Free to me you and me all-time fav house-sitting gig: 3 months in Switzerland, splitting my time between the Zurich house and Alpine cottage. August 8, at am Reply. My dogs miss him!! You can stay at pretty neat places out there. Accommodayion I found surprising free accommodation in return for work the article was the degree to which some people use couch surfing specifically to hook up. More importantly, since you are volunteering, you would not require a work free accommodation in return for work to stay, making your travel more flexible and easy!">

free accommodation in return for work

free accommodation in return for work

The work was good and only 5 hours a day and she kept our bellys full Definetly recommend … read more this workaway! Left by Workawayer Rachel for host. We stayed with Jacqui, David, and their lovely family for two weeks and had a wonderful time! We expected to do mainly gardening work, but as they needed help with their restaurant, that ended up being our primary job, which included working in the dish pit, running food, waiting tables, taking orders, etc.

Hi Jerone! The restaurant has a pub … read more attached with traditional Irish music playing weekly, and the whole staff is like a family. Our accommodation was their adjacent cottage, and it was also lovely. The family enjoys their privacy but also encourage any questions and conversations you may have. It was a great situation. There are nearby walking paths in the neighborhood forest, as well as beaches and other attractions not too far away by car.

The family provides groceries and you will cook meals. If you're lucky, you'll get to room with a French guy named Jamie who will make fun of your poor American cooking skills and then teach you how to make crepes. Hi Jamie! One of the ways I have managed to travel for free almost! Because this is a kind of work exchange, it is a great way to work in a hostel abroad without needing a visa or a long-term job contract.

Work exchange programs offer free accommodation for travellers if they offer their services, skills and time in exchange, so it is a win-win for both parties. However, before you sign up, there are several things you need to know about getting free accommodation in exchange for work as a hostel volunteer.

The best place to look for free accommodation in exchange for work as a hostel volunteer is on work exchange sites like Worldpackers , Workaway and HelpX. Work exchange websites act as an intermediary between potential hosts and volunteers, so you can browse available hostel volunteer placements and easily apply for the positions.

Usually, there is a membership fee to sign up on such sites, but there are a couple of free websites you can use as well, although they offer less support than the paid sites should something go wrong.

When I am not traveling, I host people and when I am traveling I sometimes stay with them or meet them for lunch or coffee. There is nothing like living with locals to know a place and culture. I have never used Couchsurf before, but I would love to try it some day!

Did you report this host? Yeah, that happened haha Besides, it was my first experience doing something like that and it left me quite shaky after the manager and I had a huge fight. I did report him to Worldpackers, because he also drank a lot and was a bit eerie around some of the other volunteers. After that everything went well, I got along really well with my other hosts, but I guess some bad experiences are expected.

Good luck with your sponsorship! I do love that breakfast room, too! This is a very interesting post. I have read before about the typical post explaining how to get sponsored accomodation and so, but mostly from the point of view of someone who wants you to write a nice post about them directly and only for a few days, not for something as long term as you did…. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading! Good to know these things secrets , these will gonna help newbies to travel the world more sustainably. Thanks for sharing this post. Hopefully haha. Dann Castillo recently posted… Things to know before travelling to Mexico advice from a true Mexican. What an interesting piece! Such a useful post! I have a friend who worked for a hostel for a free accommodation too, and her experience was great as well. Just make sure that your host benefits from the exchange as much as you do.

So provide honest work and try to not be too shy! It couldn't be any easier! Plan your route in advance by contacting hosts who fit your travelling plans. Simply drag the map to an interesting area, check for markers representing volunteer opportunities and send a request. You can also save markers as favourites and come back to them later. Place a travelling marker on the map, with details about you and the dates you plan on going to a particular place.

A great way of hooking up with hosts or other travellers. Check what other people have to say about the host you plan on visiting, check photos of their home, or take a look at their Facebook profile. It's all only a click away from their public profile. I was chatting with a fellow when I was in Berlin recently, who had traveled extensively with couch surfing.

He consistently stayed with women often women much older than he who propositioned him — some even quite aggressively. But when a reader recently described her multiple unsuccessful volunteer attempts, I realized that some countries are better than others to get free accommodation in. You can read her story in the next chapter.

So here are some criteria to consider. For the most part, this chapter refers to volunteering and house-sitting; both being gigs that involve trading your time and effort for a place to stay on land. My standard of accommodation around the world has been hit and miss. My reader, by contrast, said all her accommodation was sub-standard, and she wished she had just paid to stay in a hostel or hotel instead.

The key to evaluating a free accommodation gig is to compare the value of what you get for your time invested versus what you would pay to stay in a hostel or hotel or wherever it is you would stay if you paid for accommodation. Consider the hourly value to your time spent working, and the cost of the accommodation and facilities being offered in exchange if you were paying for it.

And then, there are the intangible benefits. Volunteer gigs often afford a social structure, local connections, unique experience, and something productive to do. My reader had volunteered in Central America. You generally get more value volunteering in trade for accommodation in developed countries rather than developing countries.

In places like Central America, the cost of living is cheap to begin with, especially for somebody carrying strong currency which includes most travelers. So it might not make sense to volunteer for hours every day in trade for a shack you could afford with pocket change. In addition, many volunteer gigs in Central and South America and possibly other developing countries too offer substandard accommodations.

Like, a tent, in a rural location with nothing to do and nowhere to go. This actually happens a lot. But if your volunteer efforts are financially motivated, perhaps you can find better ways to save money. While the formula for best countries to house-sit in is similar to volunteering, there are a few extra factors to consider, that have much more to do with the specific gig than the country.

Firstly, what is the accommodation like, and where is it located? I house-sat in Panama for a few months. Secondly, what tasks are required of you?

I stayed there for a couple of weeks during a long trip to Europe. This was one of the longest volunteering I did. At some point when I was in Australia , I was running low on cash, and I had to find a volunteering position so I can get free accommodation and food until I could get my tax return to travel again. In , I took a job in a hostel in Kuala Lumpur as I was low on cash again and I needed a break of traveling for a bit until I can save money again.

I had to work about 6 hours a day to get a free bed and one meal per day. This story is the ugly one. When the host picked me up at the train station, he was drunk and almost ran over a dog on the way to the farm.

He was drunk every night and he was always pretty confused about our schedule which resulted in us we were 4 volunteers not having to work. I stayed there for a week I was supposed to be there for a month and I work a total of 5 hours. Backpacking around the world sounds fun — but how much money do you need?

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