best free press release submission sites

best free press release submission sites

These days, companies use press release for more than one reason. With all of this in mind, try to look for a PR company that offers more than just press release functionality. See if their service includes online and social media reach and search engine optimization features.

The following PR companies are credible and have proven track records of satisfying their clients. On top of our list is Newswire. This site has one of the easiest press release submission processes which notify your approval within hours. They will even let you track and analyze your campaign during its duration using their own analytics tool. Their press release distribution service comes with several other features including your very own newsroom.

Kamal, Thanks for your insights. Best, Laura, Staff Writer. You must be logged in to comment. Click a "Log in" button below to connect instantly and comment. The best answers often include products and services. We sometimes make money from our advertising partners when a reader clicks on a link, fills out a form or application, or purchases a product or service.

We only partner with companies we believe offer the best products and services for small business owners. Read more about our commitment to editorial independence here. Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. The Truth About Free Press Release Distribution Services Many companies invest heavily in time and resources when writing a press release but then nullify their efforts by not investing in quality distribution practices and services.

To make this consideration process easier, here are the pros and cons of a free press release distribution service versus the pros and cons of a paid press release distribution service based on the typical offerings of each : Free vs Paid Press Release Distribution Services Distribution Services. Contact information databases for millions of journalists and influencers for direct submission purposes ; subscribing journalists who look to the newswire as a key source of stories.

Email This email address is invalid. To be fair, we did expect this result, it is rare enough for someone to pick up news from some of the premium paid-for news wires and given the volume of free press releases being pumped out these days we would have been pleasantly surprised to find any pick up of our releases. Appearing in web searches may be valuable as a way of trying to put your news in front of people searching for your target phrases — though it is unlikely this will be effective where the target phrases are more than moderately competitive.

Of the three releases that PR Fire accepted, all three appeared on page one of Google search results for the phrases we searched on. For the runners up, at least one of the releases on those sites appeared on page one. Given that none of the releases was picked up by any site that might be considered to be the source of a valuable link, it seems that there is little value in using these services for link building. I hope this list can help my business. Thank you for sharing the information.

Press release is an important task and it requires proper distribution so that the information can reach to the right audience.

Thanks for sharing this information. Free Press Release Distribution Roundup. Great addition! Sharon Coward Oct 07 at am Thanks for this great resource. Best, Mickie Kennedy Reply. Vikas Oct 08 at am Great post. Vikas Reply. Edward Moore Oct 08 at pm You might want to add pressdr. Trust us, though. The fee-charging platforms, particularly the market leaders, offer enormous reach into major news and media outlets.

Publicize also offers a press release submission service. See how we stack up against our competitors:. As discussed above, there are two ways of sending out a press release to get media coverage. One is to send it directly to journalists, while the other is to use one or more press release submission sites.

Most services allow you to simply copy-and-paste your content into an online text editor, then upload any multimedia that you want to include. You can then add hyperlinks and other functionality before you publish it. Here are a few sites beyond the obvious to help you learn more or services to hire.

BusinessWire Press Release Webinars and downloads. Sign up, it's FREE and it's easy. PitchEngine - PitchEngine is a social platform that enables PR to effectively package stories and share them with journalists, bloggers, and influencers worldwide via the social web. This site also has a German version. PR Free — In addition to free press release submission, you can also syndicate content with this site if you desire.

Pressbox — A press release dump focused on UK submissions but open to global releases. Press Exposure — This site may or may not still be active; someone try it out and let me know in the comments. PR Mac — Submissions have been picked up by large news sites in the past. Some bias towards Apple news. BizEurope — A European-focused press release submission network.

NPR — National Public Radio always accepts submissions of newsworthy content, though global news will always take center stage. BusinessWire — A business-focused news site that accepts press releases, though you need to apply for membership to submit.

MediaPost — A media-focused site that accepts press releases. MeriNews — A news site where you can submit debate topics, breaking news, newsworthy photos, or even just articles. You can expect your press release to be approved in a day. Free Press Release DB helps you reach out to your potential global audience by category, country and state. Free submissions are instantly approved. A free press release distribution website with low traffic of approximately 8, visitors monthly.

It is a free press release site but approval of free press release may take upto two days. Their service has been unreliable in the recent past with long down times. It is a free site with a limit of three press release distributions per week. Approval time is usually one day. Available in more than countries and their respective languages, Kontax allows corporate and institutional customers in every country to publish an unlimited number of multimedia press releases in the language of their choice, and to obtain professional translations of their press releases in any other language.

Since , customers around the world will have trusted us to serve their needs for press release writing and distribution — for 20 years next year.

People choose us to craft press releases that hit home with recipients and readers, and to prompt action. Package limited to sending press releases about a single company. Press release distribution with PR Newswire give you coverage on vast majority of national news outlets.

Backlinkfy has a strategic partnership with PR Newswire that eliminates this cost, so you can submit your Press release to the same media network without the yearly membership fees.

See PR Distribution rates! View PR newsroom. The HighWire press release distribution service is an Open Platform that enables publishers to repurpose, integrate and monetize content within their HighWire hosted publications and beyond.

I get asked all the time if I can I provide a list of free press release submission companies. Despite being best free press release submission sites to my press release distribution business, which relies on reaching media directly by email and dedicated newswire feeds to newsrooms nationwide, I thought it would be worth venturing into this gelease world to give you a comprehensive list of free press release websites. Be sure to read: WTF?? PitchEngine — Credit card required. Fast Pitch! Criteria : When developing this list, I looked at several variables, such as: Alexa ranking, Page Rank, credibility indicators, and style. If you find any of these sites no longer offer free press release distribution, let us know by commenting below. I am not so sure that reporters read these releases, but best free press release submission sites certainly helps our SEO. Thanks for this great best free press release submission sites. While Caribbeanpressreleases. I discovered industrial free press release sites, travel free press release distribution services, and ones that were geographically-centric so I decided it was best to try to keep the list as broad as possible. Bes, these sites will be useful across all industries best free press release submission sites at least for U. Great post. I have a question. Will you help us by mentioning how to write an effective press release as well. Fre will be grateful. Edward, Unfortunately, my viewing of that site determined they are no longer free. This free download blue stack for pc great resource best free press release submission sites by you. I am working in india. I think they register for free, but relewse for submission? However, they can be good tools to submisslon to practice your press release writing skills, and to learn the proper way best free press release submission sites format them. Providing you have a lot of time and patience! Hi Mickie, seoPRwire is also a free press rpess distribution site that is thriving. best free press release submission sites - Distributs to. › /10/19 › press-releases. We managed to submit press releases to 55 of the sites, because: Best free press release site for reaching journalists, bloggers, editors and. Want to send out a press release? Read our guide to the best paid & free press release submission sites and distribution services. I get asked all the time if I can I provide a list of free press release submission companies. Despite being Top 10 Free Press Release Distribution Websites. These 10 free and paid press release submission sites can help you publish and distribute your PR article, news or information to online media. Three Ways to Establish a Good Reputation. A special message to: Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, linchpins. In contrast, many free distribution sites offer the ability to only publish your PRLog offers free press release submission to search engines and. You can get more eyes on your release by submitting it to websites, and there are many sites that allow you to post your press release for free. A good press release needs to have certain qualities if you want it to be read. On top of our list is Newswire. This site has one of the easiest press release submission processes which notify your approval within hours. They. Some press release may not be approved due to strict moderation policy. Why my PR needs approval? They only choose high-quality releases and do away with spam content. UKPRwire is a SpecialNoise business service and part of a network of content marketing sites which provides free and fee-based tools and websites to media professionals around the world. Additionally, have a look at their media pool and B2B partners. I was just looking to increase my website traffic and somebody told me that still guest posting the best way to get it. Our professional customer support team is here to solve all your queries and answer questions. Spread the love. Table of Contents 1 What is Press Release? We review PR's in 12 hours or less. Over 30, companies have used PRLeap to connect with people who care about their brand, product or service. About Author Saurabh Singh. It is quite important. best free press release submission sites