family and friends 4 workbook pdf free download

family and friends 4 workbook pdf free download

Family and Friends Teaching Tips Author and teacher trainer Nina Lauder gives some tips and activities for using Family and Friends in the young learner classroom. Family and Friends 2nd Edition Plus Family and Friends 2nd Edition Plus is a supplementary set of materials to extend grammar and expand vocabulary. Home current Explore. Pages: And gou?

Moi Yes, I o. I Leornt to swim when I wos two. Sue Uou send emoils when Uou were four? But mg brother showed me how to send emoils Lost geor. But now I speoktwo!

You con use some of these verbs. Whot couLdn't gou do? I:autd ptay att day but 4 Listen ond sing. I could only drink milk and cry and scream. When I was a baby, I couldn't talk.

I couldn't go to school and I couldn't walk. But now that I am older, I can go to school. I can read and play. Crowing up is cool! Lessn Faur Phonics ond Spelling 1 Listen, point ond repe ot. Look of the picture. Con gou see o womon weoring o purple dress ond sondoLs? On the toble there is o bowl of opples and o bosket fuLL of cereols. There ore Lots of condles becouse there weren't ong Lights monU geo rs ago.

Circle the words ending in Ie ond al. Sog three wous to stog heoLthg. Eoting q tot of sugor is bod for gour in o pork. If gou don't like teom sports, gou teeth.

One con of coto contoins obout nine con wotk to school, go swimming or trg teospoons of sugor! MiLk is good becouse it skoting insteod.

Regulor exercise mokes gou contoins Lots of cotcium. You need cqlcium to fee[ stronger ond gives Uou more energu. Sweets, chocolote ond crisps ore fun to There is this much cotcium in o serving of These foodi contqin too Htt,,,,,, 'i r,r:lll:,lil:iilii O two sordines much sugor, fot or soLt.

Moke sure gou eot 0 cobboge vegetobtes, such os cobboge, with everg meo[, :lg:l cheese l. Fruit ond vegetobles O gogurt help gou stog heotthg ond grow strong. L WoLking ond skotingaretgpes of. L loe feels tired when he gets to school. L Whot exercise do gou do? How con Uou be more heoLthg? I ride my bike and t go swimming We con use o conjunction to join two sentences.

Becouse shows the reosonJor something. MiLk is good becouse it contoins Lots of colcium. We o[L wont to be heolthUr so here ore some tips to help. Use o fl rffifl:rffi before so. Down 2 write. Sondg didn't go to school becouse she hod'an egyggh1 She hod to stog in bed oLL dog.

Emmo hod obad ond hod to I. BiLLg ote some bodfood ond he He hod to drink Lots of woter. And Morio hod 5 ond she hod to suck specioL sweets. It wos quieter thon usuoL of school todog! Uour school bagT Girt Yes, I a.

It wos under mg bed. Mum Hos ]omie 5 his homework? Yes, he r' Mum And hos he? He con't find them! Mum Oh no! Pleose hurrg up! No, Yes, she hos. But she's never But he's But been to o desert. Which countrg is Morio in? Then we went guides. Wowl It wos fontostic. The trees on smoll boal on the river Tenorio. There ore o Lot sow rnore birds ond oLso some monkegs in of amazrng ond colourfuL birds in them.

The nronkegs ore coLled howler Yoo can heor theryr singing ond moking monkegs. Theg ore big ond block or brown.

I so,w block o,nd gelLow Theg ore oLso verg noisg I toucons ond big red ond green porrots. We sow some bobg crocodiles , loo. I oLso sow the biggest bird in the roinforest, There were ten bobg crocodiLes in o nest. Lhe BLack Guan. It's block, but it hos o The mother wosn't with them. We sow o Adult crocodiles ore big ond verg dongerous, Lot of insects, loo. I sow some blue beetles so we didn't stog there Long I with block spots ond sorne beoutifuL butterfties.

There ore thousonds ond thousonds In the 6lentng, we hod rice of insects in this roinforest. There ore more ond beons ogoin ond we ote thon tgpes of onimols, tool some fruit. The guides cooked us rice o,nd Tomorrow we're going to Look beons.

The food wos reollg nice. We tolked of o volconol It's colled obout the roinforest ond I wrote mg diorg. ArenaL ond I can'l woitl 3 Reod ogoin qnd onswer the questions. L Where is Morio? L WouLd gou Like to go to o roinforest? Whot do gou know obout deserts?

What is o desert? There ore different kinds of deserts. There ore hot deserts ond there ore cold deserts. The Sohoro Desert is the biggest hot desert in the world. The GoblDesert is olwogs verg What plonts ond onimols live in cold. Some deserts ore sondg. Some deserts ore rockg. Other deserts hove mountoins.

Antorctico is the co[dest ploce in the world, but PLonts ond onimo[s need woter to survive. There ore olso monu onimols, lnsects ond birds. How do theg Whdt ls the weother lfke fn survive? Some plonts, like cocti, keep roin woter in their A desert is o verg drg ploce.

It hos verg Leoves for o [ong time. Other plonts hove [ong Litt[e roin. It snows in Antorctico, but it does roots. The roots toke woter from deep under not often roin. In hot deserts, it is verg hot the ground. Some onimots in the desert never drink. Theg When it roins, it roins suddenlg. But there get woter from seeds ond plonts. Mong is verg little woter in the desert.

Sometimes onimo[s ore nocturnol. This meons theg sleep Uou con find woter in rocks underground. These ploces ore coLled ooses. Some onimols Live underground for most of the It con be verg windg in lhe desert, too. There con be sondstorms or snowstorms. People often trovel in the desert on comels. In sondg deserts, the wind blows the sond These onimols con drink o Lot of woter verg ond mokes big shopes Like mountoins. Theg ore perfect in the desert! L It is olwogs hot in the desert.

L Hove Uou ever been to o desert? Whot wos it Like? Leo, please get some milk Holly t'll help her. Mum Leo's got the blender. Holly, give them then add a little sugar. I Pleose help me! You I'LL help gou. He I con see him. She I'Lt help her. The object of o sentence con be It Pour it into the blender. Theg Chop them up.

Con gou get some mil. Then pour it in the blender. I Live here. Con I heLp Where's Uour sister? This is the bog.

He didn't put the Lid on. This is the bog who didn't put the Lid on. Retotive pronouns join two sentences together. This is the smoothie. It wos in the blender. Use who Jor people. This is the smoothie which wos in the blender. Use which for things. Sog whot hoppens in the pictures. This is the boy who dropped the milk, Dropped the milk, dropped the milk. This is the boy who dropped the milk, On the floor. Outthe door. And this is the dog which drankthe milk, From the floor.

Today I've got a spof3 lesson, so l've gotmy sports kitand towel in my bag as well as books and pencils. I go to school by bus. On the way to school the bus goes through a long tunnel. My birthday was on April lgth. Mum made my favourite meal: lentils with chicken and rice. Then we went to the zoo and I rode on a camel. Circle the words ending in el ond underline the words ending in il. Where do the two events hoppen? She knew thct of his ctossmotes. Circle the wrong word ond write the correct word.

L This person sometimes works in dongerous ploces. D b teocher 3 This person helps to moke our cities and roods sofe. Does he work in a Does he wear a We con use o sub cl. Agoin, we use which for things ond who Jor people. We put two cmrmmnms oround the new informotion. Lin Hoou whs is o ten Ueor old pupiL, wos verg brove Then sog eoch sentence without the sub clouse. L This doctor, who works in o hospitol, helps children.

Do you remember? Yesl The smoothie went all over him. Look at this one. We were fishing together. And here, we were qoina to the theatre. Whot were gou doing? Were theg going to the troin stotion? I wos Looking of photos. No, theg weren't. Theg were going to the theotre. He wosn't moking o smoothie. He wos moking o mess. Use the post continuous to describe on oction hoppening of o certoin time in the post.

L Were Ho[Lg's porents going to the cinemo? No, they weren't. They were 5 Wos Leo riding his skoteboord inside? Reod the dotes. Srt a. When Sally was born? Whatwas lim doing when Sally was born? He was playing. Whatwas Kate doing when Sally was born? She was reading.

Whatwas Mike doing when Sally was born? He was working. Unitl4 Dofesond lwasborn Corpt"t. GrommorTimeExercise 2onpogell4ofWorkbook4. Listen, point ond repeot. We hod to do oddition ond subtroction. There were Lots of people there, so she sot Cort won. Circle the words with tion ond underline the words with shion. Write the words in the correct box. We're gettrng ready Por a reolly special day.

But our house is quite small, So it wilt be quite a squeeze. And I,ll miss them all so much! Underline these words in the text. L How Long wit[ the reLotives stog? A week. L Who helped Look ofter onimols? E 3 Who went to o new countrg?

D 4 Who usuoLLg hos o portg of home? Class Book from SkyEdge. Download CB. Download WB. Share Embed Donate. Report "Family and Friends 4 Workbook".

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