deadpool 2017 full movie online free

deadpool 2017 full movie online free

Deadpool 2 Action Adventure Comedy. Guardians of the Galaxy Doctor Strange Action Adventure Fantasy. Black Panther Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o. The Avengers Stars: Robert Downey Jr. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Captain America: Civil War Thor: Ragnarok Iron Man Captain America: The First Avenger Avengers: Age of Ultron Spider-Man: Homecoming Edit Storyline This is the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool.

Taglines: With great power comes great irresponsibility. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Nicieza St. Goofs at around 2 mins During the beginning freeze frame sequence, the motorcycle rider receiving a wedgie is discharging his weapon, even though his finger is not on the trigger. Quotes [ first lines ] Deadpool : Kinda lonesome back here. Crazy Credits The opening credits appear in a zoom out of a frozen moment from Deadpool's highway fight. The zoom shot contains a variety of jokes and Easter eggs, and ends with a children's drawing of the title character.

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Q: Is it true Stan Lee was mad about his cameo in this film? Read more…. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the perfect mix of raunch and romance. Tune in for this offbeat and delicious comedy directed by Taika Waititi.

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I am with this and the first movie all the way and will watch again and again. I have to mention I have a slight reluctance to completely love these films though both for me are 4 stars - not sure why as yet but maybe it is down to too much self awareness in these films starts to weirdly detract from the whole point of the experience of watching the film.

I do find myself on occassion just wondering when the next clever retort or upbeat put down will kick in, instead of just enjoying the ride. Perhaps this is a reflection of the relatively small space in the marvel-verse that both plots seem to exist in. That said, the Deadpool movies hold their own outrageous corner of the marvel universe really well overall and there is def room now for tie ins to other parts of the marvel-verse I loved the film in the cinema but to have an extra 15 min of equal quality on blueray was a welcome surprise Dead Pool films are really the anti-superhero cult movies.

They are juvenile in their humour and quite foul mouthed. They are packed with so many clues and snipes at other films that I doubt that one viewing will reveal them all. Overall I found it to be good entertainment and quite funny. The CGI is superb and the acting is good. Other than that it is just pure escapism in a film.

It's not quite as good as the usual super-hero films, hence only 4-stars, but it is worth watching for the humour. Load more international reviews. Und das nicht sehr zimperlich! Zu dieser habe ich keinen Vergleich, allerdings sehe ich auch keinen Grund, mir die beschnittene Fassung anzusehen.

Habe ich gerade "beschnitten" geschrieben? Ich merke, ich bin noch poolifiziert. Bis auf eine Szene, bei der ich dachte "WTF? Er ist ein Arsch. Eben weil er Deadpool ist! Und er durchbricht die "Vierte Wand", er agiert mit dem Publikum.

Das ist das, was ihn von allen anderen Superhelden filmen unterscheidet: Er hat Charakter. Er traut sich was.

Es empfiehlt sich, wie schon bei Teil 1, sich den kompletten Abspann anzusehen. I absolutely loved the first Deadpool film and can say, without a doubt, this is better AND funnier. It obviously helps to have watched the first film but the sequel is packed full of funnies regardless. The extended cut is hysterical and offers a whole new experience.

The new characters introduced in this film bring out a whole new side of Deadpool as, hysterical though he is, he works the funny bone better when he has a good opposite to bounce off of. I would highly recommend this film to anyone with a sense of humour, whether it be dark, crazy or average. One thing to note though, no matter how many times he says it, this is NOT a family film! Ha ha! One person found this helpful. If I had not seen any of those things, I would have loved this.

I really wanted to, because I think this character is so perfectly played by Ryan Reynolds. Just unfortunately, I have seen these amazing things and people, so its hard to be as impressed, as I would have been.

I also could not help feeling I have seen this humour, this style of comedy, many times before.. I was not a huge fan of the original film or the character, but Deadpool 2 really made me laugh. Completely enjoyed. The X-Men movie franchise is a bit of a mess now but this film plays on that, especially in the after-credit-scenes. Josh Brolin is excellent in Cable and adds to the humour in more subtle ways. Thoroughly enjoyed this film.

The one draw back, for me, was that the 4K picture was not as good as I expected. Personally I expected less from a sequel, how wrong I was. The choice of music to accompany the DVD menu montage was unexpected but ultimately inspired, and confirmed to me that the movie was going to be something special. Yes, it's stupid, overly violent and full of profanities, but, it also has a perfectly contrasting heart string pulling embedded story that gives Deadpool his incentive.

The jokes are constant and mostly hit the intended mark. Those outside of the US will probably miss a couple of references but they're soon forgotten as you are bombarded with more. The soundtrack is a mixed bag of genres and although the choices don't necessarily match any of the scenes they are included in they otherwise work, usually on a comedic level it has to be said.

There were a handful of points I will admit i would normally have been disappointed by, whether it was a slow down in pace or a story misstep, but again they're soon forgotten and without spoiling anything I'll merely say somewhat dealt with at a later time. If you are a fan of Silly, violent but otherwise competent movie making, this is definitely for you.

In my personal opinion anyone scoring this less than a three are either a professional movie critic or have a stick and colon condition that needs attending to.

Deadpool is back with the awesome Deadpool 2! After an epic first film, this movie had alot of hype to live up to and it does it in style.

The shocking start will put viewers on the edge of their seats while still having us laugh on the build up to it and the opening titles, the bond esque style and awesome new celine dion song written for the movie not only give it the impression that this movie will have reference and parody galore but also that its going to be awesome. For reasons I will not spoil in this review, the film follows Deadpool trying to save a mutant child who has fire creating powers from being killed by the terminator type character from the future, Cable.

To stop Cable, Wade Wilson creates a team of powered people called X Force, introducing likely to be new permanent character Domino, a lady who gets luck all the time, this creates cool new ideas that work perfectly and are very entertaining. He is explained instead as a former special forces operative like Wilson. He is seen in the film on a People magazine Sexiest Man Alive cover.

Artisan Entertainment announced a deal with Marvel Entertainment in May to co-produce, finance, and distribute several films based on Marvel Comics ' characters, including Deadpool.

They had worked together on the Marvel film Blade: Trinity. However, there were rights issues with 20th Century Fox and their X-Men films , and the project did not move forward. By March , Reynolds learned that Fox had expressed interest in a film featuring Deadpool. His role was expanded during the film's production.

Deadpool apparently dies in the film, though a post-credits scene showing him still alive was added to the film shortly before its release. After the successful opening weekend of Wolverine , Fox officially began development on Deadpool , with Reynolds attached to star and X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner involved.

The spinoff was set to ignore the Wolverine version of Deadpool and return to the character's roots with a slapstick tone and a "propensity to break the fourth wall ".

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were hired to write the script in January They just [understood Deadpool ] right off the bat. These included the Academy Award-winning Gopher Broke and a DC Universe Online trailer which was "epic and cinematic, everything [Fox wanted] their comic book movies to be".

Reynolds' Green Lantern superhero film was released later in and was "a disaster". This tainted the Deadpool project. Fox executives were already concerned about its R-rated content. After several meetings the studio agreed the film could not be reconfigured for a more traditional PG rating, and gave Miller "a low-six-figure budget" to produce some test footage. Fox was actually even more doubtful about the script, however, and began exploring ways to include Deadpool in an Avengers -esque team-up film.

The test footage was leaked online in July , [49] and was met with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. He, Miller and the writers had previously discussed leaking the footage themselves, and Reynolds initially thought that Miller had done so. He later believed the leak came from someone at Fox. In exchange for being able to make the film the way they wanted, Fox gave the crew a much smaller budget than is typical for superhero films. Reese and Wernick wrote a draft of the script each year before completing the film, [11] with around 70 percent of the first draft ending up in the final film.

They settled on a "modern" Deadpool story as well as the origin story connected by Deadpool's narration and fourth wall breaking. This helped to balance the darker origin story with the cartoon-like Deadpool scenes.

It also allowed the opening fight sequence to be extended through the first half of the film with the origin story told throughout , saving money on additional fight scenes. In October , Kinberg confirmed that Deadpool would be set in the same shared universe as the X-Men films, but would "stand independently". The writers worked to keep the script's pop-culture references up-to-date throughout its development. He was not in favor of any joke the audience "needs to look up on the internet" after the movie ends.

In the parody scene, Deadpool wears a bath robe and tells the audience to go home. Changes included the removal of a motorcycle chase at the end of the Twelve Bullets Fight and having Deadpool forget his bag of guns before the final battle sequence to avoid having to shoot a costly gun fight in the third act. Reese said, "It was that last, lean and mean chop that got us to a place where Fox was willing to make it. The script was very efficient and not too long.

That was a function of budget more than anything, but I think it really made the movie pace nicely. In January , T. Miller and Ed Skrein were in talks to appear in the film, with Miller as "an additional comic voice" and Skrein as a villain. An immediate focus during pre-production was Deadpool's suit. Shinkle noted that "comic book art is fairly over the top in terms of physique", and he tried to balance that with reality.

That's hard to accomplish and a feat, but we're just so happy with how this came out. The mask's eye areas were removable so versions of the eyes better suited for the stunts could be used without having to change the whole mask. Visual effects supervisor Jonathan Rothbart blamed this on the suit's fabric. He described it as mesh that allowed dirt to "get into the gutters and the cracks Miller wanted Deadpool's scarred appearance to make him appear "fucking horrible" to justify his anger.

Corso acknowledged the script's description of the character as "disfigured" but also wanted him to be "kind of charming and iconic". He wanted to avoid comparisons with Freddy Krueger and looked to Sin City for inspiration. Tim wanted to keep it really grounded. Principal photography began on March 23, , in Vancouver , Canada, under the working title Wham! Filming took place at North Shore Studios and on location around the city. Miller and Baccarin were revealed to be playing Weasel and Vanessa , respectively.

Tim Miller and cinematographer Ken Seng wanted the film to look "grittier and less clean and glossy" than other superhero films. They decided to shoot with digital cameras but add film grain in post-production to give the images texture. Seng used Super Baltar lenses and Cooke zooms for the origin story timeline, and Panavision Primo lenses for the Deadpool scenes which gave them more clarity.

The film's exterior scenes have a consistent overcast look, but location shooting came with "unpredictable" weather. Seng used more lighting on cloudy days and less on sunny days to keep a consistent look.

The production had to be very specific about which elements of each set were constructed to conserve the budget for visual effects. For the final scrapyard scene, garbage was built to a certain height to be extended with CGI.

A gimbal was used for a tilting section of the yard that had to interact with many digital elements. Rubber casts of the metal were made for stunts. When Fox was unwilling to pay Reese and Wernick to be on set every day, [6] Reynolds paid their salaries. Silvera were the film's stunt coordinators ; [23] Silvera had provided motion capture reference for the test footage. Skrein worked "nonstop" to prepare.

Silvera said Reynolds "has a photographic memory; he'd do something three or four times and remember it very well. Instead Reynolds improvised the line on set, "You know it's funny how I only see the two of you here. It's like the studio couldn't afford any more X-Men.

Leslie Uggams said that she was in the film in July , portraying Blind Al. Miller explained that Colossus would be a solely CGI creation in the film, [8] with Andre Tricoteux cast to provide motion reference on set for the role along with the voice. He completed his work eight weeks before the film was scheduled for release. He gave Deadpool a "dark, modern touch" and Colossus a "particular vibrancy and substance".

He removed jokes made after Vanessa is kidnapped because they felt inappropriately timed. He cut down other scenes with fewer jokes, such as Wilson being tortured, as they were "too much". It would take the audience "too long to recover [and] get back in the irreverent spirit of the movie.

Clarke decided to go with interweaving the timelines to balance the different serious and silly tones. One sequence removed from the film saw Wilson and Vanessa travel to Mexico looking for a cure after he turned down the recruiter.

It was removed for pacing reasons and replaced with a short scene of Wilson sitting beside his window that was originally filmed to show him thinking about his diagnosis. In its new context the scene implies him re-thinking the recruiter's offer. Because of the animation required for Deadpool's mask and Colossus, Reese and Wernick had more freedom than usual to keep adjusting the script during post-production.

Reynolds recorded new dialogue using his iPhone, and then re-recorded the lines in an additional dialogue recording session once the film was finalized. Lines added after filming included Reynolds doing an impression of Wolverine star Hugh Jackman 's natural Australian accent, and another where Deadpool asks whether the character Professor X is being portrayed by James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart at that point in the X-Men timeline. This became a favorite line in the film for many audience members.

Colossus's movements were re-recorded with performer T. Storm , as Tricoteux had been unable to move athletically because of the platform shoes he wore on set to replicate the character's height.

LaSalle was used for his facial performance. DD then mapped these performances onto a digital model that was designed to be comic-accurate. The team sought specific reference for Colossus's metallic finish to avoid looking "chromey", visiting a metal company to look at samples.

They settled on cold rolled steel , with the darker hot rolled steel used for his hair. The model also includes ridges which could be moved separately to keep them perfectly straight as in the comic books. His mask was animated around the eyes to be expressive as in the comics. This helped balance out the "chinwag" coming through the bottom of the mask as Reynolds acted.

Fully replacing Deadpool's head was going to be too costly, so Weta Digital warped each shot based on facial references from Reynolds and adjusted the lighting to reflect the changes instead. This was called an "ingenious 2D-ish solution".

They also created the vehicles used in the sequence. The amusing titles include "Directed by an overpaid tool" and "Produced by asshats". Luma contributed the film's blood and gore using practical footage as well as digital effects for more complex scenes.

When Deadpool cuts off his own hand, DD did not want to be "outdone" by Luma and had "buckets of blood pouring out". Luma created the regrowing hand, inspired by the hand of a fetus. The company added a CG penis to Reynolds in this sequence, which visual effects supervisor Wayne Brinton said, "you don't even notice [but] when it wasn't there it looked really weird".

Rodeo also augmented the practical fire in the scene. The vendors all collaborated for the final battle sequence, which takes place in the wreckage of a helicarrier. Luma created the climactic fight between Deadpool and Ajax; DD created most of the Colossus effects until he is damaged when Blur Studio took over; DD created the effects for Negasonic Teenage Warhead's abilities as well as expanding the helicarrier's deck; Rodeo contributed matte paintings for the background; and Weta provided the facial animation for Deadpool.

This helped to expand the scope of the third act and include more connections to the comics and the wider Marvel Universe. Tom Holkenborg announced in October that he would compose the score for Deadpool.

Some of these ultimately did not work as intended. Due to the film's limited marketing budget, Reynolds worked closely with Fox's marketing chief Marc Weinstock to use the Internet to their advantage and come up with cheaper, "Deadpool-based" ways to market the film.

Deadpool ' s world premiere was held at the Grand Rex in Paris on February 8, , [] before its initial theatrical release in Hong Kong the next day. This was followed by releases in 49 other markets over the next few days, including the United States on February Kinberg explained that unlike the previous X-Men films, Deadpool is "a hard R. It's graphic. Nothing is taboo. You either commit to a truly outrageous boundary-pushing kind of movie or you don't.

Though R-rated American films are often "cleaned up" for release there, it was decided that doing so was impossible without affecting the plot. The original version of the film played at the festival without any edits being made specifically for Chinese censors.

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