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best free seo tools for wordpress

best free seo tools for wordpress

All you need to do is run your site through the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. Most keyword research tools work the exact same way:. Once the results come in, you can use SeedKeywords to do a Google search for the keywords that people gave you. That way you can quickly scan the search results… and see how competitive that keywords is. That way, you can create content around these emerging trends or optimize your old content around a new keyword.

SEObility crawls your entire site and lets you know about search engine optimization issues like:. You usually only get this type of stuff from paid SEO tools. Things like: thin content , missing meta titles, keyword stuffing, and duplicate content. To use it, type in a keyword that you want to rank for or a competing website that you want to rank above. And Ubersuggest will give you detailed data on keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, and more. Sure, they may not get as many searches as traditional keywords.

This is helpful for figuring out if your title and description tag are SEO-friendly or too long. And optimizing your title and description can also help you get more organic clicks. And unlike pretty much every other tool on the market, you know the data is legit. This awesome tool lets you check the SERPs across different locations and devices. And this tool lets you see exactly how the results will look for someone searching on a particular phone from pretty much any major city in the world.

This nifty tool crawls your site using a Google-like crawler. Linking your GSC account with GA hooks you up with helpful info, like the keywords people use to find your site, your organic CTR, and more cool stuff.

Instead, you get keywords that people would associate with that term:. Sitemaps help Google and other search engines find, crawl and index all of the pages on your site.

Well, if you notice that your rankings dropped around the time of a big Google update, you can figure out what went wrong… and fix it. So if you want to get your site indexed and ranked in Bing, Bing Webmaster Tools is a must-have. Siteliner scans your site for SEO problems like blocked pages, messed up redirects and broken links. Helpful for benchmarking. If you want to see where you rank for a specific keyword in Google, you definitely want to use a rank tracking tool.

Analysis lets you dig deep on an LSI keyword from your list. Once again, all you have to do is check a box. We recently studied 3. By writing only about topics that we know people are searching for. How do we do that? By doing keyword research. Found a topic that you want to write about?

How do we know? Scenario: You delete a page because you no longer need it. However, Google really likes that page, and you have a lot of backlinks pointing to it that you don't want to lose.

How do you delete your page with confidence? By implementing a redirect that tells Google to look at another page instead. These redirects are an important element of SEO strategy, and you can easily redirect those URLs with Redirection, the most trusted redirect plugin for WordPress, without a lot of extra effort.

It also allows you to keep on top of errors as well. Rich snippets are a Google feature that displays search results in a more attractive way to boost click-through rate. They are often interactive and can display photos, star ratings, price, author, etc. This plugin allows you to compete for more of these snippets by implementing schema coding such as Review, Events, Recipes, Article, Products, Services, and more.

WordPress offers some nice native features but also SEO plugins. WordPress is the most popular CMS content management system for now.

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Right-click anywhere on the page, select the Inspect option, and once there, click on the Network tab. The free version allows you to check up to Use it to debug page speed issues, improve web page rendering performance, and more.

Generate hreflang tags to specify the language and geographical targeting of a webpage. Just add your desired URLs, select your target country and language, then click generate. Google Analytics is quite likely the most popular analytics tool out there. It gives you a whole range of data, which you can use to improve every aspect of your marketing. The plugin combines data from our backlink index and Google Analytics to give you recommendations on how to improve your content—completely free.

Since getting reviews on your Google My Business profile is crucial for local SEO , you should consider sharing this link via email, social media, and elsewhere to make the reviewing process as easy as possible.

Yes you can use Broken Link Checker periodically. For redirects, if you are not seeing any errors that you would like to redirect, then there is no need to setup unnecessary redirects. Your SEO plugins are really very well done and thus i got more interesting information it is very well nice and awesome.

If you are talking about plugins then Yoast is my first choice. And when it comes to tools, each tool mention here has their own advantages. Could you recommend me a tool that has real updates on the regular basis? So far so good. But I quess they should put more effort as their share on the market is raletively low. Thanks for the awesome article about tools that help bloggers optimise their blogs and website. I have a question, can these tools be used to help a free wordpress.

Some of them can but some of them are WordPress plugins and cannot be used on WordPress. Please see our guide on the difference between self hosted WordPress. Start by setting up Yoast SEO on your website. Well, thanks very much for insightful post.

Would it be wise if I use more than one of these plugins on my WordPress site? At least when we talk about tools from this list.

Thanks for the post! If you have a WordPress site, there are a number plugins you can install that will really help you out. Which ones? Over five million websites have installed it, making it one of the most popular options. You can install the Yoast SEO plugin for free to access all of these features and benefits. The SEO Framework plugin is another great option for you to consider.

With such a bold claim, it only makes sense to review this plugin and see if it can do something special for your website. There is nothing wrong with extra security, beyond what WordPress already provides, as this will help keep your site running efficiently.

This is another area where the plugin can help, as it provides a security points score, based on the current set up. Not only will this chase people away from visiting your website, but it can kill your reputation. With all this working against your site, rankings can suffer as a result. This may not have been a big deal in the past. There are a couple of reasons for this:. Once the plugin is installed, you can use the administration panel to customize the mobile appearance of your blog.

WordPress offers some nice native features but also SEO plugins. WordPress is the most popular CMS content management system for now. And it has some good reasons to be best free seo tools for wordpress leader. It is quite easy to set up a website and offer many different plugins to answers your needs. While some developers would prefer building their own functionalities, there are some nice options out there. And especially when it comes to SEO. Any suggestions best free seo tools for wordpress of course more than welcome! Actually, you might be looking for best free seo tools for wordpress plugin for different reasons:. The plugin checks your posts based on a focus keyword. All in One plugin offers nice features to optimize your SEO. SEO by Squirrly is focusing on content and keywords. They have shared a video presentation where they explain how to use their plugin. It includes:. This short video introduces the main best free to play fighting games offered by SEO Press. The SEO Press plugin focuses on optimizing all the facets of your website. The free features include:. This plugin helps you develop your content visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Pick your plugin regarding where your SEO priorities are. If you need assistance to pick between Yoast and All in One for best free seo tools for wordpress, the website Mad Lemmings has written an article on that subject. SEO Thoughts. Learn more. Related articles:. How to optimize your pagination? best free seo tools for wordpress Chrome DevTools. Keyword Planner. Keywords Everywhere. 1. Yoast SEO · Yoast SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market. It offers a complete website optimization tool that helps you. It's % free. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. Best Feature: XML Sitemap Generator. Sitemaps help Google and other. Check out these best SEO plugins for WordPress (both free and premium), along with some tools to help boost your rankings in Google. This is a list of the 44 best free SEO tools on the planet. Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin that helps with on-page and technical SEO. In the past, I've discussed the best plugins for a new WordPress site. I've also touched on You couldn't ask for anything more from a sitemap creation tool. WordPress has a variety of tools to help you optimize your site It's a free plugin that offers you almost all of the features to optimize your. Take advantage of free technical SEO and on-page tools offered by OnCrawl to help you improve your overall search performance and rank. Ubersuggest has a lot of features that are usually only found in premium SEO tools. Sometimes I find tools to be inaccurate. But I quess they should put more effort as their share on the market is raletively low. Close Log In. I am familiar with carrying out SEO optimization practices from small to large companies. Ahrefs helps you learn why your competitors rank so high and what you need to do to outrank them. Now the phones are really small and powerful sometimes they are more powerful than old computers. Read more:. Most keyword research tools work the exact same way:. It comes with a setup wizard and allows you to import data from other SEO plugins during the setup. Your email address will not be published. Last updated on May 16th, by Editorial Staff. MonsterInsights Many beginners rely on their best guess to make their marketing decisions. Hi Brian, Thanks again for sharing great tools with detailed information. best free seo tools for wordpress