free university of berlin master programs

free university of berlin master programs

Regardless of whether in the office or in the sports hall, university sports offers specifically interesting sports and exercise programs specifically for employees of the FU. Not only do these students take care of incoming students who are in Berlin for a semester or more, they also help outgoing students prepare their studies abroad.

The process of accrediation is completed by an agency for accreditation. My university is one of the prestigious university and I have got every facility from here.

For instance: study facility, library, language, sports and so on. The program is entirely taught in English, but, other than classes, coming without knowing German could be a big mistake.

Internships offer requires most of the times level C1 in German, sometimes, if you're lucky only the B2. Since there aren't really student representatives, professors tend to do whatever they want, for example, schedule classes at 7. Best Fit Check your budget and academic fit with your study of choice Student Reviews What are students saying about your chosen universities?

Wishlist My account My settings Sign out. Master's Programmes Social Sciences Arabic Studies. East European Studies. Within the research-oriented teaching program, students have an opportunity to develop and process research questions in different teaching and learning formats, thereby acquiring research competencies on a targeted basis. Springe direkt zu Inhalt.

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Germany Universities Free University of Berlin. Yes No. Know more about Studying in Germany. MEng INR 4. MA INR 3. TOEFL: IELTS: 6. PTE: Permitted International Students can work while studying in Germany. Permitted Students can apply for and get a Post Study Work Permit of upto 18 months after completion of their course Moderate Germany issues National Visas if the intended period of stay in Germany is longer than 3 months.

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Technical University of Berlin. In the late s, Free University of Berlin was one of the main scenes of the German student movement of 68 as a reaction to the global student protests during that time. After the assassination of student Benno Ohnesorg and the attempt on Rudi Dutschke 's life, protests quickly escalated to violence in all of Germany. The events of the movement provided the impulse for more openness, equality, and democracy in German society.

Since , the Free University of Berlin has revamped itself. The university's research performance increased markedly with regard to the number of graduates, PhDs granted, and publications.

Since , the FU Berlin has been regrouping its research capacities into interdisciplinary research focus areas called clusters.

The year was another crucial year for the Free University of Berlin as it was the university with the most approved funding applications in the German Universities Excellence Initiative , and it is now one of nine elite German universities to receive funding for its future development strategy. In the same year, Free University of Berlin dedicated a monument to the founding students who were murdered during the protests.

The university presents its Freedom Award to personalities who have made a special contribution toward the cause of freedom. The designer of the seal was art historian and former president of the Free University of Berlin, Edwin Redslob.

Most of the facilities of Free University of Berlin are located in the residential garden district of Dahlem in southwestern Berlin. Around the beginning of the 20th century, Dahlem was established as a center for research of the highest caliber.

The first new buildings housed government science agencies and new research institutes of the University of Berlin. The Kaiser Wilhelm Society — forerunner of the present-day Max Planck Society — was founded in and established several institutes in Dahlem. A dynamic group of researchers carried out pioneering research resulting in numerous Nobel Prizes.

Since its foundation, Free University of Berlin has been using buildings formerly belonging to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society and, in addition, has added numerous architecturally innovative buildings. Free University of Berlin central campus consists of building ensembles within walking distance of each other about 1. The planners oriented themselves along the type of campus found in the United States — a novelty in post-war Germany.

The first independent structure to be completed on campus was the Henry Ford building, funded by the Ford Foundation. To that point, the university was housed in several older structures around the neighborhood, including the Otto Hahn building, which houses the Department of Biochemistry to this day.

Thanks to further donations from the United States, Free University of Berlin was able to construct several new central building complexes including the Benjamin Franklin university clinic complex. The largest single complex of university buildings is the Rost- und Silberlaube , which translates roughly to the "Rust and Silver Lodges".

This complex consists of a series of interlinked structures corresponding to either a deep bronze hence, "rust" or shiny white "silver" hue, surrounding a variety of leafy courtyards. It has been complemented in by a new centerpiece, the brain-shaped Philological Library , designed by British architect Lord Norman Foster. The main campus can be reached by public transportation : With the U-Bahn line U3 , various busses and the S-Bahn line S1 , students can reach the centers of Berlin in under 15 minutes.

A nearby station Dahlem-Dorf Berlin U-Bahn , was awarded a prize for being the prettiest underground station in Europe. The campus in Lankwitz , formerly part of a teacher training college, is now home to the department of earth sciences and a part of the university archives. Until their move to Dahlem in , the Institute for Media and Communication Studies was located there.

Since the formation of the FU in , it has used public hospitals as part of the medical faculty. The medical center became one of the biggest European medical establishments unifying all institutes, clinics and lecture halls.

Mathematics Master of Science. Medical Neurosciences Master of Science. Molecular Medicine Master of Science.

A doctoral program Promotion leads to the academic degree of doctor Doktorat in a specific discipline. It is based on progrqms independent academic work — free university of berlin master programs dissertation — and an oral exam. Springe direkt zu Inhalt. Image Credits. Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher. Campus Image Credit: Aljoscha Ilg. Image Credit: Dominik Diesing. free university of berlin master programs Freie Universität offers master's programs in a wide variety of subjects. These programs represent an in-depth academic supplement to the bachelor's degree. Application for Master's Programs and Doctoral Studies. The master's degree is an academic degree that university graduates earn upon completion of a second​. University Preparatory Courses at Freie Universität for Refugees / Application period: July 6–22 · New Master's Degree Program at Freie Universität Berlin. Free University of Berlin also offers a variety of graduate degrees, from the master's degree to doctoral degrees. Institute of. Best info about studying at Freie Universität Berlin: find all Masters in English program students as well as international visiting scholars of Freie Universität. In all, Free University offers some bachelor's and master's degree programs as well as around 50 doctoral programs. The university's academic calendar is. A year of master's studies will cost you less than USD. The university offers a wide range of programs for online education. Due to the fact that the tuition fees​. The university offers 52 doctoral, graduate, and 73 undergraduate degree programs in various fields like social sciences, biology, chemistry. To study in Germany in English for free, you might want to look beyond Freie Universität Berlin – International master's programs in English. The large campus consists of 13 major faculties that are broken down into 47 academic and research institutes and departments. Despite how old the institution is, it is still the 5th oldest university in Germany! The largest single complex of university buildings is the Rost- und Silberlaube , which translates roughly to the "Rust and Silver Lodges". Of these 35,, around are international students. The university further maintains strong links to the industry and is a member of very exclusive groups of universities in Europe. The university currently provides education for around 27, students and offers around different academic degrees and programs for its students. A member of the reputed TU9 network in Germany, TU Darmstadt has grown to become one of the leading universities in both Germany as well as in Europe and is further considered to be a powerhouse for education in computer science and information technology studies. Collegium Musicum. It is currently ranked among the top universities in the world and one of the topmost universities nationally in Germany. The first independent structure to be completed on campus was the Henry Ford building, funded by the Ford Foundation. free university of berlin master programs