essentials of sports nutrition and supplements free download

essentials of sports nutrition and supplements free download

Sports nutrition is its own unique field that requires academic and real-world specialization and training. The CISSN is recognized by the leaders of applied exercise nutrition not sports dietetics, but rather sports nutrition.

In addition, the CISSN has been coordinated by leading professors, professionals, health educators and researchers. The exam which is often given in concert with ISSN conferences.

Sports nutrition is not medical nutrition therapy; however the CISSN is solely responsible for making sure that his or her practice of sports nutrition is within any state or Federal guidelines. It is required that you have a 4-year undergraduate college degree; if you do not have a 4-year college degree, email us with your credentials and we will consider it on a case by case basis email: issn.

What are two important roles of glutamine? What role does glutamine have in the immune system, and what happens to glutamine when an athlete undertakes prolonged, intense training? What is vitamin C? How does vitamin C supplementation relate to immune function during periods of prolonged, intense exercise? What is zinc and how does it impact the immune system?

Give an example. What is meant by the term dietary balance? What are four recommendations for the timing of food consumption for athletes in relation to a competition or practice session? Learning Exercises 93 What is the basic dietary breakdown that has been recommended? How much water should athletes drink before a training session? What are two common mistakes made in regard to hydration by athletes? Why is carbohydrate consumption important? What is the concept of carbohydrate loading?

Aspects of Overtraining What is the glycemic index? What is the protein recommendation for improving recovery? What are the basic recommendations for fat consumption? Review Test 95 Review Test 1. Which of the following apply to overreaching? Short-term increases in performance b. Short-term decreases in performance c. Long-term decreases in performance d. Sympathetic overtraining is associated with: a.

Endurance exercise b. Aerobic exercise c. Strength and power exercise d. Anaerobic exercise e. Overtraining can be caused by all of the following except: a.

Large increases in training volume b. Increases in training intensity c. Increases in frequency of training d. Long periods of time away from training.

The most sensitive psychologic factor associated with overtraining is: a. Fatigue b. Vigor c. Depression d. Anger e. A potential mechanism for overtraining is: a. Chronic changes to the neuroendocrine environment b. Decreased serotonin levels c.

Combined effect of exercise and life stress causing the athlete to reach the super-compensation phase d. None of the above 6. With a decrease in muscle glycogen stores, fat oxidation: a. Increases b. Decreases c. Is unaffected 96 6. Aspects of Overtraining 7. Increases in free fatty acids in the blood are accompanied by increases in: a.

A decreased release of albumin b. The release of tryptophan from albumin c. An increase in the ratio of free tryptophan to branched-chain amino acid ratio d. A decrease in muscle glycogen stores is associated with increases in the oxidation of: a. Albumin b. Leucine c. Tryptophan d. None of the above 9. An increase in the tryptophan to branched-chain amino acid ratio is associated with all of the following except: a.

An increased occurrence of central fatigue b. Increased formation of serotonin c. An increased occurrence of peripheral fatigue d. A needs analysis would include all of the following except a n : a. Training history b. Dietary evaluation c. Performance assessment d. Intelligence test Super-compensation b. Alarm c. Exhaustion d. A year-long training cycle would be termed a n : a. Microcycle b. Mesocycle c. Macrocycle d. Quadrilinear cycle Review Test 97 After the completion of the preparatory phase of training, athletes typically move into the: a.

Transition I phase b. Hypertrophy phase c. Strength phase d. Maintenance phase The transition I phase of training is considered a detraining phase. Which is the most abundant amino acid in the body? Creatine b.

Glutamine c. Leucine d. Isoleucine Aspects of Overtraining Signs of aerobic overtraining can include all of the following except: a. Increases in total testosterone b. Decreases in muscle glycogen levels c. Decreases in percent body fat d. Design both an aerobic and resistance training session that meets the recommended guidelines for training frequency, duration, and intensity. Principles of Exercise Training Learning Exercises Exercise 1: Fundamental Training Principles What are two fundamental training variables that are common to both aerobic and resistance training?

How does one calculate the total weight lifted in a resistance training program? Overload: 2. Individuality: What are three possible ways that overload can be accomplished in a resistance training program? Explain the concept of individualization.

What are 6 things that may attribute to the effectiveness of a warm-up? What is an active warm-up? Explain how an in what conditions an active warm-up is effective. Explain the components of a warm-up period. Explain the type of stretching that should be included in a warm-up. Exercise 2: Training Frequency What is meant by the term training frequency? When you finish this chapter you will be able to:. Identify the six classes of nutrients and describe their major functions.

Explain the importance of good nutrition in enhancing performance and preventing injuries. The relation of nutrition, diet, and weight control to overall health and fitness is an important aspect of any training and conditioning program for an athlete.

Many athletes associate successful performance with the consumption of special foods or supplements. The psychological aspect of allowing the athlete to eat whatever he or she is most comfortable with can greatly affect performance. Watch fullscreen.

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