best free website builder for artists

best free website builder for artists

There are a lot of opportunities here, and they are waiting for you. In Wix, you can work as in Photoshop — quickly and efficiently, if you know what, where and how to do it. Wix includes hosting, provides with a mobile version and has a basic set of features for building a site with free Wix domain. It is really worth trying. We looked at about 30 site builders for artists, and Squarespace is the second of 10 best website platforms for artists that claim to be perfect after the Wix.

Squarespace is a powerful and beautiful system and is definitely worth your attention. SquareSpace is an American website builder focused on creating artist websites such as blogs and portfolios. It is also a commercial platform for the sale of goods and services, including digital. The platform does not require special knowledge in website building and is intuitive.

To get acquainted with the functionality of the system SquareSpace offers a trial period of two weeks. Weebly is a website building service launched by the American team in The platform allows you to create an artist website with a few clicks only.

Designers offer a great number of quality layouts that look attractive and really up-to-date. You get access to the whole screen. It is a convenient and simple tool for creating an artist website portfolio or an art shop.

Shopify is a highly promoted e-commerce brand in the west. The site builder was launched in and became one of the most successful startups in its niche at that time. According to the developers, more than , clients use their platform. Duda is a website editor that focuses on responsive design for mobile phones and is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Format is one of the more interesting website builders on this list. Its price tags are going to look like this:.

As far as the best websites for artists are concerned, Format could help you make one for some quite affordable price tags! Visit Format I hope that at least one of these builders piqued your interest! We do not publish biased reviews or spam. So if you want to share your experience, opinion or give advice - the scene is yours! From my personal point of view, I would advise Weebly to any beginner. Weebly is simple, you can create your website in no time with the drag and drop tool, you can move components and put them anywhere you want on your website.

I knew it would be difficult, since Football is one of the most complicated niches. Thank you Webnode! I have the intention to take my business to the next lever, i'm using Webnode since one year. I think i will move to another website builder, more ecommerce friendly. Despite all the negative reviews i found online, i've decided to give it a try, i found that they were right.

Format is just not good enough!! I have been building websites for over 10 years using different website builders and in my opinion, Squarespace is by far the ideal solution for small businesses especially local. Thanks god, there was something to walk me through this terrain. I easily created my website, Squarespace is so simple!

It allows you to create a website in no time, however, you need to be creative enough to customize your website and make it different than others. There are more features I still need to explore.

Another great article! Thanks Cory! I like being able to view the prints on different media, the room view feature, and the option of showing wall colors. I also like the idea of being able to combine print-on-demand with my own various products on the same site—splitting self-fulfillment and automated fulfillment in the same order similar to Amazon. My only real hesitation is cost. It almost feels as though the artists are getting some kind of reward for leaving a positive statement. Thanks to anyone who is willing to comment.

I just signed up with Art Storefronts months ago and my site has been live since October, so it is fair to say that I am new with them. Now I can tell you that yes, we artist are getting a reward for leaving a positive review: the reward is knowing that we are on the winning horse, and the reward of being able to share that good news.

Back end is easy, and more than that, you can customize it near endlessly. You ready? This marketing team is all out focused on the single question of how to sell art online. Now I do. That is huge. The big disclaimer here is that they might tell you what, how, why and when and they really do but YOU still have got to do the work. But when I inquire it has so far in every single example come down to the same thing: They are not following the guidelines and in most cases, they are not consistent in the efforts.

Back on track: The point is, this is not a magic pill that will solve all your problems. We are now a bit more than a artists that are all connected. That means that when I have a problem or a question I can post it in the group, and people answer, support and encourage. This group gives us a place to share and connect with people who are dealing with the same thing: We are all trying to sell our art. Again a disclaimer: What you give in, is what you give out.

The more you participate in a positive and constructive manner, the more engagement you will experience from the other artists. Sometimes folks are frustrated, because it is frustrating business at times, but there is not negativity that you see so often in other groups online.

My guess is, simply because there is no reason. Another thing to know about the group is that the ASF marketing team is also present there. I see them answering often. Careful with WIX. Left them 4 years ago. Site is still up and causing domain name issues. Yes, they do own your site. Understaffed for amount of users. This only confuses. They built the website, showed me everything and provided ongoing support during work with it. There are certainly some hair-ripping things about WordPress.

I was recommended Art Storefronts by a mentor. Because I trusted her, I did not do a ton of research, and decided to go with them. I was all around unhappy with the customer service, tech support, and interface. I am a tech geek, and I found the interface to be cryptic, difficult to understand, time consuming, and annoying to use. I sent customers to the site. The buying system looked fancy and cool to me with how you can put a piece of art upon a virtual wall, but my customers I sent there never tried to buy anything because the checkout system was too confusing.

They said they could not buy the print! I checked and realized that the shopping cart actually was NEVER set up correctly to accept a purchase!!! Feeling sad to say that it was one of the MOST depressing and frustrating wastes of time and money in the history of my business.

Yes, part of it was me and my life being crazy for a bit, and not being able to do things, but still, I invested a huge amount of money for me and time in the site system, figuring it out and setting it up, and never sold a single thing.

What Squarespace does so well is that it gives the user a professional-looking website with minimal effort. The pages made on this platform are incredibly beautiful - and of course, this should be a great thing for most artists.

But it's not only looks that Squarespace has going for itself - there are features, too. Let's take a deeper look at a few of those. Creativity and beauty are what Squarespace does best, and for photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers, it is a match made in heaven.

It includes mobile-optimized website and unlimited storage. No eCommerce there, however - you need to pay more for that. The four website builders I have chosen all bring something different and unique for artists. It really comes down to what sort of website you are looking to build and how you wish to showcase your work. To help further your decision, I have created a list of what I believe each of these website builders does best. As I said, they each bring something different to the table.

Wix Review: A good choice for creating a website in ? Try Wix for Free. Ucraft: Connect Your Domain Name for Free I find their responsive templates inspiring, but they could have some more options. Try Ucraft. Pixpa: Portfolio Designs for Everyone As a builder that specializes in websites for artists, Pixpa put that little bit of extra effort into making their solution portfolio-friendly. Try Pixpa. Try Format. Squarespace: Stylish but Expensive Squarespace offers templates that beg to be used by artists and designers.

Pros Cons Beautiful designs Sell products and services Change your template Access to the source files High price Not the easiest to use No preview mode, so any changes immediately go live No free plan Limited layout flexibility Squarespace Portfolio Examples :.

Try Squarespace. Pros Cons Creating multilingual portfolios is easy Professional email with some plans included Affordable Easy to use Around templates to choose from Limited web storage e.

The best part? Both Wix and Weebly offer free access to their site builders and their basic hosting plans. These zero-dollar site-building hosting packages both come with ample storage space and security for artists who want to house their portfolios online.

However, the free plans require users to display Wix or Weebly ads on their sites and employ a Wix. Premium plan prices start at just above the rates charged by some of the other budget-friendly hosts covered in the previous section. Some hosting providers offer WordPress-compatible site builders as part of their hosting packages.

For example, InMotion Hosting created its proprietary tool BoldGrid to deliver a drag-and-drop visual development environment where novices can easily construct stunning, professional sites in WordPress. In addition to providing access to site builders, the hosts below have tailored their plans specifically to power WordPress sites.

BigCommerce is for super serious sellers. This platform focuses on helping big businesses grow even more, and can help you design an artistic empire thanks to its impressive range of built-in features.

Some of the best features for artists include multi-channel selling , which means you can make money from channels like Facebook or Pinterest. You can manage the shipping process really easily, while BigCommerce has recently improved all of its templates to make the designs even more appealing. Squarespace has real quality in its features. With no app market, all the sales tools you need for selling your artwork is built-in and ready to go. One of the best Squarespace features gives you control over product variants.

This means you can sell different colors or variants of items which are different sizes, giving you plenty of flexibility. Squarespace E commerce Review — Read more about how Squarespace can help you earn cash. Shopify vs Squarespace — A fair match?

You know Weebly is one of the easiest website builders to use, but how does it fare in the world of e-commerce? It does, ahem, Weebly well. Weebly vs Shopify — See how these two platforms compare.

There are certain things to consider when choosing a website builder. Website builders have made it easier than ever to display and sell art digitally. For purely displaying your art, you should use platforms like Wix and Squarespace.

We take great care to ensure the information we publish is reliable and accurate. However, WBE takes no responsibility for any inaccuracy in information supplied to us by users, research participants, or other entities. Please note the insight contained within this article is for general information purposes only.

For further information, please contact Website Builder Expert directly via email at info websitebuilderexpert. I used to think website design was just for professionals. Because maybe like you, I have no coding or design experience.

In Artiss ofwe surveyed over 1, websute to ask them artusts their favorite website builders are. This blog post breaks down that survey and shows the most free kid shows online full episodes website builders among professional fine artists. We also break down the relative satisfaction with each provider. Below we buipder down each website provider, in order of popularity. We also asked each respondent to give us feedback on a variety of questions that indicate satisfaction with their website builder. It was also among the builders with the highest satisfaction rates, at 4. Squarespace offers a best free website builder for artists trial and extensive documentation. Squarespace makes building a website very easy. The Abundant Artist offers a course that will help you plan your website and gather your branding and marketing materials in preparation for building. Check best free website builder for artists Artist Websites That Sell. At Its satisfaction rate of 4. Wix also best free website builder for artists a problem with being de-indexed by Google inand many professional developers have concerns with their underlying code. That said, it remains quite popular. Its best free website builder for artists satisfaction rating is just 3. best free website builder for artists It's Free. Compare the Best Website Builders. Build Your Own Free Website Today! User's Choice. Customizable Online Store. Drag & Drop Editor. Top Deals In One Place! Create Your Own Free Portfolio Website Today with Our Top Picks. Press & Start Today! for pixel-perfect designs. connect your domain for free. Pixpa: not only for photographers. Format: a portfolio expert. elegant and minimalistic designs. Webnode: multilingual online portfolios. the easiest to use. Millions of site owners and web entrepreneurs use these drag-and-drop site builders because they allow for the quick creation of professional-grade web properties without the need to code. The image of the starving artist is a well-known trope in Western culture. Strikingly Pricing Strikingly has a free plan, so you can test the waters with features like blogging, contact page, and social feed. Best Jun 11, Weebly is free and easy to use, making it ideal for artists on a tight budget and timescale. Cheapest Website Builders — Looking to keep it cheap? Very easy to use Add product videos. In , more than 1. Overall, Weebly is one of the most affordable website builders for artists — if you do decide to upgrade past a free plan. The website builder itself is simple to use I think even a novice could use it, but I went in with some experience. Easy to use once you learn the basics. I came across Daily Paintworks. Try GoDaddy Today. best free website builder for artists