fill in 1099 misc form free how about phrasing such as this: "Sarah, in an interview vree the Curmugeon Weekly [footnote goes here], revealed that This was a development that Fawcett had learned of in May and which her subsequent treatments in Germany had targeted. The table showing her films does farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia include her most amazing film She appeared in Jon Avnet 's Between Two Women with Colleen Dewhurstand took farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia more dramatic roles as infamous or renowned women. The following year, her role as battered wife Francine Hughes in the fact-based television movie The Burning Bed encycopedia her the first of her four Emmy Award nominations.">

farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia

farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia

EDT on June 25, saying that she died at A. PST on June 25th. However, they must have meant A. PDT because P. EDT is the same as A. PDT -- seven minutes later than A. PDT, but 53 minutes before A. PST; i. PST is the same at A. Rodneysmall talk , 26 June UTC. I tried to quickly reformat the "Cancer" paragraph to remove the proseline, but since I'm not an experienced contributor, a work check would be appreciated.

If it looks OK, the proseline template may also be removed. There is a factual conflict between whether Farrah has anal or rectal cancer in this article. The article says anal and the footnote says rectal. This page is probably getting hit a lot on the eve of the broadcast; would a true Wikipedian please work this out? I am but a nestling. DioxonFreak not logged in Under the second paragraph under the heading 'Cancer', a course of profusion which means an abundance should be changed to a course of perfusion the pumping of a liquid into an organ or tissue.

We must always remember that Wikipedia is about verifiability, not truth. We report was has been reported elsewhere in reliable sources , and if the material cannot be properly cited, it usually should be removed. The statement that her father is "Lebanese American" is not correct; the only reference to that was the British tabloid, the Daily Mail , which almost certainly copied what was on her Wikipedia page just a few days before the paper's publication on April 2 see Wikipedia page dated March These British papers do that a lot.

Her father is Lebanese why is there no mention of this Farah is indeed an Arabic name. Farah is a river, province and city of Afghanistan and it is also the name of the last Empress of Iran. In Arabic it means "joy" and in Persian it apparently means "glory" or "fortune".

However, Farrah , with the spelling actually used by Fawcett, is said—by Wikipedia's disambiguation page, at any rate—to be an English name descended from the Gaelic , and meaning "beauty" or "pleasant".

This site pinpoints it as an English name meaning "delightful". While Fawcett surely has all of these qualities, and all of these associations might make an interesting aside in the article, we should avoid making declarative statements about her name and her heritage that are not attributed to Fawcett or her parents, or people who can speak for them.

What Farrah means in M iddle E nglish is probably at least as relevant as what Farah means in the M iddle E ast, if not more so, though her parents may have known about and felt fine with it all.

Abrazame talk , 24 May UTC. I would like to expound upon the Pop Culture Phenomenon angle. Many women are actresses, but Fawcett's hold over the media, peaking between and the early '80s but sustained to this day, was equal to none at the time. I recall reading on more than one occasion that Fawcett was referred to as holding this informal title I even recall reading she "took it" from Elizabeth Taylor in the s.

I suppose Princess Diana and Madonna eventually shared that distinction once the s really got underway, and of course paparazzi have multiplied exponentially since then, spreading their focus over so many more women. But for a while there, and for a few years after leaving Charlie's Angels , Fawcett's face was all over the place. I can only find blog posts and the promo for Chasing Farrah here. The latter may or may not be a good enough source. Can anyone help track down a better source perhaps from the period for this claim?

I don't think that linking to something like Highbeam research is helpful to a reference, since it is a pay service and only one of many. If we can't link to the content directly, should we really be telling readers what method to use to pay for an article?

But ProQuest , LexisNexis , and NewsBank to name just some could also provide copies of an article, and some of them are available to public library patrons and university students on the Internet. She is certainly an American Roman Catholic. It is stated in the article, and is referenced. Her religion is certainly important to her; her faith must be strong, as she stated this month that she is praying for a miracle to save her from dying of the metastatic cancer that she is suffering from.

When praying, that would be to the god that Catholics believe in, not a generic 'higher power'. As that footage of her, including her making the sign of the cross on herself, was broadcast internationally to many millions of viewers, that qualifies her religion as relevant to her public life. I believe it fair to say that she self-identifies as RC; if someone asked her what her religion is, she would, if she is still able to, answer that question. Best name talk , 28 May UTC.

I had been hearing so much about Farrah's performance in off-Broadway's "Extremities", but I could never find any information on it at the Internet off-Broadway Database.

I e-mailed IOBDB numerous times and asked them to please add information about it, explaining that since Farrah is in the spotlight so much now, there is renewed interest in that show for establishing her as a serious actress. I just received an e-mail from the database - they added it! Woo hoo! Didn't she have a bit part on an episode of The Partridge Family, around , when she was 22?

I've seen it somewhere. She was wearing tennis shorts and looked gorgeous. I've removed the subheads for several reasons. They are unnecessary magnification of each section and even as such they don't quite make sense.

Her Late Show interview doesn't deserve its own section despite tabloid response. In fact, it seems the only reason the Late Show interview is considered "Personal life" instead of part of her career is because of subsequent tabloid speculation, which is unencyclopedic and only vaguely alluded to. Mentioning Joaquim Phoenix seems entirely un-notable to Fawcett's personal life or career, and is merely context to the fact that Letterman makes jokes at other people's expense for a living, and did so right in front of Phoenix, which I suppose someone considered mitigation of his jokes at her expense.

But talk show hosts' jokes about popular celebrities are rarely if ever a reasonable part of a brief bio of that celebrity. Of course the title "Sister's Cancer Death" doesn't include the death of her mother, but even with the addition of "mother" in the title it seems morbid to title a section "Deaths of her sister and mother," and there simply isn't enough information in this segment to warrant its own title. Not that there should be in an article of this length.

As far as Ryan O'Neal, the section includes her son, Redmond. Arguably the Majors, Ryan and Redmond O'Neal and sister and mother section could be put in a "Family" subsection, but that's hardly necessary. Abrazame talk , 25 June UTC. That's absurd. Fawcett is most notable for her career as an actress. It should be, at most, a 3- or 4-word paragraph as a subsection of the "Personal life" section.

The article states that Fawcett "had steadfastly resisted appearing nude in films or magazines throughout the s and s", but in fact she did appear topless briefly in the film Saturn 3. Locking a page is so dumb BTW.

You are not the Farrah expert, as proven by the numerous posts here. Also, to answer your comment: Page protection is only used when an article has been vandalized repeatedly or if editors continually add unhelpful material.

It is used to stabilize the condition of a page and in no way endorses whatever version has been protected if fully protected. Additionally, if there is anything you would like to do to improve the article but are unable to, feel free to post it on the talk page. In this case, if you think Farrah Fawcett's birth name has been incorrectly written, please find a reliable source for what you believe it is and discuss it with other users. Texas Birth Index proves her name at birth; it is much more reliable than other sources.

The only known change of name was adding Majors to her name when she married. Proof will need to be submitted to show that she ever had another name change. Information yes talk , 26 June UTC. The official birth index is a very reliable source for her birthname; the information in that is taken directly from birth certificates. It is not in dispute that she changed Ferrah to Farrah. It is the unsubstantiated claim that Mary was ever part of her name that would need to be verified before it could be included.

Information yes talk , 28 June UTC. The part of No original reasearch policy dealing with sources states that interpretive claims, analyses, or synthetic claims about primary sources must be referenced to a secondary source, rather than original analysis of the primary source by Wikipedia editors.

There is no interpretation, analysis of synthesizing of her entry in the Texas Birth Index - it is stated as it is written in that official record. The entry is definitely her: the date, location and parents names are correct.

Therefore the birth name Ferrah Leni Fawcett is reliably sourced, without being interpreted, it is merely written in this article as it is in the birth index. It's unfortunate that what are normally thought of as reliable sources are repeating this not-so-meticulously-researched detail. Three out of four of those sources must be considered suspect:.

So, given that there are other details in those sources that are demonstrably incorrect, and given that there are other sources which state otherwise regarding her name, it doesn't seem reasonable to include this information in the article, and certainly not to present it as properly sourced information. Can we please get another and perhaps "more" reputable reference for the date of her Farrah Fawcett death.

Fawcett's son Redmond O'Neal was born in January She died of anal cancer aged 62 in June From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs more sources for reliability. Please help improve this article by adding reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged or removed. Corpus Christi , Texas , U. Santa Monica , California , U. Associated Press via msnbc.

When the university received her art collection, one of her Warhol portraits was missing. O'Neal claimed that before Fawcett died she gave it to him. Lott maintained that Fawcett never gave up ownership of the portrait and that it was her wish to bequeath all her artwork to her alma mater.

News of Fawcett's death was largely overshadowed by media coverage of the death of music icon Michael Jackson , which occurred only hours later on the same day.

Lawrence Piro. CNN 's Larry King Live planned a show exclusively about Fawcett that evening until Jackson's death caused the program to shift to cover both stories. Cher , a longtime friend of Fawcett, and Suzanne de Passe , executive producer of Fawcett's Small Sacrifices mini-series, both paid tribute to Fawcett on the program. Coincidentally, de Passe had worked for Motown Records in the s and 70s, and she had also played a major part in the development of the Jackson 5 which included Michael Jackson.

That weekend and the following week, television tributes continued. TV had much more impact back in the '70s than it does today. Charlie's Angels got huge numbers every week — nothing really dominates the television landscape like that today. Maybe American Idol comes close, but now there are so many channels and so many more shows it's hard for anything to get the audience, or amount of attention, that Charlie's Angels got.

She was a major TV star when the medium was clearly dominant. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said: "Farrah was one of the iconic beauties of our time. Her girl-next-door charm combined with stunning looks made her a star on film, TV, and the printed page. She was a selfless person who loved her family and friends with all her heart, and what a big heart it was.

Farrah showed immense courage and grace throughout her illness and was an inspiration to those around her I well remember her kindness, her cutting dry wit and, of course, her beautiful smile The inclusion of Michael Jackson in the montage, though he was not primarily known for his film roles, only added to the controversy. On the exclusion, he said: "There's nothing you can say to people, particularly to family members, within a day or two of the show that helps at all.

They tend to be surprised and hurt, and we understand that and we're sorry for it. Weatherly and Fawcett chatted briefly and she told him she was going to visit her mother and was taking "the midnight plane to Houston.

Eventually the genders were swapped to a failed actor who leaves Los Angeles and is followed by his girl friend who cannot live without him, a train replaced the plane, and Houston was changed to Georgia. In , O'Neal facilitated a meeting between Fawcett and artist Andy Warhol , who created two portraits of Fawcett during their time together. Fawcett later loaned the portraits to The Andy Warhol Museum.

Following a court case between O'Neal and the University of Texas , which had been named by Fawcett as the recipient of all of her artwork, one of the portraits was deemed the property of O'Neal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actress. Ferrah Leni Fawcett [1]. Corpus Christi, Texas , U.

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A five-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee and six-time Golden Globe Award nominee, Fawcett rose to international fame when she starred as private enycclopedia Jill Munroe in the farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia season of the television series Charlie's Angels farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia Fawcett began her career in the s appearing in commercials and guest roles on farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia. During the s, she appeared in numerous television series, including recurring roles on Encyclopeeia O —and The Six Million Dollar Man — with her first husband, film and television star Lee Majors. The show propelled all three to stardom, but especially Fawcett, who was then billed as "Farrah Fawcett-Majors". After appearing farrab in the first season, she decided to leave the show, but returned farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia a guest star in six episodes during the show's third and fourth seasons — For her role in Charlie's Angelsshe received her first Golden Globe nomination. InFawcett received positive reviews for her performance in the Off-Broadway play Extremities. Farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia was subsequently cast in the film version and received a Golden Globe nomination. Her s work in TV movies also earned her four additional Golden Globe nominations. Inshe gained some negative press for encycopedia rambling appearance on The Late Show with David Lettermanbut also garnered strong reviews for her role in the film The Apostle with Robert Duvall. She continued in numerous TV series, including recurring roles in the sitcom Spin City and the drama The Guardian — For the latter, she received farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia third Emmy nomination. Fawcett was diagnosed with colorectal cancer inand died three years later at age She posthumously earned her fourth Emmy nomination for her work as a producer on wilipedia documentary. Fawcett was born on February 2, in Corpus ChristiFawecttand was the younger of two daughters. A Roman Catholic[8] Fawcett began her farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia education at the parish school of the church her family attended, St. Free tshirt mockup for commercial use High School in Corpus Christi, where she was voted "most beautiful" by her classmates in her freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior free online quiz maker with results of high school. Between andshe attended the University of Texaswhere she studied microbiology before switching her major to art. She lived at Madison House on 22nd farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia, fee of campus, and was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. In her freshman year of college, she was named one of the "ten most beautiful coeds on campus", and it was the first time that a freshman had been chosen for the honor. Her ebcyclopedia were sent to fxrrah agencies in Hollywood. David Mirisch, a Farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia agent, called her and urged her to come to Los Angeles. farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia Farrah Fawcett (February 2, – June 25, ) was an American actress. A multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee, Fawcett rose to international. Topics from Gay icon? Why is Fawcett listed as a gay icon (category​)? She's not From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. < Talk:Farrah Fawcett. apr - Farrah Fawcett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Corpus Christi Girl! Click image. Apr 9, - Farrah Fawcett Cher - Farrah Fawcett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lee Majors - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Getty Images. Lee Majors Gushes Late Ex-Wife Farrah Fawcett Was 'One of a Kind'. Cheryl Ladd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cheryl LaddKate JacksonFarrah FawcettHollywoodHappy B DayCover ModelAmerican ActressPhoto SActors &. Farrah Fawcett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ferrah Leni "Farrah" Fawcett (February 2, – June 25, )[1] was. Farrah Fawcett grave at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Brentwood, California - Farrah Fawcett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Farrah Fawcett (February 2, – June 25, , height 5' 6½. After studying playwrighting and directing at Carnegie Mellon University , Nevius moved to Hollywood to pursue film and television. Unsourced material may be challenged or removed. Beaudry, who has his suspicions, but calls in Dr. Download as PDF Printable version. Categories : Actors from Corpus Christi, Texas American crime victims American movie actors American stage actors American television actors Cancer deaths in California births deaths. The injections are expensive, but Jewel determines that somehow she and her husband will manage to pay for them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lees, David; Berkowitz, Stan. His stage name is a pun on the chemical " pheromone ", whilst also being a reference to American actress Farrah Fawcett. Over time, but reluctantly, Jewel comes to agree with White's idea, and to accept the fact that her daughter, who once needed all her mother's love and strength to survive, must be allowed to begin to live her own life. He recommends having her put in an institution with other children with the same condition since Brenda Kay will be a huge burden on them, especially since they already have four other children to care for. Leston notices that their heirlooms are disappearing and confronts his wife. His most notable collaboration with Corman was The Fantastic Four , the original film version of Marvel Comics ' popular comic series of the same name. Letting go of the child who has been both a blessing and a burden is perhaps the hardest of the many tasks Jewel has faced, but like everything else, she confronts and accepts it with courage and love. Retrieved farrah fawcett wikipedia the free encyclopedia