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Estaremos contentos de servirle. Reserva Hoteles ahora! Rapidez, 4 tarifas, alto confort, amplia oferta abordo; es nuestro buque insignia y un homenaje al Papa Francisco. Caracteristicas: Eslora: 70 m Manga: 20 m Potencia: 4 x Kw. Ermenegildo Zegna. Eva Belle. Giorgio Armani. Glen Deveron. Glen Grant. Grey Goose. House of Marley. Hugo Boss. Ice Breakers. Issey Miyake. Jack Daniel's. Jean Paul Gaultier. Jim Beam. The Macallan. Thierry Mugler.

Tic Tac. Tommy Hilfiger. Too Faced. Tullamore Dew. Urban Decay. Veuve Clicquot. Victoria's Secret. Wild Turkey. William Lawson. Woodford Reserve. Yves Saint Laurent. Cosmentic shades. Skincare for men. Exclusive fragrances. Limited edition. Not for the average business traveler, this is a place for those who dream of spending long nights with the cream of the crop. Mystery, style and a strange morbidity abound; the perfect place to live the dark side of a glamorous life.

Para mucho, un buen paseo de compras. What is La Barra really missing? For many, a great shopping area. And, who better than Carlos Ott, icon of Uruguayan architecture, and one of the most world-renowned, to design it. The premise for Oh La Barra begins with long-lasting and sophisticated materials, harmonious and in-tune with the surroundings, with a simple and bohemian architectural style, creating an unobtrusive space that will blend naturally with everything around it.

A lavish and warm place for the consumer demanding fun and fashion. In its first stage, 35 high-end boutiques will be erected on Route 10, overlooking the beach, the city and the development of a main square that will serve as the meeting point. As for the second stage, a 5-star boutique hotel is in the works, as well as a convention center for events and other gatherings.

Easy to stroll through, the Oh will have something for everyone. Fotos: Ezequiel Albanell Para cualquiera que llega a Punta Del Este es siempre un must cruzar el puente ondulante de el arroyo Maldonado. En general todos dan por sentado que al arribar a su margen oriental uno ya se encuentra en La Barra.

Upon further observation, though, El Tesoro seems a bit left behind, perhaps even underdeveloped. Over the years, construction in this area has been of less importance, with many plots left empty and abandoned. As its name implies, however, this little treasure merits some attention.

Home to beautiful landscapes, with wide-open views of the horizon and the delta, so fortunate to be located right before the river runs free. Add to this gourmet snack shops, home goods stores, small hotels, a variety of art galleries, and, of course, the artists themselves.

Different maps might break up the region in a variety of ways, but these are the four cardinal points that circumscribe the area and the soul of El Tesoro. As is typical of many places like this the world over — perfectly located and reasonably accessible prices — the inhabitants are typically artists and developments related to design, art and gastronomy. Their presence brings life back into the area.

In the late s, the restaurant Maria y El Lobo planted itself on the riverbed, providing some of the most interesting views of flora and fauna, both in winter and summer. The restaurant, no longer in existence, seems to have been a little before its time.

Only now, as people begin to turn their attention to El Tesoro, have they opened thriving restaurants like El Chancho y La Coneja 12th Street and Route 10 , where the owners themselves prepare dishes in a clay oven, or Paulatino, located just in front of the Museo Del Mar.

The bedrooms flank the main garden, and each room carefully shows off its antique furniture, salvaged from the heart of Uruguay. El Tesoro is flooded with artists that either live there all year round or just for certain seasons. The exhibit, Las Enamoradas del Muro,.

Named La Dacha — Russian for a country home used seasonally by city families — this home was the first and only one I looked at…it was love at first sight. Since then, I travel frequently to Maldonado, and spend months here. I get here, light the fireplaces and sit, contemplating the flames. I also have a garden that I tend to regularly, and have recently planted fruits and vegetables, as well.

I always dreamed of living close to the ocean, especially because I lived most of my life, and have my workshop, in the mountains of Cordoba. As you walk through the installation, the work itself offers an abstract perspective on the organic, an ornamental frontier, a picture book.

I create a set and construct where the piece will go: you will see the leaves fall in Autumn and Winter, and watch as Spring leads to the rebirth and sprouting of new life. The installation is made of 9mm white, neon tubing and will measure 3. Dolores is also preparing a series of sprouts, from small to large, that will be displayed in this same installation.

Las Enamoradas del Muro will open during the last week of December. Se llama La Dacha en ruso significa casa de campo, habitualmente de una familia urbana y que se usa estacionalmente. Tengo nuevos amigos, empiezo a construir una vida. An enticing invitation: walk along the four corners of El Tesoro and you will discover, at your own pace, a place that is turning into the place to be.

Although quite bare, it still speaks volumes: the landscape is composed of swerving dirt roads surrounded by lush mountains, the purest violet and yellow wildflowers, spaces set up to bask in nature, rustic old homes — quietly inhabited by the locals or awaiting the arrival of guests — surrounded by rose gardens.

Currently, the population barely reaches people, who primarily live off the land and mine grey granite. Small town, indeed! The railroad, along with the town windmill, was a grand symbol of prosperity and.

Fue en ese momento cuando sus pobladores se trasladaron por la nueva ruta 9, hacia San Carlos y Rocha. During this time, landowners hoped their small farms would become large, stately plantations. They never imagined or foresaw that once the windmill was closed down, the train would never again pass through.

The superb gastronomy and the swimming pool complete the package: a small paradise that invites its guests to rest and enjoy. Turn left there and drive 11 km until you reach the town. Together, they are the most recognized couple in the local textile industry. In an exclusive interview, Federico shares their secret of success, the real estate projects brewing in Carmelo, and their dabbling in the world of hotels with Casa Chic. What was the catalyst behind moving from fashion to real estate?

It was a bit by accident. After a few months of proven success, we decided to focus on decorative textiles, which is our strength; and you know how that goes…one thing leads to another and we banked on opening in Palermo with a whole new vision: a bed and breakfast that houses a store, as well.

Was it something you had been planning for some time, or did. In , we planted our first olive trees in Carmelo; now, we have our own award-winning extra virgin olive oil; it has won 6 gold medals in international competitions. Carmelo, and more specifically, Punta Gorda, is an amazing place, like a blend of Tuscany and Provence, which immediately lured us.

All major cities have a variety of bed and breakfasts. People are constantly looking for more personalized and informal services. Consumers seek pleasure in simplicity. Have you any plans to expand Casa Chic in other places?

For now, we have the inauguration of Casa Chic Punta Gorda in Carmelo, with 20 rooms, a spa, tennis courts and beach activities.

Carmelo, y en especial Punta Gorda, son lugares maravillosos. Un verdadero placer. Harmony, the search for simplicity, second-hand pieces, worn-out, passed down Hoy el cliente busca el placer en lo sencillo.

Por el momento en vamos a inaugurar Casa Chic Puta Gorda en Carmelo, con 20 habitaciones, spa, tenis y deportes de playa. Mmmmmmm, no sabemos…. Spain has Ibiza; France, St. Tropez; and Uruguay…the hot and happening Punta del Este.

And since summer in Europe has come and gone, tourists look to the beaches of Punta del Este, which over 2 years ago, became the sacred hot spot for people the world over. Today, they sit next to the most exclusive in the international tourism market. From sports, to local and international shows, from the hottest DJs in the world, to top-model fashions shows like Runway Punta del Este, where the top Latin American designers are expected to show their wares.

El arquitecto que firma este espectacular emprendimiento es el presti-. There are hardly words to describe this place: unique, beautiful…Look for a place in Punta del Este where its beaches and countryside come together, and you will find Las Piedras Villa and Hotel Fasano: acres around the corner from Playa de la Barra, La Peninsula and Jose Ignacio, and surrounded by 3 km of the Maldonado creek.

Truly, it is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Uruguay. Prestigious Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld claims the development of the design, which includes the hotel and its villas, along with an eques-. Hotel Fasano houses 32 bungalows — ranging from 60 to square meters — designed both inside and out, by Weinfeld. Comfort, exquisite taste and nature live side-by-side in these contemporary spaces. Hallmark of this work: the swimming pool, carved from a local boulder and seated at one of the highest points on the property, boasting a panoramic view of the countryside.

Tres nombres son ineludibles a la hora de indicar los pioneros en este camino: los arquitectos paulistas Marcel Kogan Studio MK27 e Isay Weinfeld y el Estudio de Arquitectura Obra Prima, ubicado en Punta del Este y quien es responsable de llevar a cabo varios de los proyectos.

For more information: www. Brazilian design touches Uruguay Over the last 5 years, Brazilian architecture has become a stable presence in Uruguay. Kogan is characterized by a modernist, elegant, slightly minimalist look, and acknowledges Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini and Andy Warhol as his sources of inspiration. Together with Kogan, he is one of the most prestigious and recognized Brazilian architects. Both have designed pieces all over the world, and are recipients of numerous contests and prizes, both in Brazil and worldwide.

After graduating from the Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie de Arquitectura in , Weinfeld has not stopped working, and has been offered jobs in some of the most exclusive and far-away places.

His main office remains in Sao Paulo, where he employs 25 professionals to support him in his craft. The breadth of his work includes architectural projects, as well as set design, furniture and interior design, short film production and the movie, Fogo e Paixao. The opportunity to enjoy his work is definitely a luxury, and for this, Punta del Este is honored to welcome him, and his partners from JHSF, as they bring us, for another season, the beauty and uniqueness of Las Piedras Villa and Hotel Fasano.

Es una chacra, con If we took an X-Ray of the sky, what would it be like on earth? What would a terrestrial paradise look like? The answer is varied, depending on what each one of us believes is beautiful and dreamlike.

Pancho Dotto, Argentine entrepreneur and creator of Dotto Models, has his own idea of Paradise on Earth, and it includes the ocean and angels. The angels, the most beautiful models in Argentina, are sensual and youthful. For more than 20 years, Luis Francisco Dotto, known as Pancho, has been arriving every season with a team of models whose beauty can only add to the already magnificent landscape of the region. What, specifically, does this paradise look like?

A small farm, covering 13, meters, surrounded by forests on one side, and the ocean on. His angels transform into mermaids, when they walk onto the beach via direct access. Because they are angels of flesh and blood, Paraiso de Mar offers them the most luxurious accommodations. Each cabin boasts delectable. Por ejemplo, para el 11 de diciembre organizamos una fiesta VIP de blanco y naranja y el 8 de enero a las 20 hs. Valeria Mazza. Un lujo. We also have to keep everyone on point to attend the numerous activities, events and parties during the season, which runs from mid-December to mid-March.

Its name speaks for itself, and brings it a certain sense of honor: a unique place where people can relax in the most comfortable of settings, surrounded by beaches, creeks and forests.

Truly luxurious! The decorative theme covers the history of the Titanic, including replicas of old ships, portholes, over 50 books on the ocean, and many other stories and objects throughout. The Dotto Girls walk along the beaches, attend parties and hang out near cabanas, acting as magnets, as if Punta del Este were in need of some excuse to attract tourists looking for beauty, glamour and entertainment. With Paraiso de Mar and its angel, there are no excuses. Un lujo para dejarse tentar y quedarse, con una copa de vino en la manocontemplando el lugar.

Once you enter, all of your senses are stimulated, so you must fully give in to the surroundings: look around, take in the aroma and let yourself go into each charming corner offered in the porches, the bar, the restaurant and the small shop. Luxurious enough to fall into temptation, even more luxurious to stay and enjoy a glass of wine as you take it all in. And to accompany these thirst quenchers, try their provolone — seasoned with oregano and peppers — the blue cheese, the camembert, the brie or the oldest family recipe on the menu: their famous parmesan.

And why stop there? Enveloped in tradition and warmth, have a drink, chat and listen to good music, all the while allowing yourself to let go and expect only the best surprises to come. Before you leave, head over to the restaurant. According to those already in attendance, the Scrambled Eggs Gramajo with ham and potatoes is unrivaled throughout the region.

Its origins Born 8 years ago in Carmelo, Uruguay, Finca y Granja Narbona was one of the first developments in the area. To support them, a stripped-down, rustic design and delicate, second-hand decorations create peace and pure relaxation.

Datos para Agendar: Narbona Carmelo: Ruta 21, km. Tel: Tel: 99 Contact information: Narbona Carmelo: Ruta 21, km. A potato gallette with smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado and alfalfa sprouts. A gazpacho shot made of tomato and cucumber with a mozzarella, pesto and breadcrumb skewer. And, finally, a bulgur wheat salad tossed with asparagus, tomatoes, arugula and sunflower seeds.

Crunchy calamari in a cone, with lime wedges. Mini-sandwiches made with goat, lettuce, tomato, cheese and olive oil. And, homemade pizzas on the grill with a variety of dips to delight. Sweets: Strawberry skewers. Homemade Dulce de Leche mousse shots with Oreo cookie crumbles. And, a citrus salad — grapefruit and orange — with cilantro. Drinks: Lemonade made with ginger, mint and sugar. Conos de rabas crocantes con gajos de lima fresca. Sweets: sticks de frutillas. Shots de mousse de dulce de leche fresco con crocante de oreo.

The place draws you in and, depending on the day, will even entertain you with live music. The restaurant offers a variety of breakfasts, depending on what you like, and baked goods for teatime — croissants, cookies, muffins, toast and scones — as well as less traditional teatime sandwiches —ham and Gruyere, topped with a fried egg.

For lunch and dinner, the menu opens up. Then, keep going with the bulgur wheat and mixed greens salad, a fresh sandwich accompanied by smashed potatoes, a pasta dish or one of the protein portions: trout, organic chicken breast, lamb Osso Bucco or beef tenderloin.

Y para rematar un detalle dulce a base de frutas, dulce de leche o chocolate. Nicaragua , Live Hotel Palermo Hollywood. Reservas al: Su carta, elaborada por el chef Francisco Petersen, es ideal para una comida distendidas con amigos, en pareja o familia. Lo ideal es comenzar con. Barcelona according to Francisco Petersen New on the scene, classic in his style and clearly driven toward his product: international cuisine.

The menu, created by Chef Francisco Petersen, is ideal for a long meal with friends or family. A wide array of options, and adapted to the Latin American palate, the menu can please almost any taste. Enter grilled meats — the filet a caballo with a fried egg on top — golden chicken breasts, fresh fish, a wide-range of salads and fixings, pastas with innumerable sauces — a deer ravioli made just for epicureans — seafood risottos, shellfish stews or a simple veal milanesa — breaded — with mashed potatoes or fries.

And, without a doubt, finish the meal off with the house specialty: a bowl of ice cream drowning in fresh raspberries. Y, sin ninguna duda, terminar con el postre favorito de la casa: vaso de helado inundado en frambuesas frescas.

Seguir hasta la rotonda de Nordelta donde se abre una entrada a la derecha con una garita de libre acceso. Reservas: , reservas barcelonarest. Directions: Take the Ramal Tigre to the end. Take Camino de los Remeros that connects to Route Follow until the Nordelta Rotunda, where you will see an entrance on the right.

Go through the all-access gate. Reservations: , reservas barcelonarest. This is a story about a traditional family from Mendoza who put everything — their lives, their passion, their spirit — into transforming dry, desert-like land into one of the most beautiful and unique wine regions in the world. It all began when Nicola Catena arrived from Italy at the turn of the 19th Century. Convinced that he had found the Promised Land, he planted his first Malbec vines in Domingo, his eldest son, inherited the dream and led the family vineyard to another level, becoming one of the most successful viticulturists in Mendoza.

He was the one who defined a new vision for viniculture, carefully blending what he had learned from the past with what he acquired in school; first, with a BA in Economics, then, a degree from the University of Wine in Davis, California. And the desert-like climate worked in his favor, too.

With strict watering enforcement, he was able to have close control of the quality of each vine, and the time each bunch stayed on the vine. It all began some 20 years ago when the family decided to invest in their vineyards and make a name for themselves. Due to market demand, they began producing large quantities of wine. The mandate: to have a lot of grape-producing vines at a lower quality. As times changed, and various crises set in, the public demand shifted, and so, too, did their tastes.

With this change in mind, they began to pay more attention to what was planted, at what altitude it was planted and from where in the world these grapes originated. This type of specialized cultivation was what placed Catena Zapata in a different category from the rest and, ultimately, led to their success.

They produced a superb line of blends, which clearly marked the old and new ways of viniculture in Argentina, and became the first vineyard in the country to bring grapes from other parts of the world. A new texture with enormous complexity, the wine was warmly received by the market.

Moving East Uruguay looks forward to hosting, for the first time ever, a vertical wine tasting. This means they will present the same wine, with different vintages.

The microclimate, hot days and cold nights, allowed for the right selection of clones to make their Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot. Everything seemed to play in favor of these grapes, where concentrated aromas and flavors melded into the juice of each grape, and the tannins flourished to produce a highend wine.

Only an expert enologist will know which grapes will compete from the vintage to the Su fama y prestigio son bien merecidos gracias a la calidad de cocineros que esta pareja supo contratar. Bulli, the quaint nickname given to the French Bulldogs, a special breed that inspires warmth and affection…and has inspired one of the most exclusive restaurants on the Mediterranean Coast to take its name: elBulli.

It all began in the late s, when Hans Schilling — a homeopathic doctor from Germany — and his wife, Marketta, born in Czechoslovakia and naturalized in Germany, arrived in Roses and fell in love with the place, enough for them to buy property. Marketta, an active woman who liked to cook informally for guests and passersby, opened her first small shop, and christened it elBulli, in honor of her dogs.

For more than a year, elBulli was known as a miniature golf park, and. Hiring only the highest-quality chefs, the couple well deserves the fame and prestige. In , with Juli Soler as owner and J. Pail Vinay as head chef, they garnered their second star. Putting aside the conventional ways of combining products, this style of cooking lends itself to more creative concepts and newfound techniques.

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