free social media competitor analysis tools

free social media competitor analysis tools

Or maybe you have fewer Instagram followers but higher engagement. Get quite specific here, because these distinctions will help you identify your opportunities and threats.

Now that you can see at a glance where you stand compared to the competition, you can identify potential opportunities to take advantage of. Like opportunities, threats come from outside your organization. To get a keen sense of upcoming threats, take a good look at numbers related to growth, or anything that signifies change over time.

For example, a competitor that is small but has a high follower growth rate might present a bigger threat that a large competitor with stagnant growth. This is another area where you need to keep an eye on the broader industry for upcoming changes that could affect your position compared to your competitors. You can search 10 URLs which will show limited results. A wide range of link analysis is available, including an overview of backlinks, country and industry breakdown, and link age.

Links have all been confirmed as active in the last 90 days. You can then refine the search by publish date, content type, and shares across social sites. It also has a trending section for different industries. There is no shortage of news aggregator sites available. Feedly allows you to customize the sites you are following, so you can segment by general industry trends, clients, competitors. The application captures emails from your competitors and organizes them in a simple, user-friendly dashboard.

Pricing: You can start with a days free trial. Paying annually will get you 2 free months. Plans differ in the number of monitored websites, email alerts, and historical data storage.

So having competitors is not such a bad thing, especially if you keep track of their strategies and know how to beat them. Got any other competitor analysis tools you'd to add to this list? When setting out to track and analyze competition, you decide the rules and objectives. The purpose of your study will define which metrics or strategic solutions you will want to measure.

Here are some examples:. In all cases, look for common elements to establish benchmarks. These will be the standards — or points of reference — against which you can measure your performance. We use listening to understand what is being said about us across social media, and further into the web, such as in blog posts and on forums. We also track what is being said about our rivals, and the manufacturers that we stock.

We then take all this information and use it in our quarterly social media strategies to determine how we can tailor content that we believe our audience may be interested in. Alex Hodgson Social Media Manager. Published on June 20, Brent Barnhart : Brent Barnhart is a professional writer and content critic. Sprout Social is committed to your privacy. Compare your social profiles with those of your competitors.

Get detailed content metrics, including top pics and videos. View the most frequently used words, hashtags and sources. Learn how to improve your Facebook engagement and sales with this new online training. Sale Ends Friday! Backlinks are critical for SEO. Get detailed back analysis of any of your competitor with this free tool. Use the data to create better content and then approach these sites linking to your competitor to now link to you.

Use Siteliner to check for broken links of any site, and then help the site fix it by pitching your link as a replacement for it. Rival IQ helps you keep your eye on the competition with continuous monitoring across 6 major social channels and proactive alerting.

What metrics indicate success or failure? They will differ according to your goals, but may include:. By applying one of the analytics tools below, you can assess the state of your business and make informed adjustments as needed. There are so many things brands can do with web and social analytics comparison tools, including:. The options there are as varied as the analytics tools themselves!

Customer care — how responsive are product specialists to customers? Watching a few client testimonials , reading reviews and asking for current client referrals will give you a sense of things. If specialists are consistently receptive to concerns, that fact will shine through.

Are the options intuitive, or fairly clear after a bit of explanation? What materials are available to help you overcome the learning curve? Data transparency — Where is the data coming from? How granularly are you able to explore? How to discover your competitors on social networks Did you find out who your competitors are? Monitor and analyze the hashtags related to your sector on social networks Track hashtags related to your brand or sector.

Find the best positioned brands on Google Find the keywords related to your business or project that are used in Google. Listen to your followers People use social networks to communicate and chat. Look at your main competitors They also analyze the strategies of their competitors that you probably have in common. TIP Once you have elaborated a list with all your competitors, you should save the information in an Excel file to keep it well organized. Metricool makes it easy to benchmark your competitors!

In the Evolution section, you can examine the main metrics of your competitors in a table In this table, you can check how the digital strategies of your competitors are working. These are the metrics that you will find: Followers: How many users follow your competitors.

Keeping track of competitors is a great shortcut to making informed decisions and strategizing for success. Continue reading to find out how to measure your performance against industry standards and make relevant improvements to your strategy across social channels. Competitive analysis can be carried out ajalysis any business, from any industry, for any purpose. It is the free social media competitor analysis tools of taking a closer look at how your direct competitors or leaders in your industry do business — and drawing free social media competitor analysis tools. When free social media competitor analysis tools out to track and analyze competition, you decide the rules and objectives. The purpose of your study will define which free social media competitor analysis tools or strategic competiitor you aanlysis want to measure. Here are some examples:. In all copmetitor, look for common elements to establish benchmarks. These will be free social media competitor analysis tools standards — or points of reference — against which you can measure your performance. For perspective. Is this good, bad, or mediocre? Without a clear zocial of where you stand against industry standards, you will have trouble deciding what such numbers mean and setting KPIs for further growth. But how do you plan freee process? Where do you begin? Similar to the very definition of competitive analysis, the process depends on the free social media competitor analysis tools and scope of your research. But regardless of how far you decide to take your analysis, a basic framework applies to most cases. Before you start collecting data, you have to define your competition. Most businesses are well aware free audio cd to mp3 converter descargar their competitors free money to my paypal account a quick search is worth your time — free social media competitor analysis tools might come across some new inspirations. Google is always a good place to start when looking for similar businesses, especially in your area. Search for phrases relevant to your business profile product categories, industry types, etc. Freee on your actual competitors — businesses of similar scope and size, which most likely have similar resources to you. Once you have a list of potentially interesting competitors, identify the ones active on major social networks. You can do free social media competitor analysis tools by looking up the contact section on their websites. During this step, you should decide which social platforms are the most relevant for your business — seeing where your competitors are should be a good indication. free social media competitor analysis tools Do you want to improve your social media marketing? Discover four free tools to compare your social media presence with your competitor's. Competitive and market intelligence; Key opinion leader identification and influencer marketing; Strategic risk and M&A analysis. The company's. Even if you don't advertise with Google Adwords, this tool is free to use. To start, use the tool to analyze your website. You'll get a list of relevant. Create a stronger social media strategy with powerful competitive analysis tools that track Measure your social media marketing today with a free day trial. Pricing: A days free trial. Prices start from $29/month. 2. Unmetric. Another comprehensive tool for competitive analysis on social media is. 25 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers Buffer Analyze is our social media analytics tool for online brands that want to make better The competitor tracking and benchmarking features help you compare your performance with. Free Social Media Monitoring Tools. Free Website Research Tools. Free Technology Research Tools. Free Competitor's Social Media Performance Research. We list a range of competitor analysis tools to help you overtake the Prices start from $95/month, with a free day trial. Our Facebook and Twitter channels allow you to monitor your competitor's social media output. The 5-Minute Social Media Competitive Analysis To conduct your own social media competitive analysis, download our free cheat sheet to. Get access to the largest database of social media statistics, free competitive you need to boost your social media performance with the Socialbakers free tools​. analysis, influencer marketing, content strategy, social media management. Scheduled Exports. For example, a quick way to determine if a competitor is underperforming is to look at their engagement values vs the number of posts they publish. That makes them critical for success of new businesses. Get detailed web traffic statistics and analytics using Alexa. Think about it. Additional features like community analytics, profile activity, competitor tracking, and hashtag tracking are on offer. Act on your insights. These types of content are low-hanging fruit that could produce similar or better results for your brand. The higher the DA score, the better. As a professional, you undoubtedly know which brands are crushing it on social. That includes product and service offerings, of course, but it also extends into the shopping experience, customer care, and what your brand stands for. free social media competitor analysis tools