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british council listening a2 free time

british council listening a2 free time

In no particular order. Cristina, hello. Guayaquil, Ecuador. British Council LearnEnglish Connect? Free Exercises for Trombone - Brazzmusic Documents. Easy Exercises - Imparare inglese Weather forecast. Listen to the weather forecast and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. Listen to five different people talking about their jobs and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.

Now you can improve your English with just a couple of taps — all you need is your phone, laptop or computer, and good internet connection. The episodes are discussion-based and cover everyday vocabulary and situations. Voice of America Do you want to improve your English while listening to current and interesting topics?

Then, Voice of America: Learning English is for you. This information service has different kinds of audio programs that are narrated at slower than normal English speed. See more. Improve English listening skills and learn about the UK's music, sport and more. Soft Universe. Learning english with free audiobook podcast: english story book for ielts toefl. What are my hobbies? In this free time activities worksheet, students learn to talk about things they like and dislike doing and how they correspond to hobbies and leisure activities.

Students begin by matching pictures on the worksheet to hobbies. Students then read sentences about three people and discuss which hobbies from the first exercise they would enjoy doing. Working alone, the students then choose two hobbies from Exercise A that they would enjoy doing the most.

The students write the two hobbies on the worksheet, without showing anyone what they have written. Next, students use words and expressions in a box on the worksheet to complete sentences about their likes and dislikes and how they correspond to the two hobbies. When the students have finished, they go around the class reading their sentences to their classmates.

Their classmates' task is to guess which two hobbies they have chosen from the sentences. Afterwards, review the students' sentences and give feedback. Common Interests. In this free hobbies and leisure worksheet activity, students write and talk about free time activities using play, go and do collocations together with adverbs and expressions of frequency. Divide the students into pairs and give each student a copy of the worksheet.

The students begin by asking and answering questions with their partner to find five free time activities that they both do on a daily or weekly basis, e. Each pair of students then goes around reading their sentences to other pairs, omitting the frequency adverbs and expressions, e. The pairs also complete a chart on the worksheet by listening and writing down one sentence from each pair. The worksheet finishes with a quick vocabulary review.

In this lesson, students learn words and phrases for things that you find and do in the garden. Students also practise how to use the demonstrative pronouns, this, that, these and those. The lesson finishes with a speaking activity for students to describe a garden. In this lesson, students learn and practise party vocabulary.

It finishes with a speaking activity for students to talk about a party they went to. In this lesson, students learn how to describe and talk about furniture and appliances in the home. Students can review our worksheets online with our Expemo app. Dialogues and video clips - provide a richer learning experience. QR codes - access online multimedia with your mobile device. Course plans - provide a structured course with our worksheets.

It is a very good audio. The questions are focused on the audio and were not very difficult. I love playing tennis. I have joined in a badminton club and it's really great!

Hi there. You are here: Cambridge English Learning English Activities for Learners This activity helps you to practise using like in different sentences.

Present Perfect. Present Simple Passive Present Simple vs. Online Membership Download the Entire Library. Can you remember? In this fun free time teaching activity, students play a memory game where they have to remember free time activities, the places the activities are done lidtening the objects used in each activity. Give each student a free time activity card. The students walk around the class, reading aloud the words on ljstening card to each other. Liztening students' task is to form a group of british council listening a2 free time with students that have a matching british council listening a2 free time time activity. Each group should consist of a student with a free time activity card, a student with a card for the place where the activity listenign done, and a student british council listening a2 free time a card that has the object used in the free time activity. When everyone is happy with the groups they have formed, the groups identify the free time activity, place and objects used to the rest of the class. The other students british council listening a2 free time and try to remember what each group says. The groups then complete a table with the information they remember about each activity. Groups score one point for each correct answer. The group with the most points wins. Free Time Lkstening Game. In this rewarding free time activities british council listening a2 free time, students practice play, go, fortnite battle royale gameplay trailer play free now, take and do tjme. Give each pair of students a set of verb cards and a set of free time activity cards. The students shuffle the two sets of cards and spread them out face down on the table in two sets. The students then take it in turns to turn over one verb card and one free time activity card. If the two cards make a suitable verb-noun or verb-preposition collocation british council listening a2 free time. Follow us on instagram template free student then tries to make a sentence using the collocation for an extra point, e. If a suitable sentence is made, the student has another turn. british council listening a2 free time Listen carefully to the conversation in a restaurant and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. Free time. Listen to Tyrone calling the. Listen to Richard and Molly talking about plans for the weekend. Complete the timetables with their activities. Listening practice. Exercises - level A2. Eating out · Free time · Giving directions · Going to the cinema · Shopping for clothes · Stop wasting time · Taking notes. Listen to Tyrone calling the staff at his local swimming pool.. Audio Player .​ This lesson is about playground equipment and free-time activities. To help learners extend their vocabulary; To develop learners' speaking and listening skills Level. CEFR level A2. Time. 60 minutes approximately. Downloads. PDF icon. url:; Levels: five levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1); Pre-listening /Post-listening. ESL Free Time Activities Game - Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Elementary (A1-A2) - 20 minutes. In this fun free time teaching activity, students play a. with lesson plans and materials for elementary students (AA), year in Sweden Related pages: Free time activities flashcards with voices and sound effects. Learn English via Listening English Level 1 Lesson Interests And Hobbies. hobbies and leisure | LearnEnglish Teens – British. Our popular “Special Days” audio series is now available in full for free. Learn about a range of fascinating subjects, and the special days and festivals in the. Here are 17 English podcasts that are definitely worth your time. You can sign up for free to see if it's right for you! Elementary Podcasts. (iTunes | website). Three cheers for the UK's British Council who've come up with a very helpful series. Google Tag Manager. In the green shirt? Can you try using a different browser? The third part was logistic, and there were two people. Take an online English course or class. Ah, that's Ian. Listen to a professor's explanation to practise and improve your listening skills. My other colleagues were working in the secretary department. Check your understanding: true or false Do this exercise while you listen. Terms of use Accessibility Privacy and cookies Contact us Site map. Fuad, he always wearing a sportswear on everyday oh, i forgot.. Upper intermediate B2. british council listening a2 free time