free app for stars and planets

free app for stars and planets

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When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Shelby Brown. Star Chart. Escapist Games Limited. The magical augmented reality star gazing and astronomy app. Mobile Observatory Free - Astronomy. Wolfgang Zima. This app is great, I highly recommend it. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

In addition to the stars, you can have a look at meteor showers, equinoxes, conjunctions, even full and new moons. The free, ad-supported app displays a real-time map of the sky on your screen in whatever direction you point your device. Pan to navigate your view on screen by swiping in any direction, pinch to zoom out, or stretch to zoom in. A clock icon at the upper-right corner of the screen facilitates date selection forward or backward to watch the night sky stars and planets in accelerated motion.

You can also view night sky objects in augmented reality. Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Originally developed as Google Sky Map, it has now been donated and open sourced. Does your phone have a compass? Download app for: Android. With this app installed, you can strap your phone onto the OTA of your telescope to guide you on where to look.

The database has bright objects, Messier objects, planets in our solar systems and you can use the Time Machine object to jump ahead and plan your nightly stargazing events. The free option comes with only a few planets , but if you like the app, you can unlock other stars and satellites with in-app purchases.

If for some reason you would like to observe and track satellites instead of natural objects in the sky, this app can help you track the path and location of satellites orbiting our earth.

Users can display asterisms and constellations from different cultures, as well as search for artificial satellites. Night Sky on iOS is another gorgeous app that takes full advantage of Apple's push for AR apps to deliver a really nice-looking augmented reality sky map. Users can view thousands of stars, satellites, planets and constellations in this best stargazing app for iOS. Night Sky takes things further with Apple Watch support that brings the sky map down to your wrist.

Users can hold up the Apple Watch to identify objects in the sky, or look down to view a "celestial compass" that gives an overview of objects visible tonight. A new addition with the introduction of ARKit in past versions of iOS is the AR Grand Orrery that displays a virtual model of the solar system that you can circle around and view.

The app Star Walk does not only have a beautiful interface, but is extremely user friendly. The apps effortless design allows users to explore stars, comets, and constellations all by pointing their device at the sky. The app Star Chart provides user a view into the the visible universe at the tip of their fingers. How does it work? Most of them have some kind of augmented-reality feature, where they can locate where you are automatically and pull up what the star map should look like above you.

That means you don't need a planetarium docent's knowledge of hundreds and thousands of stars to find the one you're looking for.

Heck, you don't even need a telescope. You just have to fire up the app and then look like some kind of astronomical genius. Next time you find yourself on a nighttime walk , or looking for a way to entertain the kids in the backyard after the sunset, pull out one of these apps and prepare to be amazed. Best of all: Many are free!

Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, satellites, and more! Downloaded over 27 million times. If you like our lite version of SkyView then you'll love our full version! It includes: a convenient Apple Watch app, a Today Widget displaying tonight's brightest objects, ALL in-app purchases offered in this version, thousands more objects to discover, and more! Find your favorite constellations as they fade in and out while you scan across the sky, locate the Moon, discover free images to use no copyright galaxies, and witness satellite fly-bys. Take it camping, boating, or even flying! What a fun way to teach yourself, your children, your students, or your friends about our free app for stars and planets universe! I have used this app for a couple years now, and I cannot say that there is an app I have used for the same amount of time that has brought me more joy, excitement, and satisfaction than this one. It allows my never ending curiosity to be aided in a way that leads to discovery. Which I think is absolutely awesome. I would call myself an amateur astrophotographer, and this app helps me out a bunch. It is also really helpful to be reading a section of the textbook for my current astronomy class, and fat free carrot cake recipes uk able to whip this app out and find what star or galaxy we are talking about. I do wish it would give free app for stars and planets a better look into the future, being able to project where certain free app for stars and planets, galaxies, or nebulae will be in a larger scope of time. I am practicing taking shots of the heart of the milkyway, but I free app for stars and planets have about a month or two until it will be near that time where I live. I'd like to be able to plan a bit more for my shots, so I end up on safari searching for the right info to help me out. I feel that free app for stars and planets be a modest addition to the app. I personally think this is a great app! I thought it would allow you to go outside and actually see the stars. Free app for stars and planets should add actual music with singing, I think it would be more fun to listen to like build me up buttercup the foundations. They have to pay bills, or take care of their family. Free app for stars and planets love being able to open this app whenever I see a star or constellation that I want to free app for stars and planets more about or become familiar with. I like to quiz myself and the app helps me grade my responses. free app for stars and planets Star Walk 2. Vito Technology Inc. Lite. Terminal Eleven LLC. Escape Velocity Limited. SkySafari. Simulation Curriculum Corp. Solar Walk. Vito Technology Inc. SkyWiki. Bluestreak Labs. › life › best-stargazing-apps. Star Walk 2 Free - Identify Stars in the Night Sky is a great astronomy guide to explore the night sky day and night, identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites. Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Originally developed as Google Sky Map, it has. Free; Offers In-App Purchases You don't need to be an astronomer to find stars or constellations in the sky, just open SkyView® Lite Star & Planet Finder. Star Walk 2. See more. Are there any magnets or metal nearby that might interfere with the compass? GoSkyWatch Planetarium. See more. Stargazing forecast Events in the night sky Over 15, deep-sky objects. Today's Top Stories. Published Sep 4, at pm. Try one of the best astronomy applications. Not exactly for stars per se, but this is a fun one to have if you're looking to keep track of the International Space Station; it'll ring an alarm when either the International Space Station or the Chinese space station Tiangong 2 are in view, and you can run and see them with the naked eye. free app for stars and planets