diary of anne frank free pdf

diary of anne frank free pdf

Unfortunately, this hope wasn't to come true for Anne's family. Hard words: mender, invaded, afterword, nightdress, moveable, lorry, practise, typist, august, deathly, postman, goodnight, schoolwork, schoolgirl, cowardly, woodwork, rubbish, quickest, smelly, lying, stored, mummy, upside, bookcase, doorbell, ration, further, quarrel, sharing. English e-Reader Open menu. Do you really want to log out?

Some features are not available for unauthorized users. Log out from all devices. No Yes. The Diary of a Young Girl. Miep knows him, and she will help him to get here. He will have to sleep in my room though, and Margot will have to move in with our parents.

We'll ask him to fill the holes in our teeth! Tuesday, 17 November Mr Dussel has arrived. Everything went smoothly. He came to the warehouse, and Miep asked him to take off his coat, so that no one could see the yellow star. Then she brought Johannes Kleiman next to the bookcase.

He still had no idea where he was going, or what was going to happen! When she opened our bookcase door, he was so surprised! He thought we had left the country. We were waiting around the table, ready to welcome him with a drink.

After lunch he slept for a short time, put away his things, and joined us for tea. We gave him the list of rules for the Secret Annexe that the van Dins had written.

Price: Free. Food: Low fat. Water: In the bathroom sorry, no fixed bath and also on some of the walls. Space for storing things: Plenty. Private radio: For all guests after 6 p. But you must never listen to the news on German radio stations, only music. Rest hours: From 10 p. This is for your safety. The Management may also ask you to rest at other times too. Use of language: Speak softly at all times, and not in German. Exercise: Every day.

Lessons: Offered in English, French, and other subjects. Singing: Only softly, and after 6 p. Mealtimes: Breakfast 9 a. Lunch: A light meal from 1. Dinner: Sometimes a hot meal, sometimes not. The time of dinner changes because of radio news broadcasts.

Bath: The moveable bath can be used by all guests after 9 a. You may take your bath in the bathroom, kitchen, private office or front office. He's willing to share a room with me, although I don't really like sharing my things with a stranger. But we all have to give up something here. He's right. Mr Dussel has told us a lot about the outside world. The news is terrible. The authorities have taken away so many friends and people we know to concentration camps.

Army cars go round the streets day and night to arrest people. They're looking for Jews; they knock on every door, and ask whether any Jews live there.

When they find a Jewish family, they take everybody away. They even pay money for information. In the evenings, when it's dark, I often see long lines of innocent people walking on and on. Sick people, old people, children, babies — all walking to their deaths. We are very lucky here. I feel bad, sleeping in a warm bed when our dearest friends are suffering so badly. And only because they are Jews. Saturday, 28 November Mr Dussel complains about me all the time.

And they said that he liked children! He complains to Mother, and then she is angry with me too. I think about it all in bed at night. Am I so bad?

I either laugh or cry, and then I fall asleep, wanting to be different. It's very confusing. Tuesday, 22 December The Annexe was delighted to hear that we are all getting an extra quarter pound of butter for Christmas. We are each going to cook something with butter. But he gets up early on Sundays and puts on the light to do his exercises. Yes, we all have to be very sensible here and not get angry!

But I would love to lock the door, or hide his clothes, or do something not at all sensible! Wednesday, 13 January Terrible things are happening outside.

People are being pulled out of their homes and arrested. They have to leave with only a small bag and a little money, but even that is stolen from them. Families are separated. When children come home from school, their parents have disappeared. The sons of Christian families in Holland are also sent to Germany.

Everyone is frightened. Every night, there are air raids. Hundreds of aeroplanes fly over Holland to drop bombs on German cities. Every hour, hundreds or maybe thousands of people are killed in Russia and Africa. The whole world is at war. Although the Allies are doing better now, the end of the war is nowhere in sight. We are luckier than millions of people. It is quiet and safe here. We have money to buy food.

But we should save our money to share with others later. The children round here only have thin shirts and wooden shoes - no coats or socks. There is no one to help them. They are always hungry, and ask people on the streets for bread. I could tell you more about the suffering that the war has brought, but it would make me too sad. All we can do is to wait patiently until it is over. Saturday, 27 February Phu thinks there will be an invasion by the Allies at any time now.

We are sharing our butter a different way now. Everyone gets their own piece on their own plate. But it's not done right — the van Daans make breakfast for everyone, and give themselves the biggest share of the butter. My parents are too frightened to argue, unfortunately. Wednesday, 10 March I could hear the guns all last night.

I am always frightened of shooting, and I usually climb into Father's bed to feel safe. The guns are really loud, and you can't hear your own voice. One night, there were strange noises inside the Annexe. Peter went up to the attic and found -- guess what? An army of enormous rats! Friday, 2 April I'm in trouble again! Last night, I was lying in bed and waiting for Father to come and say my prayers with me. Shall I listen to your prayers tonight? Mother got up, stood by my bed for a moment, then slowly walked to the door.

Suddenly she turned round, and her face was full of pain. I lay still. I knew that it was cruel to say that, but I couldn't give her any other answer. I feel very sorry for her.

She's pushed me away from her with her unkind jokes. She cried for half the night, and didn't sleep. How dare you make your mother so sad? Tuesday, 27 April Everyone in the Annexe is still quarrelling. There are air raids and bombs every night, and nobody can sleep well. Our food is terrible.

We have plain bread and coffee — not real coffee — for breakfast. We have lettuce or green vegetables, and bad potatoes. Saturday, I May Yesterday was Dussel's birthday. He pretended that he wasn't interested, but when Miep arrived with a large bag of presents from his friends, he was as excited as a child!

He had chocolate, eggs, butter, oranges and books. He arranged them on the table and left them there for three days, the silly old fool! He already has plenty of food. We found bread, cheese, jam and eggs in his cupboard. He hasn't given us anything, but we've shared everything with him. Sunday, 13 June Father wrote something for my birthday — it's very funny!

It's about mc, and my hard life in the Annexe, under the authority of parents who are always telling me what to do! I had some lovely presents too, specially a big book of Greek and Roman stories, and sweets from everyone — people gave me some from the last of their stores. Tuesday, 15 June Next month we have to give back our radio to the authorities. It's an official rule, and all over the country people are trying to find an old radio to give in so that they can keep their real radios in secret.

We'll put it upstairs. It's not allowed, of course, but we're not allowed to be here either! Our radio with its wonderful voice really helps us. Things must get better! This morning, Peter went down to the warehouse and saw that the doors were open on to the street. We stayed quiet, and didn't use any water or do anything to make a noise. We waited until eleven-thirty, when Mr Kleiman came upstairs. He told us that burglars had broken in and stolen some money.

Luckily, they didn't find much so they soon went next door to look there. The Allies are arriving in Sicily! Whole streets went in the raid, and they can't even dig out all the bodies yet. They've already counted two hundred people dead, and many more are hurt.

The hospitals are full. Monday, 26 July There was a terrible bombing raid yesterday. It started at about two- thirty in the afternoon.

Margot and I were upstairs, but the guns were so loud that we went down again. The house shook, and the bombs kept on falling. But walking on the streets is as dangerous as an air raid on the Annexe. I know that I can't really leave. After half an hour the planes flew away, and the smell of fire was everywhere. There was thick smoke over the city, like fog. Later, after dinner, there was another raid.

The bombs came down again like rain, and we heard from British reports that Schiphol Airport was bombed. We could hear the noise of the planes all the time, and we were very frightened. My legs were still shaking when I lay in bed that night. At midnight, more planes! I ran to father's bed and did not fall asleep in my own bed until half-past two.

But at seven o'clock in the morning we heard some wonderful news about Italy! Mussolini has gone, and the King of Italy is leading the government there now. Tuesday, 3 August We just had a third air raid. I am trying to be brave. She was shaking like a leaf this morning, and even burst into tears. Our bodies are very stiff now. We stopped our exercise programme a long time ago. Friday, 10 September Every time I write to you, something special has happened.

Usually, it's unpleasant. But this time, it's wonderful! The news was broadcast that Italy is out of the war! The British are now in Naples. The Germans are in North Italy. But there is some very bad news too. Mr Kleiman is going to have a very difficult operation on his stomach, and he'll have to stay in hospital for at least four weeks. He's so brave! He's always cheerful and smiling, although he's usually in pain. Friday, 29 October Mr Kleiman is out of hospital now, but his stomach is still bad.

He had to go home again today because he wasn't well. Mr van Daan has sold his wife's best winter coat. She wanted to keep the money to buy new clothes after the war. Mr van Daan could not make her understand that the money has to be used for the Annexe.

They shouted and screamed at each other — it was terrible. I'm OK, but I'm not hungry at the moment. It is deathly quiet then. I feel as though I am being pulled down into hell. I want to go into the fresh air. I want to hear people laughing! Sleep makes time go more quickly. Wednesday, 3 November We've decided to start our fire at seven-thirty on Sunday mornings, instead of five-thirty. I think it's dangerous. The neighbours may see the smoke, and what will they think?

The curtains are a problem too. They cover the windows completely, but sometimes someone here will decide to take a little look outside. We are not quarrelling so much. Only Dussel and the van Daans are enemies at the moment. Monday evening, 8 November ' We all have different moods here, up and down. And my mood is sad now. Miep says that we are peaceful here. But it's like a small circle of blue sky.

We eight people in the Annexe are in that circle, but all around us are dark clouds and danger. The circle is getting smaller, and the darkness closer. If we could fly up into that blue sky, into heaven Oh circle, open wide and let us out! Sunday, 2 January This morning I read through some of the old pages in my diary. I was very ashamed when I saw what I had written about Mother. Why did I feel so angry then? Why did I hate her so much? But I didn't understand her either.

I'm older and wiser now, and Mother is not so nervous. We try not to quarrel with each other. But I can't love her like a child any more.

Thursday, 6 January I realized what's wrong with Mother. She says that she sees us inure as her friends, not her daughters. That's nice, but a friend is not the same as a mother.

I think the changes in my body are wonderful. Whenever I have my period three times now , it's like a sweet secret inside me. There is pain, and mess, but I look forward to it again. I want badly to talk to someone. I had a chance to talk to him yesterday; I looked into his dark blue eyes and it gave me a wonderful feeling. That night in bed I cried and cried. Must I ask Peter to be my friend? I don't love him, but I do need him.

If the van Daans had a daughter, it would be just the same with her. So I've decided to visit Peter more often, and to make him talk to me. Wednesday, 12 January I'm crazy about dance at the moment! I practise my steps every evening, and I've made myself a modern dance dress from Mother's clothes. I tried to turn my tennis shoes into dance shoes, but it didn't work. All the exercise is helping — I'm not nearly so stiff now! Saturday, 15 January I won't tell you all the details of our quarrels in the Annexe.

Does everyone who shares a house become like this? Or are we just unlucky? Thursday, 3 February Everybody is thinking about the Allied invasion! What will happen to us if the British invade Holland. The Germans say that they will let the water from the sea into the country. We'll have to try and swim. We'll swim underwater, and then nobody will see that we are Jews! Can ladies swim when rats are biting their legs? Let's ask Miep for some extra blankets. And some more food.

We've got about sixty-five pounds of beans at the moment, and fifty tins of vegetables. Tell us. Once, most of the land was naturally under water. That's it. But we do have to feed the people in the office too. That's all I hear — invasion, invasion, only invasion. I'm very calm about it.

I don't care now whether I live or die. I'll just keep on with my work and hope that everything will be all right in the end. Wednesday, 16 February I had to go up into the attic, through Peter's room, to get some potatoes today. When I was going up the stairs, he stood up and took my arm. But I told him that it wasn't necessary. I asked if I could look at his lessons. Then I sat down on the sofa, and began to explain some French to him.

We went on talking pleasantly about other things too, and finally he spoke about the picture of film actors on his wall. It's the one that I gave him, and he likes it very much. I look at it every day, and all the people in it have become my friends. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. More magazines by this user. Close Flag as Inappropriate. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Sohail Khan. It is the time of the Second World War, and the Germans have invaded the country. All the Jews are frightened for their lives. The Frank family decide to hide in a secret flat in Mr Frank's office building. Diary of anne frank free pdf younger daughter, Anne, begins to write a diary of their lives in hiding. Life in the hiding-place is full of arguments and dangers, and the people are often hungry and frightened. But diary of anne frank free pdf hope for the best too, until that final day when the police arrive This book is like an adventure story, but it is all true. Film stars don t die in liverpool free online Anne Frank really wrote her diary in diary of anne frank free pdf Secret Annexe, the family's hiding-place in Amsterdam. After the war, diary of anne frank free pdf father wanted the world to know about the diary. diary of anne frank free pdf scholarly work The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition (), Anne's first, Free-time activities: None allowed outside the house until further notice. On her thirteenth birthday Anne Frank is given a diary. Just a few that in the future this diary will be read by millions of people all free people did not act in. PDF | On Dec 18, , Luisse Zanther Carreos published The Diary of A The first part of Anne Frank's diary contained events of a normal girl's life fighting with his own weapons to free the country, the people, and their. Download The Diary of a Young Girl free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl for your kindle, tablet, IPAD. The Diary of Anne Frank iowafreemasonry.org Anne Frank's famous Diary of a Young Girl entered the public domain today, making it free to download, read, and distribute, 70 years after her. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl amazon. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl free download pdf. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl pdf free. A History of Anne Frank's Diary. From the Page to the Stage: Creating a Play from Anne Frank's Diary. Like Anne Frank, Omar can't go home or be free. The Diary of a Young Girl - Kindle edition by Frank, Anne. Next. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Register. Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt-am-Main on 12 June. In the Franks fled from Germany to escape persecution by the Nazis and her father found a. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Loved each and every part of this book. Add a review Your Rating: Your Comment:. She detailed her experiences and insights while she and her family were in hiding, living in a constant fear of being arrested. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. As persecutions of the Jewish population increased in July , the family went into h User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. The Frank family moved from Germany to Amsterdam in , the year the Nazis gained control over Germany. Uploaded by eksabcash on June 5, Includes a step-by-step guide, background information, journaling ideas, an Anne Frank family album, timeline, poetry, prose, photos, reproductions of key historical documents, research and writing projects, and an appendix of recommended materials. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. The Diary of Anne Frank' is a record of her understanding of the war and showcases her incredible storytelling abilities in such horrific circumstances. Hot House by Frank E. diary of anne frank free pdf