facts are sacred comment is free

facts are sacred comment is free

At the peril of its soul it must see that the supply is not tainted. Neither in what it gives, nor in what it does not give, nor in the mode of presentation must the unclouded face of truth suffer wrong. Comment is free, but facts are sacred. The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard. Comment also is justly subject to a self-imposed restraint. It is well to be frank; it is even better to be fair.

This is an ideal. Achievement in such matters is hardly given to man. We can but try, ask pardon for shortcomings, and there leave the matter. A well articulated ideal. I like that pivotal goal, "It is well to be frank; it is even better to be fair. Does it mean fair as in equality of outcomes? Fair as in equality before the law? So, in some ways, we are left with the question, a great ideal but what does it mean? But what caught my attention was the discussion immediately preceding the passage with the quote.

Character is a subtle affair, and has many shades and sides to it. It is not a thing to be much talked about, but rather to be felt. It is also the Basic Law which provides for the possibility of a democratically elected Chief Executive; the colonial government having shown no interest in replacing the governor with such a person. The elderly woman was later diagnosed with dementia and said tour guide duly took over handling of her affairs.

A court case is in progress and the LPA and the Office of the Public Guardian, a government outfit whose job is to act as registry of such LPAs, has come under scrutiny. He then comes up with a list of practical suggestions on how to tighten the process of activating LPAs to prevent abuse. In their view, it accounts to betrayal. Let's be clear: It is not. Click here to support this column!

Thank you. Byline journalists depend upon reader contributions. Of course the thing can only be done by competence all round and by that spirit of cooperation right through the working staff which only a common ideal can inspire.

There are people who think you can run a newspaper about as easily as you can poke a fire, and that knowledge, training, and aptitude are superfluous endowments. There have even been experiments on this assumption, and they have not met with success. There must be competence, to start with, on the business side, just as there must be in any large undertaking, but it is a mistake to suppose that the business side of a paper should dominate, as sometimes happens, not without distressing consequences.

A newspaper to be of value should be a unity, and every part of it should equally understand and respond to the purposes and ideals which animate it. Between its two sides there should be a happy marriage, and editor and business manager should march hand in hand, the first, be it well understood, just an inch or two in advance. Of the staff much the same thing may be said. They should be a friendly company. They need not, of course, agree on every point, but they should share in the general purpose and inheritance.

A paper is built up upon their common and successive labours, and their work should never be task work, never merely dictated. That is the path of self-respect and pleasure; it is also the path of success. And what a work it is how multiform, how responsive to every need and every incident of life! What illimitable possibilities of achievement and of excellence! At least he should not be content to be much less. And then the developments.

Every year, almost every day, may see growth and fresh accomplishment, and with a paper that is really alive, it not only may, but does. Let anyone take a file of this paper, or for that matter any one of half a dozen other papers, and compare its whole make-up and leading features today with what they were five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago, and he will realise how large has been the growth, how considerable the achievement.

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On 6 AprilThe John Rylands Research Institute and The John Rylands Library will hold a free conference to celebrate comemnt rich free combat flight simulator games online of the Guardian formerly Manchester Guardian newspaper, as told through its remarkable archive. Scott it was transformed into a national newspaper with a reputation for journalistic integrity and honesty. This event marks the culmination of a project by The University of Facts are sacred comment is free Library to catalogue C. Registration for the event is facts are sacred comment is free open. Subscribe via Email. facts are sacred comment is free Comment is free, but facts are sacred. “Propaganda”, so called, by this means is hateful. The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has. In , C.P. Snow wrote an essay on journalism for The Guardian newspaper to mark its centenary and his 50th year as editor.. Read more at. “Comment is free, but facts are sacred,” Scott declared in Newspapers have “a moral as well as a material existence,” and “the voice of. Comment is free, but facts are sacred. 'Propaganda,' so called, by this means is hateful. The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right. Let's be clear: It is not. I realised today that some Remainers, alike some Brexiteers, unfortunately cannot stand facts. In the so-called "post-truth. Download Citation | “Comment Is Free, but Facts Are Sacred”: User-generated Content and Ethical Constructs at the Guardian | This case study examines how. 'Comment is free, but facts are sacred': The Guardian in Local, National, and Global History The John Rylands Library, The University of. Comment is free, but facts are sacred. "Propaganda", so called, by this means is hateful. The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has. Going on holiday during the pandemic — it's just one big guilt trip. Scott recorded that the German ambassador had been deceived into believing that Britain would stay outside the conflict. After all, Ms Smith was a columnist. Ministers have struggled to wear a mask. The Curragh incident had profoundly shocked the establishment in Ireland; on 27 July Scott would hold just a one-off meeting with General Macready , Lord Reading and Lloyd George in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. Please try again, the name must be unique. Rishi Sunak's arts bailout is more divisive than it looks Charlotte Higgins. Firms trying to rebuild after the Covid lockdown are being plunged into more uncertainty by this incompetent government, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins. Archived from the original on 15 July Flag comment Cancel. The Guardian view on Covid economics: the austerity con of deficit hysteria. facts are sacred comment is free