free online radio hosting with auto dj

free online radio hosting with auto dj

Auto DJ Streaming. Auto DJ is best explained with the term "server-based playlist": Server-based, because the stream is generated and fed directly on the server. Giving you and your listeners the "always-on" assurance and peace of mind. We use the best servers to power your radio station to eliminate issues of buffering. We keep our servers updated and secure against security vulnerabilities and exploits. We're always willing to assist you regarding issues with your radio or general inquiries.

Support is available via ticket system, email or via our Facebook Producers group. Please, join this group to share or learn from the rich experience of fellow Streemlion Producers. One of the greatest challenges with Internet Radio owners is driving listeners to their stations. We list stations to 10, 20 or 30 hot directories so you can concentrate on building your radio.

FTP Access. Use your favourite ftp client to upload your mp3 music to our servers. To enable AutoDJ, perform the instructions described below. Notice: The server will not start unless there will be some files uploaded onto the server and added to a playlist. To learn how to add tracks to playlists in AutoDJ see the tutorial below:. Drag and drop an artist, an album or a song of your choice into the desired playlist.

Note that you can hold CTRL button in order to select multiple entries 3. If you would like to start broadcasting live using Mixxx, make sure you have all the software required:. Download Lame MP3 codec and install it having installed Mixxx first.

Restart the server after adding each DJ account. Smooth and stable, uninterrupted signal of your radio Reliable equipment that ensures quality Easy to use service control panel. Get started easily. Autodj Radio. Radio Hosting. Related Posts. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again. Start Internet Radio Station. Radio Automation Our brand new auto DJ is coming soon. Add a radio player to your website so listeners can tune in the moment they visit.

You can start your own Internet radio station with Free-Shoutcast. Share your favorite music live with friends and family. It's very free online radio hosting with auto dj - start will take up to 5 minutes! Create your own radio now You can start your own Internet radio free online radio hosting with auto dj with Free-Shoutcast. We are no Smooth and stable, radoi signal of your radio Reliable equipment that ensures quality Easy to use service control panel. Our company have more than 20 customers around the world. Order now. What our clients are saying I'm using Free-Shoutcast. ShoutCast PRO is a great idea when broadcasting large parties for many listeners. Thank you rxdio free online radio hosting with auto dj free shoutcast hosting service, open your own online radio for free. Centova Cast Control Panel; Unlimited Bandwidth; 5 GB Auto DJ storage; State of the art. Free SHOUTcast and Icecast Online Radio Hosting. Get a Free Server with AutoDJ and Start Streaming Online. Create your own Internet Radio Station Today! Stream live or with AutoDJ using our advanced SHOUTcast & Icecast Radio Control Panel. Choosing the right stream hosting platform is as important as the music or content you ''40 Listeners Magnets For Internet Radio (FREE e-​Book). You can start your own Internet radio station with ShoutCAST hosting plans AutoDJ. € / month. 20 GB disk space; up to Kbps quality; Unlimited incoming transfer; 24/7 availability; Periodic jingles list; AutoDJ. Free shoutcast hosting, at kbps with no bandwith limits and no ads. Create your free station. Create my Free Radio. kbps radio streaming with no ads and no bandwidth limits, free! NO WEBSITE REQUIRED. Your customers have​. All your radio servers come with an Auto DJ server and at least 1 GB of storage. This means you can have your music broadcasting 24/7 without having to stream it. The Auto-DJ function is a server-based playlist which makes a 24/7 online radio operation possible. stream24's Auto-DJ solution enables a round-the-clock operation of your web radio without to having The main mountpoint remains free for the real live feeds of the alternating Live-DJs. Radio hosting pricing. Museter - Unlimited listeners & unlimited bandwidth, Free AutoDJ and SHOUTcast and Icecast flash players for your Internet Radio Radio station website. We provide everything you need to fully setup an Internet radio station! AutoDJ with a lot of disk space; Reliable Servers; Free & modern HTML5 player; Handy. Everything can be accessed via your web browser, not need to install anything on your computer. May God bless Museter for the good work. We care for all our customers and make sure you get the best services. We have a skilled Team of Technical Staff to assist you in setting up your online streaming services. How to set up a live stream? AutoDJ lets you upload music and pre-recorded shows to your free radio server like a free music cloud and create playlists online so you can listen and share your stream on the Internet. CloudRadio has hosted radio stations, both big and small, for more than a decade. Servers sustained by a redundant network and top notch datacenter infrastructure. We power online stations all over the world Our thousands of users are the exact reasons why you should be using our services. I enjoy using the auto DJ feature. We're Better Than the Competition! free online radio hosting with auto dj