fce gold plus coursebook pdf free download

fce gold plus coursebook pdf free download

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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. What is your favourite advert at the moment? Why do you like it? Were you pleased with it or not? Vocabulary 1: consumer society HH Choose the correct alternative in each of the following sentences.

Then answer the question below. Exampl 1 announcer announce announcement 2 advertiser advertising advertise advertisement 3 commerce commercial commercialisation 4 promoter promote promotion 5 6 consumer consumption consume publicity publicize economics economy economical In wich sets of words does the stressed syllable change? Cigarettes on TV. Example: One advantage is that there is plenty of choice - for example, you can buy 20 different types of coffee in the shops.

Don't try to fill in the gaps MAW You will hear three radio yet. Is the text describing: adverts. Listen and tick which of a the dangers of brand names? There is an example at the beginning 0. MBE Uisten again and tick the 1gs that are mentioned for each product. Which one would influence you the most? Match the adjectives and adverbs on the left with the nouns on the right to make collocations. There may be more than one possible combination.

Now complete the following sentences using the collocations. Complete the highlighted phrases with the correct preposition or particle. Which of the following items could the sentences above be describing? You are going to prepare a short advertisement for the radio. Choose an object to sell and prepare a two- minute presentation. Grammar 1: indirect speech 1 1. Read Conversation 1. Then complete Conversation 2 below using indirect speech. Are they new? Where's the shop?

B: ts not far from the bus station. I'l take you there if you lke. C: Oh yes? How come? B: Well he said But he said 12 90 then, so suggested the weekend instead and he said yes! What sort of changes did you have to make to the original words? Example: Tom wanted to know when swese-we going to arrive 1 Jane asked her mother could she borrow the car. Can you tell re where isthe library?

Tim said he would meet me the previous day. Then complete each sentence using indirect speech. Why did the man buy JollyGel? How true were the claims in the advert? Banish bad hair dayel Use JollyGel for smooth, yeable hale! Choose from the list A-F what each speaker says. There is one extra letter which, you do not need to use.

When you listen the first time, mark any possible answers in pencil. Listen the second time to confirm your ideas. A The shop buildings are very picturesque. B The shops are rather expensive. E The town has been spoiled by tourism.

F There isa limited range of things to buy. Think of examples to support or oppose each statement. Example: Some of the shop buildings are really attractive in our town. For example, I really like the old shops round the main square. One of the options A, B or C in the following sentences is not possible.

Cross out the incorrect word and explain why it is wrong. Example: My uncle to buy me a CD for my birthday. B told C explained 2 Put the verbs above into the table. Some verbs may go in more than one place. Crossit out. Make any other necessary changes. Summarise and report what the sales assistant said to you in each shop. I'm very sorry, It's very popular, you see. But you might find fone in GamesRUS, as its a bigger shop.

Il give you 2 ring when they come in, if you give me your name and a contact number 3. VHM: Ym not sure if we have any left. Ive got one copy left! Do you want. Have you had any similar experiences when you wanted to buy something? The meaning of the second sentence must be similar to the first.

This task tests a range of grammatical structures as well as vocabulary. Each item will probably be testing two things, Procedure 1. Read the first sentence and look at the key word. Identify what the sentence is testing and work out possible answers. Contractions e. Check the number of the question carefully to make sure that you write your answer in the right place For questions , complete the second sentence so that it has a sirfilar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.

Here is an example 0. Melissa has not appeared on television much recently. Choose two of the words in brackets to complete the sentences. I never seem to be able to find a although my friend seems to get 2 on everything and never pays ful price! Ask a partner these questions. Do you like shopping in the sales? Match the following descriptions to the leisure facilities below.

Large moder building with outdoor floodlit area, fitness room and snooker room. Reference and information services axe also available. Which of the facilities above does your town have? What other facilities are available? Speaking 3: expressing uncertainty Part 2 [Mil] Match the words to the correct photos. Find two similarities and three differences between the photos. Example: Both photos show people shopping, The first photo isin a supermarket, but the second photo is in a department store.

He is not always sure about what is happening in the pictures. Tick the phrases he uses. Compare the pictures and say in which place the advertising is probably most effective.

Compare the pictures and say which activity seems to be the most enjoyable. What kind of things do people review? Think of as many as you can, and add them to the list below.

What is the purpose of a review? Choose one. A review is written to 2 give factual information b help the reader to make a choice. Think about: 3. How should a review be written? Number them in order. Centre I belong to. Which is the best ending for the review? Read the task and answer these So overall think that this is an excellent site, with lots of questions. What is the purpose of the review? Who will read your review?

What style will you use for your review? When you have finished, check that your review is clearly organised and has a good range of vocabulary. ME Decide what word is missing in each of the following sentences and write it in the correct place. You look hot. Underline the parts of the sentences that have different meanings. Ive had these trainers ever since joined the gym. Asa child, she felt rather insecure.

Making the TV show destroyed Jamie's career. Their study of insects has taken them all over the globe. They have travelled all over the world studying insects 13 Daniela has a severe allergy to many common substances Daniela is slightly allergic to many common substances 14 The boys said they thought the game was great. My flying instructor went But I had to do it. After only five steps T was lifted up into the air by the wind. I gasped as T flew over the 7 of the cliff.

Excitement surged through me, and I I was excited and afraid at the same time, and I loved it. Al too soon I was over the landing field, and T had to 1 cevsssos hard on getting down safely. When I finally landed, I was triumphant. I had flown like a bird, and would never be the 12 person again. But It was an At 14 con time, the bags were mainly used by tea companies to allow customers to try the tea before buying it, But the idea of the tea bag took 15 none y and by most were being bought for use 16 home.

However, 21 this tradition, nowadays things 22 0. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits the gap in the same line. Space - fiction and fact In science fiction, space is often described as a silent, empty place but in 0 of the In fac, all that the astronauts working there cannot communicate with one another 27 csi.

The high levels of sound may affect their work, and can sometimes even mean that they are 28 to sleep. In addition, they may face other problems in space. There is even camera among the litter left behind on the Moon. Use of English: key word transformations Part 4 HMI For questions , complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.

Here is an example. You must. There are hardly any copies of the book left in the shop. He said that the accident was my fault. We three years. Some words may go in more than one category. Can you add any more words? You will need to make some words plural 1 Do you keep the of your ahotoraphssoyou can get copies made you want to? How often do you have to recharge the in your mobile phone?

Does your camera have a hich allows you to take close-ups? I the on. What kin of your mobile phone? Now discuss the answers to the questions with a partner. Listening 1: multiple matching Part 3 4 Look at the photos. What is happening in each one? How do you think the people are feeling?

Modern developments in photography may affect the privacy of ordinary people. Does the writer want to be famous or not? Most people find the idea of fame 0 a tactive. They see the Famaus people have They may have to put up with So is fame actually worth it? Discuss what might be good and bad about it. UNIT6 ts yourcall Grammar 1: certainty and possibility Present 11, Underline the modal verbs in the following sentences, and match them with the descriptions below. The President may be giving a press conference later today.

She looks completely different. Use each main verb only once. Carrie, surely? She used to be in cour class. Lind heavy metal music quite relaxing I think a lot of telephone calls are unnecessary. You may have a point there. You must be thrilled. You may be able to do it on your own, you know. As you listen, think about this question: experience What sort of champion do you imagine the singer might be?

I might be asleep. Dave does not say what he eee cesar was doing from What sort of mistakes might he have fade? Who do you think the singer means by you in the third verse?

How does the singer feel about the people who have brought 7 him fame? If so, how long have you had it? Can you think of any more? How important is it to you? Do you send and receive text messages?

How often? What are text messaging is encouraging bad they usually about? What other problems are there?

The 4 yr msg 5 Check your answers below. Match the numbered words and phrases in the text to the following meanings. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which best fits each gap There is one extra sentence which you do not. This flexibility when making social arrangements means she no longer has to plan ahead, she says.

But no one ever did before text messaging really started taking, off. Jn these situations she says, iis beter vo communiate face to face. But in fact, the rapid expansion of electronic communication in the 21st century has had the opposite effect.

She finds that she feels less nervous that way. Sara Gaines reports When computers frst started to be used on a wide scale, some people predicted that we would spend so long staring at computer screens sthat we would end up forgetting how to talk to one another cu Rather than retreating into themselves, people are using new technology, in wparticular email and — text messaging, to find more and more ways to expand their Inetwork of friends. Come and meet us.

I sswould never have phoned him up but this way it feels OK. Annabelle Rose, who teaches at a London sixth form college, encourages her students to text her when they have queries. I've always given my number out to students and zstold them to call me if they have any problems. When did the events below happen?

Write the correct year in each gap. The first phone call was made in and phone calls are still being made every day across the world — but today the majority are made by mobile phone. The first words transmitted by wireless could be heard in — and who knows - maybe transmissions will be received frorn other planets in the future!

Millions of email messages are now sent and received every day, but the first one was sent in 6 Milions of text messages have also been sent since the first one in 2 Underline the passive verbs in the sentences above. Read the following advert. Slaving in the kitchen will never be the same again, thanks to the iCEBOX, an Internet-enabled entertainment centre that fits under your kitchen cupboard. Flip open its colour LCD monitor and youl be able to send emails to your friends or sur the web Using the touch-sensitive screen.

The following report gives the same information as the advert above, but the language is more formal. Complete the text using passive forms of the verbs in brackets. What part do you think the mobile phone might seri?

Pen ieee a ouch seine have played in the story? Use only ie word ined es sw Candeal with easly gap. Then listen to check. B: Why? A: What's Ken planning to do when he finishes his course?

B: Can't it treat by your ordinary doctor? B: Oh no—I'm sure it write by Shakespeare. A: That bulding looks really dangerous, 8 Yes - i'l have tofoul down soon. BNO, Venn te 2. Answer these questions using a passive form. Why ist useful to learn English? Complete the sets of sentences using a verb from the box in the correct form. Which verb fits all the sentences in each set? B: I'm sorry did you order person? A: Steven's missed a lot of classes lately. B: Has he? Maybe we should have a word him: phone or 5A: How did you two get to know one another?

B: Actually, we met atfriend, 6 A:Have you known each other long? Look at the highlighted phrases in the following sentences, and decide what they mean. Then write four short dialogues, ending with the sentence given 1 Ok, send them 8 Could you put that iE please? OK Il send ther SEB 4 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.

You must use between two and five words, including the word given, 1 asked if could talk to Sophie. We were able to find a solution to the problem that we could both accept. Exam focus Paper 5 Speaking: long turn Part 2 About the exam: In Part 2 of the Speaking test, you speak on your own for about a minute, The interlocutor gives you two photographs on the same topic. He tells you the topic and what to talk about. The task has two parts: you have to compare the photos and give a personal reaction to them, The other candidate is then asked a question related to the topic and has to give a short answer about 20 seconds Then you change roles, Procedure 1 Listen carefully to the instructions, especially the second part.

Ask the interlocutor to repeat the instructions if you are not sure what to do. If you have some time left, relate the photos to your own experience 5.

What is the main thing they have in common? What does he tell Candidate A to do? Does the second candidate answer the question comectly? You are going to role-play Part 2 of the exam. Student A: You are the interlocutor. Look at the instructions on page and tell the two candidates what to do.

Students B and C: You are the candidates. Student A 1 Did the candidates do both parts ofthe task? Did they manage to keep talking for one minute? Students 8 and C 1 What do you thifk you did well? Does the teacher think that mobile phones are a good thing or a bad thing? Answer these questions about the report. What else does it mention? What modal verbs are used?

Think of some reasons why students might want or need to bring their mobile phones to school. Make a list. Read this task and underline key words. Teachers have complained about the use of mobile phones by students in class. As a result, the Director of the schoo!

Write a report for the Director, explaining why mobile phones are necessary for students and recommending ways in which their use could be controlled. This report should have three sections. The introduction has been started for you. Then check your work. Sarah explains that text messages use to save time and space. What do you think these text messages mean? Say them aloud, then write them as complete sentences. Their normal business was continued after a short break on After a short break, they their normal business, 5 She may contact him by phone this afternoon, that tt she will contact him by phone this afternoon.

He was top of the class! I can't find them anywhere 5. Choose the correct alternative in each of these sentences. Go to www. Look at the photos, which were taken during the experiment. Think of as many differences as you can between life in the Iron Age and now.

First, read through the questions to get a general idea of what will be discussed in the interview, and highlight key words in the question. B the cold. A sometimes missed having TV and radio. B talked about the day's problems. A She appreciated small differences in colour. She liked seeing how colours changed during the day. You heard the second sentence in the recording, 1 Five people left before the end of the project, dropped Five people the project. Find them and make a list. Match the general nouns from Exercise 2 to one of the following stress patterns.

The car which he owns isa red Fiat. The thing which I value it the most is my grandmother's necklace. He explained all what his father had told him to do. That's the house where used to lve in, 4 Whose does this book belong to?

Correct the mistakes so the second part follows on correctly from the first part. I wouldn't have made so much food if knew they weren't coming. Say what you think will or might happen as a result 1 All phones will have a video component.

Exampl I drive to work by car every day. But if you'd Nowadays, if you been born five hundred o headache, you years ago, you can 2 painkiller 4 any of the like aspirin and it goes medicines we take for away. Exampl If fd lived years ago, probably would not have been able to go to university.

Speaking: ranking; discussion Parts 3 and 4 1 Look at the pictures, which show some ways we use electricity. Think about: 1 what each thing is used for 2. Complete the conversation. A: OK, where 1? B: Yes, 4 But we 5 without street lights, couldn't we? I mean, cars have their own headlights, A: Yes, think 6 microwave cookers? B: 1 9 not. Some stoves use electricity, though. And 7 they're not 2. Practise the conversation with a partner.

Try to Use similar intonation to the recording, 3 Work with another partner. Imagine you have been asked to suggest ways in which people can save electricity. Put the things in the pictures in order of importance so as to save electricity, Try to keep talking for about three minutes, 4 Discuss some of the following questions, which are related to the topic you discussed in Exercise 3, Try to keep talking for about four minutes.

What would you miss most if there was no electricity? In what ways do you think life today is easier than it was in the past? You answer one question about each extract by choosing from three options.

Each extract is repeated immediately. Procedure 1 4 Read the questions and the options before you listen. Underline any key words e. Mark the answer you think is, best. The second time, listen to check your answer. In the exam, you transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the test.

For questions , choose the best answer, A, Bor C. Why did she ike looking at the textbooks? What sort of programme is it?

What does the man want to do? What does she want to be? What good thing about the job does he mention? A the pay B the traveling the amount of work 7. You hear the weather forecast on the radio. What will the weather be like tonight? A cold B windy cloudy You switch on the radio and hear part of a radio play. Where does the conversation take place? Daniela Neagoe. Teo Perisanu. Master Farmer. Alina Diana. Sandra Sotelo. Ju Lie. Bogdan Codin.

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