first certificate star teacher book download free

first certificate star teacher book download free

A group of adolescent boys in a private hoarding school get a new English teacher, Professor Keating Robin Williams. Robin Williams plays Daniel Hillard, a struggling actor who loses his job and whose wife wants a divorce, Atthe divorce hearing, Daniel is not thought responsible enough to have custody of the children, butis allowed visitations. As Mrs Doubifire he gets the job of housekeeper to his ex-wife and children. Individually ask the students to complete exercise 2. While they are doing this, monitor how they set about the task.

Do any of them look at the exam box? Do you notice any of them reading the text first before starting to complete the spaces? Use the notes below. Follow up: ask students to write sentences illustrating the ineaning of words they did not know before, Speaking page 45 Exam practice: Photographs 1 students work in pairs. Remind them to look back at the useful language box on page 25 to help them with their descriptions and comparisons, 2 Discuss the questions with the whole all students to say something, however brief.

In pairs or groups of three students talk about their Favourit funny films, Monitor the class and give them feedback on errors at the end. Encourage them to refer to the grammar box where necessary. Vocabulary page 47 Word formation 7 sex atime limit. Ask students to work in pairs and, complete the table with those nouns and adjectives they know and then to use their dictionaries to find the remainder.

Play the cassette once without stopping, Elicit from the class what they have picked up. Exam practice: Part 4 2. SdPlay the cassewe again, then check the answers with the class, playing parts ofthe cassette again if necessary. MW: Eighteen months. I; Timean, i's relatively new course and, from the course description which Ihave here, it seems students actually spend : lot of time watching films on video. And this, leads toa degree?

What would you sty to that? There have been one or two letters in the press recentiy. I; And what would you say tothe critics? MW: disagree, of course, But yes, we do teach a course called Media Studies or Media Education and, yes, we do watch and discuss films: feature films and films made for TV.

I; Some people do find i difficult to believe thata course where students watch soap operas ean really be taken seriously. That's only a small part of the course. MW: Well, yes. The same group of people appear in different Stories every week. You often find, that the sitcom is based on stereotypes.

Listeners must be wondering how you test your students. How do you know they've learnt anything? MW: Well, students are expected, as with other courses. As for the written papers in the first paper they answer questions on what they've been studying in class and for their take-home assignment they choose a film and analyse it.

Stuclenis then share their answers. Unit 5 Writing pages Exam information: Letter of application ent the letter option in Part 2 of the writing exam by. When do you write a letter of application? What style do you use for a letter of application?

What information would you include in a letter of application? Students read the box and check their predictions. Pres Exam practice: Letter of application 7 students read the question and the advertisement. Would you like to go there? How would you spend your time? Who wrote this advertisement?

Who would read i Why? Do you have to pay for this language course? Where do you have to live to apply? Will you stay ina hotel? What do they eae Do they mostly come out at night or during the day? Are they kept as pets? From left to right the photographs show a snake, a dog, a bat, a grasshopper 2 studemis work in pa lass, You could rs, Check the answers isk students to make the sounds!

Do not check answers at this stage. Students read the text quickly to check their answers fo exercise 4. Give them time to check their answers in pairs before checking with the class. Return the lists to each pair. Do they agree with the marking? Go through the answers swith the class 9 students work inclvidually before comparing their answvers with the class Unit 6 Grammar pages Comparative and superlative adjectives 1 students work in pairs before comparing their answers with another pair.

Do they all agree? Do not give any answers at this stage. Ask them to look back at their answers for exercise 1. Do they want to change anything? If you have time, tell students more about the animals mentioned, using the information below.

The tallest giraffe ever recorded was called George and lived in Chester Zoo, England. George was 6. The ostrich is the largest bird in the world height 24 m and also lays the largest egg weight kg. The heaviest blue whale ever recorded weighed tonnes. The longest blue whale ever recorded measured over 33 metres long, 3 Before students begin the exercise, check that they know the people and things mentioned. Students work in pairs. Check answefs by going round the class with each pair providing a sentence.

Itis named alter Sir George Everest , who completed the land survey of India. It is also the deepest ocean, approximately 11 metres at its deepest point. In , over million drinks were sold every day. Student A starts and reads aloud, filling in the first blank space. Stuclent B takes over and so on to the end of the text. Students write in the words they used when completing the gaps orally and then look at the whole text and decide iFthey want 10 change anything 5 Students write sentences individually.

Round off by giving students feedback on their errors Listening page 53 Exam information: Part 3 Present Part 3 of the listening exam by asking students 10 read the information in the box and then explain to a partner what they have read. Give them time to read the questions, Play the cassette twice, Check the answers with the class.

Clues to the answers are underlined in the tapescript. Well, P've never regretted having a dog, though it has involved certain drawbacks, mostly of space. You see, we live in a flat, which is actually quite spacious but nevertheless an Alsatian needs a fot space and it needs exercise, otherwise it ets a bit restless. But they are great fun, dogs. Alot of people are quite frightened of him but he won't harm anyone ifthey don't bother him.

Itmakes fora less stressful state of mind so that's a good reason for having one, Cats are not as loyal as dogs, though. We don't really know how they do t. Apart from anything else, lind pigeons and doves ofall kinds so intelligent and sensitive and grtceful 4 se wasimy birdy a couple of weeks ago and my friends gotme a tle budgerigar in a cage, Love it I's so gorgeous just look at it all the time; the coloursare so preity.

The poor thing was frightened to death. I's OK now. It smelt really awful and L vvas always wamed fo put jus litle bitin, you know, jusa couple of fakes. Students work individually.

Using the five pets, ask students which they would rather have. Students scan the text for an answer. The text refers to instinet but the answer to the question is only really answered in the second text. Students read the information box. Working in pairs stuclents discuss their preferenc Encourige students to respond to what their partners say remind them of the tips in the box on page Aer about ten minutes, ask a spokesperson from each g70up to report to the rest ofthe chiss.

Round off by giving the class feedback on errors Vocabulary page 56 Words often confused 1 Students work in pairs and then check their answers with the class Phrasal verbs with go 2 Once students have done the matching, ask students 0 work in pairs and to cover list A. Looking at the words in lst B, students try to remember the phrasal verbs, Stuclents look atlist A and check. Unit 6 3. Students work individually before comparing answers, with the class, Writing page 57 Exam information: Opinion composition Present the information about opinion compositions by reading the box aloud, Students should tick those tips that have appeared in previous information boxes, ie advice hich is relevant to all writing tasks.

Then ask them what advice is particular to opinion compositions. In pairs they discuss if they agree with the writer. Open up the discussion briefly to the whole class. IF students come up with alternative paragraphs to those suggested below, ask them to justify their decisions.

Who would like to go? What sights would you see in London? Remind them to look back to the useful language box on page As students work in pairs describing and comparing their photographs, monitor the class and make a note of any important errors you hear. After about two or three minutes stop the activity and ask individual students to say something about the photographs, Round off by giving the class feedback on their errors 2 Asthis isan exercise in reading for gist, set a time limit.

Check unders by asking a few questions, eg What kinds of text will you have to reac! He was never caught by the p The Black Death was a great epidemic of the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe in the fourteenth century.

Born in Stratford upon Avon, the son of a wool dealer, he was educated at the local grammar school. In he married Anne Hathaway and they had three children, He retired to Stratford in about and died there on 23 April Many people believe that Elgin stole the marble sculptures and that Britain should retum them to Greece.

It was first brought out in t0 help solve wivia disputes in pub quizzes. Many people tty to break records just for fun or to raise money for charity. Vocabulary page 60 Leisure 7 students work in pairs or individually. In pairs students compare and discuss what they have put in the three lists, Note: check students understand scrabble a board!

Ask students to read aloud a sentence each and elicit ideas on the activities they describe from the rest of the class. You've spilt the milk; 3 students work individually before checking their answers with the class. I've been having a bit ofa problem with the TY set, R: Yourroom number, sir? It comes on but I just get this white Unit 7 R Have you tried the remote control? M: The remote control? The course presents students with motivating topics that encourage interest whilst reflecting the requirements of the exam The comprehenive grammar syllabus with easy-to-follow presentation boxes give systematic practice for the Use of English paper, Special focus is given to vocabulary expansion, with sections on 'words often confused' and phrasal verbs in every unit, Reading, listening and speaking skills are developed and practised through a mixture of interesting material and exam tasks, Thorough preparation is given for the writing paper with staged writing tasks and models to analyse Ready for FCE Second Edition Full Set - Roy Norris - Macmillan, All four skills are systematically developed and practiced in each unit, while in-depth exam training is given in the form of regular 'What to expect in the exam' and 'How to go about it' help boxes.

This step-by-step approach ensures that students will be fully prepared and confident when sitting the First Certificate exam. Exercise Book for Focus on First Certificate. Ankara, This material is useful for upper-intermediate or FCE level learners of English. It can also be used to practice upper level grammar and cloze test procedure.

The book was originally published without an answer key. The answer key was added later with the help of my colleagues. First Certificate Organiser - This exam preparation and revision text for the First Certificate exam employs a two-page format - the left-hand pages provide FCE practice and the right-hand pages organize the language just covered. This edition has been published to accompany the revised First Certificate Examination.

Exam Essentials First Certificate Practice Tests Full Pack - Exam Essentials First Certificate Practice Tests Book includes: Fully guided tests with essential tips followed by six complete tests, Special sections on the Speaking paper in full colour, includes additional helpful phrases and expressions, Separate writing bank with fully written out model compositions, useful language and notes on content and organisation, Objective mark sheets that enable students to practice copying their answers as in the actual exam.

First Certificate English textbooks collection download for free. Key features: A systematic approach to word formation prefixes, suffixes and irregular forms , Grammar focus, providing essential First Certificate grammar practice, A phrasal verb reference section with definitions from the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners plus a list of collocations and patterns with a reference section at the back of the book.

The course presents students with motivating topics that encourage interest whilst reflecting the requirements of the exam The comprehenive grammar syllabus with easy-to-follow presentation boxes give systematic practice for the Use of English paper, Special focus is given to vocabulary expansion, with sections on 'words often confused' and phrasal verbs in every unit, Reading, listening and speaking skills are developed and practised through a mixture of interesting material and exam tasks, Thorough preparation is given for the writing paper with staged writing tasks and models to analyse.

Remember me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password? Teacher's book'. Year 1 1 4 Language English. Teacher's book by Luke Promdromou.

Advanced Grammar Vocabulary Evans Documents. Macmillan Pulse 1 Vocabulary and grammar consolidation and I made the mistake of downloading this before work, reading the first chapter as I brushed my teeth and got dressed, falling into the writing style immediately. Search this site. PDF Online. Britain's motor industry PDF Online. David Roberts, R. Download Gian Luigi Ernesto Meissonier Ricordi e colloqui preceduti da uno studio sulla vita e sulle opere.

Download Pipe Down! Download Read Write Inc. Download Trattato dell'Agricoltura. PDF Download. Free Food Rebellions!

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