bmj learning free modules for nurses

bmj learning free modules for nurses

You can change your profession and specialty details, and also update your contact details. There is no need to re-register. Otherwise, to access the full range of learning modules relevant to your specialty or profession, you will need a subscription. A subscription involves a variety of benefits, including access to BMJ Portfolio.

For more, see our subscription page. We also have a range of free modules that anyone can try. Please see our subscription page for the latest prices. Please see our subscription page for full information on prices and VAT. Yes, you can make an online payment when you subscribe. You can also pay for annual subscriptions using PayPal. Discounted rates are available for institutions subscribing to multiple products from BMJ.

Your institution must be registered with Athens, and the Athens ID must be associated with your institutional account. If you need any assistance with your Athens login, please click here. Go to our Shibboleth access page and choose the federation to which your institution belongs. After making a selection you'll need to choose your institution.

You'll then be asked for your institutional username and password. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to access the free modules immediately. If you buy a subscription, you will have access to all the modules included in that subscription as soon as you have made your online payment.

For other methods of payment direct debit, post, or telephone there may be some delay while we process your transaction. We will inform you when your payment has been processed and you can start accessing the modules. To update your card details please follow this link and select 'edit my card'.

Cancellations can only be processed during normal working hours Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm GMT and take effect at the end of your current subscription month. Please note that at the moment, it is not possible to sign up for a second monthly subscription if you have previously cancelled one.

We plan to introduce this option in the future, but in the meantime, if you wished to resume using BMJ Learning after having cancelled, you would need to take out an annual subscription. You will be asked to provide your BMA membership number when completing the registration form. Please note that some specialist content on the BMJ Learning site, such as the pre-hospital care modules , require an add-on subscription and is not available as part of the standard subscription offered to BMA members.

You'll need to update your details. If you're already signed in, you can click the "My account" link at the top right of the screen at any time, and choose "Update my details". This will take you to your account page, where you can edit your details and add your BMA number. As soon as you begin a module it is added to your BMJ Portfolio. From here, you can continue and complete modules at your own pace.

Every module is different, but on average it will take you between 30 and 90 minutes to complete a module. Don't worry if you get interrupted. Your progress is automatically saved in your BMJ Portfolio , and you can start from where you left off. Learning together has many advantages. You can exchange information and experiences, and you can share different insights and perspectives on clinical and ethical dilemmas. Published evidence shows that BMJ Learning is an effective educational tool for doctors and other health professionals, across a wide range of specialties.

Evidence for the effectiveness of BMJ Learning has appeared in a variety of independent, peer-reviewed medical publications. Research shows that BMJ Learning improves the applied knowledge and problem solving skills of doctors in both primary and secondary care. Improvements have been shown across many different specialties. BMJ Learning is also an effective way of encouraging doctors to improve their performance by putting their learning into practice.

As well as being a valuable educational resource for doctors, BMJ Learning is also an effective way of educating allied health professionals and undergraduates. Evidence shows that doctors use BMJ Learning not just as an academic exercise, but also as a way of gaining knowledge that helps them directly improve care for patients. In addition, there is evidence showing that BMJ Learning is both an economical and time efficient method of educating healthcare professionals, as well as an effective one.

Working in partnership with the British Medical Association for the second year running, Medacs Healthcare is pleased to offer free access to a CPD-accredited BMJ e-Learning module, designed to help international doctors understand the process of relocating to the UK for work. Once complete, you can download your certificate to keep for your revalidation portfolio.

On anterior rhinoscopy, her nasal mucosa looks pale and there is hypertrophy of the turbinates. The rest of her examination is normal. There is nothing of note in her past medical history. You make a clinical diagnosis of chronic rhinosinusitis. Check your answer in our new module: Step by step: How to diagnose and manage patients with chronic rhinosinusitis in primary care , which covers how to distinguish chronic rhinosinusitis from other similar conditions, what treatment to start in primary care, and when to refer to a specialist.

You see an 85 year old man who is moderately frail and partially sighted. You are trying to establish a care and support plan CSP in partnership with your patient.

His main goal is to remain able to go to the park with his dog. His main concerns are that his mobility is limited by his arthritis and he has lost his ability to drive because of his poor vision. On good days he is able to use a stick to walk slowly to the park with his dog, but there are also bad days that he has to spend at home. Check your answer in our new clinical pointers module on frailty which includes practical videos to help you to assess and objectively measure frailty, plan the care of older people who are frail to improve their outcomes, and prevent progression of frailty.

Paul is 3 months old and was born four weeks early with mild respiratory distress. He was discharged after a short stay in special care. His mother has had difficulty breastfeeding, so is giving him expressed breast milk. He taking 3 ounces of expressed milk every two to three hours during the day and sleeps for six hours at night, managing about 22 ounces in 24 hours. His health visitor shows you his growth chart as she is concerned his weight gain has crossed the centile lines.

It features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video, and audio formats. Sign in with Athens in to bmj learning free modules for nurses your own personalised homepage, which features tailored module recommendations based on bmj learning free modules for nurses profession and specialty. My details have changed. What do Modulles do? How do I print a certificate? What if I forget my password? bmj learning free modules for nurses BMJ provides free coronavirus resources to support healthcare workers. BMJ is offering a range of free online resources to support researchers, doctors, nurses, and It features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning modules in text,​. Check your answer in our new module Ask an Expert: child and adult obesity. CPD/CME e-learning courses for the whole primary care team including trainees, GPs and nurses, GP ST Stage 2 - test your knowledge today with our free trial! If you're new to BMJ Learning, register now to view the free modules. for mental health problems in primary care: a guide for practice nurses – part one. We have a selection of free modules that you can try before committing to paying GP trainees, hospital doctors, foundation year doctors, practice nurses, and. Access to BMJ Learning is provided free to health care staff in Berkshire, It features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video, for mental health problems in primary care: a guide for practice nurses – part one. It features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning modules in text, If you have questions or feedback about BMJ Learning, please feel free to get in touch. and hospital pharmacists; Hospital and practice-based nurse specialists. Medacs Healthcare is pleased to offer free access to a CPD-accredited BMJ e-​learning module, designed to help international doctors understand the process. BMJ Learning comprises over short, interactive e-learning modules on clinical at GPs, GP trainees, hospital doctors, medical trainees, practice nurses and. Discover free online courses taught by BMJ. Watch videos, do assignments, earn a certificate while learning from some of the best Professors. Updated by:. Paul Worth has read the BMJ policy on conflicts of interest. With multimedia video. She has twenty years of experience in primary care where her clinical work included consulting with patients with physical and mental health problems. University of Health Sciences Lahore has assigned 1 hour of credit to this module. Completion of one learning module is the equivalent of 1 credit or 1 hour of learning. Users within Kuwait can claim one hour or one credit per hour of learning completed. Learn the anatomy relevant to intravenous IV , subcutaneous SC , intramuscular IM , and intradermal ID injection techniques, and the procedure for each injection technique. Oman Medical Specialty Board 0. Dr Hughes trained and works as a GP in North London and has been a passionate advocate of improvement in patient care through education and reflection. BMJ Learning is an educational website with hundreds of modules for healthcare professionals. This module forms part of the following courses: Neurology Care of the older patient. bmj learning free modules for nurses