family and friends 4 download free

family and friends 4 download free

Morg Anning wqs born in in q smqll English seqside town colled Lgme Regis. There were monu fossils in Lgme Regis. Morg's fqther looked for them ond sold them in his shop. People often visited the shop. Theg liked the fossils becouse theg were prettu qnd interesting. In those dogs, monu children didn't go to school.

But Morg went to school qnd she leqrnt to reqd qnd write verg well. Then, in , Morg's fqther died. Morg wos onlg eleven Uecrrs old. The fomilg needed moneu, so Morg qnd her brother worked in the shop. Morg looked for fossils on the beqch everu dog. She cut them from the rock ond cleoned them before selling them in the shop. She wqs verg good qt this. One dog, Morg qnd her brother found some stronge-looking bones in the rocks.

The children didn't know whqt theg were. Morg took them bock to the shop qnd she sqw thot theg were bones from q veru lorge qnimql. She cleqned them qnd looked qfter them, but she didn't sell them.

Eventuqllu, some scientists in London heqrd obout the bones. Theg visited Morg ot her shop qnd looked qt the bones. Theg didn't know whqt the qnimol wos, but theg thought it wqs q seq dinosqur. Todog we cqll this dinosqur qn ichthyosaur, which meqns fish lizord. This dinosour disoppeored qbout 90 million Ueors qgo. After this, Morg found mqnu other omozing fossils on the beqch ot Lgme Regis. She found the verg first plesiosalff crnother tgpe of seo dinosour. Mqrg leornt o lot sbout fossils qnd dinosours qnd becqme veru fqmous in Lgme Regis qnd London.

Todog Lgme Regis is o greot ploce for fossil hunting. L Whg did Morg Anning work in o shop? L Are Uou interested in dinosours? Let's play footballt Leo It's cold now.

Let's put on our jackets. Greatl Let's have two teams. Max Whose jacket is this? Amy Yes, it's mine. Amy ls this one yours, Leo? Leo Yes, my jacket's blue. Mqx This one is mine. And this blue iacket is hers.

Here you are, Holly. This jacket is hers! It's mine. Theg're Uours. It's his. It's her woter bottle. The woter bottle is hers. Theg're ours. The rucksock is theirs. Use whose for the question. Whose iacklt is ,rl i. Let's give it This rucksock is Theg're new. Comptete Grommor Time Exercise, l on poge l0g of Workbook 4. How did t play? Adverbs tell gou more obouto verb. Mong odverbs end in -tU e. Some ore o different word e. Joe ranJast but Adam ran stowty. At break we played football.

We all cheered loudly, loudly, loudly We didn't hear the bell. The bell rang softly, softly, softly The teacher said, "Run quickly, quickly, quickly. Listen for the bell.

C,rommarTime Exercise 2 on poge I09 of Workbook 4. We're going to the beoch with mg friend todog! I'm going to toke mg doLL. Her nome is Corrie. We've got o picnic: sondwiches, cheese, corrots ond cherries. We're going to Lookfor shells ond smell the seo oir.

I con heor the doorbell. Mg friend is here. Circle the words with ll ond underline the words with rr. Tcdcg peop[e p[cg bosketboll outdoors, too, ond gou ccn often find bcsketboll hoops in pcnks ond gcrdens. So tng it! You just need o bsi[, sorne fniends Bosketbsll storted in '! So, Noisr',xitl-r plerg basketbo[. L Soro Loves pLoging teom sports. Remember to use the correct verb. Write lt's or lts. It's new. L The sports centre is greot. It's got wings. There is o horse on the form. Its nome is Stor.

Its teeth ore Long. Are we lost? Max I think so, but I thouqht the theatre wls near -! Holly But the show starts in five minutes. We got lost, so we had to go with ttncletom. They had ta hurry. We hqyg! Theg 3 The troffic Light is red. WhU ore we of this petrot stotion? Whg ore we Lost? Becouse we're [ost. Becouse we didn't reod the mop corefullg. Use whgfor questions. Use becousefor onswers. Why were they late?

Because they got lost. Now write sentences obout the pictures. The woman and her son were l,ate because theg got [ost. Because they can'tltnd the station Th at they thou ght w as th ere. Why are they lost tn the middle of the town? Their sondwiches ore in o pLostic box. Dick is reoding o comic ond Rick is Listening to music. Theg don't see the duck ond the chick coming out of the woter. The duck ond the chick see the picnic ond toke the bogs'Jood. Theg hide behind o rock. Theg ore verg quick.

Circle the words ending with ck ond underline the words ending with c. But shodow on the puppets to moke shodows on o screen puppet theotre is still populor todog in mong behind them. The puppeteer does oll the ports of the world. Shodow puppets tell voices. And sometimes there ore other people people obout importont events ond describe singing or ploging instruments. Nowodogs there ore some new ond modern stories, too.

Hond shodows You con do shodow theotre of home' ,ting gour hondsl You will need o white woll ond o bright light' To mqke o growling tiger: - Moke o 'C;shope witt'l gour left hond' - Put gour right hond on toP of gour t. These shodow puppets ore comel skin - Don't forget to moke the ond theg come from Indonesio.

Often there tiger's mouth move bg is just one puppeteer who mokes the puppets mlving the fingers ond move. To move the puppets there ore wooden thumbon Uour left hond' sticks on the puppets' bocks. L Shodow puppet theotre storted in Turkeg. Where is Leo going? Stort of the schoot door. We use imperotives to te[L o 4 Underline the imperotives in these instructions. N1 o Drow on the robbit's eUes ond nose.

Please can I have this one? Dad Sorry, Max. But it's the most expensive bed in the shoo. Reod ond leorn. Mg bed is more comfortoble thon this one. It's less expensive than o new bed. Bike number three is better than bike number hlo. Tuesday was worse. I broke my bat. Wednesday was the worst of all. I bumped my head on the classroom wall. Thursday was good. I did well at school. Friday was better. I went swimming atthe pool. But Saturday was the best of all.

Circle the words with c soging s ond underline the words with g soging i. The grosshopper tried to dig, but he coutdn't find ong food. It wcrs o lovetg summer dog. The "Hetp me, f'm hungrgr" sqid the grosshopper wcrs sitting in the sun, ptoging grosshopper to the qnt. The step-by-step grammar presentations in Grammar Friends introduce form, use and meaning in a way that even young beginner learners can understand and remember. The series was written to support the syllabus of Family and Friends but is an ideal supplement to any elementary general English course.

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Share Print. Author and teacher family and friends 4 download free Nina Lauder gives some tips and activities for using Family and Friends in the young learner classroom. Family and Friends 2nd Edition Plus is a supplementary set of materials to extend grammar and expand vocabulary. Download these online components to use alongside the Grammar and Vocabulary Builder book. Family and Friends Teaching Tips Frree and teacher trainer Nina Lauder gives some tips and activities for using Family and Friends in the young learner classroom. Family and friends 4 download free and Friends 2nd Edition Plus Family and Friends 2nd Edition Plus is a supplementary set of family and friends 4 download free to freee grammar free tour en espa?ol por londres expand vocabulary. Activity worksheets Download these free resources from our experts to use with your class. Courses for We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Find out more. family and friends 4 download free Download & View Family And Friends 4 Class as PDF for free. More details. Pages: Preview; Full text. tu&ffi$s s##K Noomi Simmons With Extensive reoding texts bg lenng Quintono oxroRD LTNIVERSITY PRESS: Srorrer: Boenogeilhed poge 4 Food words. Family and Friends 4 Class Book ebook pdf class audio cd download online at Resources for teaching and learning English - with workbook teacher book. Welcome to the Family and Friends Learning Resources page. Friends Level 2 Family and Friends Level 3 Family and Friends Level 4 Family and Friends. Get teaching resources for Family and Friends to use with your class. Family and Friends 4 Workbook Answer Key PDF ( KB); Family and Friends 5 Workbook Download these free resources from our experts to use with your class. Family and Friends 4 Workbook. October 12, | Author: Phong | Category: N/​A. DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Download Family and Friends 4 (Photocopy Masters Book).pdf. Family and Friends 4 Edition Class Audio - Resources for teaching and Kid's Book Store Free: Download Family and Friends 1 All the Songs + CD; Link. языка для школьного возраста Oxford Family and Friends Download for free Special Edition 4 Workbook; Family and Friends Special Edition 4 Workbook. BiLLg ote some bodfood ond he He hod to drink Lots of woter. Review Backpack 1; Unit samieh. An ommonite wqs o seo creoture which Where con gou find fossils hod o hord shelt. The JootboLlers finished her homework, she tidied her desk. All the sousqges were on the end of his nose. L Shodow puppet theotre storted in Turkeg. When I was waltlng in the Librarg, The bell rang softly, softly, softly Hos he ever been to o desert? We're going to Lookfor shells ond smell the seo oir. family and friends 4 download free