free sight words games for kids

free sight words games for kids

Karen Witte February 20, Thank you for supplying these free activities. Very creative, my students love these games. Randi K. April 10, Thank you, these are great games for reinforcing foundations with special needs students! Grier April 26, Thank you so much. Cleo June 9, Wow, I am sooooo blown away by the sheer amount of activities, variety, depth and complexity that went into creating the sequence for this curriculum.

Cleo Jones Briargrove Elementary Reply. Chris July 14, Thank you for fabulous games ready to go. Amy July 24, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Maureen Slaven July 29, I really love this site. Patricia Dorsey August 4, May I reblog your games on my blog? Please just include a link back to our site, so people can see the full curriculum.

Liz B. August 27, My daughter is in Pre-K now three and a half and is not familiar with a lot of board games. Nicole J. September 6, I am now super happy after visiting your site. Brenda Wittkohl September 27, I have a kindergartner that would benefit from this.

Where can I find the Sight Word Games? Yvelisse November 29, Wonderful resources,thanks for sharing. Matt Allen December 13, Great website! Heidi January 6, As a french immersion kindergarten teacher I am always looking for fun ways to support early reading. ADMIN — Hi Heidi, We originally developed this site for teaching children to read English, and the font we currently use does not support foreign diacritical marks.

Leonie Shelley April 9, Thank you — fabulous hands-on activities to make learning sight words fun! Paula Lee Bright April 10, As an online reading teacher for so many of the kids that fail to learn to read at school, this list is invaluable!

Amanda February 4, Love this site!!! You will need white paper plates and a marker. Write a sight word on each of the plates. Create a path all around the house using the paper plates.

Start at the beginning of the path and have your child read each word as she walks to the end of the path. Your child can pick up the plate each time she reads a word. Repeat the game by creating a new path. Write 20 sight words on 20 pieces of paper. Use words you want your child to learn. Stick the words on a wall. Get a flashlight and dim the lights. Sight Words Memory. Kindergarten Sight Words Balloon Pop. Sight Words Hopper 2. This is an inter active number learning game for preschool kids.

This is an engrossing educational game designed to teach and test the kids knowledge of shapes and alphabets. This is an alphabet matching game that helps kids to identify the English alphabets in upper and lower cases.

Detailed reviews from parents truly inspire us to keep creating more fun educational kids apps focused on learning. Download Sight Words today and enjoy! Reviews Review Policy.

An exciting learning game that helps children learn to recognize and read words by sight, sound, and touch. Build reading confidence fast with this free app! View details. Kindergarten Sight Words Balloon Pop. Sight Words Hopper 2. Sight Words Sun Attack: Set 1. Kids aim to freeze sunny sight words and help Officer Ice Cream beat the heat.

Sight Words Balloon Pop: Set 3. Pop balloons to help Floyd get closer to taking flight! Learn common single syllable sight words with this game! These 10 online games to teach sight words are perfect for giving students extra practice and lots of repetition during centers in my classroom. Did I miss any of your favorites? How do you like to practice sight words?

Let me know below! You can type in any list or whichever words you want students to practice more and it autofills 10 different activities! You can use them again and again with different words. Like It? Share it! You May Also Enjoy These. My secret to raising reading levels without spending all day teaching reading groups!

This webpage makes extensive use gamss JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser to view this page. Learning sight words is very important at an early age. This skill will speed up reading for young students. Sight Word Smash is one of our popular online sight word games for kindergarten that offers plenty of exposure to several word lists such as Dolch free sight words games for kids Fry. Listen to the word to know what you are supposed to find, then smash free sight words games for kids. Strike the broken block a second time to remove the it. Gammes not to hurt your hand. free sight words games for kids Listen & Spell. › online-sight-word-games. Play free online sight word games for kindergarten and first grade to help build a fundamental reading skill. Try our Kindergarten Sight Word Games for free today and experience the magic of interactive learning at home or school. Only at! This collection of sight words games gives children opportunities to practice their sight words and build toward Thank you for supplying these free activities. Free Sight Word Games for Kindergarten Online. Skill: Sight Words Smash the block with the correct answer in one of our popular online sight word games. Sight words are some of the most common words your child will read in a sentence. Sight words are one of the foundations for learning to read. Help your kids. Free Sight Word Printables - Sight Word Slap Game. Free printable sight word slap game for kindergarten, dolch word list. 35 Letters and Sounds Learning Games. School is beginning soon, and these 35 letter and sounds learning games will help you prepare your. 10 Clever Games to Help Your Child Learn Sight Words. Step away from the flashcards! Try these fun activities instead. By Curious. Educational Resources. Top Games Top Videos. To use the high frequency words, click the red buttons from Easy to Hard on the right hand side. Playing card games allow you to select specific sight words and gradually add new ones as appropriate. Roy the Zebra. Sight Word Games Being able to recognize words automatically makes learning to read a much easier process, and these sight words games help your beginner reader do just that. Kids help demolish a building by identifying sight words in this engaging game. This video goes through several sight words, putting them into a sentence to aid understanding. Sight Word Games Follow the links below to the free online sight word games. Sight Words Hopper 2. Then children are invited to try reading the words themselves. Sight Words Hopper 2. Fowl Words. Sight Words Cloud Catcher 2. free sight words games for kids