free android games with controller support

free android games with controller support

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By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Play Call of Duty on your Android new Image: callofduty. One might go as far as calling it the Jin Kazama of this gaming category. The accessibility of the gaming controllers in this game brings users the experience of more precise aiming and movement. PUBG mobile also supports wired gaming controllers with a few limitations.

While the controller does facilitate the movement of the character, ut for shooting and picking up items, one is still bound to the on-screen controls. How can I make a list of the mobile games compatible with the gaming controllers without featuring Call of Duty Mobile? This popular fps game franchise needs no introduction.

It is one of the best games ever made to grace the screens of our devices. The game provides a satisfying gameplay for ardent fans of Call of Duty with a complete range of multiplayer modes to select from. And there is no denying the fact that the COD franchise has offered epic campaigns and story modes. But the nature of the COD Mobile focuses solely on multiplayer and battle royale format.

It is a 2D role-playing game platformer in which you must kill the arch demon to save the kingdom. This is a game in which the character that you control must disable some machines. It has a multiplayer feature which allows up to four players to play the game. This is a run-and-gun action game where you run and shoot and collect everything possible to level up.

See gameplay trailer. This action game is a run and gun game where you have to prevent an evil empire from getting four powerful gems. You have four weapons in the game which you can use with one another to create different shots depending on which enemy you are up against at that point.

In this adventure game, you have to guide the character of the game, Fancy Pants Man through levels that have obstacles and enemies. Some of the enemies that you have to overcome include snails, mice with guns, and spiders. This game is similar to a regular run-and-shoot action game, but while you have to shoot your way out of a lot of situations, there are some situations in which you will also have to drop your weapon so that you can jump high and then find another weapon once you cross that hurdle.

It is quite an exciting game and one that will suck you in completely. The gameplay involves exploring dungeons, fighting musters and uncovering secrets.

Fan of legends of Zelda is likely to enjoy playing this game. This game requires you to pick a character, start killing enemies and picking keys off of them to open chests so that you can pick up items to empower your character. At some point in the game, the boss will appear, and you have to kill him too. This game is set in a dark fantasy world in which you have to play the character of an anonymous champion going on a pilgrimage to put a broken realm back together.

The objective of the game is to overcome the forces of the realm. This is an RPG game set in a dungeon in which you have to fight against enemies to gather useful items. There are eight dungeons that you must scale through and overcome all the obstacles placed in these dungeons.

It quickly rose to prominence and dominated the streaming charts on a number of platforms. The Android version of the game is excellent as well, carrying over the familiar gameplay and feel of the console and PC versions. Fortnite also allows for full controller support. Unkilled Free Download. Category: Action. Genre: Not available. Air Attack Free Download. Age rating: Everyone.

Category: Arcade. Publisher: Four Pixels Games. Age rating: Not available. Publisher: Rockstar Games. Why not play some wicked good games with it? Here are the best games with gamepad support for Android.

You can try those at your own risk. Best bluetooth gaming controllers for Android, PC, and more! The mechanics are mostly Bridge Constructor. You build bridges with various materials to get from one end of the level to the other.

There are portals to make things easier or harder as well as cameos from popular characters like GLaDOS. You also get Google Play Games achievements and support for tablets.

Crashlands is one of the best games out there with gamepad support. You play as an intergalactic trucker. An unfortunate series of events lands you on an alien planet. Your goal is to craft and fight your way off of the planet. Key and adjacent locations are worked out to the smallest detail — on the way there are working terminals, open doors of shops, lockers full of ammunition and money, and also batteries and activators.

Shooting is realistic. So, grab your weapon and go ahead, demolish the heads of bloodthirsty creatures. In this game, you have to choose a suitable character for yourself and go on a dangerous journey to the streets of the city.

There are three main characters to choose from and each has its own unique ability. Each character in the game has its own unique tricks and strokes. Gangsters armed to the teeth, the mafia and strong bosses will fight against you. You should complete all eight levels and defeat numerous enemies. You can play this game with your friends in multiplayer mode and achieve excellent results by doing combo attacks and applying numerous tricks. In this game, you can save your progress in case the level is difficult.

Management is very convenient, very beautiful nostalgic graphics, cool storyline. Sheriff Burton — an employee of the department of intergalactic security, a desperate catcher of criminals and gangsters, and a well-aimed shooter and a great strategist. The hero copes with his duties perfectly — under the leadership of Burton, star systems have become safer, the theft of space credits has ceased, and trade between the planets has resumed.

Space Marshals 2 is an experimental fighter successfully crossing the atmosphere of the sci-fi universe and the atmosphere of the Wild West. Everywhere space, blasters and terrific technologies of the future, but the old and well-trained sheriff with a characteristic star on his chest control everything. The developers have tried their best to add realism to physics.

Space Marshals 2 has a fairly high-quality graphics of console level, with dynamic lighting, dust, debris, and incredibly beautiful special effects.

Welcome to the championship tames arcade controloer in sunny California! Every year competition allows to reveal free android games with controller support talents, everyone can participate in it, even if you are an absolute beginner. But if you are lucky and the victory will be free android games with controller support, then the high reward is guaranteed! The player will be able to use more than seven types of control of his wheelbarrow. There are no complicated rules — everything is very free android games with controller support, the desire to free android games with controller support a champion is enough. The creators of the arcade thought up the division into different areas. Qndroid there is a place for beginner racers, but somewhere everything is equipped especially for those who already have certain training and can even claim that he is professional. Gaames, there will not be modern graphics overloaded with details and some complicated management. Everything is simple and those who enjoy nostalgia will certainly appreciate the design of the game elements. Be ready for a long way to victory — you have to win many rivals. And the fuel can run fitness dash free download full version at any time and it happens quite often! There is no big variety of routes — they are all similar to each other, representing a circular track with turns. But the picture will change — this is a cityscape, then wildlife, then something else. Choose your free android games with controller support, upgrade it as far as possible, set new sports records and show off to your friends! You can suppoort check: 15 Best offline strategy games for Android. free android games with controller support GRID Autosport. In comparison, most racers on Android are free-to-play, and so they often contain questionable monetization systems. Best of all, the game offers. Best Android games with Bluetooth controller support in Gaming is simply better with Free, $4 to unlock full game at Google Play Store. "Free on Amazon Underground" is the primary reason people pick Knights of the Old Republic over the competition. This page is powered by a. Game Controller; Angel in Danger; Angry Birds Go! Angry Bots VR (demo); Angry Chicken: Egg Madness; Angry Chicken: Egg Madness; Angry Wife Free. Curated List of Free Games with Controller Support Table Top Racing Free Racing Is there an android/web browser RPG that has very tactical combat. If you are the type of gamer who prefers using a controller to touchscreen control, this article will be your source for top free games with controller support. This game has excellent console graphics and a very interesting story. Download Oceanhorn for Android for free and you will get into the world of adventure with it. 10 Best Android Games with Controller Support As a result, we are seeing increased support for gaming controllers for mobile games. 5 of the best Android games with controller support. 1) Fortnite. Picture credits: XDA Developers. Hide the progress bar forever? Apple Pie. Even the graphics are really good for a mobile game. It also supports offline game play if you want to go that route. A sickly sweet girl's love sim. Space Marshals 2 has a fairly high-quality graphics of console level, with dynamic lighting, dust, debris, and incredibly beautiful special effects. Look for this icon to find out where you can earn Blocks. Yes No. Bitsys I Made. In addition, the game has its own chat and email notifications to help you quickly communicate with other players. free android games with controller support