free online pakistani news tv channels above. Locals love to go there in the late afternoon, to chill and have a drink. This was also where the barracks for the German soldiers who fought in the 19th century Peninsular War was located, and the ruins of these can also be seen today.">

free things to do in girona spain

free things to do in girona spain

Girona was once a walled city, and now you can walk along the top of the remains of the medieval walls! The walls also host the very best view of the city, including the mountains beyond.

We strolled along at sunset which was gorgeous. It looks like a corner bench, but has a circular hole in it that you can see all the way down hundreds of feet… to the ground. This has an even more impressive set of steps leading up to it, and a photo of yourself on these steps is a popular souvenir of the city. The Cathedral dates from , when it was originally consecrated, and is built in both the Romanesque style and the Gothic Style.

The church is also home to a museum and treasury, which is home to some important artefacts including the Tapestry of Creation, an 11th century tapestry which is widely regarded as one of the most impressive pieces of Romanesque tapestry.

All in all, there is plenty to see here, and this should definitely be on your list of things to do in Girona! There is a fee to visit, but it does include an audio guide as well as the aforementioned Basilica de Sant Feliu. Dating from , these baths were built in the Romanesque style, and are modelled after Roman baths, Turkish baths, and Jewish mikvahs.

This is a beautiful space to visit, with the highlight in our opinion being the room where bathers would have undressed, known as the apodyterium. This has as its centrepiece an octagonal pool around which stand eight beautiful columns, atop which is is a dome through which the light pours.

If the idea of a bath sounds appealing, you might want to visit Aqva , which is just around the corner from the Arab Baths. Hospital in this case meaning a place of hospitality for strangers, rather than a place for sick people.

The baths have been created in the ancient Greco-Roman style, and there are a variety of bathing and sensory experiences to be had here. We had a lovely time bathing here amongst structures which date as far back as the 5th century, and trying out the Tepidarium and Frigidarium.

Note, this is experience is timed and you definitely need to book in advance if it is of interest. You can see more on the official website here.

Fans of the TV show Game of Thrones have a treat in store when they visit Girona, as the city served as a number of filming locations for Season 6 of the show. Filming for the show was done in and took place at many sites around the city.

If you want to visit the Game of Thrones filming locations, we can recommend taking a guided tour like this one to do so. This will help bring the scenes to life, and the guide will likely be able to share their experiences of what the city was like during filming. Dating from the 11th century, the monastery was originally built as a nunnery. It has a beautiful two level cloister, and is open for visitors. Being set outside the city a little bit, in a lovely green valley, this makes for a nice change from exploring medieval city streets if you want to see a different side of Girona.

A little further up the hill from the cathedral, as you get closer to the long stretch of city walls, you will come to the Jardins del Alemanys. This free to visit garden area contains many trees and plants, nestled in amongst the old ruins of both the city walls and parts of the Roman city that was here see the next stop for more on this. This was also where the barracks for the German soldiers who fought in the 19th century Peninsular War was located, and the ruins of these can also be seen today.

Girona has been around for a long time. This was enclosed by huge walls, which remained in place, unchanged, until about 1, AD. After that, as the city evolved and grew, the walls started to become absorbed into the fabric of the city. However, as you travel around the city, you will start to see evidence of these massive constructions around the city.

One great way to get glimpses of this ancient fortress, as well as to get great views across the city in general, is to take a walk on the medieval walls. From to , Jews lived in Girona. The area where they lived, called El Call, is a maze of narrow, winding, cobblestoned lanes, still intact and very much like they were over years ago.

These narrow streets are a joy to explore. For those who want to learn more, visit the Jewish Museum in town. Also called the Passeig de la Muralla, a walk on the medieval walls is a must-do activity while in Girona.

The city walls span the eastern border of the old town of Girona. From the top of the walls, the views over the city are spectacular. Towers periodically interrupt the walls for even better views.

Gustav Eiffel constructed a bridge in Girona just before the Eiffel Tower was built. The Onyar River runs through the heart of Girona. See it from Pont Pedra, Eiffel Bridge, or one of several other bridges that span the river. One of the highlights of a visit to Girona is a visit to the Girona Cathedral.

The Girona Cathedral dominates the skyline of Girona. One of the things to do in Girona is you want to mingle with the locals is going for a run or a walk at Parc de la Devesa. Breakfast or brunch at La Fabrica — one of the things to do in Girona. One of the things to do in Girona is eating at La Fabrica, located in one of the many tiny squares in town, near yet another flight of stairs.

It was established by a Canadian couple — Christian Meier, who used to be a professional cyclist, and his wife Amber. For the non-cyclists, the good news is that La Fabrica is a fabulous place to have breakfast, brunch or a light lunch. For a healthy yet tasty breakfast opt for the breakfast bowl with lots of oats, coconut flakes, honey and fresh fruit. Eating gelato is one of the best things to do in Girona in the summer.

Come to think of it, why keep it seasonal? This is really what to do in Girona any time you feel like a treat. The choice of flavors is great — though they change daily, apparently.

They even have lactose free and vegan ice cream! One of the best things to do in Girona is eating. Girona is one of the food capitals of the world, home to El Celler de Can Roca, one of the best restaurants in the world. Should you not be able to get a table at this restaurant — founded by the Roca brothers, including the same Jordi Roca of Rocambolesc, Joan Roca who is the head chef, and Josep Roca who is the sommelier, and for which you will need to make reservations in advance — worry not: Girona is packed with excellent bistrot were you can dine like a king.

TIP: For lunch, do like the locals and opt to get a fixed menu. You can even take a Girona walking tour and tapas dinner. Girona has some of the best restaurants in the world! Girona is incredibly easy and cheap to reach from pretty much anywhere in Europe, as it is a hub for budget airlines.

From there, you have various options to get to the city. From the airport, you can easily get to Girona by car. You can get a quote for car rental here. You can take bus n.

The bus timings follows the arrival and departure schedule of Ryanair flights. You can also book a private transfer for more or less the same price here or here. It takes about one hour to drive from Barcelona to Girona.

Alternatively, you can opt for the train. The fast train takes a mere 35 minutes, but there also is a slower one that makes various stops and takes 90 minutes. See 16 Experiences. See 22 Experiences. See 10 Experiences. See 6 Experiences. See 8 Experiences. See 5 Experiences.

You see, most people who visit Catalonia completely ignore Girona. I bet you are one of those, too. You fly to Girona on a budget airline and you immediately jump on a train or bus, headed to Barcelona which is only one hour away. And if you eventually decide to visit Girona, you go there on a day trip at most. What a shame! Girona was the starting point of my trip to Garrotxa, and I got the chance to visit it thoroughly. Planning to spend longer in the region? One of the things to do in Girona is walking all the bridges. Pictured is the Free things to do in girona spain de Ferro. Whenever I think of Girona I imagine the colorful buildings set along the Onyar river and the bridges to cross the river. There are eleven bridges that connect the two sides of the river, each of them different, and each of them giving a different perspective and slightly different view of the city. Needless to say, one of the things spani do in Girona is walking free things to do in girona spain bridges. Among the unmissable ones there is the Pont de Pedra, a free things to do in girona spain stone bridge with three arches; and the famous Pont de Ferro, also known as Eiffel Bridge because it was planned by Gustave Eiffel and built inonly two free things to do in girona spain after the construction of free things to do in girona spain Eiffel tower. If you are looking for what to see in Girona, this is definitely a must! A walk fre the Passeig de la Muralla affords you views free clip art thank you images both the Old City and of the newest part of town, and tyings can even see the Pyrenees in the distance. There are three access pointsone at the gardens behind the Cathedral of Girona, another by the Spanish Civil War Memorial, and the last one by the Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants. You can start in one and finish on the free things to do in girona spain. It takes between one and two hours to walk the walls, depending on how franklin gothic demi cond free download you stop. free things to do in girona spain Find the Game of Thrones Filming Sites. Walk the Medieval Walls /. Explore the German Gardens / Jardins dels Alemanys. Explore the University of Girona. Visit Independence Square. › free-things-to-do-in-girona-spain. Highly rated activities with free entry in Girona: The top things to do for free. See Tripadvisor's traveler reviews and photos of Girona free. The capital of its own province in northeast Catalonia, Girona is a sublime medieval city with one of Spain's last surviving Jewish quarters. From Napoleon to the. May 16, - Everyone loves a freebie, so take advantage of these 10 free things to do in Girona, Spain! This under the radar city is full of sights, legends, and. Things to do in Girona - River Onyar view, Girona, Spain. The bridges also bring you to the iconic patchwork of colourful riverside homes which. Enjoyed this post? Good for Big Groups. The walls also host the very best view of the city, including the mountains beyond. Your email address will not be published. This is operated by the people behind the El Celler de Can Roca restaurant, which has been named the best restaurant in the world on a number of occasions. As is hopefully becoming apparent by now, Girona is quite an old place. Ciutadella de Roses reviews. All Things to Do. That was constructed somewhat later, in , but you can see the similarity in the design with the lattice work and material. Anthony, covers a full history of the city from Roman times up to the present day, and is packed with exhibits, dioramas, and information panels. All opinions remain our own — you can see our code of ethics for how we choose who to work with and what that means. Archaeology Tours. Costa Brava Tour. Private Tour: Get into one of the oldest medieval cities in Europe — Girona. In terms of driving in the city, this is not advised in the old town, and most of it is inaccessible to cars anyway. free things to do in girona spain