free indian classified sites list ad posting china 144 hour visa free transit policy websites regarding this procedure. I plan to have a holiday in Sanya Hainan but consider transiting at Beijing will just stay for a few hours for a cheaper flight. The applicant still needs to submit the application to the border inspection department at the port, and can obtain the permit only trqnsit examination and approval.">

china 144 hour visa free transit policy

china 144 hour visa free transit policy

Shanghai SHA. MNL Manila. I hugely benefited from advice on this forum. I therefore decide to travel without Chinese visa against my travel agent's advise. Got off the plane and went straight to the H counter. I was met by a rather bored immigration officer, who was more keen to clear me than look at my documents. He asked when I was leaving and on what flight number I was departing in 3 days later to Tokyo quick photo and my passport was stamped good to go..

I was expecting hassle given the BA check in agent in LHR had to make a few phone calls before she could issue my boarding pass. I left for Tokyo 3 days later without any delay at immigration. Enjoy a hour visa free policy in Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Please advise could I apply for the Visa free transit at Xiamen and Shanghai respectively? Hi Peter, Both Xiamen and Shanghai has hour visa free transit policies. However, you can not apply two visa free transit in one single cruise trip, because the hour visa free transit requires your last departing place different from the following destination. Our advice is first apply 24 hour visa free transit in Xiamen, since you will enter and exit on the same day.

And then join in a tour group organized by Shanghai travel agency to get free entry. The maximum visa free stay in Shanghai can be 15 days. Please note that you already visit Xiamen, China before Shanghai, your travel route Xiamen China - Shanghai China - Japan is not qualified for hour visa free transit.

Better use another day free visa to enter Shanghai. Hope this helps and best wishes! Hi Katie, Sorry to tell you that, your travel route is not eligible for Hour Visa-Free Transit, though you come from a qualified country. Two points to know. Second, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is the only entry port for arrival in Guangzhou, so the Hong Kong-Guangzhou train makes it impossible.

This route is a fully qualified schedule for your reference. Otherwise, you need to apply for a China Visa before departure. Wish everything goes well and enjoy your coming trip to China: Best Regards,.

Good day Mr. Just make sure your passport is valid for at least 3 months and your returning flight ticket is already booked before the shore. Actually, the Hour Visa is a kind of transit visa exemption, a visa-free privilege. Applicants usually do it by themselves. The former is highly recommended to save your waiting time at the port. Wish you everything goes well and all questions are welcome. Is it ok? Meanwhile, you need to meet other requirements to apply the Hour TWOV, including nationality on the list of 53 countries, transiting in Shanghai at one of the five ports, and holding flight ticket leaving Shanghai within hours, etc.

Wish you enjoy layover tour in Shanghai China. The 24 TWOV Program allows two layovers in China as long as applicants hold valid passports and flight tickets to 3rd country or region, and transit in China within 24 hours.

Upon arrival, Immigration Officers will check your documents and verify your background to decide whether approve your transit visa free stopover. You should be ready to answer questions raised by immigration officers. It is a little confusing…. I have been reading many articles on this rule, but Im still confused. Hope you can help me. So, here is my situation. I would then fly from Beijing to USA, again on a separately booked one-way ticket.

I will be traveling with two young children and a grumpy husBand, so you can probably understand my nervousness about the whole thing. Has anyone done this type of a trip? Should I be concerNed? Hello, I am flying from Bangkok to Los Angeles but have 2 layovers in china. I have one in Guangzhou for 12 hours and the next is in beijing for 22 hours. I would like to take advantage of the hour visa-free transit in beijing so I can do the great wall for the day.

I will not be leaving the airport in guangzhou. Or will it be restricted because i will be coming from guangzhou? Thank you so much! Is it possible to do a Hong kong to Chengdu back to Macau trip with the transit visa?

They want your name, citizenship, passport no. When done, you get a QR code which can be scanned in the Arrival area in Shanghai and which then prints the arrival card.

We are using this as we fly from Switzerland via Helsinki to Shanghai, staying 2 days then leaving on a cruise to Japan. After a week, we come back to Shanghai, applying for another h visa exemption and then flying back to Switzerland via Finland. Im doing hong kong-beijing-sydney in december-january but i would like confirmation that i can obtain the visa as ive been told i can only get a visa on the overnight train as its locked where as the bullet train isnt!

I am travelling to india from paris through china. Great article, clear and easy to understand. Is it possible though to fly back to Beijing from Tokoyo and then to the Uk if its over 6 days? Does gongbei port has this 72 hours visa-free transit office? If yes, after we toured the region of guandong, can we take the train back to Hong Kong? Or can I do the reverse and enjoy the visa free transit?

You need to check the government website listed here to see if the transit visa is offered at the Guangzhou train station. I no longer have any completely blanks pages left in my passport and realise I will need to get a new one soon, but I have several pages with only one stamp on that could handle a half page sticker.

Hey Josh, thanks for your helpful description. Just one clrafication question: Do I need a Pre-reserved seat for the onwarding flight out of China or is it simply enough to show them the flight confirmation? Thanks for your precious answer!

I have been searching everywhere for an answer and your article has helped a lot! Travelers with a passport from one of 53 countries, including the U. The printout should include a confirmed booking number.

Inform the carrier when boarding 2. Apply for the hour visa-free stay permit upon arrival 4. Claim the luggage 5. Go through the customs 6. Leave the airport. Note for Step Remember to tell the officer if you have a visa for China but don't want to use it this time. Visa Office closed on Apr. Visa Office closed on 21 April. Visa Office closed on 7 April and 2 May.

China is one of those countries that takes a bit of planning to go to because most passport holders require a visa to enter. Determined to go, all I remember hearing about was that she was going to buy a ticket that day and just go.

Mary bought a ticket from Tokyo to Toronto via Shanghai. When she landed in Shanghai and went to the transit visa area of customs, nerves were at an all time high because she had no idea if this was going to work. Custom officials went through her flight information and details of where she was going to stay. Things were looking bleak as they deliberated for an abnormally long time.

Further, onward travel must occur within 24, 72, or hours of arrival. To obtain a transit visa exemption, travelers should review eligibility requirements, and confirm their eligibility with their local Chinese embassy.

After confirmation, travelers must communicate their intention to obtain a transit visa exemption to their airline prior to travel. The airline will liaise with border control officials, who grant transit visa exemptions to travelers that meet requirements after verification. In most cases, the transit visa exemption only allows the traveler to visit the province of their arrival.

However, travelers entering China via Shanghai , Hangzhou, and Nanjing can travel within Shanghai, Zhejiang province, and Jiangsu province, and travelers entering via Beijing , Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, and Qinhuangdao can travel within the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Starting from January 1, , the hour visa-free transit policy was implemented in Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Kunming.

On May 1, , the hour visa-free policy in Guangdong province was further expanded. From December 1, , the hour visa-free transit policy will expand the stay area in Sichuan province; Zhejiang province will allow it to be accessed from more ports of entry; and Chongqing and Shaanxi provinces will get upgraded from the hour visa-free transit policy.

In Sichuan, the hour visa-free transit will expand the stay area to 11 cities besides Chengdu. Similarly, in Zhejiang, Ningbo will also be an applicable point of entry to access this visa-free transit; previously, it was applicable only from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. Foreign travelers transiting through China within 24 hours to reach another country of destination may be eligible for a hour Transit Visa Exemption. This visa exemption is available to all foreigners, and most ports of entry in China.

Foreign travelers transiting through China within 72 hours to reach another country of destination may be eligible for the hour Transit Visa Exemption. This visa exemption is only available to citizens of participating countries traveling through participating ports of entry in China. To obtain this visa exemption, the foreign national must have a valid passport from one of the 53 countries, which includes:.

Further, eligible travelers must be transiting through one of the following cities — Changsha, Guilin, or Harbin. Authorities will continue to expand the list of cities where hour Transit Visa Exemptions are applicable. Foreign travelers transiting through China within hours to reach another country of destination may be eligible for the hour Transit Visa Exemption.

This visa exemption is available to citizens of countries that are eligible for the hour Transit Visa Exemption; however, the number of participating cities is more limited. To obtain this visa exemption, the foreign national must have a valid passport from one of the 53 countries that are eligible for the hour Transit Visa Exemption. On January 1, , the hour visa-free policy was implemented in the cities of Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Kunming.

Travelers who obtain a transit visa exemption in Guangdong can travel freely throughout the province for the duration of the exemption.

Starting December 1, , travel to the following regions will benefit from the hour visa-free transit policy:. After this expansion, the hour visa-free transit policy will be implemented in 27 ports across 20 cities. Unlike other visa exemptions in China, visitors to Hainan enjoying visa-free access do not need to be traveling to a third country.

To be eligible for visa-free travel to Hainan, visitors must hold a valid passport from one of the following countries:. The tool can be accessed here. This article was originally published on September 6, It was updated on May 7, and November 14, Automation in the professional services segment — the use of information technology to automate basic busine Tax, Accounting, and Audit in China offers a comprehensive overview of the major taxes foreign inves China has faced a deluge of international criticism over its treatment of foreign businesses and the perceived Passengers arriving in one area may not leave that area for the duration of the time.

There is an exception in some areas for a greater area allowed. In response to your first question, the transit visa exemption is a very much a visa exemption. You receive an exemption for a visa that you would normally need to have.

In response to your second question, each region has its own stipulations — some regions restrict movement within the region itself. To obtain a visa exemption, you need to be flying through China in transit to another country: from the US through China to India, for example. Thanks for raising the issue regarding Guangdong province-wide implementation. To date, we understand the hour exemption is only available in two cities within Guangdong: Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

And you are right — international travelers transiting through China should first check whether or not they are eligible for visa free travel. If Chinese authorities have granted citizens of your country permission for visa free travel, there is little need to exempt yourself from a visa in the first place. Hi, Thanks for your reply! From what I know though in Guangdong province right now the only airport that allows visa-free transit for 72 hours is Guangzhou Airport which was implemented years ago now.

Hi — I am planning to fly from London — Shanghai and use the hour exemption as I will fly on to Japan. I will then fly from Japan back to Shanghai to spend 1 night and take the return flight to London, leaving the airport to go to my parents place in Shanghai and then re-checking my bags in, using the 24 hour exemption. Would there be any issue using two exemptions within a 2 week period?

Thanks in advance! I do have a specific question on the hours Exemption Visa. I will be travelling from Japan to Shanghai by a cruise. I will arrive on a Friday morning and will depart on Monday evening with a Flight to Paris. As a French citizen, I believe I am eligible for the hours Exemption Visa however, I would like to confirm this with you.

I believe the port of entry and departure are in the list of Shanghai approved ones. Hello, I see from your article that……. Does this mean that when I arrive in Tianjin by Cruise Ship; I will be able to leave the ship to go on tours in Beijing area by obtaining a hour Transit Visa Exemption at the port? We are in port for 60 hours, before the ship leaves for South Korea.

I think this makes us eligible as UK passport holders, but I cannot get the cruise company to recognise this recent change. Thank you Mike. The hour visa exemption should apply at the cruise port. However, we recommend contacting your cruise line, local Chinese consulate, or the visa office of the Tianjin port to confirm your eligibility. Thank you for your information.

We were not allowed to go outside the airport to tour. We were not able to avail the hr transit visa. Immigration told us that beginning Feb 1, , they are not allowing foreigners to go out the city on a transit visa. Thank you for sharing your experience; we are certainly interested to find out more about what is happening with the hour transit visa program. If the change you describe becomes a regular feature, it will only increase the importance of the transit visa exemption program.

Are we allowed to go out of the airport Pudong and stay ina hotel in Shanghai? Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your inquiry. Eligibility for visa exemptions in China depends on your passport, not your residency. We recommend that you contact Pudong airport to confirm whether you are eligible for a visa exemption. I hold a Canadian passport and will be flying from Canada to Shanghai in April and staying for 3 days in Shanghai then going on a cruise from Shanghai port to Japan.

I will return back to Shanghai 7 days later and then flying out from Shanghai to Canada. As a Canadian passport holder, you should qualify for a visa exemption when traveling to Shanghai by air. However, you should contact the relevant port that your cruise ship is entering and exiting from to confirm that it is eligible to process visa exemptions. I am a canadian passport holder at pudong airport had a 20hrs layover immigration did not allow us to go out of the terminal they said we need visa.

They said if you stay 2 nights in china they will give you visa. My husband and I are Canadian citizens. We will be traveling from Vancouver to Beijing, hope to spend one night, then fly onward to Ulanbaator, Mongolia. On the way back from Ulanbaatar Mongolia, about 3 weeks later, we would like to get the hour visa exception to stay in Beijing before flying home to Vancouver.

Will there be any problem using the visa exception twice in one month? We will be staying in Beijing twice on 2 separate occasions of no more than 48 hours per stay within a week. Will the hour maximum reset after we go through customs and onwards to Pyongyang? So will we have another hours when we arrive back in Beijing from Pyongyang?

Our 2 stays combined will be more than hours if it does not. I will be 1 month in Mongolia. I plan to spend 1 night in Beijing en route to Mongolia, and up to hours in Beijing en route returning to Vancouver.

Am I eligible for transit exemption both ways? Assuming that you are using a Dutch passport, you should be eligible for two 72 hour transit visa exemptions. We recommend that you contact your airline, tour group, or the Beijing airport to confirm your eligibility first. You and your husband should be eligible for a 24 or 72 hour visa exemption, followed by a hour visa exemption. However, we recommend that you contact your airline or the Beijing airport to confirm your eligibility first.

You should qualify for either a 24 hour or 72 hour visa exemption on your first trip, and then a hour visa exemption on your second. To qualify for the visa exemption, you must prove that you are en route to a third country. When arriving from Vancouver, you should bring proof of your plans to transit to Ulaan Baator. Likewise, you must show evidence of your next trip to Vancouver upon your return to Beijing.

Has there been any recent changes to the laws for the 24 hour visa exemption? My wife and I recently had a 12 hour layover in Shanghai going from Cambodia through Shanghai to Honolulu.

She said since our connecting flight was the same day as our arrival, we were not permitted to enter China using the 24 hour visa exemption.

For those of you who plan to transit through China, the ever-expanding China Visa-Free Transitor what is sometimes referred to as the China Transit Visa program, is a welcome opportunity to see the country without the hassle of applying for a full visa. China 144 hour visa free transit policy until recently, most travelers who wanted to spend any significant portion of time in China had to go through the process of applying for a China Visa. This not only included filling out the application, but also paying the consulate fees, waiting china 144 hour visa free transit policy approval, etc. Also, thanks to ever-evolving Chinese policies, I cannot guarantee that you will be issued a China transit visa. A transit visa does exist, called the G visa in China, but you must apply for this at the Chinese consulate before you arrive in China. Unlike this G visa, entering China under the rules of the visa-free transit happens upon arrival in China. Before you read any further, you should start here. I recommend you do is to follow the link below to use a tool developed by the Chinese government to explain eligibility. In order to take advantage of visa-free transit in China, you MUST arrive and depart directly through one of blade and soul free to play following cities. This usually happens at an airport, but in some cases can china 144 hour visa free transit policy done through a seaport or train station. However, any attempt to stay at a hotel or pass through a security check will result in major fines, free easy sudoku puzzles to print, or expulsion from the country. From the map above, you can clearly see not only china 144 hour visa free transit policy regions of China offer transit visas but china 144 hour visa free transit policy cruelty free skin care brands 2018 region of movement. Outside of the Beijing and Shanghai areas which are boxed inall other regions of movement are restricted to a single province. IMPORTANT : Before you china 144 hour visa free transit policy on and assume you can take advantage of the China transit visa, make sure you read the rest of this article detailing the remaining restrictions and rules for using this visa. You can read more about how to apply for a Chinese visa here. If your country is not listed above, you should contact your local Chinese embassy to find out what provisions they have for you in regards to both the hour transit free small christmas stocking sewing patterns and the hour transit visa. For this reason, I recommend printing out something like this news item from Xinhua to explain china 144 hour visa free transit policy entry. Just keep your eyes open. As long as you have all your documents china 144 hour visa free transit policy order and you fit the eligibility requirements, the process is smooth and easy. If while planning your trip you decide that you would like to spend more than hours china 144 hour visa free transit policy China or visit other places throughout the country, I highly recommend you read through my list of the best China visa services to help you obtain a China visa quickly and easily. Yes, you can. As long as you continue to transit directly from one country china 144 hour visa free transit policy another country, there is no stated limit to the number of times you can receive a visa-free transit pass. Unlike traditional visas to China which require pre-approval and a visa fee, the visa-free transit is issued on arrival and requires no fee. At this point, Shanghai allows for online applications for visa-free entry. As long as you are entering and exiting from the same region of movement learn about the available cities and regions of movementyou can enter from one port and depart from another using the China transit visa. china 144 hour visa free transit policy Foreign nationals, during their visa-exemption transit, must abide by Chinese laws and regulations. They must not leave the specified area of stay. China's hour visa-free transit policy is carried out in Guangdong, In which Chinese cities can I get a visa exemption for hours? Starting from January 1, , the hour visa-free transit policy was implemented in Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Kunming. Re: hour Visa Exemption Transit Policy. 2 years ago. Save. Just wanted to share my experience yesterday, March 30 when I was denied entry to China. Apply for the hour visa-free stay permit upon arrival at customs (it's the one with the shortest line); Claim your luggage; Leave the airport. The Arrival/​Departure. Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Dalian, etc now have a ​hour visa-free transit policy. Find out more here. What is the Hour Visa-Exemption Transit Policy? Where and how can I get the Hour Temporary Entry Permit? Let's check it out! To support the. Also, thanks to ever-evolving Chinese policies, I cannot guarantee that you will be issued a China transit visa. Transit Visa vs Visa-Free Transit in. As China moves ports like Xian and Chongqing from a hour to hour visa-​free transit policy—and adds entirely new ports like Ningbo to. Hi Ken, Thanks for your message. In addition, viewing the Chengde Mountain Resort is recommended for it will provide you with a retreat in hot summer. Is the new Beijing Daxing Airport one of the hour visa free places of entry and exit for Beijing? The layover time should be limited to 72 or hours. Wish you enjoy layover tour in Shanghai China. Hi Daniel, If you hold US passport, then, yes, you are eligible to apply hour transit visa free in Shanghai. In this case, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are considered as third regions. Find your Dream Cruise. Inform the carrier when boarding 2. Xiamen 7. The policy only applies to citizens from the specified 53 nations in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. china 144 hour visa free transit policy