billions season 2 episode 1 watch online free

billions season 2 episode 1 watch online free

At the centre of the show is a cashed-up battle of wits between U. The war between the two powerful New York figures turns Wall Street into a battleground. The two leads are astounding, delivering powerful career best performances. Billions is a binge-worthy, thought-provoking diatribe about money and what it does to people.

The Wrong Maria Gonzalez 56m. A Generation Too Late 58m. Hell of a Ride 57m. Flaw in the Death Star 56m. The Third Ortolan 60m. Not You, Mr. All the Wilburys 58m. Icebreaker 52m. Redemption 59m. Kompenso 59m. Elmsley Count 56m. Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game 54m. Arousal Template 58m. Chickentown 55m. Overton Window 60m. A Proper Sendoff 58m. Maximum Recreational Depth 60m. Infinite Game 59m. Fight Night 56m. American Champion 58m. New Year's Day 59m. Lamster 60m. Extreme Sandbox 60m.

The New Decas 60m. The Chris Rock Test 60m. Beg, Bribe, Bully 58m. Opportunity Zone 60m. Itunes Store. Show More Show Less. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services and are catered to US users. Most recommended streaming services. Axe refortifies Axe Capital, and weighs his options for retaliation. The fund wrestles with a precarious economic landscape that threatens the very existence of Axe Cap.

Wendy entertains an offer from a rival hedge fund manager. Lara intervenes in an emergency at her children's school. Season premiere. Axe publicly spars with a rival hedge fund manager and with the help of a talented intern initiates a new financial play to hurt the competition. Chuck deploys his team to quickly find a high-profile case that might save his sinking status. Wendy navigates a minefield of questioning that could result in disaster for Chuck. Axe considers buying an NFL franchise, and finds a new ally.

Chuck begins a last ditch case against a banking titan by developing a low-level informant. While it could be a career-defining case for Chuck, he must tread carefully, because his wife, Wendy, is the in-house performance coach at Axe Capital and Axe's key confidante.

But a costly purchase by Axe gives Chuck the opening he needs, setting off a cat and mouse game where the stakes are high and intensely personal. Series premiere. Axe installs rigorous compliance measures to gird the company against the US Attorney's office investigation. When Wendy questions Axe's methods, he compels her to prove her loyalty.

Chuck's probe is temporarily derailed when he has to divert resources to a case against an Axe rival, billionaire Steven Birch. Hall, Axe's fixer, develops a mole inside the US Attorney's office, while Axe makes an aggressive move under the guise of a charitable contribution in order to settle an old score. Chuck discovers that while he pursued Steven Birch, the rival Eastern District has made inroads in the Axe case and that he needs to get it back.

Axe makes an activist play for a family owned bakery corporation - a move reverberates back to Chuck by way of a very personal connection. Meanwhile, Wendy is thrown into a moral dilemma during a confidential session. S1 streaming until 1 Nov S streaming until 30 Sep S streaming until 19 Nov You May Also Like. Time of Death. The Circus. Shut Up and Dribble. Queer as Folk. Dark Net. I'm Dying Up Here. House of Lies.

Shrewd, savvy U. Attorney Chuck Rhoades Giamatti and the brilliant, ambitious hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod Lewis are on an explosive collision course, with each using all of his watcy smarts, power and influence to outmaneuver the other. The stakes are in the billions in this timely, provocative series. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Start Your Free Trial. Billions season 2 episode 1 watch online free subscribers only. Episodes Extras. Wxtch 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5. The New Decas. Axe reaches a milestone, Chuck tries to get his bearings. Season Billions season 2 episode 1 watch online free. The Chris Rock Test. Axe chases a play at Mike Prince's fifty shades freed online subtitrat 2018. Beg, Bribe, Bully. Chuck returns to his alma mater to pursue an opportunity. Opportunity Zone. billions season 2 episode 1 watch online free Watch Season 1 of Billions on, where you can stream episodes of your favorite original series, movies, documentaries, boxing matches, STREAM THIS SEASON Watch Episode for Free Watch A Trailer Episode 2: Naming Rights. Start your 7-day free trial. Buy Episode 1. HD $ 1. Billions: Risk Management. February 10, 56min. TV-MA. Subtitles. Subtitles. English [CC​] The power struggle continues in a new season of the hit Showtime Original Series 'Billions.' Paul Giamatti and Format: Prime Video (streaming online video). Devices. his eye on hedge fund billionaire Bobby "Axe" Axelrod. But he can't investigate until Axe makes a wrong move. Watch Naming Rights. Episode 2 of Season 1. Start your free trial to watch Billions and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, Axe reaches a milestone, Chuck tries to get his bearings. Season Premiere. Episode 2 Get 1 month free, then. Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. streaming Billions Season 2? Find out where to watch full episodes online now! 1 Episode HD. PROMOTED. Watch Now. Filters. Investigator Oliver Dake looks into Chuck Rhoades' misconduct regarding his case on Bobby Axelrod. Meanwhile, Bobby and his new Chief of Staff put in place​. Watch Billions season 2 episode 1 online. The complete Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. No Free Trial. $ /. Billions has a new episode airing on July 19th, (PDT). Season 1 Dropdown Icon 1 episodes (2%) are available to watch free online (Showtime). Start your 7 Day NOW TV Free Trial and stream to your laptop, TV, iPad, iPhone Season 1Paul Giamatti stars as a brilliant prosecutor thrown into a game of cat Season 2The battle of egos between hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod and US. Wendy entertains an offer from a rival hedge fund manager. Release: Not a member yet? District Attorney Chuck Rhoades play a dangerous, winner-take-all game of cat and mouse where the stakes run into ten figures. The reality of Lara's business starts to affect her marriage. Privacy Statement. Programming subject to regional availability, blackouts, and device restrictions. Country: Australia. Most recommended streaming services. Axe's move sends Chuck reeling as he finds himself under investigation, forced to scramble to hang on to his office and his family. I'm Dying Up Here. Meanwhile, Lara has to contend with the brotherhood of firefighters who are furious about Axe's behavior - and in an effort to circle the wagons, makes a painful sacrifice. You are Watching Billions. Chuck faces scrutiny within his office and from the Attorney General. Highest quality. billions season 2 episode 1 watch online free