fce gold plus teachers book pdf free download

fce gold plus teachers book pdf free download

Oct 29, at pm. A modern, fun and exciting course specifically designed for young students to take them from intermediate up to the FCE exam level. It provides comprehensive coverage of the grammar and vocabulary required at this level as well as extensive language skills practice. FCE Listening and Speaking. PDF KB. FCE Reading. FCE Tests all. FCE Writing - test plus samples and comments. FCE Listening - test plus samples and comments.

Offering thorough and systematic exam preparation together with solid grammar and vocabulary development to help give students the skills they need when taking the First Certificate Exam.

No notes for slide. Cae gold plus teacher's book 1. Introduction Student profile The students with whom you will be using this course will have studied English for approximately to hours and will now be planning to take the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English CAE.

According to this framework, learners of English at this level can function as follows in the language and skills areas described below. Grammar Students at this level have a good degree of grammatical control and do not generally make mistakes which lead to misunderstanding. Errors may still be made in more complex structures. They will need to revise areas such as these.

At the same time, they will also need to develop their knowledge of certain more advanced grammatical structures. Vocabulary Students have good range of vocabulary for common topic areas and are able to use a good variety of expressions to avoid repetition. There may be gaps in their vocabulary when dealing with more specialised topics. They will need to develop their awareness of nuances of meaning and concentrate on making their English sound more authentic and natural by focusing on common collocations and expressions.

They should work on expanding their knowledge of word formation, phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions and should be encouraged to make use of a good monolingual dictionary In order to develop their vocabulary. Reading Students at this level have well developed reading skills and can scan for relevant information and skim for the main topic of a text They can grasp the overall meaning of complex authentic and semi-authentic materials and understand complex opinions or arguments as expressed in serious newspapers, using features such as text structure and referencing to help them.

Writing Cl-Ievel students can produce a variety of texts such as formal and informal letters of various types in' a consistent register. They are aware of the conventions for organising and structuring different types of texts such as articles, proposals and reports. They can present arguments, persuade and justify their opinions on abstract topics. In general, they are able to communicate their main message clearly in appropriate language so that the text has the desired effect on the intended reader.

Speaking Students at this level can communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations and can use both formal and informal language appropriately. They can have extended conversations of a casual nature and discuss abstract topics with a good degree of fluency They can give clear presentations and contribute effectively to discussions by defending and justifying their point of view, and use effective language to persuade and negotiate with others.

Listening C1 students can deal confidently with most authentic or semi-authentic listening passages. They are able to pick up nuances of meaning and opinion and follow discussions on abstract topics.

They can understand most of what is said in a film or a TV or radio programme, although they may be unfamiliar with some idiomatic or colloquial expressions and may have problems understanding some regional accents. Preparing for the Certificate in Advanced English exam A CAE course should consolidate and extend what students already know and train them in the specific techniques and strategies required for the CAE exam.

During the course, students should try to work independently at times, using and developing their study skills and strategies for improving their language ability.

They should be aware of issues such as collocation and register in order to record vocabulary effectively and be able to use grammar reference material in order to cover any gaps in their grammatical knowledge and build on what is done in the Coursebook. Exam-style tasks are introduced from the early stages of the book with graded support being gradually withdrawn as the course progresses.

Each of the 14 units provides an integrated package for all five papers in the CAE exam, as well as grammar and vocabulary development and practice, which are grouped around a common theme. Advice on specific language points or strategies for tackling exam-style tasks is offered in the Tips boxes. A key feature of each unit is the Exam Focus section which presents the techniques and strategies required for a specific task in the CAE exam and provides exam-level practice.

At the back of the Coursebook you will find a section containing visuals for the Paper 5 Speaking tasks, a Grammar reference, a Writing reference and a Gold Vocabulary reference. The Grammar reference is a mini- grammar covering all the points dealt with in the units. The Writing reference contains model answers for the types of writing which may be tested at CAE.

There are also authentic student answers which students can evaluate using the general marking guidelines provided. The Vocabulary reference contains a listing of lexical items which are found in the Coursebook, together with definitions and examples. Recycling and revision Each unit ends with a review of the language presented in that unit except for units 5, 10 and These are followed by progress tests, which take the form of a complete Paper 3 test.

These can be used by the teacher in class as reviews or as tests of the students' command of the language presented in the units. Grammar Various different approaches are used for the presentation and practice of grammar points.

Use of English tasks in exam format also recycle the grammar that has been presented. The grammar sections are cross-referenced to the Grammar reference at the back of the book. The Coursebook also features Watch Out! When reading, students are encouraged to work out the meanings of unknown words for themselves and recognise clues such as affixation or explanations in the text.

Ways of recording and learning new words are also emphasised. Students are encouraged to use a monolingual dictionary such as the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, which gives information about meaning, pronunciation, grammar and collocations.

Particular attention is paid to word formation, which builds students' understanding of how prefixes and suffixes are used, followed by regular practice. This is particularly relevant for Paper 3 part 3. Reading Authentic texts from a range of sources are used to develop reading skills and techniques for CAE.

Students are encouraged to use the titles and subtitles of the text as well as any non-textual information, such as accompanying photographs, to help them predict the content Guidance is provided to help them do the task and apply appropriate strategies.

Vocabulary and discussion tasks after the reading texts allow students to develop the topic further and to focus on key vocabulary from the text Listening The listening texts are also from a range of sources and the recordings present students with a variety of mild accents. Students are always reminded to read through the task before they listen to help them predict what they might hear, and tips and guidance are often provided to help them complete the task.

Writing Each unit ends with a writing task of a type found in the CAE exam. The section is cross referenced to the Writing reference at the back of the book which provides model answers for each of the text types.

In each case students are encouraged to read the task carefully, thinking about the intended reader, and what needs to be included. They are guided towards an understanding of the various conventions of the text type, such as register, layout and typical organisation of ideas.

They are then presented with a model answer, which is often used for further language work. Finally, they are given the task of writing a similar text themselves, which can be done either in class or as homework. Speaking The grammar, vocabulary and skills sections all provide some opportunity for speaking practice by asking students to respond to the topic or text Each unit also contains a section with specific speaking practice for Part 5 of the exam.

This presents language for such functions as agreeing and persuading as well as techniques such as how to keep the conversation going. Introduction Each of the 14 units corresponds thematically with the units in the Coursebook. The sections within each unit are cross- referenced to the related Coursebook sections and provide consolidation both of language and of skills work. The grammar and vocabulary sections also recycle material presented in the Coursebook, which is then practised further by means of topic-related exam-style Use of English Paper 3 tasks.

Sections containing exam-style tasks provide information about the exam, plus strategies for tackling each task type, and give students the opportunity to put these into practice. The maximiser can be used in class in tandem with the Coursebook as a means of providing further work on specific grammar or vocabulary areas or, alternatively, students can do the exercises and skills practice for homework.

The sections again correspond thematically to the units in the Coursebook and many of the exercises, such as multiple-choice gapfills, are in the style of the CAE exam. The CD-ROM can be used in tandem with the Coursebook to provide further grammar and vocabulary work or it can be used as self-access material. CAE Gold Plus teacher's book The teacher's book provides suggestions on how to use the material in the Coursebook to best advantage.

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