british airways phone number toll free

british airways phone number toll free

When should I check in? What ways can I check in? How can I find out about the safety of my destination? How we can help with delayed or cancelled flights. Rebook and refund options. Seating changes and refunds. Make a claim for disruption expenses. I am planning to travel to Dublin thru British airways from Delhi. I am a student studying at Cork and have a valid resident permit.

I have gone through various website but still not very clear on this matter. Kindly guide and advise me. I landed yesterday n checked all my bags today n found that lock of one of my bag is missing and after checking in my bag I found that my newly bought Hugo perfume is missing as only that was expensive item in my bag n rest all was used clothes.

I don't know what c as n I do about it as I am already upset since my 2 bags were already misplaced by airways and I am yet to receive those bags and am worried if something goes missing from those bags too! BA and Citi Bank are offering discounts of flights. I wish to know what will be the cancellation policy in this case? How much refund do we get? I am surprised that BA dont have any option through shopping etc. On 11 April the monies due from my first refund request appeared in my Chase Sapphire Reserve account 22 days after the request was made.

I have to confess that I assumed that British Airways would be overwhelmed with emails dealing with just about every aspect of the current crisis not just refunds , so I never considered it as a viable route to getting my Avios and cash back from the airline…but apparently emails can work. A TFM reader Matt has reported the following timeline:. It looks like British Airways has shut down the website workaround and the URL linking to its refund request form so, if you need to request a refund, a phone call or an email appear to be the last two remaining options.

Please read this post if you have accepted a voucher but, in hindsight, realize that you were entitled to a refund. Avios booking for a Qatar Airways flight was involuntary cancelled on March Called BA the same day to request a refund. Avios points were refunded immediately. Taxes and fees refunded to my credit card today Apr 7. Wait time just under 3 weeks. Just to let you know.. I tried the standard number it just kept cutting me off. Went through the gold exec number and got through Ba stated that refunds can take up to 14 days so will await that.

Thanks for your help. Hi I just called the Executive Gold line and had great success in getting through easily. I have been told that the refund could take up to 28 days though. I also received a conformation email from BA regarding the refund. Unfortunately TAP from Portugal is doing even worst! I sent them the link that you posted from EU directives about refund ways and they simply said a big NO and the only possible way is a voucher and end of story.

They simply said that this is the new rule and end of story. What can we do? Our money is on their wallet! Just kept holding and was answered in 5 minutes.

Refund now processed by person who answered phone. Very pleasant and helpful. We are thinking that it is safest to cancel our 2 week trip to Croatia scheduled for this June-July. As of right now, our flight is on as schedule.

Do you recommend we wait with our fingers crossed that our flight is drastically changed our layover city is Heathrow or canceled? Or should we contact BA now explaining that my husband has an autoimmune disease and we will need to cancel our non-refundable tickets because of the risk? I would call BA and ask if you can get a refund based on your circumstances. If the airline will only offer you a voucher I would decline and then wait as long as possible to see if your flights are cancelled.

Only accept a voucher if a refund is very clearly not open to you. I tried their number for US and when I pressed one for change it went nowhere. I called back and pressed three for other options and it went nowhere. Tried twitter three times. Have not heard back. I tried the Executive Club blue number and got wait until within 72 hours of flight. Try calling the UK number as mentioned in the post above.

If you need the refund urgently ignore the request to wait until 72 hours before your flight if your flight has been cancelled there is no flight at all! I received a refund after 14 days from BA but the amount is less due to currency exchange fluctuations! Is there anything I can do to claim back the difference? The phone number provided on the BA site says that due to high call volumes, and to protect the health of their staff, they are unable to take my call and I should call back.

Unsure of how to proceed now! Use the Gold phone number in the thread above. I just cancelled UK BA flights with no wait time. I was on the phone for little over 2mins in total. Thanks to the person who wrote the article. I have been trying the general number for over a week, each day at different times, with no success. My flight was cancelled. I did the trying to call and being cut off thing. BA cancelled my flights in this situation but are sure making it impossible to get a refund.

I do not want a voucher at this stage. Has anyone been able to speak to anyone at BA? Any other ideas would be super welcome.

Great — thanks for that info. So disappointing to see how BA are making it difficult for customers. That appears to be the case with BA at least. We accepted the voucher before we learned of the ability to call their UK contact center for a refund and they will not now let us change to a refund.

Contact us. Fax: for sending copies of documents or receipts Please do not send multiple faxes for the same enquiry, as this can slow down response times.

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Skip to main content. If you have questions on how to change your date of travel, your destination or get a voucher to use at a british airways phone number toll free date, british airways phone number toll free see our latest advice and information. Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times. Please british airways phone number toll free a country from the drop down menu below to find the contact details of our worldwide offices. Lucia St. New bookings, price or availability enquiries for flights, holidays, hotels, or car hire including new bookings using Avios or American Express vouchers. Mobile charges may be higher. Assistance in managing your Executive Club account including all Avios balance or statement queries, including updating personal information. Make a complaint or claim online. Baggage Claim Form. From german mobile networks max. Claim missing Avios points online. british airways phone number toll free Contact details for our worldwide offices. Have you already booked? Please have your booking reference ready when you call. For technical support, or assistance with booking online, please contact your nearest British Airways office. Contact us. Bookings purchased over the telephone. You'll see the most relevant contact details for you if you are logged in to Telephone numbers and addresses. For the most relevant contact details, log. Bronze, Silver and Gold Executive Club Members: Please log in to your account to view your dedicated number. Please choose a country from the drop down. While is British Airways's best toll-free number, there are 5 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support​. Also important is what you do once you call, or what your other phone number options are. First of all, we strongly recommend using our free call-you-back tool. Need to call the British Airways phone number and stuck with long or our free miles and points Facebook group with all the best travel news. Phone Contacts. Main: +44 20 Customer Service: () Toll Free: () How to get through to an operator. Toll Free: (Local Calls),+91 (International Calls) Haryana, Back Office, , British Airways Dlf Plaza Tower, Phase I. Have you tried calling the Gold line (UK toll free number if you use Skype or I contacted BA on the UK Gold Line phone number at this was getting nowhere with the main free phone number they advertised on the site​. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Transporting pets. Our cheapest prices are available online. Air France Toll free Numbers. Seating changes and refunds. We want you to know you can trust us to respect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. Book hotels, cars and holidays. Contact us Bookings purchased over the telephone will include an offline booking fee. How can I find out about the safety of my destination? Make a baggage claim online. Calls may be recorded. The airline is committed in attending to and caring for all its passengers, especially those travelling with disability. For the Executive Club there are two tiers. IndiGo Toll free Numbers. british airways phone number toll free