countries that nigeria has free visa to

countries that nigeria has free visa to

Sub regions. Australia and New Zealand. Central America. Central Asia. I mean visiting visa for two weeks. Tayoolu September 18, Emmanuel October 11, Hello good day. SEO Guru October 11, SEO Guru October 23, Lekan October 22, Hello, This link should be able to help you.

Jacob October 25, Bobby Easty November 13, Please can i go travel to Namibia with Nigerian passport?

SEO Guru November 14, Hi, yes you can but you would need a visa. Bankole January 21, SEO Guru January 23, SEO Guru December 1, Tudays December 21, Ladipo A January 4, SEO Guru January 5, Answer: Being the free world, and a place where Nigerians and nationals of other nations think they can get a better life, a lot of people dream to one day see the daylight of this great country.

But unfortunately, travelling to the USA is not an easy thing. As a Nigerian, you would have to pass through a hectic and sometimes, fruitless effort to acquire a visa into this country. Answer: Dubai is a place that is being hyped all over social media. Nigerians can stay for 90 days visa-free.

Due to its mountainous terrain, Haiti is a heaven for hikers and explorers. Attractions in Haiti include numerous beaches, water sports, a waterpark, and traditional Haitian dance performances.

The country easily boasts of numerous beaches in and around the capital city of Monrovia. Citizens of Nigeria can visit Mali without a visa. A country landlocked in the Sahel, Mali holds a lot of history of a past full of struggle. A country located in the northwestern region of Oceania, Micronesia offers a day visa to Nigerians on arrival. This West African country shares a border with Nigeria.

With the Atlantic Ocean to the west of this West African country, Senegal is home to the teeming population of African wildlife. You could take a trip to Senegal and pay a visit to the Reserve filled with different wild animals such as Giraffes, Rhinos, Elands, Antelopes, and different bird species. Interesting places to visit include the beaches in the Freetown peninsula and Banana Island; which offer unsurpassed natural beauty, history, water activities among other attractions.

Situated off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles one of the visa-free countries for Nigerians is bordered by other islands like Zanzibar, Madagascar, and Mauritius.

Seychelles was mainly unoccupied until the late 18th century when French traders and sailors reached its shores. Naija people find travelling a more than an only challenging task. As the passport of Nigeria is the 82nd on the passport index, it allows to enter only 51 countries either without a visa or picking up one upon arrival at the airport.

As a Nigerian, your passport's ranking is low; it's the same level of Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Let's take a closer look where can you travel and how can you reach other countries. Discus Holdings' local office in Lagos can help you to reach any country through investing in a new, second passport or to obtain a residency permit, which allows you to live or travel in other countries.

For example, the residence permit of any member state of the Schengen zone will enable you to live in Europe and stay in the other EU countries. With a new passport in your hand, you can forget the queues in front of the collection centres, and you can buy your ticket to any destination and travel on the very same day.

Contact our office in Lagos for more information! Developed countries put barriers in the front of Nigerian travellers and businesspeople who wish to visit Europe or North America.

But there are some beautiful travel destinations which are welcoming Nigerians. Visa required [10]. May apply online Online Visitor e visa. Visa required [12]. Visa required [13]. Visa required [14]. Visa required [15]. Visa required [16]. Visa not required [17]. Visa required [18]. Visa required [19].

Visa required [20]. Visa not required [21]. Visa required [22]. Visa required [23]. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visa required [24]. Visa required [25]. Visa required [26]. Visa required [27]. Visa required [28]. Burkina Faso. Visa not required [29]. Visa required [30]. Visa not required [32]. Visa required [33]. Cape Verde. Visa not required [34]. Central African Republic. Visa required [35]. Visa not required [36]. Visa required [37]. Visa required [38]. Visa required [39]. May apply online. God bless you.

Abbas, please i really wana leave to dominica, please is it a visa free country? This is my email we can talk better there idougi yahoo. I am a qualified registered Nigerian nurse.

Good day Mr abass! Please I really will be very great full if you can guide me on my choice of migrating to iseal. Thanks and God bless you. Pls if u have gotten an answer to ur question about going to Dominican republic I will be happy if you share at me because I plan to visit as well,pls share your experiences with me pls as the embassy is not here in Nigeria, the visa charge and where to pay it,where to submit my application online.

Felicia from Nigeria. Good day! Please which cheap flights are available from Lagos to Barbados? Would advice you use that money and apply for Canada work permit. Pls what do u know about malta,i intend travelling there,is it visa free for Nigerians and how is their economy. Keep the good job on…Pls cape verde does it require invitation letter or visa on arrival? Thanks for the knowlege on US embassy and payment details. Hi emanuel are u still in dubai pls can you help me check my resident id i want to know if am ban.

In fact, there requirements for visa is tough.. Cos a lot of Nigerians av done many bad bad things there.. I have Turkish family-friends who wanted me to come to Maltepe, Istanbul.. So, you need a visa to go there…and I advise you to visit their official website for more info. Well, Barbados is a small country in Central America, within the Caribbean.

You can visit the website of their High Commission to find out more about their visa policy. Hi Mr Abass.. May God bless u and elevate u more. Pls I really want to visit this country of babardos, I will appreciate if u can send me d cost and d requirements to travel there with my family but I will love to go first. We base in south Africa. Thanks God Bless U.

Hoping to hearing from u soon. Try to contact the High Commission to find out more. Not complete list — you left out Rwanda and some other east African countries Tanzania, Burundi …. The truth is the list is very dynamic. Countries keep changing their visa policies every now and then. I just returned from rwanda, what a beautiful small place to be with beautiful people in it. In Asia you can freely arrive in the following countries to which you will then be issued with a visa once in the country.

In Bangladesh you are granted a 90 day visa,to know more e mail me. Emmanuel you ask question like somebody who have never travel out from Nigeria ,if your woman is a citizen is very easy tell her to apply for your invitation from from they minister of foreign affair.

Unfortunately, all those countries mentioned allow you to obtain their visa so easy at the entry for a reason. Because they are all worse than Nigeria. Please shine your eyes. How about going to Dominica. What is required of a Nigerian Passport holder? My wife will be about to give birth by October but I want to travel with her, is it possible to go with a pregnant woman who is about to give birth?

Will they permitting us? It is not possible to carry pregnant woman to go to the city or town while she is at home! Is unfair. Okay please can you tell me the countrys that a Nigerian passport can travel to in Asia without a visa? As you can see, there are no Asian countries on the list. You can only travel to Turkey free visa if you have u.

I want to know if I need a visa to visit Azerbaijan with a Nigerian passport if not what do I need to provide before I will be allowed to enter the country? We just confirmed that Azerbaijan and some other countries are no longer among the visa-free countries for Nigerians and the post has been edited to reflect this change. Go to Fiji Island from there you can enter Australia easily or New Zealand Nigeria is a visa free to Fiji Island when you get there try and get your resident permit under a year you will enter Australia good luck.

I want to no the proces to follow if i want to travel to fiji and stay dere at list for 1 yeras and like how much it will cost me for evrything. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share Comments hello agent, Can i please get advise on easy place in Europe or Asia to send my brother to, hes a very good footballer and really need to be out of Nigeria asap, hes a Nigerian passport holder.

Can someone advise a better country to travel between Zambia and Seychelles. Tanzania has stopped issuing Nigerian visa on arrival. Since last year. Will my passport only be stamped on arrival at airport? Hello, Please am a pregnant woman and i need advice on a visa free country that i can go and can give my child when i give birth their citizenship, a place that is not too expensive, where i can get a good job and accommodation.

Pls what are the procedures on visit to Barbados especially from Dubai? Thank you Daniel. Update and Correction: Nigeria need a visa for Tanzania. Contact me on for more details on Nigerian free countries. Your Agent is a fraud i contacted him , its not real ppl dont be fooled biko. Pls what country can I work and get paid well and also get a resident permit. I knew barbados is a visa free for nigerians.

Hello how are you doing. My name is Samson owonifari i want to know much about bardados. Please how can I travel to Australian or Georgia.

Last Updated on February 19, Traveling for Nigerians increasingly requires serious planning. With Nigerian passports ranking 95th in freedom to travel across the world, securing a visa is often difficult and strenuous. Nevertheless, there are visa-free countries accessible to all Nigerian passport holders as well as countries that grant visas on arrival and offer e-visa services. Visiting such countries reduces the stress experienced while planning vacations. We decided to compile a list of visa-free, cointries on arrival and e-visa countries you can visit with just your Nigerian Passport and still countries that nigeria has free visa to a good time. Before diving in, it is important to note that some of the countries offer visas on arrival to Nigerian passport holders for an affordable fee. Barbados, which is the birth country of pop icon, Counteies, countries that nigeria has free visa to Nigerians for six months visa-free. English is the official language here so communication is not a problem. Barbados boasts of countries that nigeria has free visa to amazing countries that nigeria has free visa to and several restaurants with delightful cuisines. Gaining independence from France inthe Republic Of Benin has gone through a lot of metamorphoses down the years. Being a neighboring country to Nigeria, entry by Nigerians is visa-free; as instituted by the Economic Community of West African States. This visa-free nigeira permits Nigerians to stay for a maximum duration of 90 days. The park is named after the Pendjari River and covers countries that nigeria has free visa to 2, sq km of land. It is home to drawboard pdf free for surface pro 4 range wildlife, among which are buffaloes, antelopes, West African lions, elephants, and birds countres others. You will enjoy quality nigera at this park if you visit via the hills and cliffs of the Countgies range, which provides a scenic and wonderful backdrop of the park. countries that nigeria has free visa to Bangladesh: Location – Asia. Location – West Africa. Benin Republic: Location – West Africa. Burundi: Location – East Africa. Location – Central Africa. Cote d'ivoire: Location – West Africa. › blog › visa-free-countries-nigerians-can-visit Explore the many visa free countries that Nigerians can travel to without a visa countries may only be visited for a limited period of time, while others have no. As of 02 July , Nigerian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 45 countries and territories, ranking the Nigerian passport 98th in terms of travel. Seychelles offers visa-free entry for Nigerian passport holders, who can then, enjoy the warmth of its beaches or the diverse mix of French, British, Indian, African. Unless, you have a Russian Passport and that is when you will check the requirements for Russians to visit Ghana. Please I want to travel to Barbados from Nigeria with Nigeria passport pls what are the things to do…. Funny enough, I am Kingsley too and I am planning to go to Barbados. Password recovery. This Oceania country is made up of a group of low-lying islands along the South Pacific. Some caution should, however, be exercised when taking advantage of this freedom. Plan well oooo. Please, i need a partner to add money let travel to u. Kingsley April 17, This link should be able to help you. Since last year. Palau: Palau issues visas to Nigerian nationals at the point of arrival. They are also good and kind with their immigration, asylum etc like Oslo norway. countries that nigeria has free visa to