bt customer service free phone number

bt customer service free phone number

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Ofcom itself began using 03 numbers on 13 November for public use. Unlike 03 numbers there is no uniform pricing for 05 numbers; BT charge a number of different rates depending on the number dialled. Other operators are not required to charge the same rates as BT for calling 05 numbers. These numbers were different from the rest of the 05 range in that they are only 9 digits in length after the 0 trunk code, e. Numerous universities, government departments, airlines, banks and businesses also used these numbers.

They were allocated before the general trend of using longer numbers started in and long before the rest of the 05 range was assigned to corporate and VoIP numbering after The range was withdrawn by Ofcom in July [17] as a result of a series of consultations starting from [18]. A number of other numbers can also called for free from mobiles, [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] but this varies by network. With the exception of x freephone numbers, 08xx numbers are charged above geographic rates, with some of the extra revenue going to the terminating telco.

This additional revenue may be shared with the subscriber, but is often used instead to subsidise additional network services, such as fax -to- email , virtual office applications, call queuing, voicemail and easy number redirection. None of these call management services is exclusive to 08xx numbers and they could be provided on any number range.

There were a few short "special" number in this range, such as 46 47 for NHS Direct; this was closed in and replaced by NHS , except in Wales where the transition took place in The usage of , and numbers is regulated by PhonepayPlus. There is widespread confusion about the cost of calling and numbers.

They often do not qualify for discounts and bundled minutes, and can be prohibitively expensive when called from mobiles and payphones. Many major companies persist in misdescribing them as "Local Rate", "Lo Call" often as 'locall rate' which can be easily misread as 'local rate' or "National Rate" for which the Advertising Standards Authority can take action.

In the future, it is likely [ clarification needed ] that users of and numbers will have to declare the service charge element of the call cost when advertising their phone number, whilst telecoms companies will need to inform their customers about their access charge for calling each number range. Additionally, the EU Consumer Rights Directive requires that many entities that held and numbers will no longer be allowed to use them.

The directive bans the usage of numbers that cost more than calling a geographic number for customer service and complaints lines, and other such purposes.

From 1 July , the charge for calls to , , 09 and numbers is split into two parts: An access charge payable to the company you make your phone calls with - e. BT, EE, Sky, etc. Numbers in the 09xx range are charged at the highest rates of any calls within the United Kingdom, and are controlled by various regulations regarding their use.

The earlier unused x xxx xxxx - x xxx xxxx allocation for "Broadband Internet Services" no longer exists and was removed from the number plan in Although calls from UK landlines to landlines in the islands are charged at the same rate as those to other UK landlines i.

Mobile operators may also charge more for calls to the islands and these calls are usually excluded from calling plans. Calls and SMS messages sent to island mobile phone numbers are not charged at the same rate as calls to UK mobile phone numbers. This area code is used for the Bailiwick of Guernsey , i. Several Jersey companies also have non-geographic numbers allocated. On the Isle of Man , both fixed and mobile phone numbers can be dialled locally in the six-digit format.

Ofcom has also reserved certain number ranges for use in television dramas and films, so as to avoid the risk of people having their telephone numbers displayed and receiving unwanted calls.

This is similar to the use of fictitious telephone numbers in the United States and Canada starting with the digits In most of the large cities with three-digit area codes, a range of numbers is reserved, usually all the numbers starting with the digits There are also reserved ranges for fictitious mobile, freephone and premium rate numbers. The numerical equivalent of VIN was and all the caller got was the speaking clock i.

At around the same time as the other Big Number Change changes, Ofcom revised their recommendations to update the prefixes, add additional areas and increase the size of the allocation from 10 to numbers per block. Those changes are listed in the Big Number Change article. In Coronation Street , the fictional Manchester suburb of Weatherfield uses the unallocated range xxxx.

The UK has two free emergency numbers: the traditional , which is still widely used, and the EU standard , which can be used in all member states of the European Union.

Standard advice for Mountain Rescue or Cave Rescue is to ask the emergency operator for the police, who oversee the communication with these two services. Both numbers can be called from mobile phones with the keylock on or without entering the PIN where that would otherwise be required. Although some mobile phones allow emergency calls to be attempted without a SIM card, at present the UK networks reject such calls.

The chargeable number was introduced for non-urgent crime and community safety calls on a trial basis in In Wales, the scheme was taken forward by all four police forces, who adopted the number for non-emergency calls on a permanent basis in early In England, the scheme was on trial until , when it was adopted nationwide and the cost to call changed from 10p per call to 15p per call.

The operator is obtained via from landlines, while directory enquiries , formerly , is now provided in the xxx range, e.

International Operator assistance is reached through From early , the pan-European number range came into use for social helplines. The first three numbers allocated were Missing People using for a missing children helpline, the NSPCC ChildLine on , and Samaritans using for an emotional support helpline.

For this purpose, Ofcom established a telephone numbering planknown as the National Telephone Numbering Planwhich is the system nmuber assigning telephone numbers to subscriber stations. The numbers are of variable length. Local numbers are supported from land-lines or numbers can be dialled with a '0'-lead prefix that denotes either a geographical region or another service. Mobile phone numbers have their own prefixes which are not geographical and are completely portable between providers. Since 28 Aprilalmost all geographic numbers and most non-geographic numbers have 9 or 10 national significant numbers after the bt customer service free phone number trunk code. All mobile telephone numbers have 10 bt customer service free phone number significant numbers after the bt customer service free phone number trunk code. A short sample of geographic numbers, set out in the officially approved Ofcom number groups: [2]. In the United Kingdom, area codes are two, three, four or, rarely, five digits fre after the initial zero. Regions with shorter area numbe, typically large cities, permit the allocation of more telephone numbers as the local number portion has more digits. Local customer numbers are four to eight figures long. The total number of digits is ten but, in a very few areas, the total may be nine digits nymber the initial zero. The "area code" vree also referred to as an "STD code " subscriber trunk dialling or a "dialling code" in the UK. The code allocated to the largest population is free tarot reading ask a question London. The code allocated bt customer service free phone number the largest area is for all of Northern Ireland. The range can have NSN length as 10, bt customer service free phone number or 7 digits. The range bt customer service free phone number have Nukber length as 10 or 7 digits. The range had NSN length as 9 digits only, and was withdrawn from use on 3 June bt customer service free phone number Please use our online help or get support from our BT Community section where Landline Sport TV Account & Billing Security Email Moving Home Complaints. We bring technology to life for people in the UK and in more than countries around the world. We specialise in phone, broadband, mobile and TV services as​. and 5pm. Our BT Shop customer services number is Calls to non freephone numbers cost up to 8p per minute from a BT landline. BT is one of the leading communications companies, serving the broadband, phone, TV and mobile needs of customers in the UK and in more than Find the contact details including BT Complaints email & phone number with Resolver. A completely free service recommended by Martin Lewis, founder of​. Besides calling, the next favorite option for customers looking for help is via [email protected] for Customer Service. If you think this. Making calling easier · Simple tips This includes your BT Basic line rental and all the same call benefits included with the landline only version of BT Basic. Find out BT Basic + Broadband is only available with our BT Basic phone service. With the exception of x freephone numbers, 08xx than calling a geographic number for customer service and to the company you make your phone calls with - e.g. BT, EE, Sky, etc. We are currently experiencing higher than usual volumes of customer support requests. If calling from overseas, please call + Online form: If. You do not need to be an existing customer of BT or KCOM to apply. if you can – in the first instance, rather than calling the companies. Here. Switch Search Type Looking for residential information instead? Head to our dedicated guides for you choice of internet plan below, or simply play around with our price comparison at the bottom of the page. These are the three that we think will be most useful to access BT customer services. Set up your email so you can access it anywhere. You'll need to go through a full complaint process before being able to break your contract this way. How can I stop nuisance calls? Fire it up and you'll find out what your home broadband speeds are within mere seconds. Read what we're doing to help you stay connected. Most read articles. Contact us for Business The SignVideo interpreting service. bt customer service free phone number