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For many years the palace was seldom used, even neglected. In , a note was found pinned to the fence of Buckingham Palace, saying: "These commanding premises to be let or sold, in consequence of the late occupant's declining business. Court functions were still held at Windsor Castle, presided over by the sombre Queen habitually dressed in mourning black, while Buckingham Palace remained shuttered for most of the year.

It also has a post office , cinema, swimming pool, doctor's surgery, [44] and jeweller's workshop. The Green Drawing Room serves as a huge anteroom to the Throne Room, and is part of the ceremonial route to the throne from the Guard Room at the top of the Grand Staircase.

These very formal rooms are used only for ceremonial and official entertaining but are open to the public every summer. Directly underneath the State Apartments are the less grand semi-state apartments. Opening from the Marble Hall, these rooms are used for less formal entertaining, such as luncheon parties and private audiences.

Between and , when Blore was building the new east wing, the Brighton Pavilion was once again plundered of its fittings. As a result, many of the rooms in the new wing have a distinctly oriental atmosphere. It has nodding mandarins in niches and fearsome winged dragons , designed by Robert Jones. At the centre of this wing is the famous balcony with the Centre Room behind its glass doors. Running the length of the piano nobile of the east wing is the Great Gallery, modestly known as the Principal Corridor, which runs the length of the eastern side of the quadrangle.

When paying a state visit to Britain, foreign heads of state are usually entertained by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. They are allocated an extensive suite of rooms known as the Belgian Suite, situated at the foot of the Minister's Staircase, on the ground floor of the north-facing Garden Wing. Narrow corridors link the rooms of the suite, one of them is given extra height and perspective by saucer domes designed by Nash in the style of Soane. Investitures , which include the conferring of knighthoods by dubbing with a sword, and other awards take place in the palace's Ballroom, built in It has replaced the throne room in importance and use.

During investitures, the Queen stands on the throne dais beneath a giant, domed velvet canopy, known as a shamiana or a baldachin , that was used at the Delhi Durbar in State banquets also take place in the Ballroom; these formal dinners are held on the first evening of a state visit by a foreign head of state.

As Nash had envisaged, all the large, double-mirrored doors stand open, reflecting the numerous crystal chandeliers and sconces, creating a deliberate optical illusion of space and light.

Smaller ceremonies such as the reception of new ambassadors take place in the " Room". Here too, the Queen holds small lunch parties, and often meetings of the Privy Council. The Queen's first three children were all baptised there. Formerly, men not wearing military uniform wore knee breeches of 18th-century design.

Women's evening dress included trains and tiaras or feathers in their hair often both. The dress code governing formal court uniform and dress has progressively relaxed. After the First World War , when Queen Mary wished to follow fashion by raising her skirts a few inches from the ground, she requested a lady-in-waiting to shorten her own skirt first to gauge the King's reaction.

Today, there is no official dress code. The ceremony, known as an evening court, corresponded to the "court drawing rooms " of Victoria's reign. They are the largest functions of the year.

The boy Jones was an intruder who gained entry to the palace on three occasions between and At the time, news media reported that he had a long conversation with the Queen while she waited for security officers to arrive, but in a interview with The Independent , Fagan said the Queen ran out of the room, and no conversation took place.

At the rear of the palace is the large and park-like garden, which together with its lake is the largest private garden in London. Adjacent to the palace is the Royal Mews , also designed by Nash, where the royal carriages, including the Gold State Coach , are housed.

This route is used by the cavalcades and motorcades of visiting heads of state, and by the royal family on state occasions—such as the annual Trooping the Colour.

The King and his wife, Queen Alexandra , had always been at the forefront of London high society, and their friends, known as "the Marlborough House Set", were considered to be the most eminent and fashionable of the age.

Queen Mary was also responsible for the decoration of the Blue Drawing Room. Its more valuable contents were evacuated to Windsor, but the royal family remained in residence. The King imposed rationing at the palace, much to the dismay of his guests and household.

The workers continued to imbibe, and the King was left unhappy at his enforced abstinence. This event was shown in cinemas throughout the UK to show the common suffering of rich and poor. The King and Queen were filmed inspecting their bombed home, the smiling Queen, as always, immaculately dressed in a hat and matching coat seemingly unbothered by the damage around her.

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A German bomb damaged the Palace during the London blitz. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James's Palace which means that, while foreign ambassadors assuming their new position are received by the British sovereign at Buckingham Palace, they are accredited to the "Court of St.

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Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Windsor , Berkshire , England. Palace of Holyroodhouse. Official Scottish residence whenever the royal family undertake official duties in Scotland: primarily Holyrood week in July.

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