free energy the race to zero point download

free energy the race to zero point download

Section 2. Archived from the original on 7 October Retrieved 20 June Note : The triple point of water is 0. Tata McGraw-Hill. Table 2. Smithsonian Institution. Archived from the original on 1 April Retrieved 26 January Bibcode : Natur.

Archived from the original on 1 June Physics Today online. Archived from the original on 24 October Bibcode : Sci Archived from the original on 15 August Retrieved 2 July Another cool explanation defying invention. If I had the money to qualify for immigration there, I'd go in a heartbeat If we're going to fight fascism, we have to have accurate info To all opponents - live your lifes in a hard way , it is your choise, life is school for everyone of us.

All of you are hypnotised form large corporation ideology. That is what they want, to we did not believe in posibility of free energy. They diskredite every try in this field. In case if it realy unpossible why they so much worry about this!? All science is under corporation controle, and we know as true, what they want to we believe.

Most people are chemically lobotomized. For those on this blog overseas, please make sure anyone you know who is trying to come here - make sure they know that they cannot eat the food or drink the water or breath the air without remediation or protection of some kind for each poison that is being used on us.

I do have a science background. I did not believe most of what I am now telling people for many years. But I have researched it for myself and found out that it is all way too real. Please check your spelling--with regularity, and ruthless discretion. The internet lets us get away with far, far too many copy errors; it speaks poorly about your website's content when its titles, names, etc, are misspelled.

It has to be put in a form that the public can use safely and efficiently. This "free energy" stuff is no different, otherwise I could just hang my computer cord out the window and log on. LOL have you ever thought that if it were not for those big corporations, you would be living like you were in the 18th century?

Stop being such a twit. Yes I'm quite aware of that, but it is only because it costs money to make electricity in the ways that we currently do that we have to pay them to produce it.

If there was a way off getting it for free then it would be better for us all surely. You twit. SO far, non are working and those on the web havent been found to to real either. Perhaps someday, My project will work. I have been close a few times, but it still didint work. Its a lot of fun and a bit expensive for a weekend hobby. ALoha Garry. Im a nobody but I also know its possible and It may only be drawings and ideas but I know I could do it…. The first problem is that people say science is a constant which in itself is true but to think as human we know all the laws of physics is obnoxious.

As our laws of physics have change constantly, through history. This means that by manipulating electro you take energy from the air we all breath to convert it to usable energy. Its all well and good reading books but you still question them. Remember the Wright brothers? The atomic bomb was once thought impossible. Some things that may appear to be perpetual are not, just because we cant observe for a long enough period of time. We used to believe suns would live forever through their power of fusion but have now observed that is not the case, suns fusion does have a lifetime but over a billion years is way beyond our lifetimes perception.

We are so often limited by our own observation and easily miss seeing things that should be obvious. We can have seemingly free energy from sources such as the sun, wind etc. But these are not free and not indefinite. Using the suns energy is our best bet as it will easily outlive humanity.

Anyone who thinks not should perhaps study the lifespan of our planets extinct creatures. It took dinosaurs millions of years to cause critical damage.

Has anyone studied trying to encapsulate the energy of the northern and southern lights? Our planet is essentially one huge electric cell itself. But if we did this would we have the wisdom and knowledge to consider all the possible repurcussions of taking that energy? Mike drops his frowning judgmental picture and pontifications on a site, and then leaves forever. Good Riddance! History is made by people taking a stand, the rest are soon forgotten. I say this in all seriousness because we have a concept we should all want to be true.

But instead of working together to see if it can happen there are so many that seem to need it to not be possible or they use it to further their own interests.

It reminds me of young children squabbling about nonsense. Just get over your problems and try to help make this or any unproven concept happen.

Legitimate projects see massive coordination among tens, hundreds or thousands of people all the time. Everyone, Thank you for the stimulating conversations. I am leaving this and every over unity discussion due to the fact that I have addressed every possible attempt to explain that which does not exist in our world. Just apply my prior posts to any new or old claims of over unity. No one can explain the fact that no device exists that anyone in a first world country can own, build or operate without the inventor present and in control.

Have I convinced anyone of my point of view? EllyMaduhuNkonyaSorry, but no one on planet earth has a working permanent magnetic motor that requires no additional outside power. Still, not a single working motor available that anyone can build and operate without the inventor present and in control.

We all would LIKE one to be available, but that does not make it true. I challenge anyone to address that single point, and not change the subject by attacking me, talking about the government, the big oil companies, , Tesla, Lutec etc. Harvey1, the principle of sustainable motor based on magnetic energy and the working prototype are both a reality. When the time is appropriate, I shall disclose it. Be of good cheer. I am simply taking my time and my space to stage the inevitable confrontation in the frozen face of the industry and geopolitics tycoons.

Utter bollocks. You are one of those who have been brainwashed educated in to thinking this is not possible. Trust me, I have seen these things work. You might surprise yourself.

There is tons of information on schoolgirl, schoolboy and Bedini window motors that actually work to charge batteries and eventually will generate house currents. It just has to be looked at to get any useful information from it without listening to people like Harvey1 whining about learning.

Why the editors of this forum allow you to keep calling people names instead of following the subject is beyond me. This must be the last site to allow you on it. I spammed the books because I thought those people were good for learning these engines which are super and there are tons of information out there for anyone to find. You seem to only want to learn to be rude instead of electronics.

Your a typical narrow-minded democrat. They are all liars, cowards, cheats and thieves. Those seem to be the route to generating 5kw for your house. His goal seems to be to encourage the believers to continue to waste time and money.

As a skeptic, my goal is to try and raise the standard of what is believable versus what is fraud. Notice how easy it is to discredit many of his statements just by using Google. From his worthless book recommendations no over unity devices made from these books in 5 years or more to the inventors and their inventions that have already been proven a fraud.

Take the time and read ALL his posts and notice his tactics: 1. Almost never responding to a direct question. Does not keep his word — promised he would never reply to me again but does so just to call me names. Spams the same message to me 10 times, claims only 3 times, then says he needed 10 times to get it through to me.

That is what I am going to do from now on — and I keep MY promises. Something the rest of us would look forward to. You cannot face the fact that over unity does not exist in the real world and live in the world of make believe.

You should seek psychiatric help before you turn violent. I would love to build this and test it out.. Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been done so far! John Bearden has the credentials to analyze such inventions and Bedini has the visions and experience!

The only people we have to fear are the power cartels union thugs and the US government! Read two books! Bearden has the credentials and knowledge to answer these questions and Bedini is the visionary for them! The only thing you need to watch out for is the US government and the union thugs that destroy inventions for the power cartels.

Both will try to destroy your ingenuity! Both are criminal elements! How much commission do you get? Are you involved in the selling and publishing of these books in any way? Why are you doing this? Are you writing this from inside a mental institution?

Window Motor: An electrical motor that controls the window regulator for power windows. How about, for once in your life, directly answer a question without some non sequitur answer. Are there any tinkers here with the resources to try and build this thing for themselves? It certainly looks compelling, but I also know a friend of mine who worked on perpetual motion for a good twenty years with nothing to show for it.

Quit asking for someone to build one for you. There can only be one answer. Honestly, for both sides of the argument, put up or shut up. I was 14 years old in and though of building a permanent magnet motor of my own design. It looked just like what I see on the phoney internet videos. I tried all kinds of clever arrangements and angles but alas — no luck. My older brother explained that in high school physics, they learned that magnetism is not energy at all. Never was, never will be.

Something that O. By the way, we had a lot of fun playing with non working motor anyway, and learned a few things in the process. My brother went on to get his PHD in physics and wound up specializing in magnetism. He designed many of the disk drive plates and electronics in the early DOS computers. I just said it could be built. What it does after that is, as you said, nothing. The most common fraud is to show a working permanent magnet motor with no external power source operating.

How could I know this? Because with all those videos out there, not one person can sell you a working model. Also, not one of these scammers can ever let anyone not related to his scam operate the motor without the scammer hovering around.

Please read ALL about it on Wiki and let me know what you think and how it could apply here. This trap has ensnared some very smart people. Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been created!

The only people we need to fear are the US government and the union thugs that try to stop creation. John Bearden has the credentials to create such inventions and Bedini has the visions! TiborKK — The elephant in the room: Focus — A Permanent Magnet Motor with no outside power source that can operate outside the control of the inventor.

Bragging about some future invention they are going to create etc. Our education and perception is the only thing which limits us and seals our imaginations.

Things in the big open space work differently. They are free of man created limitations and narrow minded views on energy, matter, time, space and existence. Our cosmic nature is the direct prove of this, no matter what path we would chose to achieve it as long as we manage to plug ourselves into the endless for us sources out there….

Your ignorance is showing through as usual. There are thousands of items and definitions in history using same names for different items or descriptions. These window motors in the books are total different from car window motors.

Read the book you ignorant ass! Then, he again avoids the subject of the fact that these two books have not produced plans for a single working over unity device that anyone can operate in the open.

I wish him well and hope that he gets the help that he obviously needs. Would that qualify as a jihad? Where are those drones when you need them? You are clueless as to what a window motor is and clueless as to what this forum is about but continually whine about others! Who is clueless? Writer: Chris Toussaint. Star: William Jenkins. Added to Watchlist.

Prime Video - All Movies Pt. Use the HTML below. ATM1 - Paper Plans RFS1 - Paper Plans ST1 - Paper Plans Size: 3. Weight: 4lbs. Detailed findings that are easy-to-understand with references. Audience response was very enthusiastic. It recommends the adoption of an aggressive future energy program of short term, intermediate, and long term goals that will revolutionize our country's landscape.

Includes psychological and sociopolitical aspects of man's use of energy. This relates energy to frequency in terms of Planck's constant h. These are very simple equations, so far, and also the next one will be as well. But what they do is describe the vibrational quanta in matter and also the radiational portion, the photons, in the vacuum.

As Dr. Therefore, when T goes to zero, then the number of phonons or photons that are being created also goes to zero. Physicists have been grappling with this for years because there appears to be an infinite amount of energy available if f is allowed to increase without limit. Ever since Casimir predicted it and various other scientists have verified it, this simple equation is really all that is underlying the theory of the zero point field and zero point fluctuation.

What's funny about it is that the one-half is there, which is a little bit deceiving. However, we have to keep in mind, as Dr. Rigorously, quantum field theory performs an infinite sum over eigenvalues of zero point field modes to obtain the vacuum energy—see "Absence of a zero-point ambiguity", Phys. B , , , So, we're dealing with an amount of energy on the average that is available to only half the quanta.

Another phrase called "partons" is used by Puthoff to indicate the smallest quanta of vibration oscillators: Planck oscillators that are available in a vacuum or in matter.

Therefore, instead of half photons or half particles existing everywhere, we're looking at only half of the possible photons or particles really being materialized at any one time.

Thus the cosmological constant envisioned by Einstein is being reconsidered and an antigravity force being postulated. To help explain the concepts raised above, it is important to mention that a repulsive Casimir force may be experimentally obtained in the lab by utilizing a cavity built with a dielectric and a magnetic plate see Boyer, Phys.

A , 9, , or Kupiszewska, J. Thus the cosmological effects may be easier to explain than the popular journals are indicating at this time. Theoretical insights may also be gained from Subquantum Kinetics by Dr. Paul LaViolette whose open system model of space permits localized ether concentration wave patterns particles to emerge in relation to the substrate field potential.

This systems science approach to cosmological and microphysical phenomena regards space as a vast nonequilibrium reaction-diffusion medium, offering new insights. Since ZPE is due to virtual particle flux and high electric field gradients cause the flux to increase, it is reasonable to assume that near the surface of an electron, the ZPE virtual particle flux would be very high, like a bunch of flies buzzing around it.

Koltick Phys. The fine structure constant equals the electron charge squared divided by Planck's constant and the speed of light. As to the concept of free energy from ZPE , one of the first journal articles to investigate the possibility is "The extracting of electrical energy from the vacuum by cohesion of charge foliated conductors" Phys.

B 30, 4, Forward describes this "parking ramp" style corkscrew or spring as a ZPE battery that will tap electrical energy from the vacuum and allow charge to be stored. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. It appears your browser does not have it turned on.

Profoundly raises public awareness of It is an eye-opener.

There is a lot of information on the website regarding free energy possible from the use of Tesla coils and other Tesla paraphernalia. If you are interested in pursuing this direction using our coils or our related equipment we must refer you to other websites showing this material used for free energy. There are several reasons: Number one; a lot of this material encourages actually cheating the power companies or going against their local regulations. Number two; is because of our workloads in other fields. We have not been able to do any investigation on this subject material whatsoever. So it zrro suggested that those who want to use some of our equipment for this reason find eenergy reliable source free energy the race to zero point download this information elsewhere on the website. See what they have to offer to assist you in the use of these items for these functions. Includes high output solar panel with motorized reciprocating arm mechanism and high speed motor to build many solar projects. See who can build free download alarm clock for laptop windows 8 most ingenious device. To demonstrate the effect of Free energy the race to zero point download Power. When the Solar Cell is connected to the base and power generated from the Solar cell, on free energy the race to zero point download it to the sun, is given to either one of the components, it begins to downnload. This device will track the motion of the sun to get the most efficient and effective use of your solar devices panels, collectors, furnaces, mirrors, etc. Plans on how to construct a solar furnace with a 4' diamater parabolic mirror, capable of reaching temperatures of F, and boiling a quart donload water in minutes. Plans on how to construct a device that can produce in excess of watts of energy for the direct heating of water, making an excellent free energy the race to zero point download for any hot water system. Obtain free high voltage electrical energy from air currents using a corona free probe and capacitor integrator. When properly installed as shown in an active area, voltages of over free energy the race to zero point download kv are possible. This is a demonstration of another means of free energy. As shown it will not supplement your current energy demands. It could be expanded on in those highly active areas to produce more. Construction is simple and basic using available construction five nights at freddys 3 free roam. free energy the race to zero point download Directed by Chris Toussaint. With William Jenkins. A comprehensive documentary featuring the most promising devices, processes and theories of the most. two-hour broadcast-quality Documentary you will learn about the latest developments in the field of Free and Zero Point Energy from Tesla to Dennis Lee. Free Energy - The Race to Zero-Point. * a documentary; science and theory (​propaganda?), (not qualified to say) * the dream (fantasy?) of free. Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point We live in a vast sea of energy. Everything, every atom, every subatomic particle is in constant motion, spinning eternally. Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point In this award-winning, feature length, two-​hour you will learn about the latest developments in the field of Free and Zero Point Energy from Tesla to Dennis Lee. Hosted by desertcart ios app download​. Jun 2, - For all of you out there that believe like me that we can have free energy in our lifetimes -- check this out! For all of you out there that believe like me that we can have free energy in our lifetimes -- check this out! More information. TESLA: The Race to Zero Point Free​. M ratings. Download. Nikola Tesla ☆ Cold Fusion Unlimited Power Secrets - Free Energy The Race To Zero Point. Article from More information. Dec 13, - Nikola Tesla ☆ Cold Fusion Unlimited Power Secrets - Free Energy The Race To Zero Point 1. Feb 24, - For all of you out there that believe like me that we can have free energy in our lifetimes -- check this out! The energy is supplied by natural phenomena and it is up to us to eliminate loss of said energy until we get to the source where it will actually do the work we want done. Many well-meaning brilliant scientists and inventors have lost their precious lives trying to bring the technology to the people in the absence of massive public awareness. All science is under corporation controle, and we know as true, what they want to we believe. Them being your buddies and you being free is in many ways an illusion your allowed to believe and it seems you bought it. You twit. Within a few months, you may ask yourself like I did , where have I been all this time? The internet lets us get away with far, far too many copy errors; it speaks poorly about your website's content when its titles, names, etc, are misspelled. This video is a look into the technologies that could be applied to our daily lives in the very near future. Stop being such a twit. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. free energy the race to zero point download