duty free buenos aires ezeiza catalogo

duty free buenos aires ezeiza catalogo

Sensual patchouli and rich, warm vanilla are the stars of this distinctive cocktail. Spicy myrrh and a citrus twist of bergamot complete the fragrance. Description: The scent features a delicious patchouli and vanilla accord which evokes the very essence of Angel.

Heart notes consist of mandarin orange, which blends into white woods. Description: A perfume with spiced oriental tobacco is made according to the art of experiencing prestige cigars, in three "layers.

The second layer brings the fragrance to the heart note, which develops around a honeyed tobacco chord, with syrupy and vanilla tones. The last layer — the base note — develops around the woody and sensual notes of patchouli and bitter cacao. Company: Five Star Fragrance Description: An alluring limited edition for the summer opens with sparkling top notes of Italian bergamot and grapefruit dashed with a hint of spicy pink peppercorn.

A floral heart of lush jasmine, delicate rose and dewy violet eases into a rich background of patchouli and sandalwood touched with golden resins of amber and creamy benzoin. Musk envelops the fragrance with a brush of warmth.

For her: delicate and fresh notes of bergamot that contrast with a musky trail. For him: emblematic, suggestive notes of Men, embraced with mojito mint and fresh ice. Fairies EDT 50ml is wrapped in an original metallic box shaped like a spring flower, with petals that open and close to reveal the hidden treasure of the delicately crafted perfume bottle held within.

Perry Ellis Love Company: Falic Fashion Group Description: A captivating new fragrance with a romantic appeal centered around the color pink to convey femininity and love.

A fresh scent that can be worn every day. Company: Essence Corp. Description: The fragrance is a new olfactory interpretation of Azzaro pour Homme, a scent that combines energy, freshness and virile seduction. Company: Cofinluxe Description: A fragrance designed for girls who love the carefree charm of beachside pleasures.

The fruity fragrance is encased in a yellow bottle shaped featuring a fuchsia-colored hibiscus flower. The color of the bottle goes from dark to light amber with Original Penguin logo hot stamped in gold foil on the front of the glass. Volume Million Lashes extra black and waterproof are now available in travel retail. Description: An expert solution to provide all women with the most efficient and complete daily protection against UV rays, pollution and free radicals.

The sunscreen launches in spring in travel retail in the Americas and the Caribbean www. Description: Achieving a golden tan while preserving the long-term health and beauty of skin has always been the Clarins sun care philosophy.

Launches spring in travel retail the Americas and the Caribbean. Lips are saturated with intense, stay-true color, thanks to the Coloreveal Technology, while natural extracts provide comforting moisture that lasts all day. Company : Essence Corp. Description: A complete skin care action to ensure youthfullooking body contours thanks to firming and replenishing benefits.

Skin is soft, firm, hydrated and visibly younger-looking, with a choice of two different textures to satisfy all women whatever their preference, skin type or season. Launches in spring in travel retail in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Belvada Mascara Noir Company: Belvada Cosmetics Description: Unlike conventional mascaras, with the new Belvada package the reserve product is never exposed to the elements, only the brush and the product on the brush are exposed.

The bottle remains closed and the reservoir material is kept fresh. The mascara is also pushed on to the brush via a plunger, this ensures that virtually all the mascara is used. For the lips the set contains three lipsticks and a mini lip pencil. Source Defense Serum Company: Bvlgari Description: This cell-energy booster is designed to neutralize the effects of aging at its source by preserving mitochondria, the sole source of cell energy.

The colors include white pearl, black star, silver moon and blue lagoon. This year La Prairie plans to launch a new Radiance emulsion for the Radiance collection, which is targeted at mature skin.

As people age, appearance becomes more and more vulnerable That simple dynamic opens up ample space for cosmetics specialists, who base their market approaches on research, marketing and careful product positioning. It is most important to us that our customers are seeing visible results, that is why La Prairie can count on a very high brand loyalty.

Doing the homework Constant research is essential in developing new anti-aging products, driven by the constant need to improve and also by the equally urgent need to stay ahead of the competition. One result was that three patents were obtained, one for each of the essential oils, and a third for minerals and trace elements. The other primary anti-aging skincare line is Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24,.

Future Solution LX is for the more demanding customer. After launching four core items plus a dedicated eye and lip regeneration cream last year, Shiseido will bring an additional strong novelty item into the mix this year. Men are increasingly on the hunt for good anti-aging remedies, says Trujillo. Our top selling items are anti-aging ones: Moisturizing Lotion, Total Revitalizer and, more recently introduced, our Skin Empowering Cream.

But men have a specific approach to skincare: it has to be efficient, comfortable, and simple. It has a shorter two-step routine: cleanse and shave, then moisturize. Hence our decision to launch the Oasis Men collection, which will debut in select markets in spring She also says the airport channels are crucial as they act as the "windows to the world".

Also cruise ships are offering an excellent opportunity for recruiting new customers. Kiessling describes buying habits in North America as very different.

They have a more pragmatic approach towards skincare, compared to our Asian customers for example. H2O Plus offers three key anti-aging product lines.

Later this year, the company will follow up with the launch of the Sea Pure natural anti-aging collection. Maul notes several key trends. The anti-aging category is hitting its prime as baby boomers reach retirement and younger consumers witness the positive effects of preventive skincare.

The cosmetics shopper is more educated and product savvy, increasingly interested in learning about product contents and benefits. A close corollary of the desire for more information is the ability consumers now enjoy to freely share product experiences online.

Of course companies in turn use the same outlets to build direct, interactive relationships with customers. Also a stronger demand for premium skincare items, whose sales are over-represented in the travel retail market versus the local market.

Trujillo believes that shops have become more inviting, with the goal of developing a true shopping experience where criteria other than price impact the buying decision. Many customers now take time to shop, she says. They expect deeper skin analysis and more expert skincare advice, and may even come back regularly, building loyalty with beauty consultants, similar to what happens in downtown stores.

They also receive personalized training sessions at least once a year. It also reflects the love and appreciation the company has had for its customers ever since it was first founded in The interior is specifically designed to incorporate natural, sustainable materials and energy efficient light fixtures. The sustainable wood flooring — Wormy red oak — has been laid from wood obtained from fallen trees.

The new lightweight versions of Vital Light Day and Night for All Skin Types complete the existing range of comfort creams to satisfy the needs of all women. Designed to restore deep skin luminosity that fades with time, Vital Light creams are soft, smooth and feel wonderful on the skin. Their soft melting textures are quickly absorbed and instantly leave skin smooth and luminous.

The product has four patents pending, and has been proven effective with an anti-aging, deep luminosity action that ensures reorganization of the dermis, control of overproduction of melanin, stimulation of the microcirculation and advanced anti-pollution protection. We have over 30 years experience in the Canadian duty free market and a commitment to excellence. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service covering their shipments to and within Canada and the USA.

Americas Duty Free asks five unique companies in the jewelry business about their plans for the new year BY. What are your best sellers in the Americas duty free market? Gold Silk: Our best seller to date has been our 20 strand necklace.

This design is very popular and seems to have a slight edge in substance, style and perceived value to the consumer. Our matching 20 strand Gold Silk bracelet has also been popular, and in venues where available, duty free shoppers will buy both the necklace and bracelet. Elle: In the Americas, we have a runaway best seller, the Gateway necklace, which symbolizes the endless circles of love, trust and hope.

The intertwining rings silently evoke your three secret wishes captured in rhodium and silver plating for lasting beauty, set with a genuine ruby, which is our brand signature.

Majorica: One best seller is a new interpretation of the classic white 12mm pearl necklace which we enhanced by touches of silver and cubic zirconia. Another one is a 14mm baroque nuage and grey color pearl choker. Crislu: Continuing to be a major seller throughout the Americas is the Princess Tennis bracelet in both vermeil and sterling silver finished with pure platinum and cubic zirconia by the yard 16 inch and 36 inch necklaces.

Chamilia: Our best sellers are bangle bracelets with combinations of Murano glass beads and brilliant Swarovski crystals. Furthermore, silver snap bracelets with pink Murano glass and Swarovski beads are also proving very popular.

What are some new jewelry trends? Gold Silk: Our brand stands alone as a unique, fresh jewelry concept, with high fashion appeal, which attracts strong appeal regardless of what else might be considered hot or trendy in today's jewelry marketplace.

For that reason Gold Silk is not affected by the latest jewelry trends. Skagen: For , we found that the major trends we wanted to pursue were contrasting blacks and whites, use of precious gemstones and mixing different patterns and finishes.

With these trends in mind, we plan on launching lines that incorporate. Majorica: Generally speaking, I see a heavy trend for more and more brand power in the category across channels and markets. In the medium term, I see jewelry closing the branding gap that exists with other aspirational categories like perfumes, watches or leather good accessories.

When it comes to products, we see a strong trend towards pearls. Pearls are very hot this season and the trend is toward large sizes, 12 to 18mm. The Tahitian black is a hot color — we are running a campaign with Neiman Marcus at the moment with the new Majorica Tahitian pearl collection. We also see the yellow gold color peaking up after a long time during which sterling silver dominated.

World Class Brands: Joia De Majorca: The key trend over the past six months—and destined to be an even stronger trend as spring and summer opens up—is the allure of pendants. Baroque and Circular Baroque pearls of 12 to 16mm suspended from 3- to row diamond cut or silky soft chains. The pearls range in color from classic white to the exotic hues such as Tahitian blacks, grays and aubergines.

In terms of chains, the Oro's chains are in sterling silver, vermeil or combinations of black platinum and sterling silver. Indeed, this is one of the hottest looks. Crislu: The latest trend is the more colorful Sapphire collections, the longer lengths in necklaces that range from 36 to 60 inch styles and stackable rings in silver, vermeil and black platinum.

Can you tell us about your new launches for ? Skagen: For spring we are launching four separate collections, all of which will feature stainless steel paired with agate gemstones, freshwater and Swarovski pearls, Swarovski crystals, as well as mesh. We will also be launching interchangeable chains in snake and box chain configurations that can be mixed and matched with various spring pendants.

We will also be introducing additional ring styles to our current collection. Elle: In , for the airlines, we are launching a new necklace called the Chrysalis, inspired by dainty butterfly wings, with stylized and sophisticated crafting, and adorned with our brand signature, a genuine ruby.

Majorica: We do four launches a year and we start the spring season now with our star, the Capricho collection. Then we will have the launch of our summer collection with a creative work around the turquoise. A major focus has been upon the volume price points.

Crislu: Several major launches will take place for spring, including Micro Pave groupings, Micro Pave Initials either as a pendent or just initials and Micro Pave small dainty charms. There will be increased presentations in rose gold finishes and lace earrings in larger sizes.

Chamilia: We will be featuring a new self selection fixture showing both made-up bracelets and sets of three beads for those customers who have already started a bracelet. Gold Silk: We are always looking to the market place for feedback and direction to improve exposure and to impact our Gold Silk brand. We plan to increase our market penetration at the broader consumer level through select traditional retail clients from both US domestic and worldwide domestic markets.

In that regard, we plan to maintain a collection of travel retail exclusive designs, as they are the backbone of the success and profitability for our worldwide Gold Silk brand clients. Further, we are working to create regionally targeted marketing collateral for airport shops and travel retailers worldwide. There is a different set of marketing criteria required for the Americas than for Asia or Europe.

In that sense we recognize the uniqueness of each global market and plan to design market collateral that appeals to the distinctive culture of the region, rather than employing a "one size fits all" global marketing plan. As an example, Gold Silk is performing very successfully in the Asia Pacific region, and we believe it is because we have tailored a market philosophy specifically for that region.

Skagen: We do not have any promotions planned for travel exclusives at this time. Elle: All our airline references are exclusive to travel retail, with their own window packaging.

In order to support the crew efforts, we participate in many road shows, crew incentives and are also planning a GWP program. Majorica: Yes, we are launching some new travel retail sets this year, one with pendant. In the future, the joint campaign will be incorporated in press, print, website www. I'm such a fan of all things cute and collectible - I like the Charm Club the best because I get to make it my own. And we will be promoting Majorica in all major Spanish airports during the summer season with a special and very visual promotion in Palma de Mallorca showing how the Majorica pearl is created.

World Class Brands: Joia De Majorca: Yes, we have a multicolor pearl bracelet combined with cubic zirconia along with a multi-colored necklace. We will also be featuring a pendant set in soft pink with 12mm pearls and 10mm stud earrings, as well as a pendant set with Baroque pearls measuring 14x16mm on a diamond cut chain. Crislu: One product that we have are Sunscape earrings that magically change color in sunlight.

This concept has been expanded to include pendants and sets of pendants and earrings. Available colors range from clear to pink, clear to blue and clear to canary. This product has received a very positive response worldwide. Chamilia: We have a series of starter set bracelets with 3 to 5 beads on bangles or classic bracelets.

Geneva Watch clearly communicates the message of the collection through effective visual displays, allowing its merchandisers to drive sales within a limited space. From the hugely popular rose gold, to splashes to bright color and technologically advanced functions, watch suppliers share their insights into the hottest trends around BY FAYE ROWE ver the past few years the watch industry has faced some challenges, but now we are seeing a considerable comeback. So which trends are popular right now?

It is important to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by combining rose gold with different textures, colors and materials like ceramic and stainless steel. In addition, vintage bronze finishes, splashes of color and using black and blue knurled top rings are some interesting finishes and materials that give the Fossil customer a unique kind of vintage style. These products have.

The Kenneth Cole Touch Screen watch, which was the first touch screen watch in the fashion category, continues to exceed expectations and has quickly gained a phenomenal fan-base. Many buyers have commented on their success and I think this has revived the accessory part of in-flight sales.

Color-pop timepieces Scorpio is also onto newer, brighter things. We have also introduced new models within the Aviator range, which offer colored, interchangeable straps. For ladies, classical dress styles with diamante are still in vogue. Among Scorpios new products for women is the Aviator Ladies Multi Function Watch with its brand new mechanism, which sets dual time at the touch of a button. Finally, the appreciation of the inner workings of a watch has shown a strong trend towards automatic movements and transparency among men and women.

Across the different watch brands the company is also introducing rose gold timepieces and expanding the category of automatic watches for both men and women. Festina has a very reasonable entry price level so instead of showcasing its more highly priced products in its advertising campaigns, the company has started doing multimedia micro advertising campaigns aimed at impulse shoppers.

Festina has been luring clients more with a wider product base and by improving our value for money offer. Bags and shoes are key pieces for inspiration. Creating better, more resistant, slimmer or lower priced movements is something that influences directly the type of watches available.

Business over the past year has been very strong for Fossil with one of the major highlights being its Michael Kors brand. Giles Marks, Director, Global Travel Retail, Maui Jim Sunglasses believes that dedicated sunglass shops equate to higher sales and that, as a small category, all brands need to be displayed in high traffic, visible areas.

According to Marcolin, face-to-face communication with vendors at the local level and at trade shows, and inviting customers to its showroom, is proving an effective way to promote its brands. Celebrating a brand new look Sunglasses suppliers share their crisis-crunching strategies, new ideas for promotions and why differentiation is key to success BY. Maui Jim works hard to explain and demonstrate the advantages of wearing a premium, polarized lens for the best possible clarity and eye protection.

Differentiation is key to success and our main objective is to add value day after day to ensure we keep growing. As a result, the company gained display space with many important retailers.

Signs of productivity have also been noted by suppliers such as Marchon, which saw growth across the board with all its collections, and Maui Jim, which enjoyed a record year in both travel retail and total global sales. Marcolin also has something to celebrate. Initially, the company started selling its most in-demand collections such as Tom Ford and Roberto Cavalli.

In , however, Marcolin also brought other collections such as Kenneth Cole and Timberland to the duty free market. Marchon would like to see the sunglasses category presented as fashion accessories, which provides protection from the sun. Polaroid, one of the first eyewear brands to launch circular polarized curved lens premium 3D glasses, is now rolling out the range to travel retail markets globally.

The company believes the rollout will provide travel retail with a fantastic new business opportunity for incremental sales. Polaroid Eyewear has pioneered the development of the polarizing technology that is behind these high-tech premium 3D glasses.

The Polaroid curved premium lenses are so optically superior that they have been certified by RealD, a leading licensor of 3D technology for cinemas and consumer electronics. They have already been launched in cinemas and with opticians globally.

Consumer electronics companies are to follow shortly. There are also stylish movie-cult frames too, featuring stills from classic films. For customers who wear prescription lenses for the cinema or to watch TV, they can still enjoy the full 3D experience as we have included 3D glasses that fit comfortably over these frames with no compromise on optical clarity.

Passive 3D technology is the preferred option for film production and is expected to take a significant portion of the 3D television market in and beyond. Marc Jacobs. Michael Kors. Monkey Shoulder. Mount Gay. Narciso Rodriguez. Nina Ricci. Paco Rabanne. Royal Brackla. Royal Salute. Star Wars. The Balvenie. The Botanist. The Famous Grouse. The Glenlivet. The Glenrothes. The Macallan. Thierry Mugler. Tic Tac. Tommy Hilfiger. Too Faced. Tullamore Dew. Urban Decay. Veuve Clicquot. Victoria's Secret.

Wild Turkey. William Lawson. Woodford Reserve. Yves Saint Laurent. Cosmentic shades. With liquor sold at gas stations, grocery and convenience stores, more and more consumers are turning to the corner shop than traveling to the border to buy their spirit of choice.

With many choosing convenience over price, duty free stores are feeling the pinch. Why wait in long lines when you can buy close to home? Baja Duty Free knows this all too well, and the duty free operator continues to forge ahead, focusing on growth and renewal among its 10 stores along the US border with Mexico.

The last few years have seen substantial growth for the retailer. Two new stores were added to its lineup in the fourth quarter of , and Baja Duty Free refined its focus for toward building business within those new markets.

In Montevideo, Zeinal Hnos. Finally, gourmet foods and make-up for young adults sold well last year given the fact that Bernabel Trading made a concerted effort to give the categories more space in its stores. Zeinal also made a point of noting that Buquebus is stepping up its game in terms of its commitment to the environment.

Keeping interest high And other new developments are on the horizon. Next on the list for refurbishments are the Silvia Ana stores, with work expected to be completed by June of this year. We have a good portion of clients who are frequent passengers. In , Brazil jumped from number three in that group to number one, and has remained in the top spot since then with more than 1. MIA provides service to nine destinations With consistent record-setting years and continued growth on the horizon, MIA is growing its services and accommodations to better serve its customers.

Looking ahead MIA anticipates modest yet steady passenger growth through to Passenger totals at the airport have been steadily increasing year-over-year since , often exceeding projections, and actually setting new passenger records each year from to The project will also construct new postsecurity corridors for connecting passengers between Concourses G and H. This phase of the project will be co-funded through the TSA grant and the aviation department.

This flexibility is key to handling traffic growth, and long-term plans include retrofitting gates in the central terminal in the same fashion. These hard stands act like additional parking for aircraft, so that they do not sit unoccupied at the gate for extended periods, thereby preventing other arriving aircraft from using the gate space.

The kiosks allow American and Canadian citizens to have their passports processed in less than two minutes, resulting in shorter wait times for passengers. Duty free stores are located strategically throughout the airport and offer products based on passenger demographic.

New amenities for passengers To further accommodate its growing customer base, MIA has added a number of amenities to make travel at the airport even more efficient and convenient. CNN Airport Network also now offers a live simulcast of its hour network as well as Spanishlanguage content from CNN Latino, a Spanish language programming block airing in key Hispanic markets across the country. Travelers at Miami International Airport will be able to view this content by accessing the airports Wi-Fi network, available not only in the terminal areas but throughout all public areas of the airport, as well as in the Miami International Airport Hotel, and across a variety of screens including online, mobile and tablet, for both Apple and Android operating systems.

Wire Gauge providing streaming capabilities to those airport partners. And in November, MIA became only the third airport in the US to provide automated passport control kiosks to its customers. MIA has installed 36 Passport Express kiosks in its north terminal with an additional 12 to be installed in the south terminal in MIA also offers a comprehensive selection of products available through its duty free shops. To help promote products available through duty free stores at MIA, the airport offers its duty free operators access to an airport-wide marketing program designed to drive sales of duty free products.

Duty free stores are strategically located and market-based on the passenger demographic of the area. The Frontier Duty Free Association says goodbye to Niagara Falls as its venue as the organization looks forward to a full of new initiatives and experiences. Rathke noted that this year Match will be exploring opportunities for partnerships with a variety of companies, including tour operators, car rental agencies, gas stations, border towns, tourist attractions and more.

Rathke gave those in attendance a preview of promotional elements for Black Friday and also presented a mock-up of the new-look www. Frontier Duty Free Association After a Diageo-sponsored lunch and some housekeeping notes back in the meeting room, the Welcome Reception took place at the Watermark Restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls. Delegates were treated to a tarot card reader, regional cuisine from various Canadian provinces and drinks sponsored by a number of spirits suppliers.

The tradeshow floor was again open on Tuesday and Wednesday, with much more business being done during that time, before closing its doors down at pm on Wednesday ahead of the highly anticipated Gala Dinner and Gold Standards Awards Presentation. Going into , Runway Beauty is completing plans to renovate the existing displays for many of their top-selling brands—including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry.

Liquor-based food products have also proven to be a hit with consumers. Take Dufry, for example, which boasts a nearly year history, more than 50 of which are in travel retail. The global travel retailer has operations in 45 countries and operates more than 1, shops located at airports, seaports and onboard cruise liners.

With a wide portfolio of high-end products ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to jewelry and baggage from more than 1, suppliers, it goes without saying that Dufry has become a major player in the duty free and duty paid markets. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with operations in four global regions, Dufry continues to focus on expanding its existing shops and strengthening its presence in attractive markets. Of these, some of the more important markets are Latin America and the Caribbean, where in Dufry.

Most recently, the company signed long-term contracts in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Viracopos and Natal to operate duty free and duty paid spaces, further solidifying its presence in Brazil. He attributes this to a higher importance on promotional activities and service. The luxury sector shows clear signs of growth and offers room for further development. The company sells this category in its stores at airports, ports, cruise liners as well as in downtown locations.

In this category, Dufry sells mainly at airports with top-selling brands being Johnnie Walker, Hennessy and Brugal Rum. The buzz on promotions No product can be sold effectively without large-scale promotional efforts, something Dufry knows all too well. In , the company implemented a number of in-store promotions in the Caribbean in order to keep up with recent market trends and increase brand exposure. Also during this time, Dufry promoted the launch of Johnnie Walker XR with dress up and premier animation in the key market of Mexico.

This high-impact launch included a rotunda space with visual displays and tastings, and certainly helped put the brand top of mind among consumers and introduce the new exclusive item to the masses. Additionally, the company launched an in-store customized promotional gondola in prime spaces from October 1, to January 31, Dufry offered special discounts and promotional prices last year in key markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Offering a large selection of products with over 50, item references, general travel retail shops are located in both Arrival and Departure areas in airports, with each location differing in product assortment, layout and operations according to respective customer profiles and spending patterns. While retail shops sell everything from tobacco and alcohol to food, perfumes and cosmetics, News and Convenience Stores offer mainly newspapers, magazines and books, complemented by convenience products like confectionary and travel electronics.

Rounding out the list are specialized shops, one of the main ones being the Colombian Emeralds International CEI shops. Located in airports, seaports, hotels and downtown locations, these outlets focus on different product categories like confectionary and electronics. To keep its retail concepts fresh, Dufry renovates each shop every three to five years.

All enhancements are scheduled for completion by March Flush with success and looking to expand its reach, the company got into the travel retail arena back in the s and has since established itself as a market leader within the industry. The company boasts a wide range of cutting-edge products, from the one-speed, one-button Mia to the top-of-the-line, multi-speed Pro model.

The brush is clinically proven to perform six times better than a manual cleansing. In the results were above initial expectations, and the company was able to double the target it set due to the better-than-expected performance of the brand at the aforementioned LAX and Waikiki locations.

It helps the hairs on your skin to soften for a smoother, closer shave. It is really invigorating to start your day with a Clarisonic. Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush offers three customizable speed settings and advanced features.

The Clarisonic Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush offers a total face and body experience for the most versatile cleanse. Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush is lightweight, compact and equipped with a travel case perfect for travelers on-the-go. Based in Miami, the distributor has some strong brand names in its corner including some of the most prestigious fragrance names in the industry: Jimmy Choo, Bulgari, Versace and Moschino are just a sample of what the company offers.

Looking ahead to , some key fragrances will make their debut at the IAADFS show in Orlando, and will find their way to duty free and travel retail markets shortly after their launch. To celebrate the launch of these new products, Essence Corp. These new positions complement the existing employees of Essence Corp. Some of Essence Corp. To help launch the new products, special promotional events are being held in duty free.

Asian consumers are also heavily driven by gift with purchases. Signorina Eleganza Ferragamo continues its quest to create luxurious fragrances for high end customers. It is packaged in a nude beige palette with gold embossed lettering and a gros grain Vara bow that comes in two colors.

During , the Ferragamo Parfums brand consolidated its presence in the Americas market and will push forward and further establish its presence in Duty Free Americas and Dufry-operated stores,. The increase of our duty free operators has also had a positive impact on our sales. Between its wide product assortment and sales space strategy the company will continue to focus on the travel retail market as a key growth area for its brand.

The company has seen that retailers are lighting up their assortments, shrinking inventories and focusing on products with higher returns and plans to work with retail-. Ferragamo Parfums ensures that its fragrance products meet customer expectations through offering a large selection of products made available through its fragrance portfolio.

Our focus continues to be to build the brand pillars with high quality and appealing products that have a broad consumer base. H2O Plus extends its Oasis Collection into Bodycare with three key products all based on oil-free marine hydration. The company prides itself on cultivating the skin-changing power of marine life, including sea weeds and algae that absorb a concentration of minerals and antioxidants. Notable achievements include growth in North America, positive results in Asia, and strong performance in Europe.

The first half of the year brings about an element of celebration within the company for a key anniversary. Our Spa line will smooth and revitalize the skin using rich marine ingredients to help restore softness and deliver an instant escape. To facilitate its continued growth in the. This provides convenience to tried and true H2O Plus fans, allows the brand to reach never before distributed markets and introduce our products to new customers. The company is looking forward to expansion in travel retail with Paraguay, Uruguay and the Caribbean through H2O Plus will offer customers some special promotions on its products in duty free.

The company is already well on its way to becoming a leader in the semi-selective segment with a presence in over countries worldwide and a portfolio that includes such notable brands as Ferrari, Ducati, La Perla and more. And with the recent addition of Liu Jo, the Italian ready to wear fashion label, it seems that Perfume Holding has secured its foothold in European markets. But now the focus has shifted to the Americas, where Marco Lares, newly appointed Director of Sales, Americas, says Perfume Holding is on the verge of making a lasting impact.

To help maintain this momentum, Lares points to the importance of having both selective and semi-selective brands in the company portfolio. With this in place, brands can then be present in select retailers and enjoy wider distribution.

For example, while we know that Ferrari and La Perla are widely known in the Americas and can do extremely well in all travel retail locations, other brands such as I Coloniali would do better in some more exclusive locations.

And no one is more up to the challenge of increasing awareness in the Americas than Lares, who brings to the table expertise in product launches, training, window displays, POS materials and brand repositioning. Beauty boosters A host of alluring scents fill the air as suppliers roll out their best offerings yet for the warmer seasons Perry Ellis Company: Falic Fashion Group Description: The woody aromatic scent opens with a bitter orange citrus burst and spices of cardamom, coriander and clary sage.

The heart of the composition encompasses fir, mint, cedarwood and lavender, evoking the energy and wit of the Perry Ellis man. Base notes include sandalwood, patchouli and white moss wrapped in the warmth of tonka bean, amber and musk Booth: The fresh scent combines fruity and floral notes Booth: Atlanta salon With the focus on high performance, the custom made HD spray head offers a luxurious fragrance mist, increased wraparound coverage and more efficient overall fragrance usage Booth: Guess Girl Belle Company: Coty Beauty Description: Awardwinning perfumer Laurent Le Guernec of IFF combines vibrant fruity notes with floral tones.

Sparkling top notes are made up of berries dropped into pink champagne. Middle notes consist of peony, violet and natural jasmine sambac. End notes contain Australian sandalwood, musk and mouth-watering vanilla Booth: The fragrance evokes crisp salty breezes, rugged spices and woody musks Booth: It opens with myrtle, notes of coffee and tones of gianduja cream.

It is retained by an enveloping musky hint of white leather that reveals the majesty of cedar. Guess Night Company: Coty Beauty Description: The fresh, invigorating scent is dominated by the masculine aroma of woody fougere. Hot pepper, notes of grapefruit and the essence of vetiver compliment the core aroma for a long-lasting cologne. The electric blue edging detail and collar are reminiscent of pulsing night club lights Booth: Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein Company: Coty Prestige Description: The perfume opens with cherry blossoms, refreshing mandarin and bergamot, the heart comprises floral notes of violet, pastel rose, and syringa.

The base note consists of queen wood. The juice is presented in a glass bottle in matte pink. The fragrance features quince flower and iris, brightened with crisp red apple. Each Essence has been created to evoke a different aspect of the iconic Ferrari Gran Turismo spirit www.

Its smooth texture glides onto the lips leaving a flash of color. Refined tones Stronger colors, better skincare based on scientific support Royal Program Company: Orlane Description: Three anti-aging treatments to bring skin back to life. These treatments are made for demanding skin types, providing the secret to longevity in Royal Jelly and the extraordinary anti-aging properties of karat gold. Available in three neutral brow shades with highquality pigments of Black Brown, Rich Brown and Soft Brown for a naturally defined brow look.

To ensure that moisture remains at an ideal level, the mixture includes a natural extract derived from wheat sugars, which encourages water to be retained in the stratum corneum and improves the protective function of the skin. B21 Extraordinaire Company: Orlane Description: A product that can reset youth within the cells, and act on the source of aging itself, according to Orlane.

Clarins is also looking to get the word out on its Super Restorative line, which consists of creams designed to be used both during the day and at night with the former releasing in the spring and the latter in the fall. Fashion and fragrance brand Thierry Mugler is set to launch the latest addition to its Alien line of perfumes in the coming months. The Mugler Source will also be animated throughout the year which will introduce customers to the art of refilling, an innovation in the modern world of perfumery.

This is an ecological gesture demonstrating the generosity and avant-garde philosophy of Thierry Mugler, says Giordano-Don. And while an innovative layout is designed to highlight all of the. The set, which consists of a spray cologne, a bath and shower gel, a body lotion, a body bar, and hand therapy, has been created with French lemon verbena and lavender essential oils, with the scent also boasting hints of tonka bean, white amber, and cedarwood.

Designed to restore, condition, and transform the look of skin, the English Honey and Peach Blossom collection has been infused with a combination of peach blossom and wild flower honey extract that effectively hydrates dry, parched skin. Finally, the company will be re-launching a trio of long-standing favorites in its bath, body, and grooming collections for men.

Formerly called Nomad, Moroccan Myrrh is a distinguished fragrance that combines myrrh with notes of bergamot, petitgrain, black pepper, and cardamom, while Indian sandalwood, previously known as sandalwood, blends spicy cypress, bergamot,. The company has recently signed contracts one with a major duty free retailer of the Americas and the other with a leading distributor for in-flight. The company is also looking to make its presence felt in the lucrative cruiseline industry.

The company may be a nascent player in the travel retail field, but it has certainly come a long way in this past year. Delgado estimates that the division will more than double its sales in the year to come and expand dramatically into a variety of new areas. Skin Best targets young women who are starting to be concerned about signs of fatigue, skin texture, and fine lines.

The company has recognized that traveling consumers want to be able to find what they want as quickly and efficiently as possible, says Holmes. The company is additionally looking to expand its assortment of travel exclusive gift sets, because, Biotherm has seen a growing trend of consumers looking for gifts while traveling.

Biotherm has also noticed an increased demand for multi-tasking products that combine a variety of skincare effects, which has resulted in the introduction of a new product called Aquasource CC Cream. Finally, Biotherm is planning a special, limited-time promotion on one of its most iconic products, Lait Corporel. The body-milk lotion, which has been on the market for over 30 years, will be offered at a special price at select stores in travel retail.

The company has achieved this by aggressively promoting its various brands, with big launches often accompanied by eye-catching displays and a wide variety of sales. With no silicones or parabens and an assortment of natural and organic ingredients, Drops of Youth has been designed to soften and revitalize the skin while at the same time enhance surface-skin cell renewal.

The company is making a specific effort to court middle-class passengers, as these consumers are willing to find these brands in duty free. In addition to adding a more affordable product like hand creams and gloss onto their planned luxury purchase, these individuals are more likely to be drawn to special promotions available only in the duty free sector—including travel exclusives, gifts with purchase, and products not available in the local market.

Some were in attendance, according to Robert Bassan, who co-owns the company with his wife Tania. The event was preceded by a six-month special promotion which ran from January 1 to June 31, The promotion recognized top stores, with attendance at the Orlando event for the individual sales winners. Some 60 individual stores were represented, among them the top stores in the region. Planning for the event began in December Bassan says that the get-together motivates the entire staff.

The top sales people themselves are delighted to be there, Our market is very unique both in the Caribbean and Mexico. Manchester Airport United Kingdom uk. Manchester Boston Airport United States. Marka Airport Jordan. Marrakech Airport Morocco. Mazatlan Airport Mexico. Melbourne Airport Australia. Mendoza Airport Argentina www. Mexico City Airport Mexico. Miami Airport United States. Milan Central Railway Station Italy. Milan Linate Airport Italy. Milan Malpensa Airport Italy.

Minneapolis Airport United States. Mitilini Airport Greece. Mitilini Seaport Greece. Monterrey Airport Mexico. Montevideo Airport Uruguay dutyfree. Moscow Domodedovo Airport Russia. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Russia. Moscow Vnukovo Airport Russia. Murcia Airport Spain. Mykonos Airport Greece. Myrtle Beach Airport United States. Nador Airport Morocco. Nairobi Airport Kenya. Naples Airport Italy. Nashville Airport United States.

Natal Airport Brazil dutyfreedufry. New Orleans Airport United States. Newark Liberty Airport United States. Newark Railway Station United States. Newcastle Airport United Kingdom uk. Nice Airport France. Nis Airport Serbia.

Norfolk Airport United States. Norwich Airport United Kingdom. Oakland Airport United States. Olympic Champion Ferry Greece. Omaha Airport United States. Ontario Airport United States. Oranjestad Airport Aruba. Orlando Airport United States. Orlando Sanford Airport United States. Oujda Airport Morocco. Patras Seaport Greece. Perth Airport Australia. Philadelphia Airport United States. Phnom Penh Airport Cambodia. Piraeus Seaport Greece.

Pittsburgh Airport United States. Piza Airport Italy. Ponce Airport Puerto Rico. Port of Spain Airport Trinidad and Tobago. Portland Airport United States. Porto Alegre Airport Brazil. Prevelis Ferry Greece. Puerto Plata Airport Dominican Republic. Puerto Vallarta Airport Mexico. Pullmantur Horizon Cruise Ship Malta.

Pullmantur Monarch Cruise Ship Malta. Pullmantur Sovereign Cruise Ship Malta. Pullmantur Zenith Cruise Ship Malta. Punta del Este Airport Uruguay dutyfree.

Rabat Airport Morocco. Raleigh Airport United States. Recife Airport Brazil dutyfreedufry. Reus Airport Spain. Rhodes Airport Greece.

Our stores include traditional duty-free and duty-paid departures and arrivals stores, as well as specialized shops in all categories. We look forward duty free buenos aires ezeiza catalogo welcoming you on your next trip! Please use our location finder below to find a Dufry store. If you would like more information, please contact us. You may know of Dufry through one of our many other retail brands. If you would like to connect directly with one of these, please see the below links to cataloggo entire portfolio. If you have any queries regarding our products and services we would be free paypal accounts with money 2019 to help you! Click here. Lima br. Focus On. Customer Service. Pre-order, reserve and collect. Dufry RED. Search now. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Customer Service Policy. Duty free buenos aires ezeiza catalogo Our Brand Universe. Find Duty free buenos aires ezeiza catalogo Dufry Destination. We look forward to seeing you soon! duty free buenos aires ezeiza catalogo Promotions in Aeroparque duty free airport shops. Shop online Promotions at Aeroparque duty free shops and collect your shopping at the airport. Our stores include traditional duty-free and duty-paid departures and arrivals stores, as well as specialized shops in all categories. We look forward to. Maquiagem Importada, livre de taxas excessivas! Maquiagens para os Lábios, Olhos, Sobrancelhas e marcas como Natura, Mac, Chanel, Maybelline e mais. The Americas Duty Free & Travel Retailing (ISSN ) is además de una versión electrónica del catálogo de ventas a bordo, its first shop-in-shop in the Ezeiza International Airport of Buenos Aires, Argentina. ood news for the Americas travel retail industry is that from Argentina to ver todo el catálogo de Attenza Duty Free en línea, y reservar productos antes Departure and Arrival shops in Ezeiza (Buenos Aires), the Departure. Grinberg, La música progresiva en la Argentina (Buenos Aires: Convergencia, of a cultural politics that privileged the pursuit of hedonism, individual free- Litto Nebbia, Una mirada: reflexiones y anécdotas de vida (Buenos Aires: Catálogos, to the airport in Ezeiza, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, to receive him. Map of main federal prison buildings in the City of Buenos Aires and its three lawyers and other professionals who would attend the meeting and give free outskirts of three different male prisons (Devoto, Ezeiza and Marcos Paz) during 15 in Article , that work constitutes a right and also a duty for the inmate. Towards a national plan against discrimination: discrimination in Argentina. - 1a ed. Buenos ing discrimination is a duty of the State and a necessary commitment of all. guarantees the free establishment and exercise of their activities, as well as illustrating example to remember that at Ezeiza Airport a black argentine. Towards a national plan against discrimination: discrimination in Argentina. - 1a ed. Buenos ing discrimination is a duty of the State and a necessary commitment of all. guarantees the free establishment and exercise of their activities, as well as illustrating example to remember that at Ezeiza Airport a black argentine. República Argentina o en la República Oriental del Uruguay, se liquidará el importe Internacional de Ezeiza “Ministro Pistarini” (el “Aeropuerto”) la firma Aeropuertos Argentina “Duty – Free Shop”, ubicado en la misma Sala VIP de salida. Eva Belle. Ice Breakers. Exclusive fragrances. Eva Belle. Monkey Shoulder. Narciso Rodriguez. Urban Decay. Saint Laurent. Domaine Boyer-Gontard. Son Catiu. Star Wars. Our stores at the airport Complete your Duty Free shopping experience. Beatrix Potter. duty free buenos aires ezeiza catalogo