brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free

brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free

Turning to face Joe, I saw him standing with his shoulder braced against the doorjamb. His lips parted as if he were about to say something, but he appeared to think better of it. The fact is, I liked you the first moment I saw you. You are a beautiful, interesting woman, and I want to see you again. Pushing away from the door, Joe approached me without haste. My heart began to work in sharp jolts, and I went hot and cold with nerves. It had been too long since I had been alone with a man in a bedroom.

Studying me intently, Joe touched the side of my face, his hand curving beneath my jaw. I knew he could feel the way I was trembling. My fingers curved around the thickness of bone and sinew, the strong rhythm of his pulse. I wanted him. Every part of me wanted him. We were alone, and the rest of the world was far away, and I knew somehow that if I slept with him, it would be extraordinary. I pulled his hand to my waist, and I stood on my toes, deliberately molding my body against his, and he was warm and sturdy, his arms anchoring me firmly.

He began to kiss me slow and deep, as if the world were about to end, as if it were the last minute of the last hour of the last day. The things he did with his mouth, his tongue… it was like a conversation, like sex, the way he found what I wanted and gave it to me.

View all 54 comments. Jul 13, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: library2go , books , march I've read the complete series and enjoyed each book. My favorite of the four books is Blue-Eyed Devil which is about the sister of the Travis brothers. Check out your local library that is where I found this book it was available via kindle version. View all 3 comments. It's LIVE! The Travis man in the spotlight in this fourth installment is Joe.

I adored his direct approach in pursuing Avery, he shows charisma and personality and is very much the star of the book.

Avery Crosslin is not interested in attracting the opposite sex and is completely devoted to raising her professional profile as a Wedding Coordinator, a business that she runs with her sister. She's the consummate professional which is admirable, showing her independent and persistent qualities. In equal measure I found her to be standoffish and somewhat cold probably because her role models and examples of love have been quite negative throughout her life.

This very much translates to her personality and behaviour in the story. The wedding planning aspects felt a little too detailed and are included too many times for my personal reading tastes. I don't feel they greatly enhanced the feel of the story in relation to the amount they're included and they began to feel mundane. I highly enjoyed the initial meeting of the protagonists where I saw the hero's interest piqued and felt a spark in their chemistry.

Delightful misunderstanding ensues that felt natural and endeared me to the characters almost instantaneously. Whilst my love for the hero grew, I found myself somewhat detached from the heroine because of her described demeanour. Running along with the main story arc, another new couple is featured and I found their relationship to be quite engaging to the point I would have liked to hear more about them.

The supporting cast of the Travis family is also a great inclusion and will be loved by fans of the series. Despite some elements of the story not suiting my reading tastes, when I felt submerged in the romantic element I liked Brown-Eyed Girl very much.

When Avery and Joe are together, enjoying each other, it's romantic and beautiful and simply gorgeous. Fans of the series will surely bask in the development of their relationship. Martin's Press, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review thoughts View all 37 comments. I hated this. There is just no other way to put it. I want to tear it up and set on fire. So much of this was just rage inducing.

There was more that annoyed me but I'm angry so I'm just putting what's sticking out in my head the now.

There is hardly any romance, it's just about Avery and her job. I felt like it wasn't her business to convince him to get married. She should have I hated this. She should have stayed out of it. Aside from the fact that she shouldn't have been giving him advice in the first place because it was NONE of her business, the advice was awful.

If you have to convince someone on their wedding day to get married then they shouldn't be getting married. I felt so sorry for the bride. Plus they talked about having more kids, she could barely look after one baby in her book, I shudder to think of her with more children.

Everyone kept saying how they felt sorry for him getting "caught" by her. Everyone kept going on about how terrible a burden he was having to bear having a baby and how awful it was he was having to marry her. Are you kidding me? No seriously, are you kidding me? He was choosing to marry her, he wasn't being forced and he was acting like he was some kind of fucking martyr. Bite me. Once again, a lassie doesn't just get pregnant by herself. Also don't be involved in a baby's life if you don't think it's an amazing addition to your life.

The baby would be better without you. Bethany ended up having not nice secrets but Ryan didn't know any of that and neither did all the people making comments so it doesn't excuse all the asshole behaviour. How does she find this out? Because a wedding dress fitter tells her she can tell the due date by the size of the bump.

Every time I've had my bump measured it comes out as matching a different age. My friend who is a week behind me has a bump twice the size of mine. I think I'm at the point where I've just heard so many stupid pregnancy comments from people who don't have a clue that this seriously made me want to punch things.

It gets confirmed by Bethany but I seriously couldn't get over how stupid and harmful those comments could have been if it hadn't been true. Also baby's move at different times for different people. My baba could kick things of my belly from early on. I hate cheating more than anything in this world. I don't believe in second chances, I think you cheat, you should be shot. But no way in a hell should a professional being going back to the groom with gossip like that.

It's none of her business and in the real world that should have seriously affected her business. Beautiful, well dressed, socialite has to obviously be a "golddigger," "selfish," and a cheater. Whereas the heroine doesn't care about what she wears and adopts scruffy unwanted dogs.

Can this please stop in books? Avery gets this great job opportunity that means she would have to move to New York. Joe who up until now I've really loved, and who was apparently totally into her and had chased her, tells her he won't stand in her way but if she takes the job they are done.

He absolutely refuses to even discuss making it work. He tells he doesn't he even want to be with her for the time they'd have left. What a wanker! If you love someone you make it work. Considering he is a fucking millionaire with his own fucking jet, I'm sure he could have made it work long distance.

She tries to come up with all the ways they could try make it work but he flat out refuses. Won't even discuss it! No way did I believe he loved her!

How does it get resolved? That's right she gives up the job of a lifetime, conveniently she's had an epiphany that it isn't really want she wants, she wants to be with Joe and her life there.

Of fucking course the only way they can be together is for her to do exactly what he wants. Right now I'm a stay at home pregnant lady and I'm going to be a stay at home mum. What I do have a problem with is that if she wanted to be with him, that was her only choice.

He wasn't willing to compromise at all. That just makes me so mad! I can't believe he loved her at all if he wasn't willing to put ANY work in at all. I would go anywhere for my husband, and he in turn would go anywhere for me. I can't believe how ruined Joes character got in the end! Totally unfair and sexist. View all 18 comments. Jun 19, Danielle Love at First Page rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , own-kindle-book , read-in , favorites-adult-romance , genre-contemp-rom-adult , pretty-writing.

I honestly thought I'd die before I got to read Joe Travis' story. Seriously, that's how long the wait has felt. So thank you, Racquel , for putting me out of my misery and letting me borrow your ARC. Writing post-it notes alongside yours, Alexa's , and Miranda's was the perfect companion to this reading experience. For fans of these stubborn, sexy as hell, alpha, Texas-bred heroes of Lisa's, you will be pleased to know that Joe is cut from the same cloth. He goes after what and who he wants wit I honestly thought I'd die before I got to read Joe Travis' story.

He goes after what and who he wants with single-minded devotion, utterly enamored by Avery and a steadfast pursuer of her heart. I love how complex these men are - they tease and play, they charm and sometimes infuriate, but they know how to respect their women. At times they may seem a bit pushy, but at the end of the day each and every one of them has given the heroine time to think about what she wants and being patient when she's unsure.

Joe, like Gage, Hardy, and Jack before him, is willing to take a step back to allow Avery to realize what's standing right in front of her. And he makes one hell of a tempting package. You can't ask for a better man than that, which is why every romantic hero - historical or contemporary - will forever be compared to Lisa's. It felt like coming home finally reading Lisa Kleypas' writing again. I wanted to highlight so many quotes!

The need sharpened until it seemed I would die of not having him. Nothing had ever felt like this. Nothing ever would again. You had to run with a feeling like that, all the way to sunrise. So beautiful!! I've talked about Joe Travis already, who most definitely has some of the swooniest lines ever , so let's discuss Avery. If I'm being honest, I had a difficult time connecting with her. She has plenty of trust issues - for good reasons - but she makes a lot of judgments about Joe and the type of guy he is, and she constantly makes cynical remarks about falling in love.

There were times when I was really frustrated with her and wanted to shake her a bit. She had the sexiest guy willing to bend over backwards for her, and she knew she had feelings for him, too, yet she put a wall up for most of the book.

I was so relieved when she finally started coming to her senses! One thing I did love about her was how fiercely she defends those who she cares about. She's got an inner fire and sass that I was totally on board with.

Her relationship with her sister, Sofia, is at the heart of this. I loved all of their scenes together. They were hilarious and clearly have a strong bond. Sofia gets a side story of her own in this book, which I thought was adorable. While Avery didn't always have the best attitude in her relationship with Joe, their romance was perfect. Very little angst and a whole lot of chemistry. How can their not be when a Travis is involved? I ate up every single scene they shared together. It's not a slow burn - again, this is the Travises we're talking about - but their shall we say insta-passion is a Lisa Kleypas staple.

It's magical, and she makes you swoon and believe in it wholeheartedly. I am thanking all of the book gods that Joe's story not only found its way into my hands, but that it met all of my expectations. I've missed these characters and their big family so much. It was wonderful meeting up with all of them and their new additions.

I'm super sad to say goodbye, but now my shelf will finally feel complete. This review can also be found at Love at First Page. View all 11 comments. Shelves: heroine-i-adore , 1st-person-pov , reluctant-heroine , bbw-heroine , set-in-texas , redhead , part-of-a-series , hero-or-heroine-wears-glasses , audiobook , library-checkout. My sister and I listened to this on Playaway in the car as we did our usual car commuting. I have to say I enjoyed it a lot.

I know that many fans weren't that happy with it. To my surprise, I really bonded with Avery. I got her. I understood her fears and what drove her and why she was trying so hard to avoid a relationship with Joe. It was funny how I would have a thought about the story and it would pop up either in the dialogue or Avery's thoughts. I do also have to say that this nails some My sister and I listened to this on Playaway in the car as we did our usual car commuting. I do also have to say that this nails some very integral aspects of Texas culture.

I found that highly enjoyable. It was also interesting that Avery is a Texas woman to her core, but she connected to living in New York so much.

Sofia and Steven's relationship definitely had me thinking that their sparks were of the romantic kind. I liked how Avery and Sofia were so close, despite meeting as adults. I'm very close to my sister, so I totally got the sister love between them. I loved the affection and loyalty they showed to each other. It felt very authentic. I know that most of that is due to the 1st person POV format. It just doesn't work well for romance. I think that for me, I need to have access to both the characters to see the romance in a degree view.

I was forced to wonder and surmise how Joe felt based on what Avery saw or what he did in the book. I sometimes wondered what was defense mechanism or merely reacting to what Avery said or did.

I liked Joe, a lot, but he did let me down in a major way. I could understand if he was clear about why, or if he expressed some angst about it. But he had already made up his mind that it wasn't going to happen. I think that if you love someone, you try to make it work. You don't hand out ultimatums. Even though he claimed he wasn't pressuring her, he made it clear that there wasn't a chance of their relationship continuing if Avery moved to New York. Plus, he made Avery say "I love you" first.

I do understand that he was probably uncertain about Avery's feelings for him because she spent so long pushing him away, but he had gained a lot of insight into her and she was very clear about the fact that she didn't want to lose him. I felt the resolution of whether Avery was going to move to New York was a cop out.

I would have preferred if Joe was willing to support her and willing to work out a relationship long distance, even if Avery realized she didn't want to go. I am thinking this part could have been done better. The proposal would have been cuter and better accepted if I had seen a gesture from Joe prior to that.

It just seemed like he got what he wanted and it was easy street for him. I just don't care much for 1st person romance. I will always love the books, because Lisa Kleypas is a fantastic writer, and even my least favorites by her are still well-written.

I did like catching up with the Travises. I don't think I got to know him nearly as well I wanted. Hardy is still my favorite. Oh, that man! I could eat him off a spoon. But Joe is dreamy, and I loved him with Avery. Avery won me over and I really felt a kinship with her.

I think I would like her in real life, and hanging out with her Sofia would be a lot of fun. This was a very Texas book, with a couple of women that I felt like could be my friends in real life, and that was nice! View all 12 comments.

Sep 05, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: library-loan , hot-as-hell , romance. I swear, this woman can't write a bad book! I love LK, love her. She's in my top 3 authors and never fails to impress me with her effortless execution of writing a beautiful romance. Her way with words is magical: "He had a lazy, easy way of talking, as if every word had been simmered for hours over a low flame.

I've been waiting a long time for Joe's story and I did love it, but was it my fave of the series? That honour goes to Smooth Talking Strange I swear, this woman can't write a bad book! Jack, from STS is among my top heroes with his sexy swagger and presence. Seeing him in this book was like unwrapping a gift! Joe was sweet, sexy and had a more unhurried manner about him. He didn't have the smooth, sexiness of Jack, the brooding, intensity of Hardy or the quiet and caged manliness of Gage.

He did however have the patience of a saint! Well, that among other things. Where he lacked intensity he made up for it with sweetness, perseverance and swoonworthiness. Honestly, how can you go wrong with a Travis? I liked Avery for the most part. I get why some people were frustrated by her, but I completely understood. Her background and lack of any enviable models of good men or good relationships was troubling and very much explained why she was so hesitant.

A hot guy like Joe Travis would intimidate many women. I loved how she came to discover what she felt for him and what was important. I just wish the last third of the book was longer. I wanted to see what happened with view spoiler [the unravelling of the Warner wedding and bitchy Hollis. Bethany, too for that matter. I think at least seeing or being told a small part of that fallout would have been great hide spoiler ].

I haven't seen anywhere if LK plans another book in this series. A spinoff would be great, especially with a certain character in this book who piqued my interest. The secondary story of Sofia, Avery's sister was great as well. And of course I have to mention one thing amongst many that this author is good at.

The male characterization. Not for one second do you doubt the voice of any of her male heroes. She writes the most masculine, the most sexy, the most incredibly accurate male characterizations I've ever read. I'm sad to say goodbye to these sexy Travis men, but hopefully we'll get more contemporaries in the future.

Loved this, loved Joe! And Jack View all 30 comments. Sep 03, Alp rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. As always, Lisa Kleypas delivers this pleasant, heartwarming, and delightful romantic story. Brown-Eyed Girl is a great read and I really enjoyed reading it though the whole story just seems a bit plain to me.

The writing is excellent and the dialogue is spot on and so natural. Let's talk about Joe because nothing in this book is better than him! Joe is a freelance photographer, the youngest Travis sibling. He is every woman's dream: sexy, optimistic, charming, sweet, patient, and understanding. He is a perfect hero! It was hard for me to understand why he was attracted to Avery.

I didn't see what he thought he saw in her. I think she didn't deserve him. To be honest, if it weren't for Joe, I would give this book 3 stars! Avery is a wedding coordinator who has chosen to focus on her wedding business with her sister rather than any love relationship. He pursued her and never gave up on her.

Ooh…so sweet! It took almost the entire book for me to warm up to her! I loved the romance between two secondary characters, Steven and Sofia. Reading about the simple sweet things that happened between them made my heart glow. Moreover, it was wonderful to catch up with the familiar characters from previous books in this series. View all 27 comments. I don't think I've ever rated a Kleypas book lower than a This is swimming in the All of the stars are for Joe who I love but I don't think this book did him justice.

I waited all these years and nearly quelted myself when I found out finally he was going to get a book. Because if you ever ask to name some of my favorite series, the Travis Family, is cement shoes in there. That love was bombastic. Or Haven and her hard wrought HEA. Or Jack 'Motherfucking' Travis who is hands down one of my fave Kleypas heroes - smooth like fucking butter. And there was the youngest Travis, Joe, sort of like Jack but more arty with his photography and the tragedy.

Fans including me wanted him to get his walk onto the HEA covered sunset. How did the awesome secondary character from the first three books read like a secondary character in his own book? Wait, like a tertiary character in his book!

Joe's a great man - he photographs for causes, loves puppies, his family, doesn't mind a full-figured gal and can charm the drawers off his woman but he could only carry the book so far when the heroine Avery was unsure of what she wanted to be. The story was weak, or maybe weak when the secondary characters and the Travis family reunion outshines the main love interests. I read this version of Travis hero before, in a better version called Jack.

Joe was Jack 2. He's still a Travis She was seemed like she was cool: a ginger, horrible fashion sense with a I-don't-give-a-frig sense of air or maybe it was obliviousness because she was a woman with a purpose. She had a career, she was trying to rebuild her life from the shambles of her dysfunctional background and create happy for others with her wedding planning business.

But she changed herself. Her personality wasn't all there. And I don't mind the makeover but she didn't do it for herself. She did it to please others. Joe thankfully looked passed that and saw the the woman underneath. But Avery played games which I frigging hate.

Don't act like you're not going to bone when hello! One Night Stand which wasn't all that hot to begin with-- I think this was the second misstep. So Joe pursues Avery and is charismatic, gives her space and is patient whenever he is featured. The story is told in first person present from Avery's POV. The girl needed to make up her mind. It was annoying. She made rash decisions without really thinking and didn't vibe what seemed to be her character.

For me, closer to meh. And one of my least favorite Kleypas heroines. Her sister, Sofia had more spunk than Avery. And can we talk about the haphazard plot twist and family crisis? It was so meh with a side of bleh sauce. Why even include it? Why couldn't we just be left with the happy Travis family memories.

Why end it at that odd note? Who wants to be ungrateful when they get a gift? Not I. Thank you Kleypas for the follow up on the Travis family. I wish Avery was written stronger, I think there was a spine in there, she just needed to be fleshed out more. View all 22 comments. It's not necessarily because of what we knew about him but the last story ended with him barely surviving the boat accident. We just needed to know He was a blank page so I didn't have any expectations. Avery Crosslin meets Joe Travis at one of her weddings she's managing, mistaking him for one of the photographer's minions.

Something about the brown-eyed redhead appeals to Joe and so begins hi Originally posted on The Book Nympho Almost everyone who's read this series wanted Joe's story. Something about the brown-eyed redhead appeals to Joe and so begins his pursuit. She's not interested, having barely survived her last relationship but This story is told from Avery's point of view but I still got a clear picture of Joe and how he fit into his family. She's an interesting woman with a challenging background who's created her own unique family.

I loved this woman and Joe saw the same things I did from the onset. She's smart, talented, loyal and quick thinking. Her one failing is how long she's allowed her last relationship dictate her future.

Though she put up some strong defenses, Joe was relentless in defining and decimating her walls and barriers. You'd expect nothing less from a Travis.

One of the delights of the story was the inclusion of the other characters from the series. There's also a secondary storyline that dovetails nicely with Avery's. This was one of my more pleasurable reading experiences as I liked not only the main characters but the superb storytelling about and around them. You don't always need high drama to keep things interesting and I finished with such a good feeling.

My only regret was not knowing how one situation affected Avery's career in the end. I guess I'll just rely on Joe's foreboding about it and consider this being the proverbial bow on the end of a lovely series. View 2 comments. I enjoyed getting to know Avery, she was so cute and I related to her a lot. But Joe He was boring.

I had no idea that a Travis man could be boring! How tragic. Loved the bits with Steven and Sofia, and Coco the dog. Again, this book had all the right pieces I wish we had gotten more out of Joe. I still love Lisa Kleypas!! Would 3. Would gladly read more from the Travis series. Oct 04, Susana rated it it was ok Shelves: series-i-follow , reads , arc , releases , disappointment , contemporary-romance , netgalley.

Arc provided by St. Martin's Press through Netgalley Release Date: August 11 th The first two books in this series are absolute favourites of mine, unfortunately things started going downhill for me at least with the third book I absolutely loved the way this story started: the humour, the character's sass.

All the things I like in a romance, they were all there But things got strange and more than that, they became downright uncomfortable, after the two main charact Arc provided by St. Avery is not someone who is looking for a romance. She has reasons to behave in a cautious way, and all of a sudden she has Joe texting and calling her after their one night stand Thing is, the guy gets his feelings hurt because she doesn't act as interested as he is.

I thought this was problematic, because he had no claim on the girl to suddenly act all hurt and shit. Also, Lisa Kleypas had to give me more in terms of what made the two of them suddenly so interested in one another: As a result I found their romance really week and merely serendipity like. But besides that, what has made them fall in love?

More interesting that the main characters romance was Avery's sister, Sofia and Stephen's troublesome relationship. Sofia is Avery's partner and Stephen works for them. Also, just because the girl likes to watch Spanish soap operas the author didn't had to turn her life into one!

The ridiculousness of the whole thing reached high levels when Sophia's view spoiler [ex-boyfriend makes an appearance claiming that he needs someone to take care of his children, and that he'll take her back. Despite the fact that she doesn't want anything with him. Then this being a Lisa Kleypas, Travis book there's the usual trip to the ER made by one of the characters. Sorry, but Joe was too cardboard like for me to fan over : One of the famous Travis.

He's a handsome devil aren't they all , and he takes photos. And that is all there is to know about the guy. Avery was much more developed, which once again made the whole romance between the two of them really hard to buy into it. At the fifty percent mark she was still claiming not wanting to have a relationship with Joe. When you hear over and over how a character doesn't want a relationship Sorry but I needed way more for their relationship to convince me After a one night stand, however, Avery is determined to keep it from happening again.

A man like Joe can only mean trouble for a woman like her, and she can't afford distractions. She's been hired to plan the wedding of the year--a make-or-break event. But complications start piling up fast, putting the wedding in jeopardy, especially when shocking secrets of the bride come to light. And as Joe makes it clear that he's not going to give up easily, Avery is forced to confront the insecurities and beliefs that stem from a past she would do anything to forget.

Why would anyone? He was like something from a dream as he stood there in a wash of moonlight, sexy in his rumpled tux, his eyes midnight dark. It was a one-room cabin, designery rustic with a handwoven rug free dvd burner for windows xp leather furniture and modern light fixtures that looked like crystal antlers. I flipped on a switch that illuminated a sconce in onlihe corner and set down my bag. Turning to face Joe, I saw him standing with his shoulder braced against the doorjamb. His lips parted as if he were about to wyed something, but he appeared to think brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free of it. The fact is, I liked you the first moment I saw you. You are a beautiful, interesting woman, and I want to see you again. Pushing klehpas from the door, Joe approached me without haste. My heart began to work in sharp jolts, and I went hot and cold with nerves. It had been too long since I had been alone with a man in a bedroom. Studying me intently, Joe touched the side of my face, his brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free curving beneath my jaw. I knew he could feel the way I was trembling. My fingers curved around the thickness of bone and sinew, the strong rhythm of his pulse. I wanted him. Every part of brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free wanted him. We were alone, and the rest of the world was far away, and I knew somehow that if I slept with him, it would be extraordinary. I pulled his hand to my waist, and I stood on my toes, on,ine molding my body against his, and he brlwn warm and sturdy, his arms anchoring me firmly. He brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free to kleeypas me slow and deep, as if klepas world were about to end, as if it were the last minute of the last hour of the last day. The things he did with his mouth, his tongue… it was like a conversation, like sex, the brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free he found what I wanted and gave it brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free me. There was more pleasure in that kiss than in any act of physical intimacy I had ever known. brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free Brown-Eyed Girl (Travises #4). Views: Lisa Kleypas. Genres. Adventure · Christian · Fantasy · General · Graphic · Historical · Horror · Humorous · Mystery. Brown-Eyed Girl (Travis Family #4)(17) Author: Lisa Kleypas. Shaken, I managed to say, “I'm sorry for whatever I've said or done to give you that impression.”. Her books have appeared on the New York Times bestseller lists. Lisa is married and has two children. Visit Lisa Kleypas online: www. Brown-Eyed Girl. Author: Lisa Kleypas Book #4 of Series: Travises View: Published year: Price: Free. LOGIN TO RATE. GENRES. Romance. ×. In an earlier preview of Brown-eyed Girl, Avery met Joe while visiting her Dad in the hospital. when I gave this to my mom to read first, who is a HUGE Lisa Kleypas fan and I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Brown-Eyed Girl: A Novel (The Travis Family Book 4) - Kindle edition by Kleypas, Lisa. $ Read with Our Free App; Audible Logo The much anticipated final book in the Travis series, Brown-Eyed Girl, from beloved author Lisa Kleypas. If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download its ePub, PDF or Mobi formats just in a few clicks. Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas Summary. Brown-. Oct 1, - Read or download Bossypants. Best Free Books Brown Eyed Girl (PDF, Docs) by Lisa Kleypas Complete Read Online. Brown Eyed GirlsBrown. Download and Read Free Online Brown-Eyed Girl: A Novel Lisa Kleypas. From reader reviews: Heather Goodson: This Brown-Eyed Girl: A Novel book is simply​. Storyline Brown-Eyed Girl: Wedding planner Avery Crosslin may be a rising star in Houston society, but she doesn't believe in love--at least not for herself. Page 26 The secondary romance between Sofia and Steven almost steals kleyppas show, and I question just birl couple should have had top billing. Page 3. And another mark near the outward corner of his left eye, a subtle parenthetical scar. Reaching into his pocket, Joe withdrew my glasses and gave them back to me. Page 32 I let my fingers drift over the nape of his neck, where the thick hair was tapered in close layers. Page 18 Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. brown eyed girl lisa kleypas read online free