free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online

free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online

What may not be familiar, however, is the story of how the war began. According to Greek myth, the strife between the Trojans and the Greeks started at the wedding of Peleus, King of Thessaly, and Thetis, a sea nymph. All of the gods and goddesses had been invited to the wedding celebration in Troy except Eris, goddess of discord.

She had been omitted from the guest list because her presence always embroiled mortals and immortals alike in conflict. To take revenge on those who had slighted her, Eris decided to cause a skirmish. The gods and goddesses reached a stalemate when the choice was narrowed to Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Someone was needed to settle the controversy by picking a winner.

The job eventually fell to Paris, son of King Priam of Troy, who was said to be a good judge of beauty. Paris did not have an easy job. Each goddess, eager to win the golden apple, tried aggressively to bribe him. She won the golden apple by offering Helen, daughter of Zeus and the most beautiful mortal in the land, to Paris.

Paris, anxious to claim Helen, set off for Sparta in Greece. Although Paris learned that Helen was married, he nevertheless accepted the hospitality of her husband, King Menelaus of Sparta.

Menelaus collected his loyal forces and set sail for Troy to begin the war to reclaim Helen. One of the most intriguing stories of the Russian Revolution concerns the identity of Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II. During his reign over Russia, the czar had planned to revoke many of the harsh laws established by previous czars.

Some workers and peasants, however, clamored for more rapid social reform. In , a group of these people known as Bolsheviks overthrew the government. On July 17 or 18, they murdered the czar and what was thought to be his entire family. Over the years, a number of women claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia. Perhaps the most famous claimant was Anastasia Tschaikovsky, who was also known as Anna Anderson.

She spent two years in a hospital, where she attempted to reclaim her health and shattered mind. The doctors and nurses thought that she resembled Anastasia and questioned her about her background. Eight years later, however, she claimed that she was Anastasia. She said that she had been rescued by two Russian soldiers after the czar and the rest of her family had been killed.

Two brothers named Tschaikovsky had carried her into Romania. She had married one of the brothers, who had taken her to Berlin and left her there, penniless and without a vocation. Many of these people said that her looks and mannerisms were evocative of the Anastasia that they had known. Her grandmother and other relatives denied that she was the real Anastasia, however.

Tired of being accused of fraud, Anastasia immigrated to the United States in and took the name Anna Anderson. There she declaimed to the court, asserting that she was indeed Anastasia and deserved her inheritance.

Although it will probably never be known whether this woman was the Grand Duchess Anastasia, her search to establish her identity has been the subject of numerous books, plays, and movies.

Even though the minister of finance repeatedly warned the king and queen against wasting money, they continued to spend great fortunes on their personal pleasure. This lavish spending greatly enraged the people of France. While French citizens begged for lower taxes, the queen embellished her palace with extravagant works of art.

She also surrounded herself with artists, writers, and musicians, who encouraged the queen to spend money even more profusely. The French government taxed the citizens outrageously. These high taxes paid for the entertainments the queen and her court so enjoyed.

Reading practice to help you understand simple texts and find specific information in everyday material. Texts include emails, invitations, personal messages, tips, notices and signs. Intermediate B1.

Reading practice to help you understand texts with everyday or job-related language. Sample Completion Practice Test 1. Practice your sentence completion skills. Reading Comprehension Test 1. Reading techniques include: scanning , skimming , intensive and extensive reading. You read from top to down of the text quickly to find the specific information you need to answer questions.

Therefore, a student is required to read the passage carefully and choose a correct answer out of the alternatives given under the question. However, the questions are challenging and they all require an appreciation of more than just the superficial understanding of the passage. The media library also contains a collection of videos showing literacy in action, each under ten minutes long.

As you may know, there are learning disabilities directly related to literacy, which can create stressful situations for struggling students in a traditional classroom setting.

Using online resources provides another means of literary representation and expression. Click or Tap the Button Below. Where to Find Free Online Textbooks. Also of Interest:.

High-interest stories sometimes are motivating enough to readyet some students continue to struggle when it comes to reading. And the stats, unfortunately, show that reading scores could still use a boost. The NAEP found that there was not a significant change at the 4th-grade level, and the average national reading score was 2 points lower at the 8th-grade level. This site, which is suitable for grades K, offers numerous reading comprehension exercises that are unique, colorful, and interactive. Exercises include:. Materials on this site were created by a team of award-winning teachers, professional writers, and published authors. There are numerous engaging reading free ancestry search canada no subscription exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced readers—exercises that help them learn:. They also offer critical reading free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online worksheets that teach students how to think and read critically. Students read a passage and are then tested on what free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online read, vocabulary words, inferences, and more. Free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online sister site to EnglishForEveryone. Exercises are tailored for students who are reading at the high school level or beyond, and help prepare older students for standardized tests, including the SAT free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online the ACT. According to the site, 7. ReadWorks is a nonprofit that aims to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. It houses hundreds of curated nonfiction and literary articles, along with reading comprehension quizzes and vocabulary lessons. The best part? It uses the most up-to-date research on literacy to inform its content. This website pairs passages from classic books, like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Around the World in 80 Dayswith different reading exercises and activities that ask students to answer questions about the text. Not only does this introduce classic literature to all students, but it breaks them down in a way that helps them better understand the material. Designed for K-8 students, this site offers hundreds of stories your students can free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online online, and many of these include reading comprehension worksheets you can print and use in class. This website is especially useful for students whose native language is not English. There are hundreds of reading activities—including vocabulary quizzes, reading comprehension activities, and grammar lessons—to help your students master the English language. free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online Reading Comprehension: Worksheets: Free test worksheets with comprehension exercises, skill questions, practice exercises & strategies for English. Reading comprehension fully solved questions and answers useful for competitive exams like IBPS, SBI, SSC, RRB, GATE etc. use free online tests at free of. A selection of text-based English reading comprehension exercises, including Test your understanding by reading through short passages of text and then Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities (2 Ed.) - Download over to give you a free one-month trial of this excellent online English training course. Feel free to take the quiz multiple times for extra practice. To further prepare for the Accuplacer, we recommend that you attend at least one test prep workshop at​. 11 Free Reading Comprehension Exercises Online help prepare older students for standardized tests, including the SAT and the ACT. activities, and grammar lessons—to help your students master the English language. Take our free online English test to find out which level to choose. Reading practice to help you understand texts with a wide vocabulary where you may need. Reading Comprehension Practice Test 1 Before the Armada could regroup, the English attacked again on August 8. Although the Spaniards made a valiant. Free online reading comprehension exercises. These online English exercises are colorful, educational and fun. They are unique in their ability to test students. Academic Reading Skills. The Reading section measures test takers' ability to understand university-level academic texts and passages. In English-speaking. PDF format is aslo available for some kind of tests. Also of Interest:. Just click on the button below. That's great! There are many skills for you. High-interest stories sometimes are motivating enough to read , yet some students continue to struggle when it comes to reading. Intermediate B1. Click or Tap the Button Below. Listening Tests Improve your listening skill easily with systematical listening tests. According to the site, 7. Select your favorite topic to start. Texts include specialised articles, biographies and summaries. Skip to main content. Thanks so much! free english reading comprehension tests and exercises online