free online course on past life regression

free online course on past life regression

About the Author: Liz Gracia. Related Posts. Jennifer from Katy, Texas, US. Great class. I feel prepared to offer a PLR to a client. It was amazing, the ways in which hypnosis should be performed and how to induce the client in this way of the past life regression. I absolutely loved this class.

I have always been interested in Past Life Regression and hope to make this my specialty. Michele Guzy is the best, what a wonderful experience.

Stephanie from Sanger, Texas, US. This seminar does not teach basic Hypnosis skills or general Hypnotherapy knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or are in the process of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training. Advertising yourself as certified in specialty areas of Hypnotherapy without the benefit of an Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma from HMI or another duly recognized training institution is considered unethical.

Navigation Menu. American Hypnosis Association Online Courses. Have you lived before this life? This course would benefit you if you are: Interested in expanding your career to become a Past-Life Regression Therapist. Curious in healing current physical and emotional issues connected to past lives. Eager to experience profound personal transformation and healing in your own life. This four 04 hour certification course will include: 90 days of unlimited viewing of this four hour streaming video seminar.

Certification certificate upon receipt of your successfully completed final exam. Ethics of conducting Past-Life Regression. How to ask non-leading questions and obtain specific information. Releasing a client's subconscious block, phobia, fear or pain. Exploring the past-life roots of present day relationships.

Observe a live demonstration and experience your own past-life. What you receive: Expert, comprehensive and highly experiential training in becoming a Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist.

A: Yes, we do, as below: Support Group : Common group where all students support each other and Rashhi supports when needed. Supervised Sessions: You can pay to Join post training for supervised sessions. Your acyual client sessions are supervised by Rashhi and you get to learn profoundly. Q: Is the fees of the program refundable. A: No, the fees is not refundable once the enrollment is done. In exceptional case where the attendee is unable to join due to unavoidable reasons like acute health issues, or injuries, a part of the fees may be refunded based on discretion.

Q: Is the course theoretical or practical, and what is the mode of the training? A: The hypnotherapy and past life regression course is a combination of both theory and practical. Exhaustive practice of the taught concepts, live demonstrations, tools and methods is a part of the training. Each student will have ample opportunity to be regressed by your fellow students, as well as to work with others to regress them.

This may well be a life-changing course! Please see training brochure for more details. Q: Do you provide live demonstrations in this training? A: Yes. Please see above FAQ, and our training brochure.

A: Trainer is Rashhi Sharma. Her detailed experience is as below. This course is popular for those with looking to gain professional certifications and experience. Our interaction can help you to fully access your abilities, and remove any blocks, so you can become a practicing PLRT professional. I also offer personal sessions by video-call over zoom, to work through personal issues.

This course can help with some personal issues, though is mainly focused on therapist training, so you can help others. All courses have many free preview videos you can view on this web. Youtube has many more exclusive videos from deep in the courses. So subscribe now to stay connected as we grow. Manual, 82 pages. Script-book, 26 pages. Watch Intro Video. The Scripts. Quiz 1: Preparation.

Udemy has occasional sales. Past Life Therapy Course Instalments. More Information If you need more information about our Past Life Therapy courses, please complete the form:. Choose an option Tutored Self Study Clear. Your Message I would like to share a link to Centre of Excellence with you:. Join email newsletter - Be informed of new stock, sales etc.

Ask a Question. Share this course. What will you learn? Read more. Does a past life influence our present, every day lives? We will also cover some Age Regression in this Past Life course, as it is integral to identifying causative issues from the past, and relating them to present life presenting issues. You will find some PLR clients spontaneously move in this direction, as you enter spiritual healing, and layers of spiritual wisdom in the form of Soul Groups and the Soul Council.

Case Study ; The whole process illustrated by an example. The course will then go on to show the technical and spiritual details of how the case study results are achieved.

First Session ; Spirit Guides. Age regression. Accessing a past life. Narrative Information. Key People. Life Review. Dealing with Blocks. Third Session ; Re-entering Past Lives. Breaking the Bonds of Time. Applying therapeutic resolutions. Taking resolutions into the present life. Past Life Regression Session ; Your chance to be the case study. Have your own experience, and learn PLRT from the inside. I did my first PLR session today. It was amazing! I followed your outline!

After being a hypnotherapist since , PLR got my client directly to the root cause of her issue even before I was done explaining the process and what is expected of her. My client informed me she has been in therapy for many years and this is the first time she was able to get such clarity.

Thanks for creating this course and sharing your very valuable experience…". I took this course kinda as a refresher. I was highly impressed with it's content, explanations, and insights. I Highly recommend this course for any looking or interested in Past Lives Regression!

I truly feel it is an Excellent Course! Having already completed a few other PLR courses, I have enjoyed and have gotten the most from this one. If you are a beginner and wanting to work with clients, you may also want to consider doing some other studies in hypnotherapy to increase your understanding and also to build upon the information in this wonderful informative and practical course.

I really enjoy the structure that I can take forward into my practice.

Free online course on past life regression covered and uncovered! Free online course on past life regression can still watch them for a limited time. In these minute videos, Dr. Weiss teaches you even more about reincarnation and guides you through three hypnotic journeys so that you can experience healing, recover a lost childhood memory and retrieve a personal message from the spiritual realms. If you enjoy the healing benefits of the visualizations that Dr. Weiss shares in this workshop, and you want to take your healing even further by unlocking your past livesthen I invite you to check out his online course Many Lives, Many Masters: Unlock the Healing Power of Past-Life Regression. free online course on past life regression This course is to learn to give past life sessions to others as a therapist. To receive past life sessions, take my other course; Past Life Regression Therapy For for links to my website and youtube, that offer deals on my courses and free educational content. Thanks to udemi for providing us the opportunity to learn online. Whether you're interested in using hypnotherapy to see into your past life, or learning how Past Life Regression can be used in therapy, Udemy has a course for. Youtube - Subscribe. Subscribe for many Youtube exclusives; free preview videos, Q&A vlogs, online sessions and demonstration videos. Learn how to take clients back in time to past lives and early childhood memories to help clear any unwanted emotions, habits and blockages. Enroll online now. Free Download Udemy Past Life Regression: The Power Of Your Past. With the help of this Online Free Course · Personal Development. A Free 4-Part Healing Workshop with Brian Weiss, M.D. unlocking your past lives, then I invite you to check out his online course Many Lives. If you're interested in exploring how past life regression can be a valuable tool in your healing practice or personal spiritual evolution, I'm. Click Here to download the “Training Brochure” for FREE Fill the online Training Enrollment form on this page. Scroll Down to Fill Training Enrollment Form. This Past Life Therapy course will provide the information you need to be able to Online Prospectus · Student Reviews · Testimonials · Choosing your Courses! It commences with an explanation of Past Life Regression and its therapeutic Courses at the same time we will give you the non-advanced Course for Free. Such skills include helping a client in moving through the past lifetime, scene by scene, and uncovering events surrounding the death scene. The course was organized and well put together History in Eastern and Western thought. I am going to continue on this journey with the help of HMI's online courses and also visit the live lectures. I have always been interested in Past Life Regression and hope to make this my specialty. This was educational and will help my practice. Highly recommend this course! A client lead therapy. Hettiarachchige from Wattegama, Central, LK. American Hypnosis Association Online Courses. Martine from Syracuse, Utah, US. Visit my Bio Page for links to my website and youtube, that offer deals on my courses and free educational content. Add to Cart. free online course on past life regression