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Contact Sheri Dekle at sheridekle augustachristian. Athletic Camps. Participants will receive instruction in skill development, team concepts, spiritual growth, motivation and mental approaches to the game.

Football Camp for rising 5th-8th grade boys. Dates: June from a. Contact Coach Keith Walton at keithwalton augustachristian. Other camps will be offered in baseball, soccer, cheer, volleyball and softball.

Belair Rd. Ten sessions from May August 4. Early drop off beginning at AM and late stay until PM available for an additional fee. Visit website in mid-April for info on specialty camps to be offered. All mini campers will participate in swimming, arts and crafts and many other activities during the camp week. All camp staff is first-aid and CPR certified. All lifeguard staff is first-aid and CPR certified. Registration will be available online beginning midApril. See website for discounts available.

Theater Camps. Ages 6-teen. Two sessions. Children are placed in age-appropriate groups and have structured activities focusing on the various aspects of musical theater.

Master Class available for experienced teens. Dates to be determined. See website for more information. Camp Wonderland. A summer arts camp tailored specifically to the unique interests and needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The camp will offer an enriching theater experience through music, movement, art, and drama, which encourages self-expression, social-engagement and creative exploration.

Visit their website for the latest camp information and online registration. Day Camps Ants Camp. Rising Pre-School and Pre-K. Weekly, June thru July Campers explore a new theme each week through games and activities. A snack is provided.

Bring a nut free lunch each day. Grasshoppers Camp. Rising Kindergarten to 4th grade. Campers explore a new theme each week through arts and crafts, music, movement, games and activities in an environment that fosters growth and independence. Our quality hands-on activities will challenge and entertain your child as they participate in daily sports and recreation, creative arts, structured and exploratory activities, and more!

Bring a nut-free lunch each day. Our Day Camps offer children the opportunity to feel the warmth and comfort of home while at Camp. Example field trips.. Augusta History Museum, Augusta Canal, bowling, petting zoo, movie theater. Campers will be engaged in activities such as arts and crafts and games and activities. Campers will also hear guest speakers related to that days theme. It will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Adventure Camp is available to any rising 1st-6th grade student in the commuting area. Please prepare to send your child with a nut-free sack lunch, close toed shoes and sunscreen. The students will improve their skills while making projects using a variety of media, including pencil, pastel, acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, printmaking, metal, wire, wood, clay, crafts, and mixed-media.

Several projects will feature lessons in art history while focusing on technique and art making fundamentals. Full and Half-Day options are available for this camp. Participants will explore mock crime scenes, gather and process evidence, analyze data, and attempt to link the evidence to the appropriate suspect.

Students will receive information packets for the topics covered, a magnifying glass, and a certificate of completion. All materials for the investigations will be provided on site.

Topics covered include but are not limited to: Blood spatter analysis and blood typing using synthetic blood. Collecting, classifying, and identifying fingerprints. Microscopic investigations including hair, fiber, and soil analysis. Methods for calculating the time of death. DNA evidence. Tool marks and ballistics.

Quantitative analysis including chromatography, flame tests, gravimetric analysis, etc. Students will receive information packets for the topics covered, a forensics kit, and certificate of completion. Students will learn tricks, scientific concepts, and illusions to delight family and friends. We will mix potions that change color, glow in the dark, and behave mysteriously.

Light and optics present us with dazzling learning opportunities as we make paper dragons whose gaze follows our every movement and scratch holograms that reveal themselves in bright light. Our magical explorations will even delve into the strange biology of creatures that seem almost too strange to exist, such as goblin sharks and the tufted deer.

We will even create our own pet slimes. Participants will even make their own magic wands capable of some interesting effects. Students will be able to take their creations home each day to share with their families and friends. A certificate of completion certifying their wizardness will be. Students will explore a theme through music, cultural activities, food, art, film, and guided research completely in Spanish.

Students will present a short program at the end of the week. Students may be beginning or intermediate Spanish speakers. All students will commit to speaking only in Spanish during the camp hours. Week 6 theme: Students will be introduced to the world of robotics.

This interactive camp will be held each day from 9ampm. In this camp, each child will be creating an edible experiment that they can also eat. Using simple ingredients right from the kitchen, these tasty treats will take science to a whole new level. Children become immersed in the topics as they are exposed to the vocabulary, lab equipment, scientific process and engineering design cycle in a fun and engaging environment.

Kho to explore the game of Chess! Whether your child is a beginner chess player or ready to play their first tournament, this exciting camp will improve their game. Kho uses a variety of ways to teach the game and keep camp exciting!

Each half day will consist of lessons, strategy, and practice play. This is a perfect way to challenge your mind in a fun way! Heather Brown will allow students to learn body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. Your child will learn moves that are dynamic and athletic incorporating jumps, breaks, and rotations in the movements.

Hip hop dancing is considered great exercise and helps dancers improve flexibility, develop body balance, and coordination. Athletic hip hop dance classes are a great way to simply let go and dance without the limitations of classical dance techniques that are required in ballet and tap. Students will learn to think like engineers as they design, build, and program autonomous robots for various tasks using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 platform.

They will also be able to attempt missions from the most recent First Lego League Animal Allies season on an official competition board. Students will prepare and then perform a musical program for their families on the last day of camp. Musicals will be introduced to students through a variety of outlets, such as story time, videos, puppet shows and more. Students have the opportunity to paint and create backdrops, memorize speaking parts and sing songs.

This is the perfect opportunity for students to practice working as a team, experience sharing their true artistic abilities in front of an audience, and promote the value of self-expression and creativity. Join us on a robotic adventure inspired by Star Wars. Using robotic. Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced. In this fast-paced adventure class, we cover a different super hero or heroine each day and learn about the physics, chemistry, or biology of their super powers or super gadgets.

We may even venture into the world of the villains, whose powers are also difficult to defeat. Just as in the show, campers will be challenged to brainstorm ways to test to see if a myth is verified, plausible or busted. If you like coming up with ideas and testing them, welcome to ideabusters. Academic Enrichment Academy Organizational Skills.

Organization is a matter of routine. Have a place for everything and routinely put everything in its place. Study Skills. Learn different learning style strategies, how you best learn, your best study environment and how your personality effects your learning style. Pre-Algebra Prep. Math Test Strategies. If some of your success in Math is hindered by this anxiety, then this is the camp for you. This camp will help you develop strategies, organization, and skills in preparing for assessments.

Algebra Prep. Will give students entering both 8th grade math at Augusta Prep and Algebra I at the high school level a chance to brush up and solidify their skills in preparation for Algebra I. Tackling Math Word Problems. Discover the mysteries of solving math work problems in all their glory. Creative Writing Camp. July August 4, a. Students will develop their skills as emerging writers through differentiated writing instruction, one-on-one writing support and fun writing workshop sessions.

Jump Start To Preschool. July August 4, 9 a. Alleviate those first day jitters and explore our classroom and get to know our classmates in a fun and relaxed environment. Jump Start To Pre-kindergarten. Jump Start Kindergarten. Rising 2nd-8th grade. June and July Friday camp releases at noon. Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp. Run by professional soccer coaches from the United Kingdom. Ages , 89 a. Ages , 9 a. Golden Goal, ages , p. Augusta Prep Basketball Camp. June , 9 a.

All skill levels. Rising 1st-8th grader. Rising 5th-8th graders, 9 a. Rising 9thth graders, pm. Day Camps. Games, sports, arts and crafts, field trips and swimming. Before- and after-care available at selected locations. Camps are held at seven recreation and parks locations in Augusta, Blythe and McBean. Please call for specific details. Registration starts April 1. Call or check website for details. June Check website for details. Augusta University CyberCamp. Residential camp. For rising juniors and seniors.

Limited to 30 students selected from essay and application. No charge for day camp. Introduces students to the academic and professional world of cybersecurity. Students will learn from experts in the field and experience, firsthand, the consequences of a cyberattack. HSSA offers a glimpse into a variety of health careers and majors using experiential instruction, career shadowing and engaging classroom activities.

It is designed to introduce students to the academic and professional tools necessary to become successful health science practitioners and will provide a competitive edge when students apply to colleges and universities. Academic enrichment courses in daily art projects and creative play that includes courses such as sign language, engineering, data collecting and building. Rising 1st-7 graders. Rising 7th-9th graders can get involved with camps that include fine arts, design basics, writing and photography, health and sciences as well as aviation.

A week-long camp that teaches basketball fundamentals and helps in developing sportsmanship and team play at Christenberry Fieldhouse. Daily instruction from former and current Jaguar basketball players to improve individual skills such as shooting, passing and ball handling.

Camp costs include all instruction from Augusta University coaches and players, range balls, green fees at Forest Hills Golf Club, snacks, drinks, prizes and a camp T-shirt. Golf Camp participants will receive skill instruction in the following areas: full swing, chipping, pitching, bunker play, put-. Nike Baseball Camps. A complete skills camp in which little league players will be exposed to new techniques and skills that will build upon their existing fundamentals to become better overall players.

The Junior Jaguar Summer camp is designed for Little League baseball players looking to develop their game. Boys ages All girls, ages , are invited to attend the four-day event from 9 a. The camp is geared toward individual skills training and will focus on serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking and individual defense.

Competitions will be held daily, as campers will be placed into groups of similar ability to showcase their skills. A 7-week summer non-residential program for high school juniors and seniors in the local Augusta area. Participants in all OSMA Pipeline Programs receive a stipend to help cover additional expenses and books, while tuition is paid for by the University.

Students will be prepared for a future career in the health professions through an extensive academic program that includes courses in various biomedical sciences, hands-on labs, clinical shadowing, networking opportunities and guest speakers. For information visit www. Summer Volunteen Program. Call or check the website for details. At Big Blue Marble Academy, children are given the opportunity to learn and explore in fun and rewarding ways.

Their individuality will not be lost in the effort to educate them and Big Blue Marble Academy strives to strike that delicate balance between learning and life experience so children have both the knowledge and social sense they need to be successful today and prepare them for the future. Jean Callaway, , lcallaway development-corp. Summer Explosion Day Camps. Six-week enrichment program for kindergarten through 8th grade students designed to give them a head start on the coming school year and enhance critical thinking.

Afternoon activities include music, dance, Bible study, Spanish and more. Registration after April 29, , must pay registration and activity fee at time of registration. Program starts - June 5th. Program closed - July 4th. Program Finale - July 14th. Day Camp. Theme-oriented summer camp with a fun-filled environment. Field trip, breakfast and lunch included. One week Camps. See website for information. Flip CandCGymastics. No school, pool days, and vacations. But, what about those days you are not out of town or do not have anything planned for the kids?

Learning new skills and making new friends is all a part of our amazing camp experience! Camp Kroc is an ACA accredited day camp program in which children can play and grow in a safe and positive ACA accredited day camp program. Camplers enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, group games, sports, in house field trips, Bible lessons and more.

Camp Kroc offers a well-rounded experience for kids to enjoy everything the kroc has to offer. Sessions start May 22 and go until August 11 and every week brings a new theme. Scott McNeely. Princess Dance Camps. Weeks offered in June and July.

Monday-Friday, 10 a. Call for more Information. We spoke to two central members". January 27, Retrieved August 22, Sega Sammy Holdings.

April Retrieved November 17, Regarding an EMEA release, there's nothing to confirm right now. We understand it's frustrating, but when we have more news to share, we will. Stay tuned to pso2. Retrieved June 9, — via Twitter. Retrieved June 9, Retrieved December 9, Archived from the original on April 16, August 16, Retrieved August 16, Archived from the original on September 30, Archived from the original on May 18, Retrieved December 29, Xbox Wire.

June 9, Retrieved June 10, Archived from the original on April 13, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved March 26, Archived from the original on April 8, Retrieved April 7, October 21, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Scene: Episode 1 credits, 2 minutes 45 seconds. Anime News Network. July 12, Retrieved July 12, December 29, March 10, July 14, August 19, Gamer Network. Retrieved May 10, Retrieved January 9, Retrieved June 3, Twitter in Japanese. Phantasy Star. Revolution 0 Online 2 Nova. During the Great Hunt , the planet was cleansed of terentatek by the Jedi. Although Tatooine was deemed not worth conquering by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars , a group of Mandalorian exiles settled on Tatooine after the war, although their fate was never known.

They were attempting to mine ores from Tatooine, although they soon discovered the ores had strange magnetic properties which made the metal corrode very fast and thus useless for production. He discovered that Czerka Corporation was attempting to eradicate a nearby tribe of Sand People due to attacks on Czerka's sandcrawlers.

With the help of the recently purchased droid HK , Revan was able to communicate with the tribe and negotiate a truce after infiltrating their settlement. It was revealed to Revan that the Sand people considered the Czerka to be invaders on their land, which was the reason for the frequent attacks. Revan later learned the history of the Sand People from the tribe's history keeper, by giving a Krayt dragon pearl to the chieftain. Tatooine, during the Great Galactic War.

Czerka's mining involvement in the Anchorhead settlement proved fruitless, and the company began Czerka's Secret Weapons division on the planet, due to no restrictions from the Republic. Unlike the corporations before Czerka, Czerka's presence was replaced with a vacuum for a long time, this left the planet to plunge into complete anarchy. Authority on the world had an extreme informal control by disorganized criminals, but they were later united by a group of dissidents, who called themselves the Hutt Cartel.

The Republic had yet again began to use the planet for a supply stop. During the Cold War , the Sith Empire also set up a small outpost near Anchorhead in an effort to discover the secrets of the Czerka Secret Weapons division. Some time after the trio of wars had ended, the Republic left the planet for a third time and it was forgotten until the Republic rediscovered it in BBY.

However, the Republic had withdrawn from Tatooine for a fourth time, but this led to an increase of immigrated inhabitants. Sometime later Gardulla established her empire on Tatooine and based herself in her palace. Shortly thereafter, in BBY , the notorious Jabba the Hutt chased Alkhara out of his citadel of operations and claimed the B'omarr Monastery for his personal palace and made it the center of his empire. The crash survivors were Humans from Bestine IV , who established Bestine , the capital of Tatooine, and made first contact with the Jawas.

Shortly thereafter, colonists founded Fort Tusken , which was wiped out by Sand People five years after its establishment. The Corellia Mining Corporation brought many digger crawlers to the planet, but abandoned it, as did the Republic for all intents and purposes, in 70 BBY , when the orbital station Tatoo III crashed, revealing the unstable nature of the local ores from which it had been constructed.

The abandoned crawlers radically changed Jawa civilization, serving as mobile fortresses for Jawa tribes searching the deserts for materials to scavenge. Although the planet was thereafter considered technically part of the Republic's Arkanis sector, the Hutts became its de facto rulers when they arrived in 65 BBY using the planet as an important transfer point between the Triellus and the Corellian Run. Rival Hutt kajidics vied for control of the planet, notably Besadii represented by Gardulla Besadii the Elder and Desilijic represented by Jabba the Hutt.

They talked about how to repair the hyperdrive of her starship. They couldn't pay for it in the currency that the dealer with the replacement, Watto , wanted. Anakin Skywalker, one of Watto's slaves, decided to enter the upcoming podrace , the famous Boonta Eve Classic , and use his winnings to pay for the hyperdrive.

He became a local legend in Mos Espa by being the first Human ever to win a podrace. In late 32 BBY, Jango Fett came to Tatooine and, on behalf of Jabba, disposed of Gardulla and subsequently her empire, giving Jabba a virtual monopoly on the rule of Tatooine's criminal underworld.

He was roughly informed of her location by his newly introduced stepfather Cliegg Lars , who had been temporally crippled trying to save her from her captors.

On his way to the Tusken village, the tribes's location was specified by a Jawa chieftain in their camp. When Anakin arrived he found that Shmi had been tortured by the Tusken Raiders and later died in his arms. Enraged, Anakin brutally massacred the entire Tusken Raider tribe.

During the Clone Wars, the Republic tried to re-establish a presence on the world by constructing a Republic spaceport, but Confederacy General Sev'rance Tann , allied with the minor Hutt crime lord Boorka , wiped it out and established her own fortress. Jabba protested Boorka's direct involvement in the Clone Wars, and betrayed the fortress's location to Echuu Shen-Jon , who wiped it out.

In truth, helping Echuu was simply Jabba's way of eliminating Boorka, since Jabba himself got directly involved in the Clone Wars: [22] he shipped cortosis ore through Tatooine to Metalorn for the Techno Union to build cortosis droids. This operation was ended by Anakin Skywalker.

Meanwhile, naturally, some wackiness or timing execution of jokes that seems more in line with Non Non Biyori , to say nothing of the at least two little kids we will be seeing throughout this series. And none of that is a problem! Though, I do hope that going forwards the series manages to carve out more of an identity for itself for viewers to latch on to, and discussions regarding it do not devolve into a series of comparisons to other countryside slice of lifes.

Unless this is going to pull a Silver Spoon and try to slip in some informative little bits here and there. But that series could get away with it naturally due to the agricultural school, class, and practicum settings. Barakamon is a dude living on his own with a bunch of neighbors he will not be able to get rid of, for worse and for better.

Intentionally or not, this episode actually provides a pretty solid visual aid for comparing to the last season, by use of cute mammals. This otter is the first season of Free! Pretty cute, having a grand old time in the water, and sorta coasting along on that while perhaps lacking some definition.

But, if you did not like the otter to begin with, one may not find anything the second otter image is up to very interesting. Before this metaphor completely breaks down: I think the aspects where Rin now has to build up this new relay team nifty enough to give it fuel to work with. Throw into that the notion where Sousuke has already been scouted out, so he already has his post-high school plans in order, and there is the additional levers to add to the conflict vector raised that week.

What will come after these days, and if the swimming will have to end with it. And we know Rin wants to break into the more global scene, so him being drawn to what Sousuke may be able to engineer to keep him away from the other has some legitimacy.

Plus the fact our cast is naturally split up by going to entirely different schools, adding to the divides that could cause going forwards, and there we go: pretty much everything one needs to have a sequel that is doing new things with the existing universe to keep those who already like the show invested while they also get the visual business, innuendos, and camp we all signed up for.

Two and a half minutes, thirty of those seconds being the end credits, plus four other sub skits. Toss in what looks to be some Robot Chicken style toy visuals, except scanned and manipulated from there rather than stop motion, and that sounds about the direction this show wants to go on.

And I am fine with that. The fetus floats in the womb with the silent partner of the placenta, which nourishes it and mediates its relationship to the everywhere present yet at the same time invisible mother. This Being was so close that there seemed to be no distance at all between God and myself. Yet at the same time, I could sense the infinite vastness of the Creator, could see how completely minuscule I was by comparison. As a scientist, I know that the consensus of my tribe is that the self is created through the electrochemical activity of the brain.

For most neurosurgeons, and most doctors generally, the body produces the mind, and when the body stops functioning, the mind stops, just like a picture projected on a screen does if the projector is unplugged. So when I announced to the world that during my seven days of coma I not only remained fully conscious but journeyed to a stunning world of beauty and peace and unconditional love, I knew I was stirring up a very volatile pot.

Before Proof of Heaven made Dr. I stand by every word in this book and have made its message the purpose of my life. After the excursion into the unscientific dimensions accompanying the enigma of consciousness, this section ends by returning to the terra firma of the objective realm. At this point, it is justified to contemplate the following. Intelligence is a term we all think we understand, but do we? What do we mean when we describe someone, some animal or even some thing as being intelligent?

We have preconceived ideas, despite clear evidence to the contrary. For example, many people think that pigs are dirty, smelly animals and as a consequence not very intelligent. This is patently untrue—pigs are, when compared to other animals, of relative high intelligence. Likewise, many people think machines have no intelligence at all, that they get things done by following programs.

This again is not true; some can learn and adapt, and such abilities are growing with every technological advancement made. Insect societies are complex systems, displaying emergent properties much greater than the sum of their individual parts. Within the study of complexity Chap. These can give rise to adaptive, resilient, and sustainable behavior. In other words: to collectively intelligent systems. In conclusion, intelligence can be divorced from electrochemical processes appearing in a biological neural network.

This raises the question, what, then, the essence of this collective intelligence is? Where is it located? Analyzing a colony of ants does not reveal incremental units of intelligence distributed among the individual insects. Collective intelligence is an emergent phenomenon, suddenly appearing at a threshold where the whole is literally more than the sum of its parts. Moreover, what is the substrate for this intelligence?

How does it come to be, how is it physically embodied, and how is it sustained? Perhaps it is encoded in the fabric of reality itself, as we today know that at the heart of complexity resides miraculous simplicity Sect. Around the time that Homo sapiens was elevated to divine status by humanist religions, farm animals stopped being viewed as living creatures that could feel pain and distress, and instead came to be treated as machines.

Today these animals are often mass-produced in factory-like facilities, their bodies shaped in accordance with industrial needs. They pass their entire lives as cogs in a giant production line, and the length and quality of their existence is determined by the profits and losses of business corporations. The tragedy of industrial agriculture is that it takes great care of the objective needs of animals, while neglecting their subjective needs.

Since he was adopted by staff members as a kitten, Oscar the Cat has had an uncanny ability to predict when residents are about to die. Thus far, he has presided over the deaths of more than 25 residents [ A border collie with a stellar vocabulary has accomplished a type of learning previously only seen in toddlers. The researchers say the finding indicates that even mammals distantly related to humans may have the rudiments of language learning. Comparative psychologists interested in the evolution of intelligence have focused their attention on social primates, whereas birds tend to be used as models of associative learning.

However, corvids and parrots, which have forebrains relatively the same size as apes, live in complex social groups and have a long developmental period before becoming independent, have demonstrated ape-like intelligence. This suggests that complex cognition has evolved in species with very different brains through a process of convergent evolution rather than shared ancestry [ Humans are not alone in responding negatively to differential treatment compared with a partner.

This response is shared with other species and appears to be instrumental in successful cooperation. Easily recognized by experts and non-experts alike, despite the difficulty of defining it, play has been much studied by biologists.

You may think the connection is obvious. We are also gently invited to reconsider what is deemed food and what represents creatures quipped with rich, subjective inner spaces of sentience, capable of great suffering.

From such considerations a potential intrinsic moral right of a species could be derived, to not be subjected to factory-farming in enormous numbers. A simple exercise in empathy is to imagine being the other creature. This is obviously hard to imagine for non-human animals. Nagel , also relating to the philosophy of the mind Sect. I am simply amazed to find myself living on a ball of rock that swings around an immense spherical fire.

I am more amazed that I am a maze—a complex wiggliness, an arabesque of tubes, filaments, cells, fibers, and films that are various kinds of palpitation in this stream of liquid energy.

But what really gets me is that almost all the substance of this maze, aside from water, was once other living bodies—the bodies of animals and plants—and that I had to obtain it by murder.

We are creatures rearranged, for biological existence continues only through the mutual slaughter and ingestion of its various species. I exist solely through membership in this perfectly weird arrangement of beings that flourish by chewing each other up. The Committee members unanimously consider an arbitrary harm caused to plants to be morally impermissible. This kind of treatment would include, e.

A majority considers any action with or towards plants that serves the self-preservation of humans to be morally justified, as long as it is appropriate and follows the principle of precaution.

It has, for instance, been revealed that plants are active in sensing numerous parameters from their environment, communicate extensively and actively; they interact with their surroundings.

They can choose between different possibilities and change their behaviour accordingly. On the cellular level, similarities between animals and plants are far greater than previously assumed communication with electrical action potentials, similar vesicle trafficking and signaling molecules, etc. They have an innate immune system. At a rudimentary level, their roots can distinguish between self and non-self. They communicate with other plants. They alter their behavior based on past experiences.

If she is attacked by spider mites, she produces a fragrance cocktail that attracts predatory mites that eat spider mites, but if she is attacked by caterpillars, she produces a slightly different cocktail of fragrances to attract parasitic wasps. Having selected a target, the vine then performs a kind of cost-benefit calculation before deciding exactly how many coils it should invest—the more nutrients in the victim, the more coils it deploys.

So did the authors of this article initially. But an investigation of older literature combined with present understanding led us to a more agnostic position [ Remarkably, intelligence is an intangible phenomenon that can appear in very different biological configurations. However, in the discussion up to now, intelligence was incorporated in either complex organic matter—including plants—or in societies of insects with complex social structures.

Can we find intelligence in other creatures? Slime moulds are organisms that can live as single amoeba-like cells or can aggregate together to form multicellular structures. Surprisingly, slime mould can solve mazes. It might be discomfiting that SNO—without a brain or even living cells—can learn.

How special are we if a couple layers of atoms can learn, too? We did discover SNO. We demonstrated that the visualization of the layers in the information plane [related to the input and output variables of neural network layers] reveals many—so far unknown—details about the inner working of Deep Learning and Deep Neural Networks. At first glance this news would seem of little interest to [ The rules of the several-thousand-year-old game of Go are extremely simple. To beat Kasparov, Deep Blue analyzed possible moves and evaluated outcomes to decide the best move.

But this exercise would, at least theoretically, only teach the computer to be on par with the best human players. To become better than the best humans, AlphaGo then played against itself millions of times, over and over again, learning and improving with each game—an exercise referred to as reinforcement learning.

By playing itself and determining which moves lead to better outcomes, AlphaGo literally learns by teaching itself. In thinking about artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness, many people assume there are only two kinds of information-processing systems: artificial ones and natural ones.

This is false. With regard to another old-fashioned distinction—software versus hardware—we already have systems using biological hardware that can be controlled by artificial that is, man-made software, and we have artificial hardware that runs naturally evolved software. An Ego Machine does not have to be a living thing; it can be anything that possesses a conscious self-model. The first self-modeling machines have already appeared. Their four-legged machine uses actuation-sensation relationships to infer indirectly its own structure and then uses this self- model to generate forward locomotion.

When part of its leg is removed, the machine adapts its self-model and generates alternative gaits—it learns to limp. Unlike the phantom-limb patients [ The starfish not only synthesizes an internal self-model but also uses it to generate intelligent behavior. And suddenly we noticed that one of the neurons was tracking faces.

It was tracking our faces as we were moving around. Now, the spooky thing about this is that we never trained the system to recognize human faces and yet, somehow, it learned to do that.

Even though these robots are very simple, we can see that something else is going on there. It is not just programming. Cultural psychologists have challenged the idea that Western adults provide a privileged population from which to study human thinking. Developmental psychologists have raised questions about whether and how preverbal infants can think.

Comparative psychologists have long been interested in whether and how non-human animals can think. And philosophers, of course, have considered these questions along the way.

With thinking machines, we face many of the very same issues, but the target of study has shifted from humans and other animals to machines of our own creation. Recent advances in artificial intelligence are already compelling us to rethink some of our assumptions about thinking. If machine brains one day come to surpass human brains in general intelligence, the fate of our species would depend on the actions of powerful AI. We stand at the beginning of a new era.

What was once science fiction is fast becoming reality, as AI transforms war, crime, justice, jobs and society—and, even, our very sense of what it means to be human. More than any other technology, AI has the potential to revolutionize our collective future [ Technology is giving life the potential to flourish like never before—or to self-destruct. How should true artificial superintelligent assess the role and utility of humanity, given its global political and religious ideological entrenchment Chap.

We are deeply sorry for the unintended offensive and hurtful tweets from Tay, which do not represent who we are or what we stand for, nor how we designed Tay.

In closing, intelligence is an emergent property of reality itself, being manifested in very different material and computational structures. It can be localized or distributed and it can be embodied within a conscious mind or not. Having said this, consciousness itself is still an enigma. Do any tools exists, which could help the human mind understand its own conscious nature? Up to now, the enigma of consciousness was discussed with respect to three of its manifestations: sober waking consciousness, dreaming, and meditative states.

However, since the dawning of the human mind it has been known that there exist radically different states of consciousness—often induced chemically. As these have been deemed harmful, most modern societies have banned any substances causing altered states of consciousness—with the exception of ethanol, nicotine, caffeine, and psychiatric medication. Yet again, a consequential blind spot emerges in the collective vision of humanity.

However, slowly the prohibition of, and the stigma associated with, psychoactive substances is today being reevaluated—with profound potential for understanding consciousness and reality.

The Central Intelligence Agency and the U. Army sponsored research on effects of LSD at government laboratories and reputable research universities throughout the s and s.

The hippie counterculture sported [ LSD, synthesized in a Swiss lab in the late s, was first outlawed in the United States in ; possession of the drug was bumped up to a felony offense in Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are: heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide LSD , marijuana cannabis , 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine ecstasy , methaqualone, and peyote.

Then: The earth is the center of the universe, and anyone who says otherwise is a heretic. Now: All drugs that can expand consciousness are without medical or social justification, and anyone who uses them is a criminal. Shulgin found the experience so astonishing that he devoted the rest of his career to psychedelic chemistry. These countries have showed that in real-world settings, policies for drug decriminalization can have positive impacts on society.

It was too difficult to do. These results have implications for the neurobiology of consciousness and for potential applications of LSD in psychological research. We found that LSD alters the energy and the power of individual harmonic brain states in a frequency-selective manner.

Remarkably, this leads to an expansion of the repertoire of active brain states, suggestive of a general re-organization of brain dynamics given the non-random increase in co-activation across frequencies. Interestingly, the frequency distribution of the active repertoire of brain states under LSD closely follows power-laws 29 indicating a re-organization of the dynamics at the edge of criticality. Drugs haze perception and blur reality. One can also have mystical experiences by going to church.

But recently, [ A year or so after having the therapy, roughly 67 per cent of them no longer had PTSD [ If all goes well, it could be in use as soon as And again, this effect correlated with how well people did: the greater the response in the amygdala, the more their symptoms improved [in contrast to SSRIs dampening those responses]. I was bewildered by the absence of pain. One third [of participants] said the experience was the single most spiritually significant of their lifetimes; and more than two-thirds rated it among their five most meaningful and spiritually significant.

A majority said their mood, attitudes and behaviors had changed for the better. Psychedelic science is enjoying revival after nearly 50 years of dormancy in clinical research settings and clinical practice. What about all the negative effects of such drugs? In , a study was published in The Lancet , analyzing the dangers of various drugs along two dimensions: harm to user and harm to others.

It is ironic, and troubling, that two legal substances are leading the ranking. Notably, alcohol scores disproportionately high in the measure of harm to others, while crack cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine reach high scores for the harm to the user. However, as most users of illegal substances can never be sure of the exact composition of the drugs purchased from the black market, 33 it is unclear how many of these emergency treatments were due to contaminated or entirely different chemical compounds.

In terms of overall dependence scores—averaging physical and psychological dependence and factoring in pleasure—where 3. Yet again, nicotine and alcohol emerge as very potent and addictive substances, while psychedelics appear benign. I think all along we should have been singing love songs to them, because the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection. The biggest misconception people have about psychedelics is that these are drugs that make you crazy.

We now have evidence that that does happen sometimes—but in many more cases, these are drugs that can make you sane. It is so important for us to understand consciousness. It is just as important to place psychedelic drugs in general, and DMT in particular, into a personal and cultural matrix in which we do the most good, and the least harm.

In such a wide-open area of inquiry, it is best that we reject no ideas until we actually disprove them. The shape of DMT. Source: Wikimedia. Why is DMT so fascinating? For starters, DMT is the only psychedelic known to occur naturally in the human body. In , the Nobel laureate Julius Axelrod of the National Institutes of Health discovered DMT in human brain tissue, leading to speculation that the compound plays a role in psychosis.

Research into that possibility—and into psychedelics in general—was abandoned because of the growing backlash against these compounds. In , however, Rick Strassman, a psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico, obtained permission from federal authorities to inject DMT into human volunteers.

Strassman, a Buddhist, suspected that endogenous DMT might contribute to mystical experiences. Many subjects reported that they dissolved blissfully into a radiant light or sensed the presence of a powerful, god-like being. Yet Shanon, like Strassman, acknowledges that these hallucinogenic experiences pose risks.

We refer to the dynamic yet stable, apparently self-sustaining, non-three-dimensional spatiality into which the smoking of tryptamines conveys one. We especially refer to the apparently autonomous and intelligent, chaotically mercurial and mischievous machine elves encountered in the trance state, strange teachers whose marvelous singing makes intricate toys out of the air and out of their own continually transforming body geometries.

I drank ayahuasca a decade ago while researching my book Rational Mysticism Horgan b. It tastes like stale beer dregs flavored with cigarette butts.

After I threw up, I had a cosmic panic attack, in which I was menaced by malevolent, dayglo-hued polyhedra. I have no desire to repeat this experience. The forms shifted, tumbled, quivered, danced with a kind of mischievous intelligence. They were showing off, trying to stagger me with ever-more-ostentatious displays of otherworldly beauty: Look at this!

Okay, now check this out!

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