free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf

free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf

You should only use questions from authenticated resources because bad questions can corrupt your concepts. I have prepared a list of free PMP exam sample questions and mock tests. Before going into detail, I am listing all the resources here in a tabular form for your quick reference. This is the most popular set of questions by Mr. Oliver Lehmann, who is a world-famous trainer for the PMP exam. He has published two sets of questions. The first one is online and comprises questions, and the other is a PDF version that you can download on to your device.

The PDF version has questions. You should attempt these questions at the end of your final preparation. In this blog, I have published free PMP exam questions. These are easy questions and you should try them during your PMP exam preparation to find your knowledge gaps. Edwel Programs has been helping project professionals to excel in their careers since They provide two sets of free PMP exam questions to aspirants. The first set has easy questions that you should try during your preparation.

The other set has 75 tough questions which you should try at the end of your preparation or before the exam. In the past, there were a few free mock tests, but they have vanished and now I can find only one.

This mock test is the PM Exam Simulator. This simulator was developed by Mr. Cornelius Fichtner, who is a renowned PMP trainer. The access is for three days and you can attempt three mock tests with 60 questions each.

You should buy a few high-quality sample questions and mock tests. Various tools and techniques determine project requirements during the Collect Requirements process. These requirements form the basis for defining the project scope. One of the responsibilities of a project manager is to identify key project deliverables during this exercise.

Where are the key project deliverables documented? Scope Management Plan B. Requirements Management Plan C. Project Scope Statement D. Accepted Deliverables Control Account B. Work package C. Scope statement D. Accepted Deliverable Which of the following is a hierarchical representation of project risks?

Risk Register B. Risk Mitigation C. Risk Categories D. Risk Breakdown Structure A business is considering more than a dozen infrastructure upgrade projects. Prior to initiating any such project, the value of the project to the organization must be determined.

Which of the following is the most important factor to consider in such a scenario? Alignment with the strategic goals D.

Investment requirement If a project manager believes that a particular subcontract needs to be terminated, which of the following can provide guidance on the contract termination procedure? The contract termination procedures in the organizational process assets B. The termination clause of the specific subcontract C. The change control procedures in the project management plan D. The contract termination procedures in the project procurements management plan Which of these types of precedence relationships is least commonly used in the Precedence Diagramming Method?

Start to Start B. Finish to Finish C. Finish to Start D. Start to Finish Network B. Flowchart C. Responsibility assignment matrix D. Hierarchical-type organization chart A contractor is currently constructing a new building for your organization on a cost-plus-incentive contract. You are shocked because you believe the project costs are out of control. Further, the cost of the inventory at the project site was excluded from the total actual costs.

Actual cost is understated. Earned value is overstated, and actual cost is understated. Earned value is overstated. Both the earned value and the actual cost are overstated. Each critical project communication requirement must be carefully analyzed. One good way is to use a communication model to design effective communications. What is the sequence of steps in a basic communication model? Recently, a junior team member has challenged the project management approach since not all requirements identified during the Collect Requirements process were documented in the project scope statement.

You are the project manager, what should you do first? Remove the junior team member from the team as this is a disciplinary issue. Analyze the objection and determine if the requirements were deliberately dropped during the Define Scope process.

Engage the project sponsor to resolve the issue. Accept your mistake and include the missed requirements. Project knowledge management is concerned with managing which type of project knowledge? Jane is currently reviewing a list of project proposals. All the proposed projects achieve some of the organizational strategic objectives and their expected costs are known.

However, Jane cannot execute all the projects due to the funding limitation. How shall Jane determine which projects she needs to execute this year? Select the high-budget projects and drop the low-budget projects B. Select the low-budget projects and drop the high-budget projects C. Select the projects that maximize organizational revenue D.

Select the projects that maximize the business value Increasing the number of resources in order to crash a project schedule does not always cut the time by the same factor. This is because: A. Decrease in cost budget B. Required additional coordination C. Funding limit reconciliation D. Additional risk introduced due to crashing A project manager scheduled a review at the end of a phase, with the objective of obtaining authorization to close the current project phase and initiate the next phase.

Which of the following is an incorrect way of describing this review? Phase gate B. Phase planning C. Kill point D. Stage gate Which of the following tools and techniques is useful to process work performance data to identify sources of project defects during the Control Quality process? Data analysis B. Salience model C. Schedule model D.

The Requirements Traceability Matrix helps in tracing all the following except: A. Requirements to project objectives B. Requirements to project scope C. Requirements to test strategy D. Requirements to project risk Which of the following should you not use as an input into creating the WBS structure?

Project scope statement C. Organizational process assets D. Requirements documentation Which of the following processes are usually performed once or at predefined points in the project: A. Which term best describes the Identify Risks process? Finite B. Redundant C. Iterative D. Inconsequential Risk factors B. Blame C. Risk mitigation plans D. Risk categories Which of these processes is not a Project Schedule Management process?

Create WBS B. Develop Schedule C. Define Activities D. Sequence Activities Precedence diagramming method PDM B. Finish-to-Start FS C. Which of the following defines the total scope of the project and represents the work specified in the current approved project scope statement? Project Charter D. If you are creating a new WBS for your project, what should you do to save time during the creation process? Delegate the WBS creation since it is not an important process. Skip the WBS process.

Use a previous WBS from a similar project as a template. Create a less detailed WBS. Which of these precedence relationships is most commonly used in the Precedence Diagramming Method? Start-to-Finish C. Start-to-Start D. Finish-to-Finish The output of the Validate Scope process is accepted deliverables that are formally signed off by the stakeholders. The stakeholders, on some projects, can get involved with the project as early as: A. During the project initiation B. During the project planning C.

During the project execution D. An effective quality audit should be: A. Structured and independent B. Informal and independent C. Informal and internal D.

Structured and internal What is the traditional way to display a reporting structure among project team members? Text-oriented role description B. Project organization charts D. Matrix-based responsibility chart Although he understands that project deliverables identification is already in the PMBOK scope management processes, he believes that having a dedicated process will stress the importance of determining and agreeing to key project deliverables.

Collect Requirements and Define Scope Initiating and planning B. Planning and executing C. Executing and controlling D. Controlling and closing Those invited to the risk identification process only B. Key project stakeholders only C. The project manager only D. All project personnel A control chart should always contain: A. Upper and lower warning limits B. The moving average C. Upper and lower control limits D.

Upper and lower specification limits When is Rolling Wave Planning useful in a project? You should use Rolling Wave Planning to help you achieve the appropriate level of detail in each work package at the right time. You should use Rolling Wave Planning to determine the correct sequencing for long-term items.

You should use Rolling Wave Planning to help you organize team members' activities within a large project group. You should use Rolling Wave Planning to help you determine which activities are more important and to do them first. D - Fishbone diagrams, control charts and histograms are quality management tools.

The question is asking for a tool that helps the project manager collect stakeholder information and focus group is one of the effective tools available to the project manager. A - Project stakeholders are involved in each of the project management processes. The Develop Project Charter is the first project management process where the key project stakeholders get engaged for the first time. Stakeholders provide expert judgment and participate in facilitated sessions during the charter development.

D - Project exclusions identifies what is excluded from the project. Other choices cannot help more in this regard. A - The decomposition technique allows the project manager to create smaller and more manageable pieces of work from the larger work packages. C - Only internal stakeholders can provide expert judgment on effective management strategies for internal stakeholders. Project customers are important stakeholders but usually they lack the knowledge on internal stakeholders, and hence cannot provide accurate feedback.

Project work packages are typically decomposed into smaller components called activities, which represent the work that is necessary to complete the work package. C - Contingency funds are used to handle cost uncertainty due to unforeseen events during a project. These funds are generally used for items that are likely to occur but are not certain to occur.

C - Staffing is typically highest during the execution phase of the project. The other three responses may not hold true. Projects can move forward into subsequent phases without the deliverables of the prior phase being completely approved; this is known as fast tracking. Changes during the initial phases of the project are the least expensive. The influence of the stakeholders is highest during the start of the project and declines as the project moves to completion.

D - Standardized stakeholder list is not a valid organizational process asset used in the Plan Resource Management process. The other choices are valid assets. Other assets include historical information on organizational structures that have worked in previous projects and organizational processes and policies.

A - Project reports and presentation distributed to the stakeholders get archived in the organizational process assets during this process. Stakeholder register is the project document that gets updated the most during this process. Often, because the project is in closeout, the project manager has only a few team members remaining, which makes compiling and obtaining project information from the remaining few resources difficult. D - A probability and impact matrix will help filter the high-risk items and high-impact items from the others, so that you can focus your attention on these riskier items.

C - Control Costs is the process of managing the project's costs and the changes that threaten the bottom line. A - The procurement management plan, schedule baseline, and the cost baseline typically gets updated as result of a significant change in procurement contracts or strategy.

However, the quality management plan is least likely to get updated during this process since quality requirements always need to be met by all contractors. The contractors can be allowed more money or time to complete the works but cannot be allowed to compromise the quality of the works.

A - In order to facilitate configuration and change management, manual or automated tools may be used. Tool selection should be based on the needs of the project. C - The project scope statement provides the product description, acceptance criteria, key deliverables, project boundaries, assumptions, and constraints about the project.

The scope management plan and the requirements management plan are the subsidiary plans of the overall project management plan and they detail how the project team needs to manage the project scope and requirements respectively. Accepted Deliverables is the wrong answer since deliverables are accepted post completion and validation, the identification of the key deliverable is done early during the planning phase of the project.

B - The work package is the lowest and most detailed level of the WBS and can be scheduled, cost estimated, monitored, and controlled. If the projects are misaligned with the organizational strategic goals, they are most likely to produce undesirable results either in the short-term or the long-term.

NPV and IRR calculations are great measures, however, these are not applicable since these projects will not contribute to any of the revenue streams.

Investment requirement is important but is useless on the projects that are not aligned with the strategic goals of the organization. B - Each contract is unique and so are its obligations, provisions and clauses. Any contract that need to be terminated must be terminated in accordance with the termination clause of that contract.

These contract termination provisions are agreed and signed off by both parties at the time of the contract award. D - Start to Finish relationships indicate that the next task cannot be completed until the one preceding it has started. This type is not commonly used. C - A RACI chart outlines in matrix form, the project tasks and for each task, who is responsible, who is accountable, whom to consult, and whom to inform.

C - In this scenario the earned value has been overstated while the reported actual cost is ok. Earned value should be the sum of PVs of all completed activities. Further, since the buyer is not liable for the inventory cost and only reimburses the costs associated with completed deliverables, the cost of the inventory does not become part of the actual cost until that inventory is consumed during the construction process.

The inventory is an asset for the contactor until it is consumed on the project and at that time it becomes a cost for the project. B - All the requirements identified in Collect Requirements may not be included in the project as the Define Scope process selects the final project requirements from the requirements documentation developed during the Collect Requirement process. A - Knowledge is commonly split into explicit knowledge that can be readily codified using words, pictures, and numbers and tacit knowledge that is personal and difficult to express.

Knowledge management is concerned with managing both tacit and explicit knowledge. D - Project should never be prioritized based on their budgets. Mock exams are very much similar to the actual PMP exam and are generally timed for the full questions. You are allowed to take it only once. Practice tests: you may take these multiple times. Explanation on the correct answer is very important.

This is what helps you to understand the approach in answering each question in the question bank. The number of tests and, the duration of access to the tests, if it is online. How many days you are allowed to use it? These are easy to crack if you know the formula and have practiced well.

At least, after you solve the question, you know if you have the correct answer from the available options. I agree to receive emails. We sent links to your email! PM Exam simulator is good. I just passed my PMP today by 3 above targets one target and one need improvement, improvement was in closing…. In total time to study about 2 months, followed PMBOK and some chapters from Rita, 5th edition as 6th was not available…. Thanks so much for doing this.

It is quite helpful for exam preparation. From my personal point of view, having exam generator functionality and close enough practice to real exam is the main benefits for exam preparation. I want to purchase ITTO quiz, which I am not able to, as payment option paypal is not acceptaed at your end, whic is the only payment option on the site.

Thx for ITTO quiz issue. Further, can you pls guide, which is better simulator — PM Prepcast or simulator from Master of Project academy? Hi Aditya, Prepcast is a much better solution — it has all the features that a simulator should have.

Master of Project does not even have a proper demo and they are not an REP. First of all, good listing of resources. I will like to visit here more often. You compiled very good listing of these PMP Simulators. Paid Tests Available? Buy paid tests. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests.

Buy their PMP Simulator. Buy their 7 course bundle. May not be reliable. Start Now izenbridge 35 Online Yes Yes, as part of the training course. Click to Tweet. Hi Praveen, first of all, very nice website. I will visite it more often from now. I wish you all the best for your studing and hopefully you earn pmp at your first try! Regards, Markus Reply. All these questions were compiled from various sources available online.

But, I welcome feedback and comments from readers. If you find any of these question banks are good, please leave a comment with a word of appreciation. Alternatively, if you feel any of these question sets are of very bad quality, please leave your comment to say why you feel that way. Your feedback will help me to fine tune and update the list. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. Start with knowledge area wise practice tests that help you in understanding of core concepts.

Review your knowledge gaps based on the results of the practice tests.

Look no further. Absolutely FREE. Have you attended the training programme to satisfy the 35 contact hours requirement? If not, I suggest free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf to complete the training programme before reading this article. To successfully ace the PMP certification exam, it is important to practice free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf test your understanding of free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf project management concepts. Practice, esam and practice enough questions to get the confidence. The more questions you practice, the better. Most of them do not require you to provide your details like e-mail ID or phone number. However, wherever it is required, I have indicated it. So, attend the questions and review the answers with this in mind. All these questions were compiled questiions various sources available online. But, I welcome feedback and comments from free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf. If you find any of these question banks are good, please leave a comment with a word of appreciation. Alternatively, if you feel any of these question sets are of very bad quality, please leave your comment to say why free css html admin backend templates feel that way. Your feedback will help me to fine tune and update the list. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf Practice top free PMP exam questions of Q based on PMBOK Gude 6th edition: sample questions, online mock tests, exam simulators, downloadable pdf​. From this link, you can get more information on the PMP exam pattern. A PMP Question Bank will provide you questions to practice and test your understanding of. Added new questions for Sixth Edition. Good luck on this sample test and your PMP Exam! Note: The exam results created by this page are temporary. I have compiled the best collection of thousands of Free PMP Exam Questions. for the exam based on PMBOK Sixth Edition, some questions may not be questions – Free PMP prep sample questions, PDF that can be. Free PMP Exam Sample Questions and Mock Tests the 6th Edition of the PMBOK Guide and the latest version of Exam Visit Page (PDF. PMP Prep Questions. pmp questions online pmp exam questions 5th edition. Q:1​-Which process group has processes from all the ten. Published by SSI Logic Looking for more PMP exam prep, courseware and classes? Visit us at [PMBOK 6th edition, Page ] [Project Stakeholder Management] 2. A - Project A - The question given is the definition of free float. [PMBOK. Free 60+ PMP Exam Questions, Free Download PMP Practice Questions Our Latest updated notes and Practice Test as per PMBOK Guide 6th edition are. He also includes a link to over 3, free sample questions (4, for PMI members) as well as a download option (PDF) for an additional sample questions. It is highly advisable for Aspirants to read all the answer explanations for every mock exam questions not matter you get the answer right or wrong in order to discover any knowledge gaps in your exam study. I purchased the Udemy package by Ravi for the practice questions only, and so far, am not impressed with teh questions. Register now. Explanation: Rough order estimate is the lump-sum of the cost of the project; therefore, you will use the analogous technique. Every change request must be investigated according to the process specified in the Change Control and Configuration Control systems. This simulator was developed by Mr. Explanation: The whole project management team, including the project manager, contributes to and helps maintain the lessons learned document. Dear Mr. Which one is an example of Crashing? It would be good if you can share any link that you know. Remark: please note that the Oliver Lehmann downloadable PDF mock exam is considered more difficult than the rest of the exams on the list. I need your kind advise please whether my preparation is sufficient which enables me to go for the exam and hopefully pass it. free pmp exam questions 6th edition pdf