best places to visit in barcelona for free

best places to visit in barcelona for free

Having fun and enjoying your time in the Catalan capital, does not have to expensive. A beer on Rambla, and a Paella next to the Rambla, however, can be a budget-killer! We will keep this list updated, as always! So, pack a blanket and towel and hit the beach, visit the free museums, enjoy the best views over Barna — this is like the locals do it! We share there our best tips on how to get around, best Paella in Barcelona, and more unique things we love to do as locals!

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Remember Me. Lost your password? Hostel Guide See all. City Guides See all. Travel Insurance Get your Visa. It is free as well and covers our best 8 hidden gems. We included here as well the best guide for free events in town! Update : we collected as well 62 Free Things to do in London Sure, we are here for the free stuff!

Relax at Parc de la ciutadella Parc de la Ciutadella is situated next to the old town El Born district. Just get some food and head over to Parc. It can feel like walking through another world at times, with narrow cobblestone streets turning into unexpected plazas and curving off into brick-walled walkways. Bring a buddy in case you get lost and have to live there forever. The architecture inside is fascinating, but the real reason to visit is up on the roof: the circular promenade grants a breathtaking degree view of the city.

Do it for the Insta. The views are great for wooing a date, or even just for wooing yourself. Cambridge Grad. Cookie Monster. Facebook Twitter Instagram. You May Also Like. We have many more family-friendly activity ideas in our things to do with kids post. This compact city park is full of grass and trees, as well as interesting architectural structures.

There are specially-designed playground areas with fun equipment for children, but they can also take the opportunity to climb on the multiple mosaic-tiled structures in the shape of waves throughout the park. One of the greenest parks in the city, Parc de la Ciutadella is a calm haven in the middle of bustling Barcelona.

There are paths for walking or biking, grassy spaces for picnics, a pond with a waterfall, and interesting architectural structures — like a castle. There is an enclosed playground perfect for younger children, featuring mazes, building toys, playhouses, and even some pots to be used as drums.

Former anti-aircraft bunkers from the Spanish Civil War now give great city views. The structures are now slightly-crumbling concrete without the armaments and have become a popular lookout spot.

Getting to the top of the bunker is a bit of a strenuous hike, so this activity is best for slightly older children. Kids might enjoy looking to see if they can find your hotel. We also suggest bringing a picnic! Enjoy the views while refueling for your hike back down. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Walking is also a great way to appreciate traditional life in Barcelona which, thanks to the pleasant climate, has always largely taken place outdoors.

While most museums in Barcelona charge entrance fees, the majority of them offer free entry every first Sunday of the month, or one afternoon a week. Be sure to get to your chosen museum early, as queues form quickly and the doors usually shut half an hour before the advertised closing time.

These are just some of the free attractions and activities that you might come across when you join the locals at the celebrations:. World-famous Catalan human towers are an experience not to be missed.

A festival is never complete without taking out the giants! On the parades, the giants are sometimes accompanied by the beasts, but I will talk about them in the next point.

Definitely, one of the craziest experiences that you can have in Barcelona. A street that you walk through every day suddenly turns into the set of a zombie movie or a modern Jurassic Park. Music is a very important part of Barcelona life with some styles originating in this area Catalan Rumba and Habaneras come to mind.

So it is not strange that whenever there is a festival there is music. Rock, folk, flamenco, hip-hop, world music, there is a bit for everyone and all for free. Like everywhere in the world, whenever there is a celebration, there are fireworks.

In Barcelona, we usually have them by the beach which could be great for all the photographers out there. This small hidden museum has on display all the giants and beasts of the different neighbourhoods. A real hit with both children and adults. The museum is free but please leave a small donation to help keeping this wonderful place alive.

I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive list of free things to do in Barcelona. The idea is helping planning your trip. Any suggestions are always more than welcome though.

If you find something that you think deserves to be on the above list, please let me know in the comments below. Also, for more local tips you can check the recommendations from our friends at Spotted By Locals and check our complete article with Things to do in Barcelona. You would probably want to check them out. Vector Art by www. I believe the next day is the Catalonia Day celebrations, I would love to see Castells and wondered if you have any suggestions for me to see something.

See Experiences. See 89 Experiences. See 94 Experiences. See 26 Experiences. See 84 Experiences. See 90 Experiences. See 43 Experiences. See 3 Experiences. See 36 Experiences. For most Catalans the event marks the starting point of the desire for separation.

Take in its soaring domed ceilings, pillars and cloister with courtyard of palms, orange trees and resident gaggle of white geese. If you visit in the afternoon, you will need to pay an entry fee. December 26, at pm. I very much appreciate your article, very helpful.

This is my first time in Barcelona and I'm here with my friend. Both of us are performers fire and burlesque and we are desperately wanting to meet kindred artistic performers and perhaps catch a great show for this NYE If you have any suggestions we'd be greatly appreciative.

This is a shot in the dark, haha. We'll have fun either way. Thanks again : Sincerely, Friction Reply. December 27, at am. Hola Alana! You can check their website here and see they don't have any events For like minded people and events you could try a shot on the dark at meetup. It can get overcrowded in summer though, and do beware of pickpockets whenever you find yourself in a touristic zone.

This is where all the skaters gather to show off their latest tricks.

Barcelona is a wonderful place to visit. Architecture is stunning, history seeps out of every corner and we have the sea and the mountains on our doorstep. However, lately, the prices have risen steeply for accommodation and sightseeing. It is still possible to visit us without breaking the bank. There is a bit for everyone. Hope it helps with your planning. Sometimes these ruins are right in front of you and other times… well, you have to find those hidden places. You can actually walk around best places to visit in barcelona for free whole perimeter of the Roman city convert aup to mp3 online free explanatory panels. However, the best places to visit in barcelona for free is embedded fkr over the city. Both have a free entrance on the first Sunday of the month from 10 am to 2 pm. A few meters under street level you can see the funeral monuments lined up on both sides of the old road that led to Barcino. Sure best places to visit in barcelona for free are not expecting to find the remains of a 2, years old temple stuck inside a house. But anything is possible in Barcelona. This is what is left best places to visit in barcelona for free the original temple dedicated to Emperor Augustus, founder of the city. This is the barelona place to admire and learn about the legacy of the Romans in Barcelona. The excavations of the s and s uncovered a very interesting part of Barcino, including baths, alleys, houses and wine cellars. best places to visit in barcelona for free 2- Enjoy the views from a hilltop. 3- Take a Free Walking Tour with a local company. 4- Culture yourself out at. 5- Marvel at the Magic Fountain show. 6- Admire the Catalan Art Nouveau facades. 7- Wander around a local food market. › free-things-to-do-in-barcelona. 18 destinations you can visit at big airfare discounts from the US. Find out how to explore the Catalan capital on a budget with this guide to the best free activities in Barcelona. The 36 Best Things to Do in Barcelona Under €10 We picked out 36 of our favorite free (and fantastically inexpensive) things to For only the cost of taking the metro, visit Barcelona sights and locations immortalized in films. To make this a bit easier for you, just click here , and you can choose different ticket and seat options. In fact, a lot of them are on postcards, and this building will help you understand why. A must for any Roman history or archaeology enthusiast. Beautiful cathedrals can be found scattered all around featuring intricate details and tranquil courtyards. Travel NorthEast from Barcelona and almost to the border with France to discover the wonders of one of the most fascinating cities in Catalonia and learn about its cultural heritage. One thing to note about visiting Barcelona is that the culture and cuisine of the Catalan region is distinctly different from the rest of Spain. It is not much of a festival but a political affair with stands and flower offerings in the morning and a very big demonstration peaceful in the afternoon. The locally bottled vermouth is usually the drink of choice for the locals, so who are you to go against tradition? Gracia source: Jordiferrer Wikicommons. This beautifully designed auditorium is picture-perfect with a mosaic of stained glass and eccentric chandeliers. Since its inception in , this undulating landmark is exceptionally unique as there is not a single right angle that can be found throughout the whole building! best places to visit in barcelona for free