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feng shui books pdf free download

feng shui books pdf free download

If you work out of the home, the office space should be acti- vated with symbols to enhance the flow of money energy. When exposed in a home, they bring a feeling of oppression and can stop the flow for money and wealth accumulation. When the bed where you sleep, or where you sit at work have exposed beams over- head, they can cause ill health, bad luck and business problems. Sleeping under an exposed beam can cause severe illness. If your desk is directly under an exposed beam, you will have a difficult time achieving your full potential in the business world.

Ceilings were never meant to have exposed beams. The best ceiling should have a flat surface and if at all pos- sible, have rounded edges at the corners. Standing beams protruding from cor- ners can cause problems in any section where they happen to be.

For instance, beams in the marriage corner can fos- ter conflict and divorce, in the wealth corner they cause the loss of money, and in the knowledge corner, lack of education for you or your children. If you have such large beams square columns placed in corners, you can camouflage the edges by putting plants in front of them.

You can cover the sides of the beam with mirrors except in the bed- room , and flowers will also help the flow of energy. Hollow wind chimes can also be placed from the ceiling close to the beam, and this will help the flow of energy to pass by the beam.

They are not as effective as the plants or mirrors, but if you cannot do anything else, you can use chimes. If you have a broken chair, replace it or get it fixed immediately.

If you have chips on some of your dishes, get rid of them. It is not good feng shui to have chipped dishes, or anything in the kitchen that is not working. Replace anything in the home that is not working properly, espe- cially burned out light bulbs, leaky sinks, and broken or cracked windows and doors. Everything should be in proper working order, or your resources will drain away. The computer you work on daily should not have cords going in every which direction.

Use a large funnel cord to put all the small cords in so they look neat and tidy. Another important aspect element in promot- ing good feng shui is avoiding overcrowding. You should feel relaxed and secure in every room of the house. Speaking of every room in the house, every room in your home should be used.

I have done feng shui consultations in huge homes to where much of the house is not used. You can feel when rooms are not used. They hold dead energy. It is very important to use every room in order to circulate the energy to all parts of the house.

If a room holds dead energy, that room exerts a bad influence on the rest of the house and can cause illness to the people who live there. Pets move around and help circulate the energy. If you live alone, pets can keep you company and will help you from being lonely or feeling alone. Pets have been proven to keep people healthy because of the company and energy they provide.

Dogs, cats, birds, goldfish, or any- thing living will bring good energy into the home. Throw those files away and new business will come to you. After cleaning out the clutter physically, clean and straighten up the place, vacu- um, sweep and mop all areas of the house. This should be done at least once a week. Allocate different corners to each individual in your household in order to maximize and enhance your wealth section.

If you find that you do not use something within a year, get rid of it. Once you dispose of things you no longer use, you make room for new energy and opportunities to enter. SMUDGING After each cleaning of your home of clutter, there is a procedure that is called space clearing or smudging that should be under- taken each time, using white sage, candles and bells.

This is a very important course of action for clearing away negative energies. I clear negative energies with each feng shui I do. It gets rid of dead energy and brings new life into the home. Smudge clearing raises the level of vibrations in a place. They cleared out energy with smoking of the pipe and a chant dance. All cultures have used some form of space clear- ing since the beginning of time.

Homes and offices can benefit from being cleared out at least once a month. After clearing the space, light a white candle and let it burn for a while. When I clear energy by smudging, I get the whole family involved. The children love it and any pets like to be around when it is going on. Animals can see the ener- gy changing and are very interested in watching it move.

The amount of time it takes to clear and smudge depends on the size of the house. You can live in one room and still have wonderful feng shui,and live in a mansion where it is not nearly as good. But the size of the home takes a certain amount of time to clear the energy.

After I help the people clear out and rearrange furniture, I sometimes spend as much as two hours smudging and clear- ing with bells or gongs. When you feng shui it takes time to tune to the space. I recommend doing some deep breathing exercises as it helps to tune into the space. When you are doing this procedure, it is important for you to feel this connection with your space.

You must be relaxed in order to accomplish this. Start at the front door and go around the perimeter of the house feeling and sens- ing the energy. Once you do this, you will be amazed to discover how you can feel stagnant or alive energy in different rooms. Since your home is already familiar to you, it will be easier to tune in if you sit quietly in each room and try to feel the energy.

If you have an affinity with animals or plants, you will find that you have an affinity with buildings, too. Buildings have energy just as animals or plants, you just have to tune into this energy to help release suppressed energy and move it so it becomes alive again. If your home is more than one floor, start at the bottom of the building and move upward to each level.

Energy always stagnates at the bottom. If you have a base- ment, start working with the basement first. Water is the elixir of life. We are not able to live long without it. It is the only substance that is absolutely necessary in order to have a healthy body and mind. It is also the element that rules the career section. Its direction is north. Water can be placed in the north or southeast section of your home.

The southeast section is the prosperity corner. The placement of water in this area, along with a luxuriant green plant, will be beneficial in attaining wealth. Wood is the element that rules the Southeast and consequently, water is beneficial to the wood. Activate these two sections by using bubbling fountains and be sure to select one where the water bubbles up instead of running down or fish tanks.

Keep both clean, as stagnant water has the same effect on your financial position. If your front door faces North, East, or Southeast, place a small fountain at the entrance on the right hand side of your front door.

The right hand side is coming into the house. Left hand side entering the house is not a lucky placement, but the right hand side increases finances and helps with overall harmony in the home. Use your lucky colors for house and office colors, the color of your car, and even clothes.

Color is especially important when used to balance out the five elements. Color creates harmony, which creates good feng shui. But caution should be used. For example, red is the color best known for attracting anything and is the strongest and most powerful color of all. But, if it is used in the wrong location or if it is not lucky for your special Kua number, it can be detrimental to your health.

A little red can always be used, such as splashes of red here and there, but of course, not a lot If your color is gold, you can use lots of the color gold, but not much green. Red is beneficial to you if your color is gold. You can mix red and gold together, but remember, it should be placed in the South or West, as your Kua number is 2, with the color gold. The lions, deer, elephants, turtles, horses, frogs and the three important gods placed in your home will ensure a well balanced life of abundance.

We can easily see the influence of the past in Europe, where we see guardian lions providing protection to many front doors of businesses and homes. Three lucky gods are Fuk, Luk and Sau. I have never been in a Chinese home that did not have these three gods. They should be placed in a high position, or position of prominence, in your home or office.

Shortly after I got mine, a friend came to visit and was staring at the little guys. They are of great importance to the Chinese people. Fuk is the god of wealth and happiness. Luk is the god of importance and afflu- ence and Sau is the god of health and longevity. There are so many things you can use to create more abundance in your life.

Bright lights placed in dark spaces of your home enhance your chances for mak- ing more money, especially when placed in the wealth section. Paintings in the kitchen and dining area should be of fruit, flowers and food. Heavy sculpture pieces and statues produce yang energy, while yin energy can be activated with bright lights and sounds from background music and chimes. Paintings and pictures that symbolize happiness can be placed in different rooms for a calming effect. Avoid any kind of art that suggests unhappiness.

You will have peo- ple leave your life if you have any such pictures. Paintings should be with more than one person or ani- mal to ensure happiness in your love life. Single peo- ple in paintings suggest being alone. If you have any paintings like these, replace them with happy and healthy pictures of people or animals. Turtles are also considered to be lucky, as are frogs. North is considered cold and damp.

It is the wintertime, when things lay dormant. Water produces wealth. We cannot live without water. We also cannot live without having money in our lives, so this section is very important to both our health and wealth. Water fountains, fish tanks and even a picture with the view of water are all important ways to enhance the earn- ing of money.

If you are an East group per- son, you can have your door facing north. It is not a good direction, howev- er, if you are a West group person. North can be activated to bring in money for both East and West people.

It may be a little confusing, but as time goes by and you as you become more familiar with feng shui, you will have a better understanding of the elements with the directions and colors. Feng Shui is such a deep subject you cannot possibly get all the information from any book, but it is a beginning.

The earth element is for the Northeast section. The earth element rep- resents wisdom, honesty, and reliability. Placing clay, crystals or a bookcase in this section will encourage the gathering of knowledge. Place a photo here of the school you wish your child to attend. This element rules springtime. It is the time of year when all plants and things in the earth come to life.

The sun rises in the East. Wood is the element that helps us to stay healthy. This is a short work on Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient form of geomancy, with roots in Animism, Taoism and Confucianism. Your luck perhaps? To travel more? Maybe even attract more money, loving relationships, a great career or just simply to be happier?

It's something that a lot of us wish we could do, and I believe that everyone has the right to experience this kind of happiness. Try pdfdrive:hope to request a book. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 20 Next. Ms Tan. These eBooks are really good. Do you have hard copy?

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