August 27, , and reached general availability on October 17, , about a year after the retail release of its predecessor. It was succeeded by Windows 10 in July Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 8.

Visible enhancements include an improved Start screen , additional snap views, additional bundled apps, tighter OneDrive formerly SkyDrive integration, Internet Explorer 11 , a Bing -powered unified search system, restoration of a visible Start button on the taskbar , and the ability to restore the previous behavior of opening the user's desktop on login instead of the Start screen.

Despite these improvements, Windows 8. In particular, the report detailed that Microsoft was planning to shift to a more "continuous" development model, which would see major revisions to its main software platforms released on a consistent yearly cycle to keep up with market demands. Lending credibility to the reports, Foley noted that a Microsoft staff member had listed experience with "Windows Blue" on his LinkedIn profile, and listed it as a separate operating system from 8.

The build, which was believed to be of "Windows Blue", revealed a number of enhancements across Windows 8's interface, including additional size options for tiles, expanded color options on the Start screen, the expansion of PC Settings to include more options that were previously exclusive to the desktop Control Panel , the ability for apps to snap to half of the screen, the ability to take screenshots from the Share charm, additional stock apps, increased SkyDrive integration such as automatic device backups and Internet Explorer Shaw officially acknowledged the "Blue" project, stating that continuous development would be "the new normal" at Microsoft, and that "our product groups are also taking a unified planning approach so people get what they want—all of their devices, apps and services working together wherever they are and for whatever they are doing.

On May 14, , Microsoft announced that "Blue" is officially unveiled under the name Windows 8. Shortly after its release, Windows RT 8. The company released recovery media and instructions which could be used to repair the device, and restored access to Windows RT 8. It was also found that changes to screen resolution handling on Windows 8.

Microsoft released a patch to fix the bug on certain games in November , and acknowledged that it was caused by "changes to mouse-input processing for low-latency interaction scenarios". At the Build conference, during April, Microsoft's Terry Myerson unveiled further user interface changes for Windows 8.

Myerson stated that these changes would occur in a future update, but did not elaborate further. Microsoft also unveiled a concept known as " Universal Windows apps ", in which a Windows Runtime app can be ported to Windows Phone 8.

While it does not entirely unify Windows' app ecosystem with that of Windows Phone, it will allow developers to synchronize data between versions of their app on each platform, and bundle access to Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One versions of an app in a single purchase. Microsoft markets Windows 8. This requires a Windows 8.

Upgrading through Windows Store requires each machine to download an upgrade package as big as 2—3. Windows 8 users who've been waiting for a better user experience don't have to wait any longer. Microsoft's Windows 8. With just a few simple steps, you can get important new features, including the ability to see multiple windows in Modern UI, a Start Button and a search function that returns results both from the web and your hard drive.

If you need to cancel the download or installation, just click or press on the Windows 8. Once the Windows 8. You do not need to sit around and watch for the above screen to appear.

As you may have noticed, you're told that your computer will restart automatically in 15 minutes. Next up is a bit more waiting. For Windows 8. You may see the above Restarting screen sit for a long while, maybe 20 minutes or more.

Hold off on the reaction to force a restart because your computer appears hung, even if the hard drive activity light stays solid or is off. I suggest waiting at least 30 to 40 minutes before assuming something went wrong and then restarting manually.

Yes, more waiting, but we're almost done.

To check if the update is already installed, go to the Start screen. If you see a Search button near your account name at the top of the Start screen, you already have the update. Follow the previous steps to check for updates, install all important updates, particularly KBrestart your PC, and then check for KB again. These amounts are estimates, so you might need slightly more or freee available drive free update windows 8 to 8.1 for the update. If you need more help, contact Microsoft support. Skip free update windows 8 to 8.1 main content. Free update windows 8 to 8.1 Product Version. All Products. Updqte Updated: Aug 31, Need more help? No results. Join the discussion Ask the community. Get support Contact Us. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Your feedback free update windows 8 to 8.1 help us improve the support experience. Australia - English. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. Canada - English. Crna Gora - Srpski. Danmark - Dansk. Deutschland - Deutsch. Eesti - Eesti. free update windows 8 to 8.1 Free up drive space. Depending on your version of Windows, you'll need the following amount of available drive space on your PC to download. You can upgrade your Windows 8 PC to Windows for free in just a few simple steps. Here's a step-by-step tutorial with photos. If you're using Windows 8, upgrading to Windows is both easy and free. If you'​re using another operating system (Windows 7, Windows XP. Windows is a free update for Windows 8 tablets and PCs. It includes a number of new features and design elements that will make Windows 8 easier to use. This major update is completely free to all Windows 8 owners. This step tutorial will walk you through the entire process of updating your copy. This update, previously referred to as Windows Update 1 and Windows 8 Spring Update, is free for all Windows 8 owners. If you're running. Upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows allows you to enjoy the latest features Verify you have enough free disk space on your computer. Windows has been released to public and Windows 8 users can update their computer systems to Windows absolutely free. Download Windows Those running Windows 8 will be able to get Windows for free. But will cost everyone else between $ and $ (for Pro). Installing Windows update. Connect to the Internet. Click the Windows Store tile from the Start screen. In the Windows. Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language. Learn more This thread is locked. Did this solve your problem? This means that you can share links to news articles, post photos saved on your computer, let friends and family view videos you created and change your status updates. Each of those versions works best with a specific operating system. Use the media creation tool aprx. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Edit this Article. Some features of express settings include the installation of automatic Windows updates and the use of Bing as your default search engine. In both these cases, the upgrade process should be very smooth, with your apps and settings fully preserved. System Requirements Supported Operating System. Files larger than 1 GB may take much longer to download and might not download correctly. The troubleshooter program will help resolve any problems preventing you from upgrading to Windows 8. free update windows 8 to 8.1