free things to do in zurich

free things to do in zurich

Or, if you have th e Swiss Travel Pass , the best way to travel around Switzerland. Fans of recycling and architecture will love the 17 shipping containers stacked to make the Freitag Tower, which is also a retail store.

The containers were sourced from Hamburg and the building stands 85 feet tall. The region has several tram stations including Central and Neumarkt stations. Bus nos. Rent bikes for touring the city This might appear a bit surprising to you, but it's true that you will not need to pay a single penny for renting bikes in Zurich.

Although the service is absolutely free, when renting a bike, you'll need to deposit an amount of 20 CHF. You will obviously get the sum back when returning the bike. It would not be wrong to call the Belvoir Park as one of Zurich's oldest parks and landscape gardens. The park is marked by large meadows, benches, a pergola, pools, and old trees. The peaceful and calm ambiance of Belvoir and the entertainment options it features make it a favorite of tourists. Since , people from different corners of the globe have been visiting this park and enjoying the exquisite view of its daylily and iris garden.

The garden currently has more than species. The place is regularly visited by amateur ornithologists and bird enthusiasts. The aviary provides you with the opportunity of seeing and admiring both exotic and local birds. The outdoor and indoor enclosures of the bird sanctuary is home to some extremely rare bird species. Here, you will get to see colorful species like parakeets and toucans. There's also guesthouse for birds and a special shelter for ailing and injured birds.

Birds in need of assistance are kept in this shelter and get treated. A visit of Lindenhof Hill would allow you to capture extremely picturesque photos. Multifaceted Zurich. All Accommodations in Zurich.

The most beautiful entrance to the police station in the world. It is a cellar with colorful murals that were made to make the room more light.

Definitely worth a visit. There is a couple of beautiful churches that you can visit in Zurich of course, free of charge. They are located not far from each other, so you can visit all three in 30 minutes. You can even ride a bike in Zurich for free. You should leave 20 Swiss Francs, and return the bike any time during the day.

If you want to rent it at night, it will cost you 10 Francs. It was a list of top things to do in Zurich on a budget. With so many free attractions and ways to eat and stay cheap, your visit can cost mere pennies, so that you can brag that you stayed in the most expensive city in Europe spending just euros for 2 days. Have a great time in Zurich.

Also, read this guide to Budapest. As for food, I think i would just eat bread and cheese in Zurich. We stayed out of Switzerland when we were right next door in the Schwarzwald, simply because we were aware of how expensive it could be. Explore - 2 min read This new overnight train to Croatia is already so popular that it's running daily.

Read More. Related content. There are smaller specialty museums such as the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum, which has timepieces dating from BC, and the Zurich Toy Museum with dolls, train sets, toy soldiers and other European toys from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century.

Old buildings have been revamped and transformed into markets, restaurants, art and design shops. An example is the red-brick Schiffbau building, a former shipbuilding factory, which is home to the fashionable La Salle where a fusion menu of Swiss, French and Italian fare is served in an airy industrial space spectacularly decorated with Venetian chandeliers.

The Swiss are proud of the Freitag flagship store, which is constructed from 17 rusted shipping containers piled 26m high beside an elevated highway and railroad tracks. The messenger bag company founded in Zurich in produces a utilitarian unisex bag made from recycled truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and seat belts.

Of all the things to do in Zurich, this has got to be the hippest. Escher Wyss 3. Fluntern 2. Gewerbeschule 2. Enge 1. Oerlikon 1. Seefeld 1. Show less.

With a population of 1. Also included with this pass is free or reduced entrance fees at 41 museums in the city. Children under 6 free things to do in zurich free, and zuriich between 6 and 16 receive the pass for discounted prices. Nature films are shown twice a day in their in-house cinema. Be sure to check out the free things to do in zurich and palaeontology collections too. Here you will see some amazing exhibits from incredible artists such as Rembrandt and Giacometti. For a full list of museums and opening times, check this post. If you promise only to window shop, be sure to take a stroll along the Bahnhofstrasse. High-end shopping brands such as Gucci, Free things to do in zurich and Chanel are located here and you can also expect to see some free things to do in zurich luxurious cars whizzing past, or cruising slowly for the purpose of being admired. One of the most popular is the Limmat Riveras it has a long swimming channel, a couple of volleyball courts and allows you tings consume your own snacks if you wish to avoid the pricey local kiosk refreshments. Open May to September from 9am. Like I said at the start, the free things to do in Zurich are also probably the best! Located along the Limmat River, this extravaganza brings food, music, fireworks displays and a call of duty free to play china of entertainment over the 3-day celebration. For those of you wishing to get active, put on your hiking boots and head out of the city to walk a stunning 2-hour hiking trail from Uetliberg to Felsenegg. Of all the free things to do in Zudich, free things to do in zurich is probably the most fun and will get you some epic photos! There are so fo great day trips from the city which are totaly free and involve the great outdoors. Clave de registro avast free antivirus hike is known as the Planet Trail as each meter it free things to do in zurich represents one million kilometers and shows zrich enormous distances between the sun and Pluto, and the eight planets between them. At the start of this easy-graded hike, enjoy a break-taking view of the city, before setting off along the relatively ro trail. Or, if you have th inn Swiss Travel Passthe best way to travel around Switzerland. free things to do in zurich #3. Old Town (Altstadt). #4. Bahnhofstrasse. #8. Great Minster (Grossmunster). # Minster of Our Lady (Fraumunster). They're also ideal for a long layover at Zurich Airport. The Line 2 train can have you downtown in just 10 minutes, while the cheaper Line 10 tram. Highly rated activities with free entry in Zurich: The top things to do for free. See Tripadvisor's traveler reviews and photos of Zurich free. Popular Tourist Sites and Attractions in Zurich. 1. Explore the Old Town – The Old Town is a place of history and culture, with its magnificent. With expensive restaurants and eye-watering entry fees, it's easy to empty your wallet entirely in Zürich. Fortunately, there's plenty to do for zilch. Free Things To Do in Zürich. The following are just some of the free attractions in Zurich to check out in this vibrant, picturesque and truly unique. Free Places to Visit with Great Panoramas. Zurich on budget at night, best things to do. When visiting any city. Once back down in the Old Town, seek out the long pedestrian street of Niederdorfstrasse. There are smaller specialty museums such as the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum, which has timepieces dating from BC, and the Zurich Toy Museum with dolls, train sets, toy soldiers and other European toys from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Home to around plant species, including ferns, orchids and bromeliads, its steamy tropical greenhouses can belie the weather outside. Password recovery. Explore - 2 min read A new cycle route will take you from Yellowstone to Minneapolis. Need data for your trip to Switzerland? The three large dome-shaped greenhouses date back to the late s and contain tropical and subtropical climates. At the site of the former tram depot, you can admire 20 of the most colourful and eclectic tram cars used between and Javascript is required to view this map. See 6 Experiences. The park is full of statues and flower beds, and you can spot Lake Zurich in the distance. Right in the heart of the Old Town, rooms and suites come with classic decor and amenities like air-conditioning. You can find the different ticket types here. As nice as it is to continue exploring the city of Zurich, you may be itching to see more of Switzerland, which is where day trips come in. When are you traveling? free things to do in zurich