free stroke adjustment on xt brakes

free stroke adjustment on xt brakes

This seems to work for me with slx brakes. After time a little play will build up but I just repeat the process. Not too hard if you own the bleed funnel and some mineral oil, and save an old rotor. Posted: Mar 18, at When you bleed all shimano brakes that have a free stroke adjustment which most do these days.

Back the screw all the way out when you bleed the system. Now you have adjustable free stroke. Shimano has candid cameras on sattelites setup to watch the idiots playing with that screw, getting frustrated and swearing.

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He loves biking and the tech talk surrounding it to the detriment of his girlfriend Toni , photography and travelling the world. Of course, he still writes a lot of content himself, reviews almost bikes a year and rides his bike almost every day.

The alpine trails around his hometown serve as the perfect testing grounds. He doesn't have a classic 9 to 5 routine — sometimes he's in the office, sometimes he'll take his laptop to sit in the garden and sometimes you'll even find him working remotely from his van parked at one the best riding spots in the world. In the picture of the clear brake posted above, the free stroke screw is turned all the way in. If you do nothing but turn the screw out, the pad contact point moves out.

The problem is that turning the free stroke screw also effects your initial reach adjustment. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

How to use the 'freestroke' adjuster on XT M brakes? Thread starter Nautonier Start date Feb 24, Nautonier Eats Squid. I've always maintained that the freestroke adjustment screw on Shimano brakes does absolutely nothing, but now that I've recently purchased a set of Ms I'd like to be proved wrong. After installing and getting the hose lengths right, I had to bleed both front and rear brakes, which went well.

After a few rides, the rear lever is engaging a bit further in towards the bars than the front. Pulling on the syringe will compress the bladder and pull the bubbles out. Push on the syringe to make sure there is no suction in the lever, remove the hose, and replace the bleed plug. Other brakes will work differently. Shimanos use a plastic cup at the lever, and you can simply attach a full cup to the bleed port, pull the lever, and it will fill the reservoir. Home Menu Search. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty.

Shop Watch Read. What Tools Do We Need? This will help keep mineral oil from spilling on to the brake lever and on to the ground. Tighten the brake lever bar clamp back down in that position. Remove Brake Pads Remove either the front or rear wheel depending on which brake you are going to be bleeding first.

Remove the wheel and set it to the side for now. Next, remove the cotter pin and using a 3mm Allen key, remove the bolt that secures the brake pads to the caliper.

Be sure to set the brake pads out the way for now so they don't get contaminated with any mineral oil.

Bleeding XT brakes for quick engagement. Post Message. Author Message. Previous Page Next Page. Don't post your bike. Rules on first page. All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website. Posted: Feb 26, at I have rather short fingers and have to set my brake levers to almost parallel with the bar to be able to properly reach free stroke adjustment on xt brakes. Problem is, that with the right reach the levers almost hit the grips before the brakes engage. Anyone know how to bleed them to engage right away? Posted: Feb 27, at File done the bleed block so that's it's about a mm thinner than normal then bleed with davinci resolve 15 studio vs free. Keep making the bleed block thinner until the free strike is as short as you need. This can be accomplished without even bleeding the system. Take the pn off and pull free stroke adjustment on xt brakes lever a bit to cause the pads to move in without a rotor in between them. This will move their "resting" position closer together meaning they don't have to travel as far to engage free stroke adjustment on xt brakes rotor when when the wheel is back on. The down side of this is now you have less clearance between the pad and the rotor so you are more susceptible to brake rub. It will be a free stroke adjustment on xt brakes of trial and error to get them to the sweet spot so be ready to reset the pistons a braks time before you get it where you want it. free stroke adjustment on xt brakes the reservoir/lever off my xt brakes. Which made for a good excuse to have a look at the inner goings on of the brake. Now, I know what the free stroke screw is​. › en-EU › technologies › component › details › f. Free Stroke. free_stroke DEORE XT M Series. SHIMANO SHIMANO DEORE XT Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever I-SPEC EV Clamp BandVIEW PRODUCT​. XT brakes not only have a lever adjust, but also a bite point "free stroke" adjust.. that is what you want. adjust the levers (tool free knob) until. › brake-time › free-stroke-shimano-please-explain. I'd really love to see the internals of Shimano's free stroke. On the XT's I havent had to do this yet, and my lever pull has remained very good. Free stroke adjustment controls how far the lever piston must travel before it closes off the My XT brakes came with this free stroke screw all the way in. › gear-features › bike-hack-free-freestroke-adjus. Video by Satchel Cronk. Pretty much every brake offers a reach adjustment, but free-stroke adjustment is something else entirely. You'll see it. Shimano XT Brakes, Free Stroke screw - posted in Tech Q&A: Guys does anyone know what the FREE STROKE Screw on the Levers does, sorry if stupid question, I have Get Hope if you want REAL stroke adjust:thumbup. The Shimano XT-M lever also features a free stroke adjustment and anti-slip dimples at the end of the lever. In addition, each model has a. Job done. Pavel-Repak Jul 26, at Primoz : whats wrong with magura HC3 lever? Been nothing but reliable. And yes, I'm completely aware of the irony of me moaning about the non-existent ''free stroke adjustment" earlier on only to have the free stroke change on its own during use. Me neither. That might be my imagination or I could chalk it up to the TruckerCo pads I got. It'd be awesome if you tried a short lever throw and a long one to compare the power. Isey : the opposite. If you haven't already then do yourself a favor and buy 4 of the MT7 style pad pins and run MT7 pads. That implies the newer design has more of a problem. As a lb rider, I prefer the solid initial bite point and power XT brakes provide vs Sram's mushy feeling bite point. These people would moan if their arses were on fire and moan if you put it out. Archimonde Jul 26, at I have spent most of this summer on them and have been blown away by how consistent and powerful they are. free stroke adjustment on xt brakes