best free tumblr themes for artists

best free tumblr themes for artists

This is great news for anyone looking to open a micro-blogging platform and install free theme. Tumblr launched in It is best described as a micro-blogging site which feels like a mix of Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook.

Tumbler is very easy to use and is absolutely free, where you can open and setup your account in less then 5 minutes. Users can post text, images, videos, audio, and links. Tumblr posts are based on grid layout where you have infinite scroll through your posts and repost others. Well, then Orange Pop is for you! It is edgy, bright and full of colors! Set vibrant backgrounds, using plain colors or even pictures.

If you want a free Tumblr theme that brings full focus to what you post, then choose this as your go to option!

It keeps a simple but colorful background, very selected tools and icons for sidebar and concentrates the reader on your displayed work. You can play around with themes, by using Google Fonts. Last but not least, it supports all other social media platforms, so you can share your posts elsewhere like on Facebook, making sure you reach the most audience. If you want a simple free Tumblr theme that is easy to use then Carter is a great pick!

It also can be viewed perfectly on any mobile device, so you can assure yourself that your blog stays at top quality for every visitor. Ideal for photography, and keeping a Tumblr theme without having to worry about its complexities. If you are a beginner, try this out for the most amazing experience.

It goes without saying that this cute Tumblr theme will capture the hearts of all the pink lovers out there! If you have a girly website or are experimenting with some stylish colorful themes, then pink is the hottest trend right now!

Make your website burst with a girlish look, using backgrounds of adorable polka dots and choosing from happy fonts for texts. A Tumblr theme like this is perfect for younger audiences and content creators both, as it appeals to young girls and at the same time is incredibly simple to use and customize around.

This theme will remind you of your dream personal diary from your childhood, and so if you want a fashion, lifestyle, entertainment or inspiring blog attractive to younger kids, then install this right away for free!

Fireheart is the Tumblr theme dedicated to making the ideal account where you can post all sorts of online content easily and in a highly customized layout. Its original color scheme was inspired by an anime character, Todoroki. You can, however, adjust and change anything from the fonts, colors, text sizes, visuals and much more. Share your fan fiction stories, post fan art and compilation videos on this theme and you will enjoy the experience thoroughly!

Want to make your Tumblr account look professional, chic and in sync with modern aesthetics? Void is a minimalist Tumblr portfolio theme featuring a clean design.

The theme comes with a grid-based post layout for showcasing your designs, images, and more. Honeycomb is another unique portfolio theme featuring a hexagonal post layout. You can use this theme to make a portfolio website for an artist, illustrator, or a designer. The theme also includes an image filter and supports 22 custom colors. Keleus is a Tumblr portfolio theme for creative agencies and consulting businesses. The theme features a highly detailed design that allows you to all the information related to your business, showcase your workflow, image sliders, image galleries, and much more.

The theme features header section where you can introduce yourself and comes with an easily filterable gallery-style post layout. Harem is a fully-responsive Tumblr theme featuring a minimalist design. It includes a header section for adding a short bio about your work, feature links to social media profiles, and a masonry-style grid layout for posts and your portfolio items. Society by jonathanmoore. Stacked by rainerbird. Stacked is a dead simple, clean and stunning photo theme that features two layout modes, integration with other photo sharing websites, responsive design and plenty of customisation options.

PortFolia by cubthemes. Are you an artist, designer, photographer or any type of creative person? You've come to the right place! PortFolia is the ultimate single page portfolio theme that you'll fall in love with. Astoria by artistic-influence. Astoria, a free Artistic Influence Tumblr theme built to premium theme standards.

Designed with an Avant-garde mindset to achieve a suprising and unexpected visual experience. Slides by zachklein. Ten Toes by stashthemes. Take this moment to actually appreciate the fact that you have ten toes. For those who appreciate beauty. It gives you the benefit of more than 30 available fonts, social media icons, custom images, and numerous plugins hare your content. You can even add up to 5 header pictures to your page and put your private or company logo to make a dynamic impression on the viewers!

Ten Toes is an ideal theme for all who want to keep it charmingly simple and very expressive of their content. It works smoothly and flawlessly for all kinds of devices mobile phones, tablets, and desktops as well as all modern browsers. If you exclusively want to express through your pictures, then Ten toes are what you should go for by all means! This is because this theme specializes in displaying image content in the most spectacular way possible.

It supports all types of posts, comes with an unending spectrum of colors and gives you the benefit of infinite scrolling! You can add your own logo to the theme which will also open a bigger version of a particular photo as a popup! Yuki is essentially a grid-based free Tumblr theme that is perfect for all photographers and photography-enthusiasts all across the world.

Similar to a lot of free themes discussed previously on this list, Yuki specializes on a very minimal and uncomplicated design for the pages of its users. So much so that, that the homepage of this theme only opens up in a thumbnail of a myriad of pictures that the user could click on to learn more on the subject. Yuki can be an ideal theme for if you just want to share a series of posts that are related to visual content.

One of the most responsive and content-oriented free themes on Tumblr, Ashley takes ample care of every blog-sharing requirement of all its users. This makes it a charmingly efficient and, most importantly, a multipurpose portal layout that will support a variety of content types.

You could also adjust the fonts through a Google Fonts integration. It supports all post types and comes with a fixed sidebar with an author profile section. The theme can be easily customized to change the background, colors, and add widgets as well.

Zen is a modern and multipurpose Tumblr theme that can be used to make many different types of blogs and websites. It comes with a stylish fullscreen grid-based post layout and a slide-out sidebar for including links, tags, and widgets.

Featuring a single column post layout, Quite Big is the ideal theme for making a personal blog or a diary blog. It supports all types of posts and lets you showcase large image previews on the homepage as well as videos. You can choose up to four columns for your site. The theme also offers you the sidebar options if you wish to show any widget. You have eight custom color options to choose from. You have the post permalink options to make your posts SEO friendly.

You have infinite scroll options, super quick loading time and more. Susan is a beautiful looking design that comes with a great looking hero section where you can add your own image and make it look even better.

The theme comes with a modern column-based layout. It is one of the best theme options for photographers and travel bloggers. As the name suggests, this is a clean and minimal Tumblr theme that you can use to create your Tumblr blog. This is a fully responsive theme with tons of customization options to make sure that you can fine-tune the overall design of your blog. The theme comes with the fully customizable header section, background option and content grid option so that your blog looks clean and reader-friendly.

Minimalism theme offers you social sharing icons that are ready to be used; you have infinite scroll option, sticky navigation and more. Pation theme comes with a beautiful minimal design that will be perfect to keep the focus on your content.

This theme comes with a great looking grid layout where you can show random posts. Featured like sticky navigation, amazing font options, great looking hover styles, and social links makes it a nice option for your content publication.

Another beautiful free Tumblr theme with amazing customization options. You can change the layout, font, color options and more to change the overall look of the theme. Display your images and other content in a great looking modern grid style. It comes with a great Pinterest style design, and when you click on the images, it enhances the experience with the amazing bigger version of the image. A beautiful, simple and elegant Tumblr theme that you can use to create your blog free of cost.

This theme offers you options such as social icons, infinite scrolling to make it engaging. Instead, it is a Tumblr theme that serves as a blogging theme and less like a portfolio page. This theme is great for entertainment and increasing your overall follower counts instead of serving as a public-portfolio.

If you are an artist who is looking for a Tumblr theme that is different from the rest, Foundre is a great choice to go with! Pation is a Tumblr theme that focuses heavily on content and easy navigation for website visitors. The biggest advantage using Pation is that visitors can quickly skim the page for images they like and click to see more.

The support of slideshows with multi-image posts along with custom background colours or patterns makes Pation one of the best free Tumblr themes for artists. And the best part, you can easily change the entire layout from dark to light in just a few clicks.

No coding skills required. The short answer is "it depends. For example, the type of artist you are and the way you want to showcase your artwork on Tumblr is extremely important. Weird name, great theme. The side menu stays fixed while scrolling down the page so visitors can quickly access tag links or any other pages you setup.

The free Carter theme is a freebie released by the dev team Zen Themes. This is great for portfolio sites where you want to organize work into different tags.

I also like the many options in the design where you can change the background color, page effects, and typography.

Email address:. Disclaimer This article may contain affiliate links, this means that fre no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. With hundreds and millions of active users on this infamous best free tumblr themes for artists and social media site uploading regularly, the net worth and status quo of Tumblr had artistx turnovers going into billions by the day and the month, best free tumblr themes for artists alone for a full annual year. Tumblr is widely used as a personal portfolio as well as for critiques by many. It can basically be called an tumbld for all those who are looking to want to share their skills, perspectives, attists personal taste best free tumblr themes for artists the limits of a community that is best free tumblr themes for artists of similar personalities. You can find numerous brilliant free themes on Tumblr that will reflect your personal statements for both public portfolios as well as best free tumblr themes for artists sketchbooks. And here are what we think are some of the very best that beat could get for any kind of artwork to go with! If you want to keep your blog uniquely straightforward and clean, then, by tumblg means, do settle for Indy. The stunningly simple layout argists Indy makes for a handsome theme, attracting the common eye with its beautiful minimal designs. Apart from looking this good, Indy is also one of the best free responsive Tumblr themes that are mobile-friendly and allows you to operate on it as much as you want. It helps make your best free tumblr themes for artists settle f1 live streaming free online total a prominent position from where it could pop and shine out for the rest of the world to see! Salvia is one Tumblr theme that makes it exceedingly easy for all to display their content on the portal, no matter what they specialize in. It also lets you make more contacts and help you find new projects. However, it still retains all the links and access options for navigation. The theme offers a fantastic selection of customizable color sequence, adjustable features, and quirky, readable fonts for a great browsing experience. And it is compatible with all kinds of web browsers and modern devices. Wicked is a unique and quirky free Tumblr theme that is used by many owing to its charming minimalist artistss and user-friendly adaptability with almost all modern devices. It allows you to best free tumblr themes for artists its layout according to your preference completely and enable it to follow your customized regulation. best free tumblr themes for artists The best free Tumblr themes for building mobile-ready and Photographers, web designers, writers, artists or other creatives, Salvia is a tool. What is the best free Tumblr themes for artists? Here are the top 15 Tumblr themes for artists, art blogs, artistic Tumblr themes and artist portfolios. The Theme Garden features hundreds of free and premium themes that you can tailor to suit your needs. by themecloset-themes by artistic-influence. The Theme Garden features hundreds of free and premium themes that you can tailor to suit your by artistic-influence by other-themes by touchloft-themes. Tumblr themes are perfect for portfolios, photographers, artists, designers, and bloggers. The content on Tumblr is very varied. You can find Tumblr blogs. It is much better for portfolio goals than blogging ones, that's why this is a good choice for art gurus. Slideshows are. We've handpicked some of the best portfolio Tumblr themes you can use to It not only provides you with free hosting, but you can also choose from you can use to make a simple portfolio website for a designer or an artist. Void is a minimalist and a fully responsive Tumblr theme you can use to make a professional portfolio website for a designer, artist, or even an. Showcase some visually stunning pop art, paintings, photography, portfolio with this smooth pop gallery theme made for tumblr. The free version. Your #1 source for themes and theme making! If your online portfolio demands a web gallery with focus on images and you want to use beautiful custom fonts, this design might just be the perfect choice. If you have an ecommerce store or small business and you want to have a simple portfolio site where your top products are featured and listed, this theme would be a nice pick. Feature Internet. This theme is great for entertainment and increasing your overall follower counts instead of serving as a public-portfolio. Visitors can quickly skim the page for images they like and click to see more. Sessions Sessions is a WordPress theme for musicians, DJs, event organizers, nightclubs, and everyone in the entertainment industry. The custom header section offers a wide space in the navigation for links and the theme gives a very professional design feel. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the long website loading speed. Chapel road is another brilliant free Tumble theme which can be used to feature an online portfolio. Copycat is yet another masonry grid-style free themes that makes for a clean, fresh and somewhat fun look. We recommend using Bluehost because they are the official WordPress. If you take a look at the demo page on GitHub you can get a feel for how Illustfolio looks in your browser. best free tumblr themes for artists