Fifty shades freed 2018.720 p bluray x264 yts am 6 Gapped text page 93 The great taste sensation Going to extremes Part 5 Multiple choice page Against all odds e All in the mind page D tenses Reported speech Verbs connected with speech "Travel Modal verbs: advice, ability, prohibition and obligation Part 6 Gapped text The verb get Passives Food Speculating about the present and past Compound adjectives Relative clauses Mental activities Comparatives and superlatives Conditionals Switch off your mind and become a genius Fce result students book pdf free and machine Part 5 Multiple choice page The gadget generation Gadgets and their parts G Make a difference page and conti. Key 1 Fce result students book pdf free 2 A 3 A only children have no brothers or sisters. Role-play an interview with one of the people from the headlines in Include these questions and add your own ideas. What do they decide to book tickets for? Your understanding of t ext structure and development page 94 7 Multiple matching 10 Match prompts from a list t o elements in a text.">

fce result students book pdf free

fce result students book pdf free

Read the how to do it box. Then read the text again carefully, and for questions 1- 6, choose the answer A, B, C or D which you think fits best, according to the text. B are becoming more and more common. C are more common among older mothers. D are no more frequent in one geographical area than another. B haven't been studied before. C look and behave in very similar ways. D are not alike in terms of personality. B knew about their twin, but had no contact.

C did not know they had ever had a twin. D were prevented from seeing each other by their adoptive families. A They had always expected them. B They found them very amusing. C They did not realize how similar they were until the researchers told them. D They were very surprised. B each had two wives. C had pets with the same name. D married women who were identical twins.

A They are all just as surprising. B They are less surprising, but often show interesting coincidences. C Many of them are even more surprising. D Most of them show that other pairs of identical twins are not very similar. Identical twins are fascinating because they 5 challenge this notion: they are unique people, of course, but they're also unnervingly similar to each other - and not only in terms of appearance.

They often share opinions, mannerisms and personality traits. Identical twins are rare, occurring in about three out of every 1, births.

They seem to occur at random, regardless of the age or ethnic background of the mot her unlike non-identical twins which are, for 15 example, far more common among Africans than Asians. Although there may be tiny differences in physical appearances between t wo identical twins, which allow family and close 20 friends to tell them apart, they do have exactly the same DNA.

This is because they develop from a single egg, which divides in two during the very early stages of pregnancy. The very fact that both twins were given the same name was a big coincidence. By studying identical twins who have not grown up ' together, researchers can see which similarities remain and which disappear.

In other words, they can learn 75 which aspects of a person's identity are determined by genes and which are influenced by the environment. The 35 Minnesota Twin Study is probably the best-known twin study to date.

The study provides information about how our environment and genes work together to influence everything from attitudes, talents and abilities, to job selection, falling in love, aging and health. At age five, Lewis learned that he had a twin, but he said that the idea never truly 'soaked in' until he was 38 years old. The two Jims were finally reunited at age While not as eerily similar as the Jim twins, many more instances of strange likenesses can be found among twins who were raised apart.

For example, identical twins Tom Patterson and Steve Tazumi had very different upbringings. Bonnelay PDF Download. Free Concise Bible Atlas by J. Segond PDF Download. Free L'homme et son langage. Niv Editions Gwalarn. Ebrel Je est un autre PDF Online. L'Eglise locale. L'esprit des druides PDF Download. Larousse de poche PDF Kindle. PDF Biblioteca de autores espanoles. PDF Dharma ePub. PDF Dictionnaire des constantes biologiques et physiques-Applications cliniques et explorations paracliniques ePub.

PDF Dictionnaire des philosophes. PDF Dictionnaire des symboles. Editions du Seuil. Index des termes. PDF Dictionnaire historique des ordres religieux Download. PDF Dictionnaires des rimes. A Harry leads a real rock singer's lifestyle. B Harry and Laura-Jane both have strong opinions. C They only had four weeks for all the training. B was frightening but fun. C was fun, but not something she'd want to do again.

A She didn't really change her style or attitude. B She didn't enjoy the whole experience of becoming a rock singer. C She didn't make the judges believe that she was a real rock singer. B become a more confident person.

C change her opinion of rock singers. Say why, and how successful you think you would be. For example, in one programme, a quiet, shy chess player had to become the manager of a football team. And in another, a singer in a punk rock band became the conductor of a classical orchestra. The interesting part of the show is not only whether they manage to fool the experts, but. Speaking Part 1 1 Read questions a-f below and in pairs brainstorm some ideas and words you might use to answer them.

Match each speaker from 2 to two of the phrases below, one from each language box. Well, it's difficult to say, really. It depends what you mean, exactly. I suppose the simplest answer to that question is. If I think about it, I suppose. On balance, I think.. The best example that comes to mind is.. B answer.. Try to include phrases from 3 in your answers.

They can be added to certain verbs, but 4 Read the how to do it box. Then read the text again carefully and complete gaps 1- 8 with words formed from those below. Then add negative prefixes to a-g, checking in a dictionary if necessary. It looked OK to me! Look at the context of each missing word and work out what part of speech it must be. Find a word related to the base word which is the correct part of speech. Read your completed text to check that it makes sense. Does it matter whether you are watching a real actor or a computer-generated actor, if you can't tell the difference?

Vocabulary Idioms connected with speech 1 Match expressions a-h with definitions The people falling frorm t he shiP,. Using real people for these scenes would have been Eventually, ' progress brought 1 us Avatar, the first fullrlength film with a But their : benefits surely mean that synthespians are here to stay. He always.. You should explain what leisure fac1l1t1es are available and say what problems there are and how the faci lities could be improved.

Facilities 1 Sports Facilities for sports in our town are very limited, in my opinion. There are some playing fields and a public swimming pool. The playing f ields are fine if you want to jog, but there's not much else you can do there.

The pool is very old and the changing rooms are in a terrible condition. The problem is, both restaurants are unaffordable for most ordinary teenagers.

There is also a fast-food takeaway, but the food is greasy and there are no tables, so you can't eat in. Tickets are not too expensive, which is good, but the cinema only has two screens, so the choice of film is always limited.

It's also very full at weekends. There is also a need for some more affordable places to eat and drink. Use your own words, but include words and phrases from 1. Read the phrases in the language box below and find one which is used in the model answer.

For me, the first priority would be. I would very much like to see This town would be greatly improved by. Nobody could deny that.. If it were up to me, I'd. Then answer the task in 2 by writing a report words about your own town. Write between and words. Review 1 Complete sentences a-f with the most appropriate of these verbs.

I thought you wanted to go out tonight? An amateur fossil After a thorough It represented an The scientists gave Piltdown Man a 5. However, in , three scientists from the British museum re-examined the bones They had been covered in a special substance to make them look 7. Piltdown Man was a fake and Charles Dawson had been 8. Say whether or not you would enjoy these ways of travelling. Give reasons, thinking about the following and your own ideas.

Discuss your ideas with another pair. Why do you think this is? Discuss what problems these people might have faced on their journeys, and which you think was most difficult. Think of a possible newspaper headline to describe it. A He was an experienced skateboarder. B He wanted to break a world record. C He was bored with his life and wanted to try something different.

D Somebody gave him a guidebook about Australia. A thunderstorms in the Outback B the trains that race across the Outback C the injuries on his feet D the wind created by huge lorries going past 3 At times, David felt as though he A needed to stop for a while.

B wanted to give up completely. C wanted to get out of the sun. D needed a new pair of shoes. A in a four-wheel drive vehicle B in a tent C outdoors on the Nullarbor Plain D in the homes of his supporters s Why does David think surfing is a good thing to do after his journey?

A He can stay close to Brisbane. B He's always wanted to surf on the Gold Coast. D He needs to keep his legs strong. A encourage other people to feel more positive about themselves B put his skateboard away C return to work as a designer D persuade other people to make long-distance journeys 5 Work in pairs. Role-play an interview with one of the people from the headlines in Include these questions and add your own ideas. It was a 5, kilometre odyssey - and he travelled the whole distance on a skateboard.

David Cornthwaite, who started skateboarding less than two years ago, decided on his epic journey after waking up one morning and realizing he hated his job. I was a bit disillusioned and I was looking for something new,' he said.

There was a map on the back. Perth was on one side and Brisbane on the other and I thought, "that'll do". That 1,kilometre trek, which he 15 finished in June, took just over a month, during which an infected blister swelled to the 'size of a tenn is ball'. Crossing Australia on a skateboard brought unique challenges.

The wind caused by huge road trains , 20 the articulated lorries that thunder across the Outback, was so powerful that he was sometimes blown off his board. Multiple blisters and aching ankles, toes and feet have kept him in almost constant pain for the 25 last six weeks.

I'm not sure that anyone has ever had this many blisters,' he said. Skating an average of 50 kilometres a day and hitting speeds of up to 50kph on downhill runs, he left Perth, Western Australia, and skated across the fearsome Nullarbor Plain into South Australia. After reaching Adelaide he made his way to Melbourne and from there to Sydney.

A support team of seven people trailed him all the way in a four-wheel drive vehicle, which included camping equipment for night stops. The journey has smashed the previous record for a long-distance skateboard, set by an American, Jack Smith, who covered 4, kilometres across the US in David Cornthwaite was less than three kilometres from the end of his epic journey when he hit a hole and was thrown off his skateboard, suffering cuts and bruises to his shoulders, knees, hips and elbows.

I need to give my body a chance to warm down and surfing sounds ideal. For the time being I'm hanging up my skateboard. Another long-distance journey is also on the cards. Say what connects the other three words. The shops are only a few hundred metres away! It's dangerous. Choose the correct verb in phrases a-f.

When they finally allowed us to 8 the plane, I found that I'd been given a window seat, even though I'd asked for an aisle seat. And to cap it all, the plane sat on the runway for fifty minutes because of a technical problem. The end of the flight was just as bad. We landed with a huge bump, the 9 above my seat flew open, and my own 10 fell down and hit me on the shoulder. Read the sentences in 1 again and answer questions a-c. New Message What a terrible journey!!

When we tried to buy a ticket from the 3 , we discovered that we were on the wrong train. Take it in turns to listen to your partner's problems and give advice, using a variety of appropriate modal verbs.

Use the ideas below or your own. More than one answer may be possible. Then find and correct two examples in the text where could should be managed to. I stood on the beach and waved my arms, shouting. Eventually, I could attract Harry's attention and he steered the boat in our direction. He couldn't come too close to the beach in case the boat became grounded, so we waded out to meet it.

The waves were quite strong, and I could see that Jacqui was nervous. I remembered that Mark could swim, but Jacqui couldn't. I held her arm as the water became deeper. When the boat came alongside, I could grab hold of the ladder and hold it steady while she climbed aboard.

It's for emergency vehicles only. And you Your efforts 4. You Listen, and for questions choose the best answer A, B or C. What is the customer's attitude? A demanding B indecisive C complaining 2 You hear part of a radio documentary about a man who travelled through America.

How many different ways did Mark travel? A by bike, on foot and by boat B by bike and on foot C by bike 3 You hear a weather forecast. How many types of transport are mentioned?

A three B four C five 4 You hear a woman talking about a decision she made. What was the main reason for her decision? How long has he been working on his latest invention? How does the receptionist deal with the customer? A unhelpfully B unkindly C impatiently 7 You hear Sally talking to her friend. What is Sally's main problem? A She's damaged her brother's bike. B Her bike is broken. C She's hurt her leg. Where are they? Use these ideas to help you. Match three of them to photos 1, 2 and 3.

Which words gave you the answers? If you ask me, I really think we should Personally, I'm in favour of Believe me, I'm sure it will be worth it. Let's go for it.

I'm really keen on the idea of But just think of the Oh, come on! In pairs, look at the diagram and do the tasks. Use phrases from 2. Imagine you are on holiday in Cairo. Here are some of the excursions you could go on. Talk to each other about what you would find enjoyable or not enjoyable about these different excursions. What would be enjoyable or not enjoyable about these excursions from Cairo?

I' a minute helicopter flight over the pyramids ' Are you more interested in history or landscapes? Excitement or relaxation? Are there any disadvantages? Describe them. Use of English Part 4 Key word transformations 1 For each of a-f, decide which of 2 1- 6 below can replace the words or phrases in bold.

Then, for each of a- f, write a sentence with the same meaning. Replace the word in bold with a word or phrase with the opposite meaning, and m ake any other changes necessary. Example Her parents won't buy her a car unless she passes her driving test. Phone me if you know that your flight won't be on time. Travelling by bus is cheaper than travelling by ta xi. The more expensive seats are more comfortable. When there's a lot of traffic, the journey is slower.

The use of mobile phones is forbidden during the flight. Rewrite each sentence a-f keeping the meaning the same. Use two to five words, including the word given. Vocabulary Idioms with come and go 1 Choose the correct verb to complete sentences a- h. Use a dictionary to check your answers and make sure you understand the meaning of the phrases in italics. As far as holidays are concerned 1 I usually choose something cheap, so you can imagine my surprise when my husband booked a cruise.

Compared to most cruise ships 2 ours was not particularly large or luxurious, and we were disappointed that there were no staff to help us with our luggage. The situation got even worse 3 , however, when we finally found our accommodation.

It was small, badly furnished and dirty. What we thought of first 4 was a prison cell, not a luxury cabin. Like many people, I don't find it easy to complain S , but on this occasion I had to say something because the accommodation simply wasn't satisfactory 6. Reluctantly, the staff agreed to move us to another, slightly more comfortable cabin, which proves 7 that complaining can work. But some of the passengers were heartbroken; they had been looking forward to the holiday of a lifetime, but this cruise was a nightmare rather than a really enjoyable experience 8.

Answer these questions. In your English class you have been talking about the benefits and harm cau. Now your English teacher has asked you to wnte an essay.

Essay question Is global tourism good for the world? Global tourism has grown enormously in the past few decades, and each year millions of people travel to different countries for holidays. Is this new industry a good or bad thing for the world? It is often said that travel broadens the mind, and it is certainly true that visiting other countries raises people's awareness of global issues like poverty and the environment.

Furthermore, tourism provides an income for people who live in some of the poorest countries in the world. That said, it cannot be denied that some forms of tourism are harmful to the environment.

Firstly, there is the pollution caused by transport, especially aeroplanes. In addition, irresponsible tourism can sometimes spoil beautiful coastlines. David Ruiz. Francesco Altamura. Powhatan Vanhugh Belton. Crown Publishing Group. Sasquatch Books. Anupam Debnath. Javier Ortiz. Rizwan Shah. Centuries , Osprey Publishing. But on the other hand, I think I need some time for solitary activities — reading or listening to music, for example. It helps me to relax. So in short, yes, I enjoy being alone, but not all the time!

It's probably a series called Lost. I like it because the plot is really exciting and the special effects are great. In general, I like dramas more than any other kind of programme. But at the same time, I enjoy watching comedies like The Simpsons occasionally. I find it much quicker and easier than using reference books.

Although I must admit, information on the Internet is not always reliable! I also use the Internet for downloading music. I find it satisfying when I do well in an exam, for example.

Having said that, I also really like the feeling of achievement you get from doing something like climbing a steep hill. Key a in end of answer b opinion end of answer c the other contrast d in end of answer e same contrast f admit contrast g it end of answer h that contrast i in end of answer 4 Ask individual students to volunteer examples of questions they have written, and review them with the whole class.

You may need to do some extra work on question forms, as well as on the specific vocabulary needed for each topic. They will do the reverse in exercise 3. Other answers may be possible here, but students only need to find a single answer for each item. Suggested answers 1 help out 2 forgets 3 told her 4 contacted 5 apologise 6 promised 3 All the vocabulary practised here has already been covered in exercises 1 and 2.

To make this activity more challenging for stronger students, ask them to cover up the left-hand column and then uncover it to check their answers. House has swimming pool! She looks like Penelope Cruz. There is an assessed authentic answer to this task on page 6 of the Writing and Speaking Assessment Booklet.

In Tapescript 4 below, type 1 key expressions are in bold, and type 2 are underlined. Key Speaker 1 lives is in a city and is happy with it. Speaker 2 lives in the countryside and is happy with it. Speaker 3 lives in the countryside and is not happy with it. Speaker 4 lives in the city and is not happy with it. Speaker 5 lives in the countryside and is happy with it. Tapescript 4 1 I just love the feeling of space.

The view from my bedroom window is fantastic — I can see for miles over the rooftops, all the way to the river in the distance. The scenery around here is amazing. I feel so isolated here! I mean, my next-door neighbour is five kilometres away.

There are no facilities nearby — you have to get in the car and drive somewhere else even if you just want a loaf of bread. Before I moved here, I was so stressed the whole time — I never stopped to listen to the birds, or look at the horizon. But now I do. The air is cleaner, too — fewer busy roads means less pollution.

Key a view e facilities b right f community c scenery g quiet d isolated 3 Encourage students to compare the photos as in Paper 5 Part 2. The first two points in the how to do it box on page may be useful.

Check that they understand all the adjectives provided, and which are normally used for the city and which for the countryside, and get them to add others of their own. Key a all of them d antelope and possibly b antelope monkey, though some c monkey may eat meat e monkey f dog TB.

This highlights the importance of reading each question carefully in the exam. A monkey boy B gazelle boy C leopard boy D dog boy Adding headings may help students to remember which paragraph they have read key information in.

Refer students back to exercise 1 d, explaining that herbivorous is the adjective and herbivore is the noun. They can then use the context provided in the text to confirm their answers. Then have a whole- class discussion. Encourage students to use appropriate verb structures as part of the discussion, e. They will have missed a lot of education. If they do this in pairs, get them to make a note of any vocabulary they have problems with, and review it with the rest of the class.

If you have a monolingual class, you could allow them to try to explain the difference in their own language before they refer to their dictionary. Key a valley the only one which is a lower area of ground, not a raised area A mountain is taller and often rockier than a hill. A dune is a hill of sand. Ponds are often man-made and found in gardens and parks, whereas lakes are usually natural. A lagoon is an area of the sea which is separated by a long, thin piece of land or a coral reef, forming a kind of lake.

A jungle contains very dense vegetation and is usually found near the equator in regions with a very wet climate. Shore is another word for beach, but can also refer to the land around the edge of a lake or other large body of water.

Coast is a more general term for the area of land near the sea. A hedge is a border or fence created by planting bushes close together in a line. Try to walk would mean that the writer thought that walking would be difficult for some reason. But it was completely stuck.

Suggested answer Wilderness therapy is a way of helping young people who have problems, by sending them on a survival course in a remote area. Many of the teenagers who attend the programmes at RedCliff are almost impossible to control — and their parents are out of ideas.

One teenage boy who recently completed the programme was described as 'abusive, arrogant, foul-mouthed and ill-disciplined' — and that was by his mother. In this programme we meet two of these teenagers, and find out how successful the camp has been for them. Rachael was happy at school with lots of friends and was very good at long-distance running.

She was even enjoying being in the police cadets. But everything seemed to change when she became a Goth. She was told to leave the cadets for failing to remove the 18 earrings, nose rings and other piercings she wore, and she began staying out all night, never letting her mum know where she was. Immediately after her time at RedCliff Ascent, Rachael returned to England and decided she wanted to plan a career working with animals.

One year after the camp, Rachael is studying for a course in animal management in a top North London college. As part of her studies she is planning a study trip working with animals abroad this year. Things are still good between Rachael and her mum. This is how Rachael describes the change. I think Utah and RedCliff have worked magic. The situation for Ed and his family was terrible. Ed has an older brother and sister. He has always argued with them and has stolen from them both, as well as stealing a laptop computer from his mother, Jane.

On two occasions he had to be found and brought home by the police. To stop his family falling apart he had to move out and find a new home. The fact that I am doing this shows you how desperate I am. To admit all that is pretty horrible. He attended the programme there, but its benefits were short-lived. He went back to his old ways more or less as soon as he got back to England.

He has low self-esteem and he has made a poor choice of friends. Recently, Ed went back to the camp in Utah for a further course of therapy. His mother hopes that this time it will prove more successful. Key 1 law 6 beautiful 2 control 7 home 3 running 8 money 4 animals 9 stealing 5 mother 10 successful 4 Encourage students to use vocabulary and structures from this section in their discussion.

Focus on key expressions such as it helps them to… ; they learn how to … ; it stops them from … -ing, which you can also use to revise the topic of infinitive and -ing structures after verbs that is covered in the Grammar section of this unit.

Check that they understand the more difficult expressions used in the sentences, e. Suggested answers a The people in photo 1 are walking through the jungle.

Key words could include: steep, drop, heights. Speaker 2 is talking about photo 2.

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