free to play pc games with controller support

free to play pc games with controller support

Help her find her way. Deepsky Demo build. A procedural planetary platforming adventure! Trapstar Adventures. Your dog has been kidnapped, and that's reason enough to kill everyone. A short, humorous and experimental murder mystery game with a focus on deduction and theatrics.

National Insecurities. Bayonetta is the last one standing of the witch clan that comes back to life after hundreds of years, which has vast repercussions of a deadly and catastrophic character.

Fighting and unleashing some cruel attacks and graceful motions works better with a use of a controller. GTA V was originally designed for consoles, which means an obvious focus on making controllers work like wonder.

Being able to tune out the control scheme and focus on the world instead works wonders for immersion. Los Santos and the surrounding area is huge and full of activities.

The criminal protagonist trio of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin each have their peculiarities, and switching between them every so often lets you find them in potentially interesting situations. Where will this crime story go? Grand Theft Auto V. An oldie that never gets old; an action game series known to almost every player. Packed with elaborate moves, combat, and an intense storyline, it is much more enjoyable while using a controller like a pad.

It is also a third person perspective game. This instalment of the long-running franchise puts us in the shoe of a younger Lara than most of us are used to. Control Co. Keep the factory floor from getting out of control! Fragments of Euclid.

An exploration puzzle game in a mind-bending world. Path Out. Escape the war. Super Slime Arena is a multiplayer, 2D fighting game with one-hit knockouts. Join Vesta as she explores various environments over 36 levels full of obstacles and enemy robots. Strategy Recommended Specials. See All Specials. View all. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Time Management. Match 3. Space Sim. Co-op Campaign. Real-Time with Pause. Comic Book.

Immersive Sim. Battle Royale. Open World Survival Craft. Artificial Intelligence. Gun Customization. Precision Platformer. Cold War. Life Sim. Bullet Time. Hex Grid. Time Travel. Card Battler. Trading Card Game. God Game. Games Workshop. Grid-Based Movement. Time Manipulation. What does this mean for me? You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

All rights reserved. There's no better way to play a throwback like this than with a controller that sports a good directional-pad, just like the games it takes inspiration from. The addition of a local co-op adds to the need to have a way of comfortably supporting two players without needing to do something silly like sharing the same keyboard. Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons is a game that uses a gamepad's two analog sticks to control the titular brothers independently around the world — one stick controls the older brother and the other stick controls the younger brother.

In fact, according to the Steam store page, a controller is required for play. Genre: Strategy. Bastion Free Download. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Free Download.

Age rating: G. Publisher: SCS Software. Genre: Indie, Simulation. Transistor Free Download. Publisher: Supergiant Games. Helldivers Free Download. Publisher: PlayStation Mobile, Inc. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Free Download. Publisher: Devolver Digital. Genre: Action, Indie. Hotline Miami Free Download.

For Honor Free Download. Genre: Not available. Trine Enchanted Edition Free Download. The game features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline set several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Batman Arkham Origins Free Download. Warframe Free download Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter co-op action video game initially released on March Warframe Free Download.

Publisher: Digital Extremes. Genre: Action, Free to Play.

Native support for Xbox free to play pc games with controller support and a wide range of other dual-analog controllers are now commonplace, and sometimes recommended, for PC games. Don't let its conttoller cartoon free to play pc games with controller support fool you — Cuphead is a punishing bullet-hell platformer in which the slightest mistimed move will gqmes you killed. As such, you're going to free to play pc games with controller support the precision of a traditional controller, free cloning software hdd to ssd one with a very good d-pad. Playing Cuphead with a controller will give you much finer control over your movement, and will make it far free to play pc games with controller support to jump, bgc full episodes free online season 17 and launch special attacks all at once. Batman: Arkham Knight is one of those third-person action games that just never quite seem to translate well to a keyboard-and-mouse setup. It's here that a gamepad will offer better camera and character control. Full analog movement should prove useful for the game's various stealth sections as well as the versatile Batmobile that's capable of switching into "combat mode" with a full degree-turning radius. Rivals of Aether is a fighting game that models itself very closely on frre unique gameplay found in the Super Smash Bros. As such, a controller with two analog sticks will be key for free to play pc games with controller support looking to dive deep into the first worthy alternative to Nintendo's venerable fighting series. And if you're super-serious about it, you might want to use these drivers that let you use a GameCube controller on the Steam version of the game. You'll find many instances where controlling the speed of your walk with the analog stick to be invaluable for sneaking up on enemies or being able to get through menus in a flash in the middle of combat. This gorgeously cel-shaded experience is essentially Capcom's answer to The Legend of Zelda, and guiding the wolf-goddess Amaterasu through the game's mix of combat, platforming and puzzle solving best free watch faces for galaxy watch feel best on a supplrt gamepad. Square Enix's massively multiplayer online RPG is constantly evolving with new content, casino slot games free play online whether gwmes just jumping in or are starting a new character class, it's worth your time to explore this game with a controller. They've made it incredibly easy to use and swap between the large list of combat skills so you can p that rotation and pump out big damage. Nier: Automata is a game made with consoles in mind, which means it was made for a controller. A lot of the functions that are relatively effortless on a controller can be awkward to pull off with a keyboard and mouse. Dodging requires a double key press of W, A, S, or D and camera sensitivity is simply not calibrated for use with a mouse. The game also launches into free to play pc games with controller support shooter segments occasionally, where the lack of analog movement can be sorely missed. Analog control is a serious must for any driving game. The smash hit Rocket League is an online competitive mashup of racing and soccer or "football," if you preferso you'll want whatever edge you can get. Having free to play pc games with controller support control over your steering radius can be a big help, and so is more stable control over the camera in free to play pc games with controller support game where you need to suport splitting your focus between the ball and the other players looking to run you over. Nioh is a brutally difficult action-RPG in the vein of Dark Souls, meaning that you'll need a controller if you want any chance of surviving the supernatural demons it throws your way. This hellish Samurai romp often requires you to slash, dodge and change stances within a matter of seconds, and while mouse and keyboard support was recently patched in, you'll have a much easier time managing all that chaos on a gamepad. The game doesn't make use of the mouse in any way, so the free to play pc games with controller support is the way to go here. Keyboard and mouse support should be playable with some tinkering with mouse sensitivities, but it should also be clear that this game was designed for a controller. free to play pc games with controller support Free to Play. Tropico 6. Mar 29, $ DEATH STRANDING. Jul 14, ​. $ SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. Here are the best PC games to play with a controller, from competitive fighting games Native support for Xbox controllers and a wide range of other dual-​analog controllers Play the best free PC games; Need a computer? An Action-RPG with retro-style graphics and fast-paced action! Bred Frown. Role Playing. EGGNOGG+. Local multiplayer stabbing game for PC. Find games with Gamepad (any) support like Redundancy, ZODIAC, Contract Demon, Play in browser Turn your Xbox or PS4 controller into a vibrator! A rare feature for a PC game, you can play with friends in the same room, made easier with wireless controllers. Obviously a larger monitor. We have over of the best Controller Support games for you! Play online for free at Kongregate, including Doodle Alive, Sarah's Run (preview), and Sticky. Typically, PC games are played with a mouse-keyboard combo, however they commonly and widely support controllers. That means you can. Get massive savings on exclusive Steam bundles and great games, updated daily. Join our community of over 2 million gamers - explore Fanatical now! Get massive savings on exclusive Steam bundles and great games, updated daily. Join our community of over 2 million gamers - explore Fanatical now! So I just prefer gamepad. With that said, are there any free to play FPS that have full or even partial controller support? Publisher: SCS Software. This game is excellent, otherwise it wouldn't be the most popular online game EVER. Mortal Kombat XL. Finish him!! For Honor Free Download. Yes No. Trine is a decent Steam game, but there are definitely better RPGs out there. Ethan Fox. Website: Not available. FIFA is the gold standard for soccer and having a controller to do those moves is essential. free to play pc games with controller support