eckhart tolle a new earth pdf free

eckhart tolle a new earth pdf free

Tolle interviewed by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday and was amazed at his descriptions about life. Tolle says that we are the part of us that realizes we are thinking. Anything else is ego. Tolle says that at the heart of all ancient religions is that the mind is insane and if we want to find peace, we must realize who we really are and drop any pretense of.

Ego is just an illusion. My life is already better, just from learning that little bit. The book takes time to read, because, you have to contemplate what you read, highlight it and read it again. You accept it. The Zen Master Hakuin lived in a Japanese town where he was revered and respected by all.

One day his teenage neighbor told her parents that Hakuin had gotten her pregnant. The angry parents rushed to Hakuin angrily and related to him that their daughter had confessed that he was the father. The whole town spoke of the scandal and the Master lost his reputation. No one came to see him anymore. The parents went to the Master and apologized.

They told them they had come to take the baby back. The master responded to false news, truth, and good and bad all the same because he was not a victim. He did not personalize the events, or take offense. Consequently, he was not in distress and a child received loving care.

Bad turns into good through the power of nonresistance. Your most important relationship in life is your relationship with the Now. The ego is basically a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment.

You can always decide if the present moment is your friend or your enemy. The present moment is life, so you are really deciding what you want your relationship with life to be. The ego can never be in alignment with the present moment. Its very nature is to resist and devalue the Now. The ego lives on time, and is always trying to get to some future moment. The present moment is regarded and treated as if it were an obstacle to be overcome.

There is only ever this moment. Life is always now. Everything seems to be subject to time and yet it all happens in the now. Eliminating time from your conscious will also eliminate the ego. Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe. Resistance makes things of the world appear to be more solid and lasting than they are.

Everything in the world of form is fleeting. This is the new Earth. You are Present when you do things for their own sake and not as a means to an end, such as for money or prestige. Tolle relates that in the late 70s as he ate lunch with friends at Cambridge University where he was studying, he would sometimes notice a man in a wheelchair accompanied by several other people.

One day he was sitting close enough that he noticed how totally paralyzed and emaciated his body was. Those with him were putting food in his mouth, much of which was falling out again. Occasionally he would produce croaking sounds, and someone would put their ear to his mouth and somehow interpret what he was saying.

Tolle, somewhat in shock, asked his friend if he knew who the man was. His friend explained that he was a mathematics professor and those were his students. He had a neuron disease that progressively paralyzes every part of the body, and had been given five years to live at most.

A few weeks later Tolle held an elevator door open for the man and he was surprised at how clear his eyes were. There was not a trace of unhappiness in them. Years later as Tolle was buying a newspaper at a kiosk he was amazed to the see the man on the front page of a popular international news magazine.

A line in the article confirmed what Tolle had sensed in his eyes years earlier. Unhappiness and negativity is like a disease, a pollution of the planet on an inner level.

People believe their happiness is dependent on what happens to them. The joy of Being is the only true happiness. It does not come through form, possession, achievement or an event — it emanates from the consciousness within you. If someone criticizes, the ego feels it has been diminished and immediately attempts to self-repair through self-justification, defense, and blaming. It only cares about self-preservation. These dysfunctional repair mechanisms seem perfectly normal to the ego.

A powerful spiritual practice is to consciously allow the diminishment of the ego when it occurs without attempting to restore it. For a short while you may feel uncomfortable and as if you have shrunk, but soon an inner spaciousness is felt, an intense aliveness, and you will know that you have not been diminished at all, but rather expanded.

Through becoming less, you become more. We are awed when we look into outer space at the inconceivable depth and countless worlds. A balanced human life is a dance between two dimensions: form and space. Most of us are so identified with form—things that we can see, hear, and touch that we forget about space. Just as without silence there could be no sound, you would not exist without the vital formless dimension that is the essence of who you are. Nonresistance, nonjudgment, and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.

Nonattachment does not mean you cannot enjoy the good the world offers, in fact you enjoy it more, but you have a higher vantage point from which to view the events in your life rather than being trapped inside of them. Awareness is being able to sense an alert inner stillness in the background while things happen in the foreground. Alcohol and certain drugs can make you feel more alive and relaxed, because you feel less burdened by your mind, you can glimpse the joy of Being, but there is a high price: unconsciousness.

You have not risen above thought. You have fallen below it. Watching television is also relaxing because you can escape from your endless thoughts and let something else think for you, which induces a trancelike passive state.

Advertisers love it because it induces a highly susceptible state of mind, whether for direct advertising or product placement. Watching television is almost always falling below thoughts, although there are rare programs that have been extremely helpful for many people, and sometimes even comedy is unintentionally spiritual as it teaches us to not take anything too seriously.

The joy of Being is found in simple, unremarkable things. To be aware of these quiet, little things, however, you have to be quiet inside. Suddenly, the disciple knew what Zen was without knowing what it was that he knew!

As they continued on, the disciple was awed at the aliveness of the world, and experienced everything as if for the first time. The ego wants to know how it can get a situation, or future situation, to fulfill its needs.

Presence asks how it can respond to the needs of this situation or moment. When Present, instead of reacting to a situation, you merge with it. Right action is action that is appropriate to the whole. When creation occurs, be vigilant not to take credit for the accomplishment, or the ego returns and spaciousness is obscured. Most people are only vaguely aware of the world around them because they are so caught up in their thoughts.

That is why some people enjoy travel. It forces them to observe newness without labeling, but just experiencing. For most people, the moment something has been perceived, then it is named and interpreted as good or bad by the ego.

You do not awaken spiritually until the compulsive and unconscious naming ceases. Although you cannot know consciousness, you can sense it everywhere and in every situation.

Inner space is discovered in the gaps in the stream of thinking. The duration of the gaps can be short at first. Focusing on breath takes attention away from thinking and thereby creates space. Daily conscious breathing is a great way to bring space into your life. When you breathe, it is the intelligence inside your body doing it.

All you have to do is watch as it happens. Notice the still point at the end of each breath. Because breath is not an object and has no form, it is an effective way to generate space and consciousness.

Conscious breathing makes thoughts cease, but you are still fully awake and highly alert. Rather than falling below thinking, you are rising above. Whether your compulsive behavior is smoking, drinking, TV watching, Internet addiction, overeating, etc. When it does arise, stop for a moment and take three conscious breaths.

Consciously feel that need to physically or mentally ingest or consume a certain substance or the desire to act out some form of compulsive behavior. Then take a few more conscious breaths. Sometimes this causes the urge to disappear for a time. Just keep practicing awareness. As your awareness grows, your addictive patterns will eventually weaken and dissolve.

A feeling of aliveness is always there but is often overlooked. Sometimes even drama in relationships is used in vain as a substitute for the genuine sense of aliveness. You body is not solid. It is space. We perceive the physical body as form, but over Your inner space is like a microcosmic version of outer space.

Light from the nearest star to us, Proxima Centauri, must travel for 4. The space between is unfathomable. Light from the nearest galaxy, Andromeda, takes 2. We have to enter the body to go beyond it and find out that we are not the body.

Throughout the day, before our minds label things, there is a short gap of alert attention where we do not think, we perceive. A new sight or sound arises, and in the first moment of perception, there is a brief cessation in the habitual stream of thinking. The frequency and duration of these spaces determine your ability to enjoy life, to feel an inner connectedness with other human beings as well as nature.

Consciousness of these brief gaps causes them to lengthen and become more frequent, where you can enjoy perceiving with little or no interference by thought. Views Total views.

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Tolle tells us there is good news, however. There is an alternative to this potentially dire situation. Humanity now, perhaps more than in any previous time, has an opportunity to create a new, saner, more loving world.

This will involve a radical inner leap from the current egoic consciousness to an entirely new one. In illuminating the nature of this shift in consciousness, Tolle describes in detail how our current ego-based state of consciousness operates. Tolle describes. In "A New Earth ," Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world.

Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy, and unhappiness, and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence. Illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting, "A New Earth " is a profoundly spiritual manifes to for a better way of life?

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